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Capitalizing On the Death of People Via the State and the Smart Cities Prototypes

CODE WILDFIRES= DEW Are you in a wild fire prone area.. I would get the fuck out.

When you look at the climate change models and they're telling you. Your area will be subject to wildfires. inland flooding. Coastal flooding . drought extreme heat..

Wake up.


The second phase of human experimentation and my thoughts about death.

The new smart cities on either coasts will be the prototypes.. The system will take note how people react and iron out the wrinkles. And then find the strongest people to represent.. They would be the ones to be the ultimate survivor.

It's a luxury to be addicted your drugs and alcohol. Because they have the time to. People are bored.. And they're also in pain.

The system is looking for the strongest ultimate survivor.. Every single one of you are competing against your neighbors. In body mind and spirit..

This is about the long game not the short game..

If you're all about the short game you won't survive.

Politics religion and science dogmas and the medical system are all about the short game

The grim reaper was always about the short game.

You have to be about the long game..

The sirens yester morning were off the charts..

Just so you understand my thoughts around death.

It's not a casual thing to me.. I take my fucking life very seriously.. I take life very seriously..

And many people don't and they will pass away. And we will be seeing a lot of loss..

Which incentivizes me to stay alive.

Somebody else's loss doesn't justify dying..or death

It makes me want to live.

And this is not a task.. I don't characterize this as a task. Living with death is not a task.. I'm not assigned to live with death It's not my duty. I'm not the grim reaper.

I'm not getting mad at anybody.. I know all of you have your thoughts around death dying and loss..

I don't think it's a task or a duty to live with loss..

It's not my duty.. It's not my job..

My job is to promote life and to face the reality.. And not let someone else's death destroy me.. Or justify dying.

I don't become flip around death..

Death is not a casual thing.. I'm not flip casual or cavalier about death and dying.

And your loss is not my gain.. Because the universe makes just enough for those who are alive..

You're not supposed to capitalize on somebody's death.

Somebody's death could make you whole if their death took something away from you. Talk to your life insurance agent. But I am not casual about anyone else's death out there..

And I don't believe in capitalizing on other peoples death process.

The state has given you licenses to do that.

Which is why I have an issue with the medical holistic energy healing world..

They capitalize on the death of your cells.. They sell you anti biotics.. Anti life protocols.. That's capitalizing on somebody's death systematically..

Capitalizing on the death of your community is built into politics, religion, spirituality, and science dogmas.

It's all there in physics and finances

no.. do not expect me to be casual around any death.

I'm not the grim reaper.. virus:

when a stranger/frequency measured in hertz knocks on your door at 3am and all 10 people in your house all wake up at once reacting to the knock on the door, but not your neighbors, yet..

but the continuous knocking on the door is causing all 10 people in your house to REACT AND yell and scream and NOW your neighbors are woken up and now that one stranger/frequency just made the energy gone viral and now the whole neighborhood woke up and the police sirens are coming down the street and everyone is in chaos..

that is what a virus is..

a frequency targeted microbes in your body that was already there.. and waking up everything in the body causing chaos/mucus/disease.. and people drown in the energy/liquid or they develop clots.. heart attacks, strokes, brain hemorrhaging, aneurysm, respiratory infections..

and you cannot remedy that away.. the state of your body at the time of the frequency will either survive the climate shift or cause disease and treatments or a died suddenly.


then comes the war..

which is why most of you are sitting ducks.. it is just a matter of time before an extremely influential frequency/virus/stranger comes knocking on your door...

some of you will not be able to handle that energy conversion and then

died suddenly diagnosable condition and aggressive treatments.


my prediction who will go next: the immunocompromised and those with food issues/vital organ issues and potentially even children..

if you want to survive this.. now is the time to start figuring out how you respond to disease when it happens, if you do not die suddenly..



Vital information is every cell in your body. Under siege means a frequency woke up some of the cells in your body and made them very influential and more aggressive than it needs to be. And when something is very influential they start a war..

