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Conditioning Must Be Done Well in Advance

Conditioning Must Be Done Well in Advance

None of you are prepared for infrasound..

That was the culprit all along.. It is an inaudible sound that will activate your immune system Vaccinated or not..

You have been led astray when you don't want to face the pain.. While starving yourself simultaneously.

So all your remedies will become activated. And those monsters are going to torture you and not everyone's going to survive.. Because you didn't understand my information and release those demons.. You kept developing new ones..

What is the most harmful frequency? 7 Hz Especially dangerous is infrasound at the frequency of 7 Hz, since this sound, generating frequencies, close to characteristic frequencies of the organs of our body, may disturb the heart or brain activity. Machines, natural sources storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. generate infrasound.

in·fra·sound /ˌinfrəˈsound/ noun sound waves with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility. "infrasound generators"

Impact of infrasound on the individual. Infrasound affects people biologically, when its frequency (7-8 Hz) coincides with the alpha rhythms of the brain (flows of certain frequency). These frequencies trigger all the symptomatic responses labeled all of the diagnosable conditions ever recorded..

Conditioning people to run away from disease versus embrace disease and support it correctly.. Without doing any kind of drugs..

But of course that takes time.

The system has conditioned you and your children to run away from disease.. That's why they recommend you to wear a mask.. Because they have already conditioned you to be afraid of evolution then that weakens you and your genetic line.. No different than hiding your cell phones and turning off your wifi.. And wearing allegedly protective gear against radiation.. You're being weakened through your fear..

Weak people condition people to be weak. Through fear.. Deficiency.. And intentional ignorance. And then people stay on drugs forever.. Because they don't want to feel.. And so this is a conditioning process for over a hundred years..

What are 4 types of operant conditioning?

Positive and negative were all relative to your perception.. Relative to how you want someone to perceive and be conditioned to repel or attract.. That's how the system programmed you was through their perception. How they wanted you to characterize whatever they wanted you do perceive things..

So if you felt pain they conditioned you to remedy it. To keep you weaker.. If a food gave you information. Or inflammation.. Same thing.. The system conditioned you to starve yourself from that food. They gave it a medical term called allergies.. And they made you treat it if it was too much.. They never taught you how to cough sneeze and blow your nose and open up your whole alimentary system. They kept giving you cough suppressants And herbs..

So all the conditioning is based upon somebody else's intention. Because you're still a child. And they got to you through your friends and family and beautiful people..

Who are making a quick buck off of you and selling you love.. You have been conditioned to respond to love and affection and Kindness..

People will kill you with kindness and they will condition you to accept their kindness.. And their gifts.. And their acceptance..

The four types of operant conditioning techniques include:

Positive reinforcers: the addition of a reward.

Negative reinforcers: the removal of a punishment.

Positive punishers: the addition of a punishment.

Negative punishers: the removal of a reward.

The whole j world is to embrace disease. Given you already hold the damage within.. And since you hold the damage within disease permeates every single thought process belief system in your body, mind and spirit. When you are diseased you breathe disease fear anxiety destruction..

And then you project disease as well.. That's the fear and the bully side of people. And when someone is fighting disease death is their only go to when it's that bad...

That's why you're in a death culture.. Everyone around you is diseased.. It's not their fault.. But they have a chance to turn it around..

But since disease has been painted a picture of harm and connected to poison, then you had to understand individual biochemistry and what actually poison is..

Because what is toxic to one person is completely healthy and balanced for another. Then you had to figure out why is it toxic to that person.. You had to look at the micro level processes and the microbes which holds those elements and algorithms.

You had to understand what the intention of medicine is doing.. You had to understand why the energy can be painful.

You had to understand your twelve different systems and their functions. And you had to understand the other side of the story once it's introduced to you.

Then you had to incorporate allegory.. The stories told you about demons and devils and angels.

And even those are perceptions based upon which side you stand on.

Even I had to learn what the devil actually meant..

And the devil is actually good because it is accountability.

But to someone else who doesn't want to be accountable to them the devil is evil.

