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Breaking The Extreme Sexual Curses in Families

grooming kids for intellect might give a better return than grooming children to be married off to someone.. and in this day and age, people are unpredictable..

some kids have inherited a sexualized predominant programming overshadowing their intellectual potential and out comes a kid, a relationship bound for doom... oh boy.

that is the Disney programming of prince charming..

You know you raised your kids on disney, even when you are aware of the programming, people still fall into the prince charming and princessifyiing their daughters

umm.. prince charming has issues nowadays, MOMS.. and many of the princesses out there groomed for relationships have issues, as well..

why do you see so mannnnny single moms out there..

IT is not just the men/boys who are falling apart, but it is the women who are also grooming deterioration in their genetic line and cannot handle stress....

the programming of our society is changing and people are falling apart...

we will see everything get worse before it gets better... HOLLYWOOD is the indicator.. you followed the stars right up to your own doorstep and curses are realizing themselves..

i hope you all find a way to redirect the curses cast upon you since the Great Generation of the 1920s...

No matter, you are doing the best you can.. but prepare for shizz not to end up like you expect.. and it is NOT your fault, when you think about it.. some people will be strong enough to change stuff around, others will not be..

but we need the mirror to give options for others to redirect, if they can..

again.. if my info is offensive, please block me.. I do not care what you do or do not do.. but I want to point it out for those ready to see it..

Breaking the extreme sexual curses in families..

Now you see why only fans is a huge POPULAR site because that's what girls resort to nowadays because they don't have anything more than what they were told was marketable which is their body and their face.. That's all they have to offer to the world. Is their body parts and their face..

And some mothers pimp out their daughters..

As well as their sons..

America has been extremely sexualized and suffering is attached.. You are seeing now the Sexualization of children at the hands of the parents.. It is in plain sight... Because look at the moms.. She's been sexualized by her parents.. And the Apple does not fall far from the tree..

Sexualizing our boys and girls by putting them out there for everyone to consume is not breaking the curse.. You're just repeating what your parents did to you.

And this is why r@pe happens to girls at a young age.. Which reinforces the sexual programming.. Which is why college campuses are a very dangerous place for young girls already sexualized at a young age..

That is the depopulation agenda in plane site.. plain sight.. Mothers pimping out their daughters... Mother's pimping out their sons .

Advocate they Get into some volatile relationships have a child and the rest is history..

If you think I'm full of s***... Why don't you take a look at your own facebook..

You are the proof hidden in plain sight... I can bet you you probably won't change.. Because that would mean that you made a mistake..

Which is my point.. Mothers rarely ever admit they've ever made a mistake in their life.. Remember they think they do no wrong..

Then all the platitudes... About judgment.. And don't judge me if you haven't walked a mile in my shoes b*******.. The platitudes will come rolling in to justify..

Everything is predictable

Of course people will block me... I don't expect anything less.. Not everybody.. I already see i'm hitting a nerve..

How else do you break the curse if you can't face the curse in the mirror.. But if that's not your intention of course.. Your block me delete me and justify.. All by design

As far as my study in greek mythology.. parents are the gods and the children are the demigods.. And you will see the apple will not fall far from the tree.. And the parents will continue to make the same mistakes as their parents until that whole genetic line is destroyed..

As far as the system shaming parent to walk away.. Dead beat mom and dad's... Can you blame them.. The system programmed them to procreate but didn't train them how to take care of a child or even themselves properly... Forcing them into shame or marriage .. And you see it in the bitter single mom's and or single dads.. Generational Suffering.. Watch all the bitter single moms blame the father.. But remember everyone was programmed to procreate. You chose to have all the children.. and vice versa.. Single dad's decided to be the one to raise the child.. And of course demonizing the mother.. Remember everyone is suffering.. Until someone breaks the f****** curse..

No matter what..triggers will be everywhere.. How will you deal with your triggers???

Reverse engineering your parents parenting skills, And realize why people die.

No matter what, the changes or evolution that are in the air food and water and public health therapies, the use of remedies developing more demons will not help anyone.. Will you repeat the same mistakes your parents did???

The fact that you feel stuff means that your body must take on substance and release demons without taking on more demons on top of what you already have.

How people take on demons.. You've inherited demons, anytime you go into a crowd of people you pick up demons, Anytime you participate in massive consumption of alcohol and drugs and sex with different people you invite demons.

When you feel the demons like SYMPTOMS or dream about them... The act of trying to get rid of them and forcing them out will work against you..

Symptoms are the demons screaming on their way out the door..

Reverse engineering parenting means that you don't try to stop the demons from leaving using remedies surgeries and other types of healing mechanisms..

Not only do you make them angrier but you also cause them to metastacize..

If you want to break the generational curse of suffering and demon development.. You feed them.. You open your system.. You face the army inside your body and you build up yourself without destroying yourself..

When you hire mercenaries They could give a s*** how you end up so as long as the check clears,

they are not the ones living your life... When you hire mercenary such as the medical and holistic system and devices.. You just told your body that you're not strong enough and that the demons will eventually destroy you..

Because the mercenaries make the demons stronger.. Mercenaries are anyone that sells you a pill powder supplement detalk surgery or some kind of energy healing mechanism.. They're selling you more demons.. To destroy you.. And your children with your permission..

When someone says stop blaming your parents you Make your own choices.. I see that everywhere on facebook..

That sounds like it was written by a psychotherapist..

This is their disclaimer.. This is what gives them absolution to f*** with your head..

Just f y I.. Some parents know exactly what they're doing.. They intended to f*** with their kid's head and they don't care how their kids end up because they want to see what happens.. If that is your intention you just admitted it..