Then it must be taken out.. Or released out of the body..

I don't fight war with war.. I release the damage.. I build back better.

Yesterday so many sirens were going off from the early morning to even late at night. And they were ambulances all over the place.. And they were a couple streets away from me.. Lot of elderly in my town.

I was even hungry late at night last night. Ate chz puffs

I had spaghetti and cheese and chicken with oatmeal.

Blowin my nose blow my nose this morning.

The blood vessel that popped yesterday in my eye is finally healing up. This is why I don't treat disease. Because I have an immune system and I eat food. I'm not trying to stop the body from getting rid of the weak parts and rebuilding

When you're in an aggressive FREQUENCY SHIFT, everything that's weak in the body will activate and sometimes burst.

I even feel a little bit of pain in my right side where my jaw line is. I used to clench my teeth in my jaw and grind my teeth as a child and even as an adult. Some say it's from excessive parasites. Others say childhood trauma.

Others say it's stress. I don't clench or grind my teeth anymore. But I'm sure over time it has weakened. And so now in this new frequency shift. I have to feel the pain of that.

When you realize all pain is the body trying to push out damage. It also needs fuel like food to rebuild. That's why I do no antibiotics. No drugs. Not even herbal remedies.

It will never ever treat pain. And the reason why i'm in pain sometimes now less frequently.. Because we're still damaged from the last however many years. Damage from the genetics pass down.. Damage from war. Damage from ignorance.. Damage from programming.. Damage from life..

It can't afford to keep that damage inside

At some point it has to push it out and you hope you survive. If you know how to reinforce your body there is no hope you just survive.

And you deal with the pain.. And you feed it and you release those damage. Hope is just the fuel to get you into action. Then you get into action.

I never hope.. I just do.. I know what to do.

I hope for all of you because I have no idea if you will get into action.

There's no hope for me I just do I just do.

Note: I am not sick. Please do not recommend any remedies. My body heals on its own because I eat food. I already went through seven years of pain and suffering. I paid my dues ..

Where does even when little tiny hemmorhage come from.. Climate change. Major frequency change. Major frequency changes affect different people at different times ..

Disease and sicknesses are usually what happens during frequency changes. Immune system activated and if you have weak blood vessels, they pop or they get broken .. The weaker the blood vessels. The more aggressive the hemorrhaging. I had one hive on my thigh.. A little bit of a broken blood vessel in my eye. I I feel fine no pain and no blurred vision..

And I heard a lot of sirens this morning..

If this is the extent of my evolution during this climate change.. I'm fine with it..

Again this broken blood vessel is no big deal.. It doesn't hurt I just noticed it..

A subconjunctival hemorrhage often occurs without any obvious harm to your eye. Even a strong sneeze or cough can cause a blood vessel to break in the eye. You don't need to treat it. A subconjunctival hemorrhage may look alarming, but it's usually a harmless condition that disappears within two weeks or so. You are in the war of your life.. Just like jimmy is at war with his own family.. You are at war with your own family and your body.. You won't win when you declare war on yourself.

You feel pain right now.. The electricity and the energy is heating up.. Activating your immune system.. You resist you will die..

You take remedies, do more trauma with surgeries. On your endless amounts of prescription drugs and alcohol.. You add more trauma to your body.. Endless amounts of sex you add more trauma to every part of your body.

The key thing is to lessen the trauma on your body. So you're not so much in pain.

And you have to rebuild.. Because the more damage inside your body, the more it will replicate damage in your body and eat the parent cells

This show was telling you how frequencies can fuck you up. The pain the pain the pain.. Yeah people have electromagnetic Frequency sensitivity because the body is trying to release demons.

Chuck, who is jimmy's brother ought to get him. Chuck is a lawyer always abided by the law.. Never took the shortcuts.. Couldn't handle his brother younger brother jimmy..who was always taking shortcuts getting his law degree through Online universities and passing the bar without telling anybody..

