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Collaborating With Academia is Like Trusting A Stranger With Your Purse, It Can Go Either Way

Everything taught in academia as far as the health and wellness world is to get you cured and back on your feet and in the game of work and socializing as fast as possible even at the expense of your future..

There's nothing to collaborate with academia when their very intent and purpose is to shorten your healing time and still maintain relative functionality..

The JJ world is not a practice.. It is not medicine it's not even a cure..

It is bringing everything back to nature and informing you your ability to effectively heal is based upon eating all food in the food supply and staying away from all medicine natural or otherwise..

And you literally have to take the time.. You gotta sit your a** on the couch and literally take the time to let your body work on what it needs to push out and retain.. And you know as well as I there are political parties that will demonize somebody taking the time for themselves to be healthy literally and well and balanced.. And the only time that you're allowed to take the time is if you're on some kind of therapy or medication..

That mentality is why people get trapped in the system of destruction because they need validation from their community.. And they work for wood.. Also known as awards..

Those awards you get for great attendance doesn't make a difference when you're in the dirt.. It's not even worth the paper is printed on when you're dead..

It's like gambling know when to say no.. Making large amounts of money can be extremely addicting..

But in the end if you don't convert that money into longevity then who are you working for??

If you have so much conflict in your body your body won't let you rest which is why people are so anxious to get out and about and not take the time to effectively heal properly..

Pain is not something that you attack or surgically take out..

Sooner than later the body forces you to take the time but by that time you have given up already.. Then it's hospice..

When your body finally is able to take the time to heal

it's a dirt nap..

That is academia's purview..

That's not the JJ world purview..

The jj world is here when you're finally ready to take the time assuming you'll survive.. And it's not too late..

Some of you are gambling and hoping that later is when you'll take the time..

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