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Cancer is the Family, Friends, and Frat/Sorority Groupthink

What is cancer. It is group mentality it is politics it is religion and it is science dogmatics. Cancer is when you have to hang out in groups and then you become a predator and you do a Search and Destroy. Cancer is homogenization of people and microbes and they aim to take over and Destroy and overwhelm

And someone like me gets attacked by the cancers on this Earth.. so I just walk away cuz I can't win in this Society not when the system is cleaning itself up and all the group think

Finally I'm able to speak what I've always known in my gut but didn't have the words for until today

I always knew I just didn't have the words. I finally do.

And then the system has to use oncology and radiate it and break it apart and that's what's going on it's the system is breaking up the cancers on this Earth which is basically all your friends and family who can't evolve or change and are in resistance.

Climate change is oncology in it's purist/purest sense

And if you have the strength to stand on your own without relying on your gang of people to back you up you might survive this

There are many examples of people who've trained their sons and daughters to be destructed to themselves and the world and that's why you get Predators like P Diddy and Epstein and Weinstein and everything else and even the religious figures

Yeah it's Mary Mother of dog or God. She conditions her sons and daughters to be destructive..

And also take abuse from the world..

If I haven't already pissed you off. This is going to piss off everyone. But you have to see it and look in the mirror because if not well at this point doesn't even matter

The system is cleaning itself up that's why we're in a great reset. That's why you all are resisting cuz you know your time's f****** up cuz you won't change and you don't give a s***

And I am not going any parties this year or ever again. I'm done with Society. I'm not pretending anymore and I'm not sacrificing My Body Mind and Spirit to fit into anyone or anything.

My husband is caught between myself and the world and he will play Both Sides because he has to. But please do not hold what I think against him because he's in the middle and it sucks but I can't destroy myself to please anyone anymore

I respect my husband and I have a contractual relationship that is for survival and respect and division of labor and that's it that's all I'm cultivating.

But I'm not playing the games that y'all are playing because of whatever. Somebody's got to be the one to say the emperor has no f****** clothes even if you think he does

America had to be the representation of families all over the world and so you will see evidence come out

And if you're afraid of the government listening to you most likely you have a lot to f****** hide

I don't blame you for being very upset at the government listening to what you're doing and watching you. I would be embarrassed too if I was you

and then now look at people's Facebook and see what they're doing to their own daughters and sons

And you watch these insipid mothers single mothers who were victimized now they have children who will also be victimized by the system and their peers and she will just be the human sacrifice and they both will die off in the system

Here is the quintessential example of a father of a self entitled frat boy who gave his kid everything and he became an alcoholic sexual predator and a violent offender and of course Financial crimes

The father instinctively had to destroy the evidence and that was his family..

Your family is evidence to the kind of abuse and destruction you have done to yourself and other people and yeah your own family what they have done to you.

If you can't see it now you'll never see it And you'll be like a lamb led to Slaughter and so will your children

When your boys act a certain way they're showing you what the mother and the father allow them to be. And you should be embarrassed of the kind of kid you're developing out there who are acting out and you're so proud of them and even post it the internet

When people are proud of their sons and daughters acting like Monsters and representing monsters in our society you see how far down we have went as a human race

And so Alex M. was an example.. and those poor girls who are thrust into his world because Mommy had to gain Social Capital because she was also socially abused by her community and she allowed it

But you know that whole Community suffered under his Reign and you're developing boys From this

And since everyone was a God-fearing Christian no one could believe that someone would do this. Oh let's think again

Again it's not just Christianity it's also Hebrews and very very extreme religions all over the f****** world

control your reactions and think.

And just because I mentioned the name Jesus does not mean I'm not also referring to Yeshua..

The Hebrews also have an issue with developing predators in our society as well as every other religion that advocates aggressive sex and drug use and herbal extracts and groupthink and spirituality and of course the family

 the aggressive predatory family

I'm not a man hater or advocating a matriarchal society. I just know that at this point patriarchal societies have the Y linked chromosome of antibodies that turn men into both protector and predator and sometimes you can't tell the difference between the two

Because even matriarchal societies developed duress in the women and they develop boys and then you have the same issue again with boys throwing their weight and protecting to the point of being a predatory and destroying what they're protecting

Matriarchal societies are basically a bunch of women that get together and you have a queen bee that someone has to Kiss the Ring..

Two women getting together there's always one that will make the rules and the other one who follows them. Two men same thing

Patriarchal society YOU get sausage parties and then predatory instincts

Sending your girls and guys off to college is sending them Into the Viper Nest and then they become a tool for the system or somebody's plaything and potentially get pregnant or have to suffer from frat boy advances

Frat parties are a bunch of spoiled adolescents who then they go and wreak havoc and

 sororities are a bunch of stuck up women who think they're s*** doesn't stink

sometimes you get someone nice out of that but not very often..

And cliques are a bunch of homogenized people who will destroy each other

So if you think that you're better than people because you have a bunch of family and friends around you. You're just showing that you don't know how to stand by yourself and you'll be deadly to those who don't fit in.

 You become the predator.. Spybot Search and Destroy

Pack mentality is predatory behaviors

The system is showing you men can be "protectors" and "predators" but if you are raising boys to abuse as protecting the family name, etc, then you have turned would be protectors into predators..

that is the family..

I realized when a mother has all boys that was the beginning of the end and the system will continue with mothers having boys to control the population..