Jimmy really looked up to his brother.. But couldn't help always taking the shortcuts. Chuck, who had that electromagnetic frequency sensitivity. was always trying to teach him a lesson. Holding him accountable for his actions using the law.

And so right now they're at war.. It's like the good and the bad guy is at war..

Jimmy is even having to redefine who he is because he can't practice law because of what he did to his brother in a moment of rage. So they took his law license away for a year. And now he has to work for a year as a civilian.

He's called saul goodman now in his new advert career during this time of his life as a civilian juxtapositioning position jimmy the bad shortcut dude to SAUL GOOD MAN..

All these netflix videos are about the war between good and evil between you and everyone else. And what would be evil and good is all relative to how you characterize something.. Balance will always be introduced.. You can choose to be good or evil relative to what you perceive, good and evil is..

But you choose for yourself. As soon as you declare war on somebody else.. You declared war on yourself and you will lose.

Anyone who voluntarily enters into a war that is not their own.. They will lose.

You fight your own battle.. In your body mind and spirit.. As soon as you employ mercenaries against your body.. You have chosen for people to destroy you. And you justify it.. You have chosen to let somebody capitalize on your death.

But I don't fight any battles in my body anymore.. I released the demons.. I let them go.. There is no fight anymore. I put down boundaries. I know what I can handle and afford.. Because all life is is choosing the battles you can win and then you stop fighting. You let go of the most aggressive things in your life.. Sometimes the most aggressive things are your own family. by the way: those who have been obese and are now slowly or accelerating their weight loss.. the frequencies are accelerating the weight loss and remember Stephen King's (pen name: Richard bachman's) book, Thinnner..

the weight kept coming off and couldn't stop until he got rid of the curse.. he was down to his skeleton..

on the other side, those who have been bred to be very skinny are now gaining and gaining the weight..

those are the curses that were given to you and the environment accelerated your intentions.. and it will be very difficult to balance the laws of motion when you sustain a certain track of intention..

and some people are who have been bred to be skinny stay skinny through starvation and drugs and those who have the "fat" gene can only starve and do exercises temporarily until they either do drug therapy or get operations..

people are a mess.. releasing all the fear and trauma is a very very very lengthy process..

be patient with yourself and keep taking on knowledge ...

hugs to all who are doing their best to balance my info in their world..

we are in survivor right now..

right now.. YOUR BODY IS A GARBAGE DISPOSAL: when you eat food and you are aging out, not evolving and in fear and dying suddenly in nursing homes or managing disease

the food is going right through you and your body is cannibalizing itself..

death is from the mismanagement of your immune system..

dying is when the body is eating itself

fear of dying/and fear, in general, is from the body's indicators glitching because of your mismanagement..

buying in to the fear of "synthetic" or mrna is your antigen antibody programming working against you..



time will tell..

your fear of food is one one one huge huge indicator and your lack of evolution and change is another..

blood type a/b and ab+/- will have a very hard time with this.. maybe too smart for their own good ... still buying into religion.. and i cannot help that.. you choose, you chose.. we will see.

blood type 0-/+ might have a chance, but it also depends on who nurtured them and so you could be religious and blood type 0 buying into death and religion and yeah, see ya..

i was raised by blood type a/b scientists nurtured into self sufficiency and I am blood type 0..

nature/nurture.. When I was in china..

I noticed the difference in the body mass index between the northern chinese and the southern chinese..

The northern chinese dealt with snow and cold and heat. Their food was different.. It was more sauces more meat not as much vegetables. That was also where the forbidden city and beijing reside

The southern chinese, like in guangzhou, were all about dim sum and steamed everything veggies, and not a lot of sauce. And the people were skinny. They were very skinny.. Malnourished

The northern chinese were stronger than the southern chinese. They were robust.. Strong bodies.. Very strong body..

Take that model to america..

Minnesota, ohio a lot of the northern states, will not be as affected by the climate change as far as atmospheric rivers.. So much inclement weather..

