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Climate Change is Here

When you understand where i'm coming from . You will understand where the new world order is coming from..

You will find out by 2045. The fertility rates will be 0 to none. That's the intention of the future.. That's why you have to be the best specimen.. The strongest person in your genetic line..

The government will produce the people they need to work the infrastructure.. What are you going to do to be viable and balanced to serve the world you live in.. What will you do.. That's why you have to save yourself.. And so if you're in an area prone to a lot of climate change.. Now you will compete for resources and life against your neighbors and even your family.. That's why you have to be the strongest person in your circle of friends and family. And be the example. You are in the hunger games.. And you will be stressed out.. During that process.

I'm not trying to destroy anyone. I'm giving people a chance to save themselves. But you must release those demons plaguing you.. If you don't know what they are.. Whenever you get sick.. Whenever you feel blocked.. Whatever it is you're taking to keep you under the influence.. Or to control your energy.. That's a demon inside of you.. Working the shit out of you. People don't do drugs or are afraid of food or stay under the influence of alcohol if they weren't suffering from some kind of demon inside their body. You just can't be in denial anymore.

So the collective architects of our society. They are releasing the perceived demons who cannot adapt to climate change water and fire.. And don't get out harm's way.. They are reclaiming the land. Away from the indigenous people. It's a new world.

The nwo has given people the chance to save themselves.. They are giving you all the information in the world.. They are giving you all the indicators . They were giving you all the warnings.. What are you going to fucking do..

If you want to stay stuck in your homogenized denial.. And you want to stay traditional.. In this very aggressive environment.. You won't survive.. And we thank you for your service.

I have a question for my facebook audience and I will not try to convert you or tell you you're wrong.

I won't even respond.. I will let your comment be the voice of your perception..

What is global warming to you?

I already told you my perception of global warming.. It is intentional weather modification warming the planet making the temperature's extreme on each end.. so many different factors at play..

I don't want you to tell me why the term global warming has been used and coined..

I want you to be very specific.. What is global warming to you..

Please define global.. Please define warming...

People have all types of perceptions of what global warming is and even the denial of it .. And to them, they are correct. And is not up to me or anyone else to convert them.. Because no matter what you believe.. Will you survive your own belief system.. That's what it ultimately comes down to. Will you survive your belief system.. And if you intend not to survive your own belief system . Then it does not matter what you think or anyone else thinks. You won't be around. Because that's your intention. So I don't waste my time trying to convert people who have no intention to stick around. I don't convert anyone.. And I have no expertation to convert anyone.. But I especially will not try to argue against any one's perception of the world.. Most people don't intend to live past whatever they think is appropriate for them and her family.

So I just watch everything..

I observe and I report.. And that's it.. I have no expectation any of you will listen to anything that I say.

When someone says it's the end of the world as we know it.. What you know right now will be the end of what you know.. And it will be a different knowing.. If you can survive the transition.

Everything is an illusion.. Choose your illusion.

Are your kids intending to be groomed for the infrastructure.. Are your kids in an area where the infrastructure is breaking down.. What are you grooming your children for.. You will find out many of these children were groomed to be hot and sexy..

And so they will feed into the sex industry. Because there'll be nothing left to do. And if they want to make a lot of money.. Only fans and influencing would be their only option.. Because you get a degree doesn't mean the jobs are there.. And you are COMPETING against the world..

And so hot girls will eventually go into the porn industry or become somebody's wife.. And live out there life that way.

America has been grooming the women to be playthings for the men.. That's the women's downfall in america.. When their body is the only thing they can use to get by.. And they will justify it

That was hugh hefner and larry flints claim to fame.. grooming girls to be play things..

And then these girls think they're better than everybody else.. Because all the guys are looking at them.. And they have so many followers.. They become a slave to the image.. And they will self destruct.. Taking the men down with them who are losing their seeds to them.

That was bred into the population way before the nineteen sixties. Using sex as a weapon..