And so it is special relativity.. It is einsteins theory of relativity.. It is the inverse square law how close are you to the information.. How much is it permeating everything you know.

Then you had to bring in physics. You had to understand the laws of motion.. The laws of biology.. The laws of thermodynamics..

You had to understand language and mathematical formulas and numbers and even social constructs.

You had to understand the dynamics of the family..

You had to study people around you and look for the patterns. And even disengage so you can get more of an objective point of view.

Then you had to understand programming. Hormonal programming.. Sexual programming.. The four humors.. Then you had refer to hollywood and politics.. So you can see the examples on the big screen.

And then scientists programming people kinetically externally.. And then pharmaceutically and herbally internally.. And then giving a lay person a very specific intention with modalities out there.. So your friends are not scientists.. And even if they are, they're just selling you the outcome.. The intended outcome when the remedy your disease. Your friends are selling you religion.

Then you had to understand reproduction.. Procreation.. Offspring.. Genetics.. Proteins.. Foods..

And then most of all.. Propaganda.. Fear.. Stories.. Bullies.. And even had to understand concentric circles..

And if you don't stop the ripples affect it will permeate everything.. And destroy everything..

Somebody has to redirect the ripples.

You had to understand positive negative..

Subatomic particles.. Atoms

You had to understand photons neutrals electrons.. Ions

The different levels of the atmosphere.. Stratosphere.. Ionospere

Then understand both sides of politics.. religions all religions and their intentions.. All the science dogmas.. Even the intent of the public health therapies.. The intent of medicine and remedies..

You literally must study everything in the world. You have to mean to understand what people are doing and why.

You literally must have the intention not to be so fucking tunnelled.

Then you understand radiation. Wifi.. Hi fidelity.. Electricity. Smart city..

Then you realize everything is about conditioning.. Conditioning you to feed yourself.. Feel the pain of release of damage.

Because you have been reproducing on bodies in major deficit.. Your kids hold weaknesses you never had. Because they entered into a world that will mutate the weaknesses you had ..

Then you have to understand the conspiracy world.. History.. Stories of the past. The pantheons..

The banking system..

Who runs the world.

Fucking smart people run the world.. And they've had a panoramic view of humans..

You only have one snapshot of your life and your family line and the generations that are alive today.

And you only know what they've told you in history class.. You don't have all the inside knowledge ..

You must develop it. And you must develop your own perception around it.. Once you understand it..

The rulers of the world the architects.. have to deal with children.. We are the children who are now trying to become mature adults.. Not everyone.. But some of us are..

So then you must understand in order to survive.. Every fear that was embedded into you. Must be released.

And that requires food and pain.. Sleep and rest.

And if you can't do it..

Go see a doctor..

But to survive.. You have to face the pain of life.. Never attack it..

You release it with your blessings. I've been conditioning for this.. And I sleep with my phone.. And it plays videos all night long.. I have 5g.. I'm ready for the next frequency shift. Yup lymph nodes open, hives and coughing, deep productive cough only occasionally..

Yep the climate has shifted..

Welcome to cold and flu season.. Another pandemic wave..

We've had such different baselines all over the world.. Which means everyone will react to how how they assimilate to the baseline in their environment and community. Which is why when you go from one environment to another. And there are extreme conditions. There is an assimilation process you get sick. Which is why when seasons change people get sick called cold and flu season..

Remember the world economic form.. They said everyone must compete on a level playing field.. It's not just hiring inner city kids and letting the suburban kids open up their own businesses..

NO it is frequency.. It is environmental conditions.. And it's not just weather..

Now, the Government of the worlds will ALLEGEDLY develop an equal baseline for everyone who is above and below the baseline they set and they have to assimilate to it.

The last three years the baseline has been increasing.. Pretty much equally all over the world.. And you've seen people react trying to assimilate relative to how far above or below they are from it.. That's why so many diagnosable conditions.. Ans died suddenly.

So when you get a frequency DISTRIBUTED ON THE SAME DATE W A MESSAGE everyone will be affected by. EQUALLY..