And the people the country people and even the burlier northeast people are extremely strongly.. The hunter fisherman.. The bass fisherman. The fly fisherman.. New york new jersey ohio the north east upper midwest..

I mean Michigan might be underwater..

But take a look at that

You better do the math..

Those at the bottom of that graph.. Organic.. Keto diets.. Retirees.. Heart condition. Alcoholics and drug addicts and party people. Can't handle cold weather. Religious people.. A lot of religious people.. Conservatives.. Traditionalist. Exercise gurus.. All into their yoga and all that bullshit Activated water.. Jesus christ.

When florida and california are two sides the same coin. Wow.

Now you see what's going on. And i literally cannot see the difference between california and florida..

They are BASICALLY the same. Retirees. spiritual healing energy religious people. entertainment industry and leisure..

And lots of beaches and plastic surgery.. Plastic faces plastic bodies.

And intolerance.. Because both sides actually work together.. By opposing each other..

I am purposely painting broad strokes but that's essentially what makes up florida and california..

If you actually take a look at who makes up california and florida..

You will see what i'm talking about. Evan Almighty Hmm.. Now you see what's going on.. People have been trying to warn you.

You're so concerned with GMO and the vaccines. You can't even see the water. The water is in plain sight.. the water is in plane site.

Of course you can't see frequency.. But you can observe the frequency of disease.. And storms..

The new world will be made for very advanced people.. I mean very advanced people.

Are you the ultimate survivor..

Some of you are stuck.. And so you have to get right with your god.. So you can get through this.. No you probably won't survive in this world.. Because you surrounded yourself by people who won't change..

Your stuck with your husband and wife who doesn't understand.. Your stuck with your family who don't get it.. Too distracted.. By all the traditions..

That's why I say people are trapped when they have so much social validation around them.

They're addicted.. They want the fame the glory and the money.. You can't have it all..

May the odds be ever in your favor..

Remember you're not fighting the government.. Not only are you fighting yourself.. But you are fighting your husband your wife your kids your sisters and your brothers..

You're fighting the denial all around you.. You're fighting your mother and your father.. Your ancestors.. Your politics your religion your science..

That's why this is a war most people will not win.. They love their enemy..

They are in love with their enemy.. And they are surrounded.. They're in the boiling pot.. And they haven't figured out how to get out of that pot.. They love that pot.. Pardon the pun..

maybe it is time to pool resources with people if you cannot afford to move and find the nearest northern city not subjected to wild fires and floods and figure some stuff out.. find the strongest most evolutionary people in your world and strategize as you do not want to be dragging dead weight.. it could be a large large house fit for a few families.. not so much off gridding, but buy you time and then still manage to be mobile enough to even lose that house in that area and be set up in govt housing, if it is required..

plan a plan b plan c

think of all the worst case scenarios and what could happen,

study the maps study the future study your finances study the sustainable models planning the future for your area

your area might be up for grabs..or inundated with fires and floods, fissures and FEMA

YOUR HOUSE on the coast of the great lakes or ocean could lose its value if they project your area a flood zone...However, when any bank or govt does not want to scare people away from paying taxes and moving to an area, they will "warn" you with words like moderate/slight risk and then you get flood insurance and pay for that.. but, when they deem an area not inhabitable due to climate green sustainable models of conservation, where will you move to and will it be so expensive??

strategic alliances.. outwit outplay outlast remember the saying: rome was not built in a day

rome was also not destroyed in a day

2030 from now is 7 years

2050 from now is 27

27 years of water destruction/pandemic and rebuilding

the future is now.. people are so carefree.. it literally trips me out. but hey.. it's all about the beauty in the world..yeah ok.. did you earn the right to be carefree..

are you prepared?

many are so unprepared and many do not even understand what it means to be prepared..

i am just processing processing processing.. i am traumatized and I am getting it out.. facing the pain right now.. for all of you LA and Norcal people who think nothing will happen.. you are NOT immune.. It could even happen sooner..

this is why i do not understand how people can be so carefree.. lol wow.. denial is wow.

ohhh you need proof? lol when the physical proof comes..

splash..fissure, fire.. flood bye

some of you have grandchildren less than 15 years old.. umm so you think they will die before 2050??? really? what kind of future does your kids have californians??????????????

