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Conditioning to Live is a Discipline of Progress in Evolution

Conditioning to live is a discipline. And if it's possible it should start off when you are a child.. But that is not always possible so adults must condition themselves to live..

As you know negative reinforcement is vastly more effective than positive reinforcement, but can also backfire.

All of us are in the process of conditioning to go in one of 3 ways:

1. Condition to live with desired behaviors then die.

2. Condition to live with desired behaviors and not die.

3. Condition to die.

Conditioning to live or die or evolve to progress or regress is a choice you will make as the climate is changing.

No one is coming into your house forcing you to take or not take anything. No one is withholding food from you. No one is taking your children unless you are convicted of a crime.

You are choosing to condition to live or die or resist and die..

The system is allowing YOU to choose your own adventure..

choose wisely.

Why is the climate changing.. Because you can only reproduce so many offspring before the last generation becomes the most weak and the most deadliest..

And since people refused to take any advice from the government or listen to science.. The system has to force change on people.. Or they will reproduce humanity out of existence.

That's called universe twenty five..

So they will give you a choice. And they will also have their own insurance policies out there..

Your family alone is not responsible for repopulating the earth..

So if you want so much family and sexual orientation... The system will give you what you want. And then you will reproduce yourself out of existence at your own hand.. And you will not destroy humanity in the process..

Remember so much reproduction weakens every genetic line thereafter..

But hey who the fuck am I right.. Go have fun don't listen to jillian she's stupid..

Have it your way.

The system expects you to resist me and them.. They expect you to stay addicted and never change..

Which is why they attacked me so hard..

And even though I had to evolve my bottom line. They will never give me any credit.. If at all.

It's better to fly under the radar than be so influential. Becoming a sho oting star.

Conditioning to live is a discipline..

The Race of the Port o Potties

The climate did shift, yet again, yesterday. I was up and energetic all day and even felt the pixelating energy coursing through my cells while the plastic bottles were squeaking from the pressure rising and falling. It was also very bright and sunny outside; almost deceiving because it was also very cold. Despite how cold it was, I was feeling a bit warm.

I felt the heat and then later on I felt my nose fill up with excessive mucus/growth of which this morning, I woke up and released the mucus by coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose and leveraging my lower immune system to release the demons.

Climate change happens just like that, with a snap of one's fingers. My immune system is so conditioned for change.

The feelings of heat and pixelating are my indicators and then I also am prompted to release the excessive life before it turns into fast moving turbo cancers. I also notice all my lymph nodes are moist.. And I welcome sweat.

I am also more energetic, clear headed and love remembering the good times of the past when the memories appear on my newsfeed.

In my opinion..

This is the time to condition your body for the changes because even if you desire intellectual capacity and "freedom" to feel relatively "peaceful", your body must be conditioned for the new world. If not, well, you know what happens.. sigh..

Which is also why parents who can finally feel something, maybe it's time to pass that information on to your children, so they can survive this next energy transfer.

As you know resistance is futile.. Resistance causes breakage.. Resistance also causes died suddenly..

This is not the time to chase pleasure paradise wealth and prestige..

 I mean you can chase pleasure and paradise, but it will be short lived.

 Remember for every growth, there is a death.. And if you're not releasing those smelly decomposing fluids, then you are holding them inside.. And with how aggressive this environment is, there is so much life which is why you see turbo cancer, if there is turbo cancer in your community..

When you know the died suddenly groups are talking about turbo cancers and people are dropping like flies with diagnosable conditions, can you imagine how much growth you have in your body.

And also how much death you hold within.

How much decomposing material you hold in your body. You can only imagine people are human port o potties.. Racing to the bottom.. Literally and figuratively.. Starving themselves.. And refusing to release the waste material.. As they are stopping their immune system from releasing through pain and suffering . I get it you can't handle it.

Some people have been conditioned to handle it.. And they just need another confirmation that they can survive it.

The aging process is holding those decomposing fluids within your body.. Melting away your life force. Because those microbes are also shitting in your body.

People hold onto so much ammonia.. They hold on to so much hydrogen sulfide . They hold on is so much methane.. That's why they call people the walking dead.. They refused to release their own demons.. They are so corked up it's crazy..

