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Maybe you should compete with yourself.

What sucks is people don't realize competition will kick people's a $$ when they don't know who they're competing against..

You're in a microbial war..

Which is why I stay home and stay safe for the most phlegmatic

What is y k w.. It means you know what.. It means vaccines.

When you don't realize the kind of war that you're in, you will enter into battles you know nothing about..

Your family and friends and community are your opponents.And they give off microbes that will compete for resources within your body mind and spirit..

The people who die suddenly or get diagnosable conditions are losing the war or have lost the war.. Because they will treat themselves to death.. Because they added more competition to their body..

That's capitalism.. When the system has capitalized on your lifestyle and you embrace those wars of resistance.. Until you can't compete anymore.

Since I can't control other people.. I can only control myself..

There is no one to blame..

Releasing the competition out of my body was a brutal process but it was necessary.. That's the jay world.

And right now people are in a type of jay world .. The system is releasing the excessive redundancy..

Maybe it's time to do something different


Capitalism was/is a necessary intellectual competition coupled with a labor force propping up that economical ideology. It was necessary to develop Best Practices and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) protocols but now the time has come to eliminate the competition.

Wow. Ominous, you say. Oh, it is. Competition is Darwinism, Survival of the "Fittest" and that includes industrial practices of infrastructure sustainability including Biotechnology and Biology. Collectively, the system had to galvanize millions of likeminded people to develop a culture of sustainability and then each individual person had to find a way to apply their version of it to themselves, their family and friends based upon their degrees of influence they had or have over their "flock" of followers.

In the meantime, the collective system of brainiacs looking for the latest and greatest inventions would recognized the inventors of the systems they needed to add to their coffers of sustainability and it is anybody's guess what happened to the inventors.

Well, I found my version of sustainability and I did eliminate the competition and streamlined my world to be on the way to a replicable model for the future. I knew through my Organizational Leadership Class at Chapman University, globalization and teambuilding coupled with Change Management and Business Process Engineering, the future was all about merging together aligned systems while the redundancy eliminated themselves.

As a result of my training in these classes with influential people in the tech world, I started applying different graphing applications to practice how to map out organizational structures and find the redundancy and eliminate the competition.

Subsequently, later on down the road those concepts of Business Process Reengineering came in handy when explaining immune system functions factoring in all systems of the body, mind, spirit and community. Then it was picking apart everything and everyone.

My world of sustainability of phlegmatic coupled with ideas born from the Jilly Juice World was all about eliminating the competition out of my body, mind, spirit. Even my daily interactions with the world, I eliminated all competition via sickness and isolation.

Intuitively, I knew the health and wellness world and even the hospital system was no competition because our ideologies about life and longevity are diametrically opposed.

How are they diametrically opposed to the Jilly Juice World? People intend to pass away someday and they prove it via intolerance to air, food, water and disease.

I also knew the politics, religion and health sciences were all about sustaining competition and resisting it, not eliminating it in a legal/biological way. Competition must exist in all "religions" so as to keep the conversation going along with a type of evolution, resulting in new ideas or the death of that culture.

Once I discovered you had to eliminate the politics, the religions and the biased sciences and embrace non traditional lifestyles, I invariably eliminated the competition because phlegmatic people release the competition or demons and over time streamline their own body, mind spirit and living spaces.

That is and was the key to my survival was walking away from the war competing for my resources perpetrated by most men and women who aim to capitalize on my body, mind, and spirit.

I say what I say on my Facebook.. but I compete with no one.. There is no competition when I am not trying to race to the bottom..

Most of society is racing towards the bottom and they can't wait to get there.. Where do you think you're going? I guess your religion will tell you where you're going..

That's why I have no religion.. I'm not trying to race to the bottom.

I made it.. I'm alive.. And I do not intend to die from natural causes..

Just be mindful whay the system is preparing for..

Never ever let your guard down..

Never ever get too comfortable.

Stay on your toes.

And always think of worse case scenario.. You hope the worst case never happens.. But if it does, at least you'll be psychologically prepared for anything..