What will happen to Los Angeles in 2050?

What will happen to sacrament in 2050

Look how far down the list you are on california..

The indicators are fucking screaming.

BELOW Each state was ranked in each category from best to worst, and those figures were added together to create a total in which higher numbers equate to greater risk from climate change.

This graph is probably very accurate for today.. But the system might be looking between now and twenty thirty.. What about between now and twenty fifty.. When the area is at the bottom, start filling up with water or be decimated by wildfires... Then you'll see who's next. Who's next.. Who's next..

If you're at the bottom fifty.. Start looking at the top fifty..

Better be at the top than at the bottom.

I don't even see hawaii on this graph.

CaliFlorida Florifornia


I would not stay in california or move to florida, and I would be very reticent to move to the south.. With all the changing conditions and climate change and political viewpoints, aging communities, because who you surround yourself with could determine your future.

There are many models and trends of climate change and where most people are going. And do you want to get caught up and swept away with the masses staying in california or migrating to florida?

Is the weather gonna kick your a** where you live? Too hot too cold or to wet or too inclement. You will have to determine that for yourself..

Please also keep in mind, califloridians are also going to be under some aggressive climate change in the coming years if not now.

fires floods fissures hurricanes homeless

Florida and california is not the place to be between now and twenty fifty. Also, keep in mind the beaches and all the warm weather surrounded by all that coastline.. Retirement areas. Sinkholes earthquakes fissures Hot humid weather and dry hot weather. Intolerances to really cold weather High cost of living..(i was surprised inflorida)

While, the two states might be a little bit different in their politics, it still speaks to the intolerance from either end. Let me tell you.

Very intolerant on either end

One side does not like the other side. Even if you don't take a side, they will perceive you as taking a side against them, if you don't agree.

When you take part in binary arguments it is mutually assured destruction.

And both states have issues with tolerance.

The politics are either pro choice or pro life.. Big families or l g b t q and no children. Or the swinging singles partying everywhere..

I should know I lived in both places.. And the cultures predominantly in the population are very extreme on either end.

Mother's encouraging abortion and mothers encouraging having a bunch of children..

Which means both sides are very sexual.. Extremely sexual..

It really surprised me.. But not really given the extreme politics. And I see why both sides are two sides the same coin.. With different outcomes.. Both parties still getting injured.

And it seems aggressive sexuality and older age groups have issues with intolerance. Deterioration develop aggressive sexuality as well as the aging out process..

NOTE Remember this is not a slam against anyone.. I don't care what it is that you do or do not do. But the areas you live in will be subject to a lot of crazy changes. And I see there is correlation to why people live and move TO where they do.. And then the system with all of the climate change and crazy conditions AND I SEE who ia being targeted the most.. And who has a better chance at surviving..

Remember you are in the ultimate survivor..

What's my conclusion.. Those who can handle the northeast. And the upper Midwest might have a better chance in surviving. Because they have the adaptability even if they have certain politics, they have the adaptability to hot and cold. Could they be reeducated.. If their life depended on it.

What does reeducation mean.. When you realize how insignificant you are. Now it's about survival.

Everyone in between willl pick and choose where they're going to live..

Choose wisely.

But i've posted trends and it seems many people are going to the south..

In my opinion I wouldn't.. But if they can't handle the weather cold weather.. People will flock to the warmer climates.. At their own detriment..

That's guerilla warfare.

It's not hard to pick off people.. When they choose to go to areas or stay in compromised areas that will be underwater at some point.. Or gets slammed by hurricanes and tornadoes..

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