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Contradictory and Hypocritical_Hippocratic Oath

Hypocrisy involves actively trying to be one-sided, but subconsciously considering the other side of the argument as well. A clear example of this is believing in life and wanting to live, but also believing that everything dies eventually.

A well rounded person, as opposed to hypocritical or contradictory person means, a person believes parts of them must die off and evolve and change, but it does not mean they, as a whole person must die, unless they want to and believe it is out of their control.

More importantly, if someone chooses to believe they must pass away someday, it is only respectful we thank them for their service and sacrifice and wish them a peaceful journey.

Well rounded people must also understand that even parts of their society must dissolve, but also parts of society must flourish. In turn, parts of them are angry and other parts of them understand.

Contradictory means you understand all sides to the argument and know all sides extremely well and can argue each side relative to who is listening. You can still have your belief system but also understand someone else's and still choose to follow your own path.

But the root word "con" in contradictory, still implies deception, even when the person is not actively trying to deceive.

Predominantly ONE SIDED people, who live in their political, scientific and religious dogmas, are blinded by their one sides truths given to them at birth.

Even if they switched sides, switching sides means they think the grass is greener on the other side when it was never green to begin with.

The given arguments at birth and throughout one's lifetime made the grass seem like it green on one side and greener on the other side if one became dissatisfied at the turn of unexpected events.

For instance, a political example could be those who switched from Democrat to Republican. Is it really greener on the other side when the outcomes are still the same? The Law is still black and white and the cause of a crime is still arguable.

The only things that are black and white are the laws of nature and the laws of your society. Something is either alive or dead or someone broke the law or did not break the laws.

The key to proving one broke the law is of course to establish cause, to prove intent, and to present substantial evidence. This is why producing reasonable doubt can set a criminal free, or lock up an innocent person.

Evolution is leaving room for speculation, no absolutes, and understanding all sides of every argument and realizing you cannot convert, change or save someone else.

You talk about what YOU do.. and if you choose not to talk about what you do and why, then condemning someone else for what they do and why is condemning your own freedom to be. The law provides boundaries and limitations, not your belief systems.

Hammurabi developed law and order so the extremists of any society are not the ones in control.. The extremists of our society may look like despots of the past we need not repeat.

The System of Re(me)(dies) are based upon your request to stop the pain of life desperate to evolve in a dynamic environment.

If you want the system to stop promoting death, even at your request, you must ask the system for something completely different. You have a choice to allow the system to give you and your family choices you otherwise did not have in the old world now in the new world.

The Hippocratic Oath can still stand and be viable when pain is supported properly with all food and fecal programming release and the person still lives despite all the evolutionary pain they experienced for the time they need to experience it in.

The only way the Hippocratic Oath could be violated is if the pain is not supported properly and it is allowed to continue and the person has also expected death and is starving because their lack of food assimilation. That is doing harm, when the Hippocratic oath says "do no harm".

Even the Hippocratic Oath can still evolve.

The Rosicrucian Order is giving you a choice.

On the other hand:

die = dye = dice (roll the dice)= change color/change numbers of cells/hydra

nothing dies, it converts. but conversion can mean losing massive amounts of intelligence to the point of "dying" in a theoretical sense.

when people die, they lose massive amounts of intelligence, become a single celled memory and must start all over again gaining more pressure of intelligence.

If you choose to dye someday.. that is your choice to start all over again in the "upside down".. plasma universe of lost souls

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