I can't speak to your physical preparedness for worst case scenarios.. But at least if you are alerted in a context you can embrace it might give you the impetus to survive the situation and get into action very quickly..

Some things are way out of your hands.. Other things are not.. Figure out what you can control..

Just remember the words stay home and stay safe.. Wear a mask if necessary.. Evacuate when directed..

You think you can handle an anarchist society..

I would like to see someone in the West think they can survive haiti..

This is capitalism.. This is major competition.. This is survival of the fittest.. Somebody gave them guns .

I always love learning new things.. Not just for some certificate but for also developing a platform of broad based knowledge for the future..

There are buzzwords.. Keywords.. And connecting systems together..

The future is digital.. And it is interactive..

Reducing one's carbon footprint starts with your immune system..

Because if you haven't streamlined your own immune system how will everything else be streamlined and reduced down to its common denominator..

Rich men know how to eliminate the competition within their body mind and spirit..

Rich governments know how to eliminate the competition..

Every single one of us all the way down to the micro level are competing for resources.

So I think of myself as a quality assurance engineer for not only my body-mind and spirit but also my household and relationship.Taking into account the slow transition regarding change management..

Because change is very difficult for many people.. And you have to deal with optimizing business processes while maximizing resources and know who and what you're working with.. And maximize the potential.

A quality assurance (QA) engineer, also known as a QA engineer, ensures that a product meets quality requirements before it's released. They play a key role in the software development cycle and are needed in many industries, including automotive, medical devices, and food and beverage.

Also known as TQM

Total quality management..

Good businesses have great people..

Great people develop a great business

Money isn't always a determining factor if a business is great or not.. That is one measure based upon the context..

There are also other around barometers to go by..

What do you spend your money on. How much garbage do you take out every week. What kind of things are you hoarding.. How many children and diverse company and diseases are you managing..?

How many animals do you keep reproducing and selling??

I see what the system is trying to do.. What are you doing to reduce fraud waste and abuse and deliver sustainability, not disposable people and children and animals..

Is life sustainable or is it something that is disposable to you..?


When you drive to be happy or sad.. you deplete yourself..

Addiction to happiness turns into sadness..

Phlegmatics release these demons without depleting themselves..

If you have to tell people to be kind to you then what kind of comments are you allowing on your timeline..

Simply reading a thought process opposite of you is not being unkind.. If you know that someone thinks differently and you still read their information.You have invited that into your world..

You realize that I can be unkind on my own facebook.. And be kind on your facebook..

And you don't have to suffer..

So take your own advice.. Be kind to yourself Unless you are allowing unkindness into your world on your timeline..

We don't exist in a vacuum.. We choose what we entertain..

We entertain everything for a reason.. And when we get tired of entertaining people.. We choose to ignore.. We choose to unfollow..

What if kindness was a demon.. What if unkindness was a demon..

What if we just observe the realities of the world and not call it kind or unkind.. Or funny or mocking or angry..

What if we understood things from an aligned logical perspective..

Then you would not have to characterize things as funny kind angry sad.. Or loving..

Things would just be the way they are..

Life or death..

You either ignite life.. Or you extinguish life with death..

Over time you have the choice to release the excessive life without killing it or destroying it..

Everything else is just a story you told yourself about life-and-death and kindness and unkindness..

It's just a story..

And everything around life can be reduced down to pain and suffering and COMPETITION

California programmed the world to be about love and light and then extinguished via death..

What if kindness was a demon..

What if love was a demon..

 Blood red demon.

Everything is about balance..

You must have satan in order to have a savior..

So I subscribe to neither..

Support life or support death..

But you can't have both..

Only the government can have both.. Because they regulate.

I just release the demons..

It's all about perspective.

Starving people don't want a diverse food supply.

They think everything is poison..

There you go... America is more innovative.. Too bad for you united kingdom.

Maybe it's time to switch to american..

I see people saying it's the opposite.. I see people demonizing american food.. And they only can eat one or two ingredients..

Air sandwiches..

Every single ingredient in the American version are minerals and nutrients the body needs..

