• Jillian Epperly

Cerebral Synaptoengineering


When your thoughts and your words literally create worlds and simulation civilization programming.

The universe expands with human consciousness and retracts from human deficits

The universe exists because we say it does.

Your brain, when activated, has no limits...your words are the limits..

Expand your vocabulary

Expand your Worlds..

The Universe is infinite just like your brain when fed..

new neural pathways can always be developed..

Like new galaxies can always be discovered or created..

The universe can be whatever it wants to be..

Everything is about chemistry. Right now the sky exists because the collective conscious believes the sky is there and so we have chemistry giving us the sky and the stars and the sun and the moon.

But what would happen if there was a barrier between the sun the stars the sky and the moon. And then everyone lived underground.

Then a whole new simulation would have to be developed and the textbooks would change not referencing the sun moon and sky and stars. So you can change a simulation based upon understanding the chemistry the elements and reinventing the storyline over and over again.

Anything can be programmed to be linear or nonlinear based upon how you apply the logic and reasoning.

So even the history of mankind must be questioned and that is a programming simulation to assimilate to a linear thought process that must also correspond with politics religion and scientific dogmas.

What is an alien someone who came from a different simulation.

They are just like you and me.

Remember even the laws change when physics change which means even physical laws can change when the simulation changes

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