Which is why people are falling apart.. So much life in their body who are also releasing their own demons are decomposing you because people refuse to feel pain and suffering and release and eat..

 That's also why people balloon up.. Those microbes have to eat and release as well.. But if you're not giving their waste material a way out.. It's not only your shit because of what you ate.. But also those colonies of microbes who are using your body as a port o potty. And even those who cannot even gain weight.. They have so much life running them.. Eating up their infrastructure..

Which is why people smell when there's so much life going on because there's also so much death.. And people hold all that inside until they can't anymore..

Remember all of us came in at some kind of deficit. None of us have been conditioned for an aggressive new world

Even if you don't feel anything, it's still affecting you.. And you will find out sooner or later.. Or your next of kin will..

And I know many people are feeling it and are on a string of prescription drugs trying to resist evolution and change.. And it sucks they are suffering..

 I tried to warn people to condition for pain the last 3 years don't get used to being on the jj.

 Because it was not going to be effective during climate change.. As you have seen. My protocol of the recipe was never meant to be used as a cure.. only a catalyst to wake up your immune system, that you say is supposed to work for you if you let it

Right now people are disabling their own immune system.. And then blame the government why they are feeling the way they feel..

Since I have activated my immune system in the beginning of the j world, the last three years was a major conditioning of pain and suffering to release those demons. Other people's immune systems may not have been hit so hard or it transferred into some kind of diagnosible condition, they're under treatment for..

But as you know it's not going to get any easier.. If anything the environment's going get extremely aggressive and more violent.. Climate change will be more aggressive this month and even next month.. Some of your immune systems will wake up aggressively.. When that happens you will be faced with a choice.

Will you resist evolution. Or will you finally figure out you can't resist atmospheric changes.. maybe it's time to eat and rest release and face everything.

That was the conditioning the last twenty years. Ever since 9/11/2001

Evolution for progress or Evolution for regress

Conditioning to live.

Conditioning to die.

You are getting the choice at the eleventh hour..

Body mind and spirit conditioning can go one of two ways..


This is the time to focus on strengthening your BODY, MIND and spirit.. what doesnt k!ll you makes you STRONGER.

Instead of focusing on how the environment changing is making you weaker, why don't you focus on strengthening your body to become stronger?

You already accepted death a long time ago, so that should not be a surprise when it happens to the weak.

But. Maybe it's time to reconsider the death process and outcome..

Because whatever you have an expectation for, it will be realized sooner in a very aggressive environment..

Everything is about conditioning.. Everything is..

Are you conditioning to live or are you conditioning yourself to die..

Are you conditioning your kids to live or are you conditioning to them to pass away..??

Which is why you didn't see the conspiracy community realize what their expectations and fears were right away..

You thought they were paranoid idiots. You even made fun of the conspiracy community if you are a mainstreamer.. You said they were mentally ill. You said they were gullible. You said a lot of things about people who were trying to warn you..

Well everything is about conditioning. Change is about conditioning.. How you view change is all about conditioning. Which side of change you want to stand on.. You can resist change and die..

Or you can embrace change and assimilate and potentially live..

That's why it's been such a long time of conditioning for people for this change.

Climate change is not just the weather.. Climate change is the economics.. Even the biodiversity.

But before they did major changes.. They alerted certain people to spread the word.. They allowed people to characterize change almost anyway they wanted to.. Which is why you see both sides of the story out there..

Because no matter how you get the information..You still received the information.. And people receive information effectively when it's through negative energy..

Sometimes negative reinforcement is so much more effective than positive reinforcement..

You don't ever forget..

You get the choice how you want to characterize and apply the information once it becomes relevant to you . Some people don't find the relevance until they make it relevant..

And you always still have the choice..

The end of an era.. I remember hanging out in san francisco so much at the time..

 Getting my hair done at maiden lane..gina kahn

At first I was the bridge and tunnel crowd, then I lived there.. Then I worked there.. The nineties was the best time in san francisco.. The two thousands were fun.. Macy's West was fun to work for a minute.. INC Was the major women's brand at the time..