So before you go around talking smack about the ingredients in your food supply.. Maybe google all the health benefits of them.. And when added correctly through fda products such as your food not as medicine... Everything is relative to intention..

Maybe there's a reason why it was added to your food as an added additional nutritional benefit..

All the down sides to every ingredient is based upon the abuse and the misuse of those ingredients used as a supplement or remedy

The health and wellness world has more poison in their intentions than the food supply.. Because your health and wellness world are intolerant to air food and water..

And they aim to starve you..

I do not recommend supplements to anyone because you have no idea how to dose yourself.. Even a doctor or a holistic person has no idea how to dose you of the necessary nutrients and minerals..

So it must be added into the food supply. And then your body will deal with how to synthesize all nutrients taken together in your food..

That's why I have an issue with all the holistic health and wellness people.. They are in starvation mode..

And they're demonizing americans and even americans demonize americans..

You have been entered into a great civil war.. It's called starvation.

Sanguine is where a drug addiction comes from.. They ride this high.. Until they trigger the other humors.. Then they chase the dragon..

I get triggered by my community . Which is why I don't hang out with my community too often .

I don't want to be excitable and reactive.. Burning through my resources too quickly..

I literally cannot afford it.. Some people can, but will they be able to stay home and reconfigure themselves to finally retain and replenish the resources used their whole life..

That's the million dollar question..

So people will make money off the 3 other humors.

And I will save my life through phlegmatic.

Now you all know why I chased away the energy healing/love love love empaths from my group 6 years ago..

It has taken me 7 years to finally put my finger on it..

my gut knew the danger of oxytocin.. and drugs influencing the faucet to stay turned on.. until.. depleted and then hungry for more.. until all life become consumed from that need..

when you have no friends, family, pets or children and only just yourself and your government keeping up the infrastructure, you will realize you are all that you have.. it was you.. only you.. you made yourself or broke yourself..

your politics, religion, science, friends and family just turned on the faucets and kept those faucets running, until.. done..

most of you will never understand or see what it is like to be phlegmatic.. that is releasing the demons of the 3 other humors..

When you have a million people around you turning on those faucets of humors...

That's hard to resist.. That's addiction..

Which is why I only have one person, my hubby, who I will allow that faucet to turn on for a minute.. And then I turn that faucet off..

I am not disposable. I am sustainable.. There is no fraud waste or abuse here..

I am phlegmatic..

Which is why I stay home and stay safe.. Because your community will try to turn on those faucets whenever they can..

That's social capital.. people's communities are depleting them of their resources..

 Just by being around them.. Even your job..

And then when you finally stay home and stay stafe.. Then it's releasing that fucking demon you've acquired the last however many years..

And that is a strategy.. That's my world.

That's why I choose my husband.. I choose to stay home.. And he will choose how he wants to deal with his demons..

Everyone gets a choice..

remember: even funny/loving/depressed people have a dark side..

And so when they use up all of their humors.. They are depleted..

Which is why people self annihilate..

They have nothing left to give to the world..

They never took care of themselves because they are always taking care of somebody else.

Praying for somebody else..

But they never took care of themselves

Hollywood and the Music/Entertainment Industry are all about plucking the four humors in people causing chemical reactions...

The angry metal music..

the sanguine love songs ..

the cowboy depression songs

the stars going off the phlegmatic deep end when their programming wears off


all of you have been programmed by the four humors..

Which is why I have no patience for those who are heavily programmed by one of those four humors. ..

No balance.

And you can see it in people's personalities.. Just look at their facebook.

They are either so depressed..

So loving and funny comedy.

Or so angry..

I rarely see anyone balance all of those out.. Because you're either one or the other.. They can't even see how programmed they are themselves.

Which is why I don't have a lot of patience for the love love people because that was the predominant hormone I had to deal with and it was a fucking demon..

And then I tapped into my anger and depression..

And then I became phlegmatic and i releleased the demons.. And I stay home and stay safe..

Because it's a fucking war out there.

And you really can't get mad at people.. Because if they don't know how trapped they are in their hormones. They just do what they do and it's normal to them.

