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Climate Change Is An Inside Job-Time To Revolutionize Industrial Medicine

Revolutionizing INDUSTRIAL medicine is an inside job and I am an outsider but I challenge the medical system and I challenge their patients/patience to be an advocate for themselves to be given all the choices. If a patient is a minor or under conservatorship, it will be up to their caregiver to make the choices for them.

The Trinity of Medicine should give everyone all three choices, not just one or two, as you are a paying customer financing your process or paying a private health care company.

Future Hospitals may have:

1. The Life Wing

2. The Death Wing

3. and the cured wing with choices

all choices, not just one or two just benefitting the corporation, but all three.

The government system must also make it easier for a person or persons to transition so as long as milestones are met. The delivery services developed during COVID-19 is a great start!!


Hypothetically Speaking:

If I were in your shoes interested in this process, I would:

Ask my doctor to teach me the digital method to pull out the fecal programming I would want to eventually do systematically revolutionizing medicine and myself.

In the past, when I was dissatisfied with parts of my body, or I did not like the energy beaming from different part of my body, I used medicine to close off the prostaglandin hormones, inhibiting them to release and then I allowed you to surgically open me up because remaining closed from anti-inflammatories caused blockages in my cardiovascular system. I was not releasing in the way that would benefit me over time.

Even plastic surgery was another method to "fix" what I thought was wrong with me or fix what medication caused parts of my body to be over/underdeveloped.

I even realized certain prescription medications or over the counter medications opened me up temporarily, like laxatives, but then there were side effects from that methodology I was not prepared for.

In my world, revolutionizing medicine is asking my doctor to reverse everything they did to me using the prescription drugs and even the surgeries. On top of that, I want them to oversee the process without telling me I am going to die someday and that they will make sure I receive around-the-clock care to bring me back to life again and become an open system uncured and innovated and trained to stay open. I would also find a way to pay for that expectation.

I also would want them to support my process with a tailored program to transition me off all the diets and help me acclimate to all foods in the food supply, even a higher sodium intake, and inform me how I can safely activate and innovate my immune system with vaccines .

I have also agreed to the fact that all vaccines were made to innovate and activate my immune system with the support of all food, but I would need help to remove some of the old fecal plug programming and ask my family and friends not to worry when I am sick as my immune system is actively finding the anomalous hydra working against me guiding them to the colon or lymph nodes or all appropriate exit points to be released through all bodily fluids.

I would also want my doctor to reassure me that all reactions in the environment regardless of catalyst must all be supported correctly with all food/ systematically removing fecal plug programming so that evolution can work for me and my community, not work against me and my family.

Why I pay my premiums paying my doctors' salary is so they can go over MY medical records outlining what everything I could possibly deal with during that conversion process and to remind me all food is everything and pulling out the fecal plug programming is everything.

My doctor was great before climate change and if they change the way they do things, all my doctors can be extraordinary during climate change and save my family.

They made a boatload of money off of me in the old world (well deserved) with all the surgeries and medicine and NOW it is time for all of us to evolve and advocate patients to save themselves, but in a different way.

The world has changed (called climate change), and medicine, industrial medicine must change as well.

If I was under a doctor's care:

I would want my doctor to develop backup measures in case something happens and I have a hard time getting around or can't hear see or walk for a certain amount of time until my body gets reprogrammed with food and with gentle therapy to teach me how to walk again and everything else that the body may lose during that process.. if at all..

If my doctor cannot develop or recommend back up measures, then I must go home and list out everything that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly and then find a service which can help fulfill the need should it ever arise.

Delivery services, maid services, and hiring a person to oversee the process and help me walk and become stronger, if I ever lose that memory during the transition process. I understand that in this environment, anything and everything is possible.

If Ashton Kutcher can come back from vasculitis using modern curative therapies, then food rest and fecal plug pulling is the long way around without fearing antibiotic resistance or the cure/therapy wearing off.

If I can get through this process over the last 6 years without triggering something perceivably catastrophic relative to my lifestyle, many people can too. Some will need help from a professional, an evolved professional.

My past doctors made me and their methods over many years broke me, but if we can work together, we can make me again and sustaining myself autonomously over time all my doctor can help someone else go through the same type of process.

That's my dream of the new world for those who are perceivably, not too far gone.

I have a dream.

One day people will not die from suffering because of their belief systems.

In my opinion:

The reason for the medical/holistic system in the old world was for YOU to be cured and keep working for the man until you died on the job, and people do.

Now, when a person who has contributed to the system for 50 or 60 or 40 years and find they are deteriorating rapidly, the medical system should reverse and help the patient reverse the intentions and help them open up their system so they can feel the pain of release and NOT end up in the morgue one day from adding more innovation to a closed immune system.

But that is just my opinion.

What sense does it make to destroy grandma with 80 years of innovation, life experience and then put all the eggs in the baskets of naive 30 or 20 or 5's baskets with very little life experience, wild card genetics and have not proven themselves to be "worthy"?

In my opinion, keep grandma alive to teach the children how to become a good person, a productive law abiding evolutionary adult.

From my vantage point, we paid all doctors to cure us, now maybe it is time to reverse that process and now we WANT THEM TO UNCURE US AND MANAGE THE PROCESS SAFELY WITH THE OUTCOME OF LIFE, NOT DEATH.

Digital Release



Biotech and Medicine is a business. If you were born deficient, paying to be efficient is the business of therapies. For instance, born without sight means you better have the money to pay for getting your sight and if you cannot afford it, then braille and living blind is your future, unless you take on herd immunity, pull out the old programming of blindness and convert to your community and earn your sight the LONG WAY.

BIOTECH will MAKES YOU PAY FOR ALL THE PERCEIVED GIFTS that many take for granted by "curing you into seeing" until the cures wear off and you go blind again, but the cures do not work anymore because you chose to use "magic" not hard work of earning the privilege of sight which is a herd immunity programming found in the population of seeing adults..

Remember Hydra are programmed to be something specific until you change the programming or pull it out and reprogram your body by herd immunity.

You must to be around people who have the gift of sight to earn your place in this world and assimilate to your society and environment.

NOTE: Even a vaccine can give you the gift of sight if you do not have it and then you have to keep feeding it and fostering it and pull out the old programming so the old programming of blindness never has to come back again. (in a perfect world)

This is why diversity was coined... if a doctor can transition someone to male to female, etc, they can uncure you and reassure you that death does not have to be the outcome if you can handle the painful conversion process.

People think everything is normal and homogenized until they become exposed to change like a different person, place or thing or idea and then realize they have opportunities to change or reject it on sight.

As you know people fear change..

Staying homogenized and cured is great, until it isn't and people suffer when the cures wear off.

Time to change.. and it is painful.

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