But I worked for the fine jewelry department.. Answering to all the buyers stocking movado and other brands.. But I did wear the wrap dresses they had. It was fun to be trendy for a moment..

But it was the nineties.. Everything was fresh.. Everything was new.. Alcohol and money were flowing and hope for the future.. And then the fall.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair". ~ Charles Dickens..

It was a place to try new things such as restaurants and coffee shops and pastry diners. And holiday blessings..

It was a place to be part of the rat race jostling for position, racing to nowhere.. It was a place to party. It was a place for depression. It was a place for wingmen.. It was a place to go to school and it was a place to politicize everything..

And now it's no place.. Just a sea of memories and urine stained cement blocks littered with hypodermic needles and shopping carts..

Rome has fell.. It's not the center of the universe anymore..

It's just a place where everything began to end..

April 15, 1850-2050 200 years and the last thirty years will be the heavy decline.. 2020-2050

From the gold rush to the gold bust..

San Francisco was incorporated on April 15, 1850. The legislature voted to incorporate the city on April 5, 1850, and the first city charter went into effect ten days later.

Absolutely because life is not linear..

life can go backwards and forwards

Evolution is change... But are you progressing or regressing..

You could be increasing in wisdom and then lose your shit..

You can't increase wisdom unless you lose your shit..

I hope you have something in reserve while you lose your shit

The system taught you how to discipline yourself to death..

When you're chasing rabbits you also become the race.. Going down rabbit holes you become a rabbit..

In the story of the tortoise and hare, the tortoise starts off slow but finds a rhythm, while the hare sprints ahead but loses steam over time, allowing the tortoise to finish the race and emerge victorious.

Remember, you started at a deficit. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The story of the tortoise and hare teaches us that slow and steady wins the race.

Which is why I changed my life so i'm not competing against people.. Because once you start racing your friends and family to be the best to get the best, to acquire the most.. You will LOSE steam and you will lose life force..

It's like racing on half a tank in a really nice car.. When you lose gas.. You're done..

In my opinion, don't race so hard you lose gas before you can get to whatever said finish line there is..

The finish line could also be hospice and the morgue..

Because then you're racing to your death.. Nobody cares what kind of toys you have.. Nobody cares how many trips you've been on..

Only you care but at what expense and at what cost..

What's the point of having all those experiences when you're only gonna die someday anyways.. But the irony is those who choose to die must get in all the experiences before they die.. Then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy..

And I can't do anything about it

I can only report on it..

Now you're not influential anymore..

 And then your facebook account will go to the bottom of the feed.. And your toys sit in the junkyard.. Because they'll be obsolete by the time your dead..

You see how messed up humanity is, they have it all backwards..

This might be the last year before people realise what the system has planned for everyone..

 slow and steady wins the race..

Forcing yourself to slow down does take discipline..

We have misplaced discipline called denial of life and food, called food mitigation protocols.. Corking up of emotions and feelings by saying you there's so much to say but it's best not to say it.

So your disciplines are causing your cancer and disease..

The system taught you how to discipline yourself to death..

This is the actual story.. But it's based off the same situation.. Over confident.. Lack of focus.. Lose race.

The main thing is to stay alive.. Not try to beat everybody at their own game.

278 wpm

That's Words per min I can read.. That's my first try. I'm just an average adult..

I'm sure I can do the comprehension but I chose not to because I want to see the read words per minute..

You might be a great speed reader , but failed to develop the comprehension .. In other words do you know what you read..

We used to take typing tests. I never did this in junior high or grade school.

This type of thing is great to have so you can compete against yourself.. I think everyone should read the dictionary first.. Learn all the words in the dictionary..

Then when you read you will recognize from memory the word you have read..

And you don't have to compete against anyone.. Just yourself..

And remember to eat and sleep.. Because your brain needs the fuel.. Remember every time you treat disease it doesn't give you more intelligence, it takes away .. Because you have developed competition in the body taking away your ability to focus over time. And in an amped up environment , you won't get the chance to realize that temporary stay of execution or relief..

The magic is in the painful release process.

