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Conditioning/brainwashing When you allow anyone to say anything on your wall you don't stand for anything.. Because when you look at my wall.. My thought process that I have developed and will continue to Develop.. Then you look at somebody else's wall who is so diverse with some of the people countering them..

The thought process hasn't changed.. And so having some individual people counter you on your page doesn't make sense. It's like the tower babble.. And then people who run that page become more entrenched in their belief system because of so much of counter attacks.. Even support.. Then you don't know the difference between support and attack it's all support and then no one changes..

Just look at the activist pages of those who have both types of people.. Those who support them and those who hate them and they allow them to post anything they want.. They don't control their page to their belief system..

Because both for and against are two sides of the same coin..

It's a trippy phenomenon..

This is why it doesn't make sense to go on someone else's page and try to convert them or counter them.. It makes no sense to allow everyone to say whatever they want on your page with no regard..

If you don't stand for Something.. You will fall for anything

A day is like a thousand years..

When you have so many cells that are dying and reproducing.. Like people.. It's like one long string of amino acids.. It goes on forever but the space holding it is the same Universe 25 Behavioral sink synch John bumpus calhoun..

Interesting choice.. chewing on this.. When you have trillions of people slavery will it be inevitable.. Because someone's gonna have to do the work to keep people alive.. Humans will procreate.. Exponentially.. When given abundant resources with no control mechanisms.. That can get out of hand.. But I will think about this..

If you think suffering is bad now.. Imagine trying to support a planet of trillions of people.. Literally in competition for food.. Abundant resources means. More life to sustain competing for food..

I will think about this tomorrow.. Universe twenty five Dice have six sides.. Most people will only understand one side of a six sided dice... If we were to compare people's realities in the world they live in..

The truth and reconciliation committee.. That will inevitably come out.. will still only tell you just enough to satisfy your curiosity.. Make you feel vindicated.. But there's a whole lot more.. Just like these netflix documentaries coming out about past things.. They don't tell you everything.. Because if you actually knew.. You would lose faith in everything you ever knew..

There's so much to this world.. So much more than you will ever know..

I knew it Manson a govt asset The war agsinst the counter culture 1940s OSS =modern day cia Office of strategic services

Dead in 2015, accused of atrocities.. will never have to defend himself in court.. Vincent Bugliosi Article Talk Language Download PDF Watch Edit Vincent T. Bugliosi Jr. (/ˌbuːliˈoʊsi/; August 18, 1934 – June 6, 2015) was an American prosecutor and author who served as Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office between 1964 and 1972. Vincent Bugliosi

The massive campaigns against a person place or thing.. M k ultra and the drug revolution and the sex industry used as a tool of control.. Not only shaped people and their offspring but also the nation and the world..

When the manson cult was used to scare everyone one away from picking up hippies.. The media campaigns against salt and water.. Had the exact same effect..

You need salt water and food and milk and sugar and carbs and gluten..

But when you demonize symptoms.. And you make correlation equals causation to something that was pretty much too far gone.. ie the buzz feed news story

You can develop a person to cause chaos.. Like charles manson.. And his cult of following people.. And make everyone scared of hippies and counter culture..

Humans you are the gods.. You are the powerful people.. But the system.. System of control took away so much of your power..

But now there's a reason why you need to understand.. humans can be so powerful and they could cause extinction to themselves and other people..

And so humans can be too smart for their own good..

Before you wield that kind of power you must learn how to control it.. so You don't destroy yourself your children and the world you live in..

It's like twilight and not allowing child vampires to live in the world of vampires because they don't have control over their hunger.. They will destroy everything..

You must be able to survive the climate change and control your powers humans.. Before you have children you need to learn how to control your own power within your body.. Or you and your child will be used as a tool of control manipulation as also as an example..

And I will say this I have so many message requests.. I am not looking for the good ones or the bad ones.. Because when you have to find the good ones for validation you then be subjected to the bad ones and then you're looking for validation.. I'm not looking for validation..

My information stands.. If you enjoy it you can press like.. You can respect my boundaries.. And go about your business..

I talk about whatever I want.. But I have so many weird types of people messaging me,present company excluded, and I like that people support me but it's not necessary.. But I think that's great but it will take more than just support to save yourself.. This is an individual attorney

I will respect you but I cannot get caught up in answering all the different message requests that are out there.. It's insane..

This is how I keep my sanity as I protect my energy from outside influences supportung to me or loving me or hating me..

On my wall I keep it very chill.. I don't allow anyone to come in and counter me.. There are plenty of places you can do that even on your own wall.. I even have abandoned facebook accounts and business pages you can say whatever you want.. I do go back to those and read them sometimes and I don't care if you get snarky or say whatever.. Could stay in my past my old business account or old facebook account with the three thousand followers five thousand followers.. That's like my old skin.. my old body..

Scavengers are attracted to my old world.. There is new evolution this is my page.. my current page is my new evolution..

And so I keep things relatively calm pertinent to the subject matter.. I don't want someone commendering or hijacking too much of my information.. A few words can go a long way.. Even a paragraph can go a long way without requiring me to answer and get so involved..

Because in reality.. You hold all the power... There's nothing that I can give you except for my experiences and my thought processes and my perspective of which you will have to figure out where that fits in with your world..

So many people are so far gone.. Looking for a hero.. Looking for a demon.. Looking for validation.. Looking for confirmation..

Everything I found I found within myself.. And then the world confirmed everything I thought I knew..

If you have something intelligent to offer to my community.. I will consider friend requesting or accepting you because my facebook is open.. But i'm not looking for a man because i'm married..

I'm not looking to have someone tell me i'm beautiful or hi.. Or post a paragraph of their latest herbal remedy worshiping some doctor in east africa..

I'm looking for someone who has something to offer their perspective on the subject matter at hand.. Without coming across as correcting me or countering me..

I have a lot more patience with those who I find their information Fascinating.. Making me think.. But like anything you don't want to overstep your boundaries. If you're triggered by my information and you feel offended..

Post it on your wall.. Evolve my information to your intention..

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