And at some point she won't have any kids at all much less boys if she even survives childbirth

I finally realized that when mothers have boys her body's under so much duress

And then she becomes Mary Mother of God worshiping her son Jesus so to speak

Her only begotten son

In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as the "only begotten Son" in several places, including John 3:16, which says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life".

Basically saying she's going to sick the boys onto the world to destroy Society.. to destroy other would-be Mary mothers of God.. and then he would also work himself to death

Yeah the Vatican knew. The family was the beginning of the end

 that was the 1960s Christian Revival and the hippie generation and of course the sexual and Drug Revolution along with all the Civil Rights

And then you have Norman Bates

You get all types of different levels of predators in our society. And then we dress up our girls to become target and sign on the dotted line.. and her whole family is a party to her own destruction

That's the cult of family. Which is why I don't have a family.

Thank you mother for saving me from all this b*******.

 I had to see some horrible sides of it and I had to find a way to survive..

And when you see it for what it is you want no part of society because you see the f****** suffering and everyone pretending under the influence and of course having more children to go through the suffering and then you lose respect for the world because you know the world is suffering.

 You just hope some people make it out alive

So you want to know what caused the downfall of society. It was the family

 it was the family who doesn't give a f****** s*** about anything except for themselves..‼️‼️‼️

It's the family and friends who will bully everyone to death psychologically physically and even financially if given the opportunity

It's the family who developed sexual predators in your neighborhood..

It was the family and it is the family who turned humans into drug addicts and alcoholics because of the kind of abuse and b******* they go through.

 And the fathers teach that s*** to their sons and the mothers worship her sons and daughters and spoiled kids turn into monster adults

And then when the system wants to alleviate this and try to come down so hard they turn into the Ayatollah

The pendulum swung the other way

No I'm not impressed with your kids. Because what kind of issues will they have that I have to go and pay for and if you're upset about student loans and tax dollars well i have to own a gun and protect myself and I can't even walk the streets at night because your kids who will be born so deficient and so aggressive and radicalized and religiousified that they become predators and monsters as adults.

Family was the beginning of suffering and it will continue until people f****** wake up


Iran’s president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site, state media says

Mother Nature is cleaning up the world..

Remember what Iran was like before the Ayatollah came in

Some of you weren't even born then. But they had a lot more freedom than they do now. And Men rule the household right now.. You can only imagine what goes on overseas behind closed doors

 if you think America is bad go to third world countries.. women literally get the shaft all over the world.

Maybe it's time we redirect what we force our girls into because developing the problem and then claiming feminism is b*******

That's why the system wants to guide reproduction carefully because women are forced to have kids they have boys and then she worships her sons and they do no wrong and so they think they can do whatever they want and then they turn into someone like a P Diddy, Epstein and R Kelly and whatever else and a lot of little lambs who don't know any better get the shaft

And you know some of these parents forced their kids into the music industry and the acting industry.. because mothers and fathers need an extension of themselves

And then we train our girls to become targets for some sexually charged male who needs to sow his Wild Oats

Yeah it's all f***** up out there so I don't care if the system is listening to me or all of you because it's now time for the system to finally regulate people who are f****** out of control.

But once everyone sees how bad some men and women are to themselves their children and to strangers who turn into their concubines or whatever then the system will let people do whatever and you're making the choice to put your kids into torture situations. You're making the choice for your girls to become targets and brutalized. You're making the choice. And at this point some people will learn the hard way because the parents keep their kids so sheltered and a Target because parents are so f****** desperate for social capital..

And then the system will be forced to relax on even the age groups because you're developing kids who turn into adults who victimize children because you decided that you're going to have a kid and you don't care if they turn into a sexual predator or not

It's not the system doing this

 it's the parents who develop adults who become f****** monsters

So count your blessings if you're not raising a kid because no one can blame you for them turning into a monster just don't be making children that you really can't take care of because they'll be another monster in society

America was the experiment.. they wanted to see how bad it could get and here we are. This is how bad it's getting. A nation full of Alcoholics drug addicts and sexual predators

And the Ayatollah was completely opposite to the point where he was brutal

So you want to know what caused the downfall of society. It was the family it waa the family who doesn't give a f****** s*** about anything except for themselves..

It's the family and friends Who will bully everyone to death

P Diddy was paid to show you HOW many monsters walk this Earth.. If little sheltered lambs walk this Earth how will they protect themselves from people like this.. YOU MUST SEE HOW BAD SOME PEOPLE ARE AND CAN BE. This is just the tip of the ice berg.. you really want to marry off your daughters to strangers, encourage your daughters to be famous, chase money, wealth, power, and cars???? Do you really want your girls to become a target because she fits every single sexual aesthetic?

Do you really think of that little of her that she can't get by with her brain that she must at some point be married off to somebody. And it doesn't matter who as long as he looks good on paper..

Did we really encourage our daughters to be abused by the husbands and boyfriends and even girlfriends and make it okay. Are we seriously encouraging our kids to follow in our footsteps no matter how much we dressed up as wonderful. Nobody talks about the things that need to be talked about everyone pretend. I don't care how much you think whatever you have gone through ever since you learned stuff was not as bad as somebody else's.

Everybody has a story..

What gets me is Mother's have stories and they still are willing to allow their daughters and sons to torture each other. And repeat all the same mistakes

Monsters walk this Earth.. and some look GREAT ON PAPER‼️‼️‼️‼️

What do you mean he was paid? The system knew what he was doing. He was making too much money for the system and so at some point there will be time when the system says okay we're taking him down. But after so much damage was done but I guess you had to see it

We are in that time right now

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