Inciting panic, ri0ts, mass intentional political starvation and aggressive crowd action will have consequences.

I never started walking as a child.. I ran as a child.. I don't know if that's good or bad.. But then everything I did was ricochet rabbit supernova all the time..

My mother would tell me stories of what I did as a child.. If I didn't speak I would point.. Finally to make me speak she would not feed me until I actually asked or said a word around the food..

And so yes excellence.. It's great when the environment isn't working against you..

But she could not do what she did back then today..... Back in the eighties it was a very different environment..

Right now the environment is like amphetamines..

This is the time to slow things down so you don't super nova..

Why do you think I was able to cover so much ground the last seven years..

The environment is amped UP!! Why do you think I realized so many of my demons the last three years.. The environment is that amped up.. And I also did the work of studying so much.. Released the demons.. And I ate all food in the food supply..

I never starved

Pitfalls when you are training your kids to be academically excellent or physically excellent..

We're not in the same world..

The sooner anyone realizes their potential as a young person.. The harder it is to get off the ride.

But you don't want to be so slow that you can't jump on the ride and jump off when need be..

There's so much redundancy in the population.. The system doesn't need half as many people as there are right now.. So before you jump into realizing your potential so soon.. Better make sure is it worth realizing your potential sooner than later..

Before major aggressive climate change..

The environment was slow enough before that your biological development and your intellectual development were relatively aligned with the environment and the population..

Today during climate change..

Your children are going to develop so much faster intellectually that biologically they might have a harder time keeping up, biophysically..

And on the other side of it, kids are developing so much faster biologically, that intellectually they have a hard time keeping up with their peers..

They supernova way before their body could catch up to handle the energy conversion of aggressive intellectual capacity Or biological capacity.

That's why parents need to remember they came from a different world..

Your children don't have to be the extension of what you never achieved..

But if they are.. I hope they survive your hopes and dreams.. Because your kids never had the time to develop their own.. They were on a train that left the station way before they even knew they were on the train.. Because they don't have a life of their own.. They are living your life.

Imhotepinization of youth who are MINI ADULTS.

They mature faster they die younger.. That's the formula right now..

Which is why I'm so glad now I had developmental delays and didn't mature as fast as my peer group..

And so i'm 30 in my fifties realizing my potential..

What parents don't realize is they dont have to work so hard to beat their peers.. You are alive you made it.. You figured out how to keep yourself alive.. You made it.. Now just stay alive..

And they can give their kids a chance to have a childhood they never had..

 There is no one to compete against except for themselves..

I give everyone permission to relax a little bit and redirect.. Prioritize biophysical survival. Because intellectually we have already reached a tipping point.. Intellectually.. This system has, already what they need..

Now we need very strong physically strong people who can handle climate change..

And still learn at the same time.. It makes no difference if you are a genius and then your body gives out..

It makes no difference if your body is so strong that you have nothing up there to offer to the world except for sex and violence..

Why do you think so many young people are dying suddenly. Because they ran out of the gate.. They didn't take the time to check the wind direction..

They tried to repeat what their parents have done.. They also became the extensions of their parents.

Until they become so exhausted they had no more fight to live anymore.

And so they die suddenly.. They were racing against people who they had no business racing against.. They were comparing themselves to people they have no business comparing themselves to..

Slow the fuck down if you want to save yourself during climate change.

But I guess if academics or marriage is off the table... You can always sell your farts

It is a race to the bottom.. It's time to slow it down.. You don't have to out perform everybody in your peer group.. Because right now people are writing checks their body cannot cash..

Climate change is bringing everything to light.. People are so ambitious they are taking on credit that they cannot afford to make those payments..

It is okay to stay home and stay safe.. But you will find out

we all will find out april eighth..

Even if nothing happens to you specifically... Everyone will be affected eventually..

the system is looking for Imhoteps in the population... they are looking for kids who have it all.. and if your kid has a hard time competing, getting C's versus A's or B's.. Don't make them feel horrible. Keep finding ways for them to feel successful in certain subject matters.. Encourage them to read all the time.. Encourage them to use the computers.. Encourage them to understand how to write.. Do math.. They don't have to be better than everybody in their class..

the system is looking for HIGH PERFORMANCE CHILDREN.. Because once they get their hands on them , they will squeeze every bit of resource out of them until they pass away..

