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California Nightmare (Dreaming)

California remember how the weather messed me up the last three years here in Ohio. A storm would come through.. Heart would beat faster.. More mucus.. Fatigue maybe some headaches.. The frequency is during a storm is gonna wake up your immune system..

It's not only the floods you have to watch out for.. It's the barometer dropping.. When the pressure drops, it messes with your infrastructure in your body and in your community..

What you're dealing with is what we had to deal with continuously when the storms came through.. But since you're not used to that, you're going to have a lot of shit happen..

People went to california to escape crazy weather.. They wanted moderate temperatures.. Moderate climate change. Now the weather is coming to them..

The system is going to force change evolution on people who are not prepared for it.. They were warned Global warming is here.. But it's not just the warming up of the planet.. That's part of it.. It's the aggressive storms.. People do not anticipate how storms can be very destructive to people's immune systems..

Not only the flooding.. But people with all types of conditions are going to get aggravated assuming they survive.. If you don't understand what i'm talking about you will or you are right now..

Because as that storm approaches.. You're gonna feel everything in your body.. Children are going to feel aggressive things waking up in their body. Animals as well..

And the pain is going to be horrendous.. When the bodies trying to push out damage.. Everyone is going to be in pain.. And the more you resist the pain.. It will persist.. Until you cure yourself out of existence..

Particle acceleration is storms.. Hurricanes.. Tornadoes.. And aggressive heat as the temperature rises.. Aggressive humidity..

CYTOKINE storms.. ALSO known as immunological storms.. Are triggered by various aggressive weather events..

This particle acceleration is fucking people up..

Now you will understand what we have felt over ohio, the Northeast. I'm so glad I acclimated to this weather change back in 2010..

And I am thankful I released my demons the last seven years. When I first came to ohio.. I had a major respiratory condition.. I didn't use medication at the time. But I had the most horrendous cough.. A cough that would put me in a fetal position because I pulled a muscle in my chest. When he went to florida for the first time after that. I became sick again because it was another climate change.. And it did not mean I wasn't healthy.. It meant that my body was used to changing..

Because I had that pmdd every fucking month for the last thirty years.. I became use to it every single time the climate changed in california and it was always around my menses with respiratory conditions twice a year.. Every single time I got sick was the body pushing out the demons. And then I would take on more demons.. But during those times I would stay home.. I would eat. I would rest.. I would sleep. I would watch movies.. And yes I did miss a lot of family events that I was invited to.. And people thought I was lazy.. They made so many judgments about me.. No, i'm just trying to survive my own immune system and the fucking world out there.. But of course when people are under the influence they don't fucking understand..

That's why I wasn't like all of you under the influence.. And on prescription drugs so I can go to work every single fucking day.. I found a way to survive.. Even though you thought I was a fucking loser. Little did I know I was conditioning myself for this time.. And I had to fucking survive. By all means necessary. And I had to strategize my survival.. And it was a fucking fight..

Climate change makes you sick. Extremely sick.

That's why when people fly on planes going from one climate to another, they get sick once they come home.

People think you're crazy.. Until it starts happening to them..

Today I feel great.. Right now.. No major heartbeats the last few days or so.. I feel a little bit of heat every so often. But nothing like the last 3 years. And I also conquered that fire demon in my body.. After eating the cabbage yesterday and my body released very urgently.. It released that yellow choleric humor of irritation.. I feel amazing.. Like I just conquered the goddamn world. Cabbage is amazing.. So is meat milk cheese eggs.. And gluten.

Currently It's fifty five degrees over here in ohio.. We are getting a break.. It short lived and I will enjoy it for however long we get it.. But it seems all the energy is going towards the left side of the united states.. And many people in california are not prepared.

It's not just preparing for the floods..

Your bodies are going through some bullshit during this time.. And you thought it was only the public therapies.. People are gonna find out very quick blaming just the public therapies for people's conditions was very intentional from those starting those campaigns.

And they will figure out maybe it was a tactic to distract you. Things don't become accelerated and activated really until the environment changes.. Once the environment changes aggressively everything gets activated.. People get activated with their intention. The immune systems activate with its intention ..

Then you get fucking chaos. Imagine living in areas so poorly.. And then chaos.. People take advantage of chaos.

I keep telling you.. It's the fucking weather and particle acceleration that is waking up people's immune systems. The elderly and the children are going to be the most affected and those with diagnosible conditions..

Take care california..

Welcome to the world you californians developed in the 1960s. Welcome to the weather underground..

Climate change is weather wars..

Bob Dylan and R.E.M warned you..

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.. Because THE times they are A changing.

"Because the winners will become losers.. And the losers will become winners.. The times they are a changing " Bob dylan.

Now you see what the fe ma coffins found in georgia were for? Right alongside that georgia guidestones Mass ca sualty event

The J world is a great reset of the body and this Great Reset via Klaus Schwab and the WEF is a great reset of humanity..