That's called the emergency alert system.. Because you know weather in different areas is different for everybody. Most people get warnings or they've become accustomed to the weather they are in. Even if it's getting slightly hotter.. Or slightly cooler.. Or slightly wetter..

But nobody gets prepared for an equal base LINE assimilation. And you have no idea what kind of hertz levels are being distributed at the time.

most people are not prepared for that.. Because it's a conditioning process.. You have to condition to radioactive frequencies. That's why innately I sleep with my phone.. I have the highest wifi.. I don't play that protect me from frequency bullshit games.

When everybody gets alerted all at once at the same time.. That's competing in a level playing field.. And if you are too far away from the baseline.. Your body will have to adjust excessively and quickly.. And you have to survive the energy conversion and the adjustment process.. That's something you have to prepare for well in advance..

That's why I stayed home and stay safe the last 3 years.. That's why I didn't really go out the last three years.. Because I was adjusting to the moving baselines.. As they kept turning up the heat.. And I never cured myself.. I faced the fucking demons.. And they were formidable.. They were helll.

And I had to fight the most formidable demon of all a year ago july.. And if I was lesser for a person I would have died a year ago.. But I was conditioned for this.. I had the j world behind me.. I already activated my immune system in twenty sixteen.

Strengths and weaknesses vibrate at different algorithms.. But if you're gonna vibrate at a higher frequency, you MUST have the support system behind you.

When you have nothing to you And you lack substance and adipose tissue.. And youre so firm and muscular with so much resistance.. There is no give....

And you advocate someone vibrating at a higher frequency.

Youre advocating they get vibrated out of existence.

There is a major conditioning process to vibrate at a higher frequency.. And when the system is turning up the frequency, so you can all vibrate at the highest frequency ever.. Then you get a supernova..

That's called died suddenly..

People either break blood vessels in a high frequency environment.. So they are hemorrhaging.. Or they get so much growth so quickly they get heart attacks and strokes..

You can have too much gelatinous substance to you.. And then bleed everywhere.. Or you just die suddenly. Because there's no give too much resistance. You're too muscular

What do I get.. When the system turns up the frequencies, so everyone can fucking vibrate at the highest frequency ever.. I get growth and release.. A little bit of pain and suffering.. And I eat.. And I sleep.

I've been conditioning for this the last three fucking years And even more so the last seven years. And even more so on top of that the last twelve fucking years.

When the weather changes.. When the climates change.. It will always be a fucking battle..

When evolution is introduced.. It will be survival of the fittest.

When you're in between dying suddenly and bleeding. You might shit your pants.. Or you will aggressively age.. Years will be taken off your life..

What is above baseline? "Above baseline" is characterized by mania, mixed states, hypomania, and subsyndromal mood elevation. In contrast to the treatment options for mania, the options for depression are limited.

"Below baseline" is characterized by depression and subsyndromal depression. "Above baseline" is characterized by mania, mixed states, hypomania, and subsyndromal mood elevation. In contrast to the treatment options for mania, the options for depression are limited. If you want to survive the next frequency surges.. Conditioning must start right away..

You can't get away with doing hail marys at the eleventh hour .

You would have to start activating your immune system today.. And change your life today..

How many of you are prepared to change your life today..?

conditioning What is the most harmful frequency? 7 Hz Especially dangerous is infrasound at the frequency of 7 Hz, since this sound, generating frequencies, close to characteristic frequencies of the organs of our body, may disturb the heart or brain activity. Machines, natural sources storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. generate infrasound.

You had to condition for it.. you can't run away from frequency and radiation.. It's everywhere..

May the fourth be with you.. If there's a big storm on october fourth and they can't run the alert system.. The frequencies will still come around.. And it will be blamed on a pandemic..

And then another wave october eleventh.

I can bet you that's how it will go down. So all I could do was warn you.. Watch the weather in your area. Frequencies are going to be insane.. Pandemic looming in the future regardless of who you blame it on.. And just expect a controlled chaos.. And economical changes.. Strikes.. And listened to government when they say get out of harm's way..

And you can't run away from radiation.. You can't run away from frequencies.. It's built into your life.. Adapt don't resist..