And men are very weak to that.. If a man is married and he has morals and values. He will stay with the marriage. But a man who is single.. When there are so many hot girls all over youtube in facebook and instagram.. He will get drunk from all of the hot girls around him.. And the girls are looking for the attention and the money.. And they will serve their community..

That's legalized prostitution.. That's what these mothers are grooming their girls to be.. Because we already have the infrastructure and the innovation.. Now it's the depopulation agenda..

What is sad.. The mothers don't know they were used that way... And they will use their children in that way.. And so the daughters don't even know what they were groomed for.. And so they carry out that programming.. Just like.. Austin powers.. And the girl bots.. And just because you get a degree doesn't make you any more special.. What are you doing with that college degree.. Here is some unsolicited advice..

If you're alive.. Find every way to stay alive.. You can't help those who are gone.. This is the time not to mourn the dead.. This is the time to celebrate you are alive and adapt.. When humans were sacrificed 6000 years ago, people were celebrating they were alive and they are not dead.

They celebrated their own life.. They celebrated their survival not being chosen to be sacrificed.. They didn't worry about trying to save anyone else.. They couldn't even save their own children because they were sacrificed. Because they were virgins..

You're alive until you're not.. So intend to stay alive.. There is no guarantee any of us are going to live through this.. So make the best choices you can while you are alive..

And prove to yourself and the world why you deaerve to live..

No matter what you've heard the last twenty years.. Your life is in your own hands.. No you can't control the direct energy weapons.. You can't control the storms.. You can only anticipate what the new world wants people to be and where they want them to be..

Do everything you can to adapt to that intention..

There will be tremendous loss of life and we knew this.. We were already conditioned for this.. This is not a surprise..

Nothing going on right now is a surprise..

What surprise me was how california was going to go down.. through a fucking hurricane and flood.. And I will not be surprised with the loss of life.. Many don't have what it takes to deal with something as aggressive as a lot of water and no air conditioning.. life support machines will be offline..

Do the very best you can to change the way you do things.. Find a way stay out of harm's way.. Figure out the safest place to live.. Nowhere is a hundred percent safe.. So find something relatively safer..

But some of you are really torn apart from all of what's going on.. I'm sorry you're suffering.. But now is the time to be strong.. Don't cry for the dead.. Save yourself save your fucking family. There are claims that maui is the new nine eleven and pearl harbor . Anything is possible.. This is why people are reacting.. Just read the comments in the post down my timeline.

Next it's southern california.. Keep your head on a swivel.. Remember there's so much redundancy all over the world.. And southern california is the epicenter of all the redundancy.. Northern california engineered it.. Southern california influence it. Now look at your facebook.. Clones of hollywood. everyone trying to be sexy and whatever People are getting evicted from their homes that weren't even burned down in maui. Just because you don't have a smart meter doesn't mean you're safe from eviction.. If the houses around you are gone.. And you're the only one left standing.. Be thankful you have your life.. And then leave the area because you will be forced to leave the area.

We are experiencing everything we were afraid of ten years ago.. It's happening.. Keep your head above water.. Yesterday's experiences.. I felt so normally yesterday.. I'll tell you today I felt relatively normal. Like as if there was no climate change. Like they calmed down the frequencies over here.

I wasn't really tired today. Relatively energetic. And I feel great. And it's really nice and cool outside.

Was outside today with my husband.. Chatting him up.. The t v is on the fritz down here so no tv downstairs.. And it's been nice.. And I just been down here doing my thing. Cooking.. All the laundry is done.. I half assed dusted.

It's like a beautiful fall day. I want to remind myself I released that fire demon..

People die from all the different elements when you get too much of them..

And the elements influence people's personalities and their complexion.

It's literally a trial by the external environment and the internal environment..

Right now california's going through the trial by water..

Blood Air Yellow Bile Fire Black Bile Earth Phlegm Water

All of these elements can keep you alive as well as destroy you..

All the fires all over the world are the anger of release.. The yellow bile..

All the water is the energy like phlegm releasing the demons a carrier force.. The weak will be washed away.. The strong will hold on.

This is the world you live in now..

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