Which is why you never want to compare your children to the highest performer in your class because you don't know what kind of shit they went through to be that kind of high performer.. And they will be enslaved forever. And potentially destroyed .

Give your kids a chance to perform at the level they are comfortable with without you making them feel horrible they're not measuring up.. because teachers are trained to find the high performers.. And then exploit that resource.

but never give up.. never compare your kids to the little Imhoteps who might be in the population, and it does NOT mean they will "make" it. NO guarantee anyone who has NOT redirected their own immune system will "make it".. so slow it the phuck down and allow your kids to be kids, if it is even possible..

Because right now it's a race to the bottom..

And even if your kids are not highly academic , it doesn't mean marrying them off to some predator out there is going to be the best thing.. Especially with high divorce rates and domestic violence and people popping off..

I would be reticent in forcing your children into marriage and family..

Which is why I don't have any children.. Because I can't even imagine what parents are dealing with today.. I don't even want to imagine..

I give you a lot of credit.. You are up against a whole lot. And a lot of suffering..

It's a lot easier to encourage your girls and boys to live within their means.. Stay alive.. Face their own demons if they can.. And it's okay to be single and on your own.. they don't have to sow their wild oats.. But if they have not released their demons they will sow their oats and you hope they survive it..

The future will be very brutal for the children today.. If it isn't already.

the system destroyed the giants because of their violent and predatory tendencies.. but since the human population looked up to the predatory giants who enslaved them, literally and figuratively, the system collectively, had to reenact the past to develop the dichotomies, observe how horrible shit can be and then finally breed the predators out of the population..

So when they see people exhibit certain characteristics , they know exactly how they came to be who they are.. And then you can justify precrime.. Because certain behaviors exist when someone is that predatory.. Either so sexual or so violent . Or what the words they say . Even the diets they are on. You know what happened to that person at some point in their life.. And what was sustained.. And accepted..

So, the system had to see how predators were developed..


And they can ALSO see how these children turn into predators by what the parents do and not do..

just because the system was predatory in one way, does NOT mean you have the right to be predatory right back..

two wrong does not make a right..

People think they're right.. Until they observe their own behaviors IN other people.. And then they are disgusted. Yeah you should be. You helped breed those "predators" in the population..

And it's very difficult to break out of paradigms because people will mischaracterize or assume malintent.. Then you need science.. And you need to explain yourself.

And then never go down that road again.. Because you know how horrible some of these roads are that people go down..

Which is why..

I have no animals or children.. Because it's a suffering like no other.. And then you have to watch the decline.. And you have no power. And then you are forced to k!ll things because you don't want them to suffer.. And then you make killing okay.

But before that happens..

 watching life DECLINE before your very eyes is a suffering that causes trauma.. And also people get desensitized around death and suffering and trauma.

Then life becomes meaningless. It becomes a commodity something to sell. And then people become death angels.. Selling death all over the place. Calling it life..

Which is why you have so much post traumatic stress disorders in the population.. You have violence and predatory behaviors.. And then died suddenly.

Because people have commodified life so much they see no value in it..

You are witnessing the Imhotepinization of the children in our society.

The school system will be so competitive with extremely fast moving children who may or may not be able to read and comprehend so fast because the system knows they have an extremely short amount of time to pull resources out from the population.

This is when you stop comparing your children to the smartest kids in the class because your children are not competing on a level playing field.

Blood type Os might be smart but the blood type A/B people have the antigen programming causing such aggressive kinetic energy they are like little "geniuses" for a short amount of time until they supernova. But again, the system knows it is a race against time to pull resources from the population and so children are forced to compete with each other..

please DO not think because your kid is not reading so fast like others means they aren't smart. Of course they are, but many biophysical factors cause people to read and comprehend at a different rate and one should NOT force a child to compete like that.. if you do, you are torturing them..

which is why many homeschool... but even then, there is no guarantee homeschooling could give the kids an edge..

so many factors to consider, which is why I have no kids.. lol..

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