I can't keep warning you guys..

But now you know.. Frequencies kick people's asses.. And water is not something you resist.. Get out of Harm's way if you're on the coast..

Sleep with your phone next to you.. Because you're going to have to feel the pain of energy.. Again it's built into your environment.

If you have been conditioned not to deal with radiation.. Good luck in this new world..

Good luck

Peace when i had that oopsie yesterday, my body was strong enough to push the infections out of my ass.. not rupture a blood vessel causing strokes or heart attacks..

that is what happens when the body is exposed to radioactive ions.. it accelerates growth and makes the environment dynamic and sometimes shitting your pants is necessary but if not.. died suddenly..

laugh now.. but that is what is going on.. some of you might shit your pants, others might die suddenly..

competing on a level playing field is when everyone with a phone and wifi and on the grid is subjected to the same emergency alert system EQUALLY.. your friends selling you "protection" weakened the phuck out of you..

I tried to fucking tell you but whatever

Ionizing radiation, such as alpha, beta, or gamma radiation, has relatively little long term effect. When silver absorbs neutrons, however, it becomes radioactive. There are four isotopes likely to be created. Two of these have very short half lives and soon convert to stable isotopes of Cadmium or Palladium. everything is always in plain sight.. the system will always tell you what they are going to do and you will either believe it or not..

some warning are impossible to prepare for because you had warning from others over the years but did not know how the system was going to deploy their intentions..

but now, those who survive each layer of the great reset.. maybe this might be a lesson to you, if you survive..

the system is not playing games.. if you survived the last frequency and did not do anything really to change.. rude awakening..

maybe this next time around you might take the system seriously..

or not..

i had to change in order to survive these frequencies.. and it was tough.. very tough..

If you feel anything tomorrow or october fourth.. Or more people in your world drop like flies.. Now you know what i'm talking about.. Now you fucking know..

I felt frequency changes this last couple weeks.. And I felt the pain.. I heard them in my ear.. Because i'm not under the influence..

I can only imagine what this next frequency shift will be.

And yea you had to be lucid to hear the frequency changes.. And you couldn't be under the influence or starving yourself.. The last three years we were in a slow boil..

I'm not sure that's gonna be any more.. There's a lot going on.. The heat's being turned up..

If you survive.. Now will you take me seriously.. Understand where i'm coming from if you survive.

I hope you do.. i would rather scare the living shit out of you and prepare you than leave you traumatized later not expecting anything..

but when people do drop like flies around you.. now you will understand the power of frequencies.. and you cannot always hear them unless you are uncured.. you will feel them.. and they are painful..

again i hope i am wrong.. but i know what i have felt ever since 2020.. even though most of you thought i was nuts..

ok.. i suffered for 3 phucking years as you all kept treating yourself.. i stayed home..

i knew what was to eventually come.. i knew..

btw those frequencies from the covid was also a major factor why my dog was evolving so quickly I could NOT get ahead of it..

now you will understand what I felt.. what I went through.. when evolution has been accelerated, it is very hard to get ahead of it..

death for damaged people and animals is sometimes the ONLY phucking option..

i had to face that..


IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO COME BACK FROM IN A FREQUENCY CHANGE remember conspiracy world: the October surprise..

this might be it.. ' i hop it is not.. but.. now you all are warned with one week and half away from go time.. how many are really actually physically prepared for this?

best case scenario you live.. worst case scenario you die..

find a way to condition yourself to cough sneeze blow your nose and pull out the programming.. it just might save your life if your vital organs can handle it and not rupture in the process..

and you still must eat food... again, i hope nothing bad happens on October 4 as far as the emergency alert system.. but you had plenty of time to prepare for food and release and to condition yourself to pain and release.. and yet.. no..


i sleep with my phone next to me and it is always playing something.. i have conditioned myself for the radiation and frequency.. that is what it takes.. you cannot HIDE FROM RADIATION.. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT conditioning and feeding the energy and releasing damage.. the more you resist the worse it gets.. those who are so afraid of radiation.. will be affected the most.. those who have already conditioned themselves for pain and suffering and food and rest will fare better than those who kept trying to dodge the inevitable or be so out of touch and traditional..