Most of society not affiliated with secret government experiment. Other parents just do shit because they were taught by their parents.. Or the system.. They listen to professionals to the detriment of their own genetic line. They never knew when to think for themselves.. Always making sure there problems were somebody elses fault or somebody else had to deal with the problem..

You know what kind of Parent or guardian you are.. You know what you need to do and what you're avoiding.. parents only you know your intentions.. To people who owned the original statement and saying everyone should get over their childhood stop blaming their parents..

Maybe you exemplify the following paragraphs.. Maybe you are the problem..

And so maybe there is no reason to apologize or own up to anything because you knew exactly what you were doing.

Everything was intentional.. In that case you're exactly right.. Grow the f****** kid.. That's essentially what you're saying..

Thanks for admitting that you knew exactly what you were doing And you could give a s***...

Anyone that adopts this statement the original meme knew exactly what they did to their children and they will never own up..

Because they have no intention to it was intentional..

It's just too bad you're children have to recover from you.. And some Will not survive your parenting..

So I will speak for them.. F u.

Not every parent is trained in behavior Modification... So you seriously owe some explanation to your kids if you f***** them up from your own b*******.

That goes for both parents.. Even the favorite one.. Because the favorite ones even worse.. But they will never admit it.. Which is why you will see generation curses keep repeating..

Which is my point..

Oh boy.. The original post will trigger a lot of people.. Because there are parents that will never own up to their shit.. And you know they will explain every single action away.. They will never. Expose the grandparents.. Of course not.. Everyone's a saint in the family..

If that's the case you hope The offspring are strong enough. For the genetic curses.. And so.. At this point the parents don't have to do shit because it's not gonna make it difference.. Their offspring must make their own choices.. Assuming they survive...

Family curses are deadly..

At some point yes you do need to stop blaming your parents.. However.. Everyone's journey is different..

If parents have to use the statement, stop blaming, it means they knew they did something..

And they will never own up to it.. But again every offspring must make their own choices..

Absolutely.. And it's also good to acknowledge the mistakes that were made and what you did differently so you didn't repeat the same mistakes..

I think if parents acknowledge the mistakes they made they could make a huge difference in the world.. They could make a huge difference to their children.

It's not necessary they do this but it would mean they grew up and admit they didn't know everything..

We do inherit our parents behaviors and genetics and we also have a choice..

You don't even need to be a parent to acknowledge your own mistakes that you don't know everything and that you are open to doing things differently..

You see I can admit mistakes that I've made... I don't even need to have a kid to do that..

But if you intended to f****** your kid for whatever reason.. Government programming or your own b******* because you don't like something.. You had specific intentions.. you did what they did because you meant to do it..

There is nothing for you to admit that was wrong..

And I can tell you that's a lot of Parents out there.. And so they come off intentional in f****** up their own genetic line . With the help of the government..

If you're a kid with apparent who f***** you up on some level.. Making you hate people and have intolerance.. With cancer disease and chronic illness.. Now you have to make your choices..

No matter what.. Honesty makes the world a better place..

But if parents plan to die any ways they could give a shit what they left behind.. This is most people in the world.. They don't care what they leave behind..

Offspring So offspring you either make the same mistakes as your parents did or do something differently and own up to your s*** to your kids..

Break the f****** spell of always passing the buck...

Take some responsibility..

When your kids get old enough you tell them every single mistake you made with them with their father/mother with anyone..

So that way they know you aren't irresponsible adult who will never own up to mistakes.. And so they know you're human..

That's how you break the spell the curses in families..

When parents stop pretending they are infallible.. The world might actually be a better place... When you stop blaming things on the past and you own up to your b******* To your hatred to your intolerance.. To your racism..

Parents who walked away... Again I don't blame you.. It was probably for the better for everybody.. You were the smart one.. Because you knew you made one demon from a mistake and you weren't gon to make a situation worse.. The kid will get raised by someone or they won't survive.. It will have to come to terms with their place in the world. And no it's not your responsibility to make sure they're ok..

Its the systems responsibility because it's a system that developed the situation to begin with.. If your parent was never in your life.. They don't owe you any explanation..

But if they were in your life and they made mistakes.. They owe you every explanation.. They are the ones that raised you and made the choices they made for whatever reason..

That's respecting your kids.. . Because you were there for them.. However... At some point you have to know why they made the choices they made.. Because now you are an adult.. And there are not some god like figure who makes no mistakes..

They are human just like you.. And they don't know everything..

When parents do that.. The spell and the curses are broken in families..

Maybe people don't have to die to escape responsibility..

Maybe that's why people have been told they should die because many people are escaping responsibility of what they brought into the world and what they did..

The system gave people absolution. So they never take responsibility..

Time to break the spell.

But I know for a fact anytime someone has a kid. They are automatically an expert in parenting and they do no wrong.. And all the sudden they become a saint and a god..

That was the curse..

We Made parent's gods and that's why we have so much b******* in our Society..

Every offspring has every right to blame their parents for nature and nurture and also take personal responsibility for the choices they make in the future but also acknowledge the mistakes of the past.. And it would be helpful if the parents would acknowledge it..

But if parents don't give a s*** to break the curse, unless that kid is f****** strong, the curse will continue..

Which was the whole point the system, making. sure the parents never take full responsibility for the mistake theyve made.. All intentional..

And sometimes the mistakes that get carried forward did come from the grandparents.. Yeah grandparents what are you sustaining in your genetic line.. Always laying blame to someone in the past..

No one wants to talk about this because most people out there are parents..

And are they ready to own up to their bullshit.. But if they are oblivious..

Well that's also intentional.. Somebody else takes care of it.. Somebody else takes the fall..

Somebody else's fault..

generational obliviousness..

Don't mind me i'm working through s***..

The world needs to see a different perspective not just theirs..

Not everyone is a spoiled brat..

Some people legitimately went through some b*******..

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