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Chemtrails Assisting Climate Change Internally and Externally

If you are acknowledging chem trails but denying climate change you can't have it both ways..

Everything is related.. And then you have to realize that climate change in the skies also influences your insides and then all the therapies compound it regardless of what kind of therapy..

The system told you a long time ago climate change is here..

What will you do differently to adapt and I'm telling you detoxing is not the way because they've been doing detoxing for years and people still died suddenly..

It's not about detoxing.. You have to understand your body parts..

And if you are afraid of body parts then you have brainwashed into giving away your body to science because the shame around them it's far too great for you to look at them or even acknowledge them..

Remember when you're detoxing regardless of what you're using you are washing away the good gut bacteria to help your body acclimate and release. Even using J j's all the time to release is also taking away the bacteria your body needs..

If you can't handle the changes in the atmosphere as well as in your body it won't matter what you do because you will not evolve and you will not acclimate. When you are so desperate to be cured and not feel a thing eventually rest in peace is the outcome..

\ Now you must understand your body parts.. If that is out of the question then you activism and resistance is just an exercise in futility, a course of action doomed to be futile.

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