Having multiple phones certainly increases the radiation sources in an area. You're also around cell towers.. And everyone in your neighborhood has a phone.. Nobody escapes their environment..

For a normal human with certain precautions such as stated above mobile radiations should not be a problem.

But special care must be taken for infants, toddlers and pregnant women. They should not be exposed to these radiations for long periods of time.

Remember the Marburg virus... it is a frequency..

imagine the radiation levels when 5billion phones go off at once..

This is why parents you must pay attention to yourself.. We are in these times now.

Please take care.

You have to assimilate to your environment.. What you resist will persist.

suffering/food/release is the magic behind all strength of character and longevity..

and the power of suffering was taken away from humans.. you became soft and weak over time as you kept having children.. as each generation is softer and softer physically until they just cannot survive their environment.. they submit to the environment and assimilate or they submit and pass away..

that was built into your community..

And then weak people destroy others.. Because as soon as it becomes hard.. euthanasia

And it's going to get hard.. Mark my words.. The future is going to be very difficult..

It will take an extremely strong person to face the headwinds we are embarking on right now..

So look forward to tomorrow if anything.. Look forward to october fourth.. I hope you survive the frequency.. Five billion phones going off all at once.. The emergency broadcast system..

5 BILLION PHONES GOING OFF FOR ONE HALF HOUR.. You may not hear it but it is a frequency.. That's what you're not aware of. I would not be driving if possible.. And I would stay home.. I hope nothing happens.. But five billion phones going off at once. A frequency sent out for a half an hour.. You figure out the math..

Beginning at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET, cell towers will broadcast the test for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA, should be capable of receiving the test message.

For consumers, the message that appears on their phones will read: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

it just takes one... you... I remember my mother saying.. I still love you.. I just don't like your actions..

I'm not saying I love you.. I still respect you as a human.. I just don't like some of your actions.. And you can say the same thing about me..

That's why we're in a great reset.. May the strongest man stay alive..

I hope you survive your lifestyle and your belief systems.. Remember you asked for the endless treatment and then you expect to die Someday..

You admitted it.. No one else is doing anything to you..

There's nothing to resist..

I'm just calling you on your bullshit. the Forbes future maps of the world predicted asteroids reconfiguring the continents..

Little do homeless off gridders know.. He would be subject to frequencies.. It will just take a huge frequency he will be gone.. He's too muscular.. He's missing fat.. You need fat in this Environment but not too much.. And not too little..

And you need strong vital organs to handle the expansion and contraction during frequency shifts. And your body going through an energy co version.

Your immune system must be open.. So your body can release.. Or else the pressure will be too much..

That's why i've opened my immune system.. I wrote that in my book.. I understand the silk road in my body..the ALIMENTARY CANAL..

So when the energy shifts so suddenly.. And there is excessive growth.. Every single portal IN my immune system is open..

The demons are allowed to escape.. Not metastasize..

And I have food to replace the energy..

That's why I have AN open immune system. Not a closed one.. And I don't use remedies to stop my body from releasing..

Which is why I have a hell of a time with those who stop their body from evolving and opening and releasing by selling EVERYONE REMEDIES.

Because this is the groundwork you are laying.. Supernova.. And you had a hand in it.. I stopped that shit five years ago.. I got away from the holistic system.. For that very reason.

They told you children will be affected in the future.. The next pandemic will affect the children..

This is what I say.. Prepare for the worst.

People think I am overreacting.. You really think cutting the world's population down to 5 hundred million by twenty fifty.. Willl be through tornadoes in hurricanes.. Destroy the infrastructure..?

I think the sea's rising will also be in conjunction because there will be less people having to go and overtake areas. So how do you help the system move people..

Many people will not survive..

Those who cannot adjust to baseline and adapt to the environment quickly.. The elderly.. The children.. And the immune compromised will have an issue with change.

That was always the plan.. It will always be the plan..

The strong will always survive.. But you have to know how to get to be strong.. Those who can survive this climate change. And change..

And condition themselves to change..

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