So I just walk away.. You can't change people..

You can only observe.. and report.

And so when i'm phlegmatic in my bed reacting to no one.. That's my moment of peace..

And then I can observe with clear concise observation..

it is better to be hated than loved because when you are "hated" then your are NOT addicted to the oxytocin of love and validation, and you get the space when you are hated..

I know how addicting pleasure and paradise is and family, friends, animals is as well large amounts of cash triggers that faucet of addiction to oxytocin.. and when that faucet turns on and then the person has depleted their own resources after sucking the life/pleasure out of their friends and family and validation, it is a loss and a trauma like no other.. it becomes a died suddenly..

i wont go there.. i turn off that faucet right away..

that is also why the system wanted you to have pets, a love life, and all family.. they trigger the addictions of oxytocin resulting in anger, depression and then intolerance...

when you release those demons.. you become phlegmatic and can see things clearly without being under the influence of those hormone triggers..

which is why i chase away love and light and hand clasping emojis..

why do you think twilight and the vampire diaries were written? it was the human condition to suck the life out of everything that gives them pleasure and paradise.. and when depleted, hunt for more like predators...

then you have a dangerous society..

And so when you have been raised in so much oxytocin through hormone manipulation.. You know how dangerous it is and can be..

Oh yeah.. I was a hot chick.. That was run by oxytocin..

And that's a dangerous drug.. And most of you are under the influence of oxytocin and validation..

That was built into your politic. All of your religions.. And your science dogmas...

So I just stay clear of all of that..

I know the drugs people are under.. Even their own hormones.

And so I have no patience for drug addicts.. Especially when they're trying to turn on my faucet.. Only my husband can do that very minimally.. And even then , I don't let him take advantage of it.. Because I only have so much..

the richest man has the unlimited time to be sick and release and regain their life back..

the richest man has no food intolerances.. rich men can adapt to climate change, even if they do not believe climate change exists..

the richest man does not have the big houses and cars and social capital/family..

the richest man has eliminated all competition in their body, mind and spirit.. the richest man has no pets...

poor men acquire baubles, gadgets, friends, family and animals developing into distractions, microbial competition and the need for treatments..

rich men nowadays, eliminate all competition.. they are not a cancer on this earth and they leave room for nature..

every time I am sick, I am eliminating the competition out of my body, mind and spirit and I do not entertain excessive sanguine, melancholics or choleric spirits...

then I realized how important it is to stay home, stay safe, eat all food and release the competition out of my body and sickness should never ever have a time limit..

cash is not king..

food and tolerance to climate change is king..

this last week I could not live on cash releasing the competition I acquired last weekend..

i needed the meat, milk, cheese, eggs, cabbage, salt, water fruits and rest and unlimited time to be sick, sleep and eat..

you can't eat cash.

slaves are intolerant to food air and water and they are sanguine, melancholic and choleric and they are not allowed to be sick, ever.. and if they are sicker longer than their master wants, they are forced to get treated..

slaves need their village to survive..

rich men stay away from the slave mentality ...

I am a rich man/woman.. i can eliminate the competition without picking up a remedy, petition, surgery or gun..

saving oneself=being sick without time limits and without remedies supported with all food pain and balanced release.

most people do not have unlimited time to be sick, like my world.

longevity and physical immortality might actually stem from phlegmatic personalities.

i detect aspects of the four humors within people and even more so to those who are NOT phlegmatic..

when those faucets of colors other than white get turned on excessively, I turn off the faucets by first voicing my boundaries and then applying them, as well.

Many people trigger that faucet in me that I must walk away from.. which is why you see me get triggered on Facebook Live when those faucets are forced to be turned on via the back and forth on the live or in pm or on posts..

which is also why I limit social interaction and I do not spend any more time than I need to triggering those excessive emotions.

sanguine: toxic positives (love love love)

melancholic: depression (sad all the time)

choleric: angry (activism)

phlegmatic: neutral (me) i stay away from toxic positive and turn off the faucet when it gets turned "on".. i am not sad and I stay away from sad people and i stay away from angry activists.

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