Some of us were trained to bring in evolution and others were trained into resisting evolution..

I hope you choose well for you..

#MichaelMoore was such a fan of Universal healthcare in the 90s 2ks.. maybe not so much anymore..

Rice vinegar and sesame oil and raw cabbage salad..

Balancing the acids and alkalines..

What leafy greens are alkaline? Most lists of alkaline foods start with the many vegetables that are high in alkaline, such as kelp, kale, mustard greens, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, sprouts, grasses, and parsley. Avocado, celery, spring greens, green beans, lettuce, and arugula are other good choices, though they are only moderate in alkaline.

Funny Story: I was burping a bit this morning, as you sort of saw in my videos and about an hour after my video, my groceries came along with my purple cabbage. Seeing as how i know cabbage is alkaline and makes you shit, lol, i cut off a few slices of cabbage and ate them raw and low and behold, my poop was YELLOW (BILE) from all the irritation of the out of control acids via too much jello plus I am sure the 3 shots of alcohol..

the four humors are correct.. you can see it in your waste material if you are brave enough to look.

To survive, you must not only be your own scientists, but your own manager.. You must experience it all to understand remotely where I am coming from, or else, it is all belief and worshipping.. or demonizing..

free will = evolution If you're not evolving.. Not only do you not have free will... But you are comfortable in your enslavement..

If you really desire freedom... You would change your lifestyle your belief systems.. And you would stop blaming everyone and everything. And you would stop worshipping everyone and everything.

To actually be free... Not like patriotic american free.. A perception of freedom...

But to actually be free... You would have the ability to change. And your friends and family would not try to destroy it and frown on it.. You wouldn't be afraid of what people would think..

And when you are too invested in people pleasing.. And i'm not talking about your job.. You're not looking for freedom.. You're looking for another enslavement quarters..

Please don't talk about freedom unless you can change the way you look at things.. You like being enslaved..

When the government gives you the activist stances so you feel relevant.. You are a slave..

When you're so busy worshipping or hating a politician, who you don't even know personally because you've been given arguments to resist legislation..

You're a fucking slave..

No one's forcing to do shit.

But you have taken upon yourself to fight a perceived fight for somebody else..

Because you already decided you know what's good for you and other people... So then what are you fighting against when you already made that personal conscious choice for you..

Oh you want to control somebody else..

Ironic when you think the government is controlling you. And they have given you all the "free will" to choose...

Now you want to control somebody else's choices. And slaves not only hate people but they also love them and worship them..

That's slavery.. That was done six thousand years ago and it's done again today..

When you keep repeating the same bullshit you see all over facebook... And you have nothing new to offer to the world..

You are very comfortable in your enslavement.

It takes maturity and responsibility to actually be free and to be accountable for your choices.

It takes an actual adult.. who was willing to take personal responsibility.. To finally discover freedom..

When you're not trying to convert someone in your politics. In your religion and in your science dogmas. You are free.. What someone else does has bearing on what you do.. How you feel.. Your worth. You are enslaved. That's activism.

If you are predominantly angry melancholic love, love love and happy all the time..

You are enslaved. Someone told you you were not allowed to be angry or melancholic.. And so you became under the influence. So you can be what someone else wants you to be.

That's enslavement.. You're not free..

And you literally have no free will.. You won't let you have the freedom.. Your family and friends won't give you that freedom.. And your body will punish you for enslaving it.. Abusing it..

When you finally free yourself.. You will give your body the freedom to live.. And thrive... Or you die.. Because the body can't be abused anymore.

When you can say my life is not predicated on what someone else does with their body, mind and spirit, but I will develop a great argument for why my beliefs are so. And I will let law enforcement handle those who are out of control.

that to me, is freedom.. then, no reason to rise up.. you hunker down because the system is cleaning up the streets..

People think you are stupid until they find out you're right..

It's always the intolerant ones that reject information.. And then whine and say they were never warned.. They've been telling about climate change for fucking years.. They weren't going to tell you how it was going to happen.. But they were telling about climate change for many years .

Nothing like the eleventh hour to find out how right the crazy bitch was..

And people thought and think i'm a crazy bitch.. Until they are faced with fires wind rain hail and disease..

Now we all get to watch fucking southern california suffer.. Because they thought their climate change was intense heat..

Everything will be unprecedented.. Everything.. Don't get fucking comfortable.. Because you think you're above other people..

I'm not saying stay humble.. Cause I ain't trying to beg for anyone's energy.. Save your goddamn self..

And maybe stop being so damn intolerant. Maybe stop being so fucking narrow. Maybe stop laughing at people who different than you. Maybe fucking wake up. Maybe realize the story they fed. You was just to keep you under control and inline and somebody else is plaything..

Maybe realize.. They've been starving you out for fucking centuries.. Maybe it's time to eat a fucking hamburger.

I hope you all survive climate change. But now I get to say.. I fucking told you so.

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