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Converting the Medical System from Death to Life and Work With the Transition

There will be three different types of doctors:

  1. Life Doctors using my book as a platform using food NOT as medicine, but as sustenance and supporting immunological responses

  2. Death Doctors using trauma and medicine to stop the energy of the body.

  3. Triage Doctors surgically reattaching limbs if cut off in an accident and then the client chooses between a life doctor or a death doctor

The holistic world is the absolution for the medical/surgical system until death is the absolution for both the medical/holistic energy healing world.

Now you see why the holistic system exists.. they will be and are the scapegoats for the doctors.

If you want to live.. bring everything back to the doctors and demand they help you get YOUR life back using food (not as medicine) and help you facing the demons of pain.. and stop mischaracterizing pain and symptoms and stop promoting surgeries and transplants..

hmmm.. it is up to you patients.. people...

The nursing homes are the evidence of the damage done by the death system..

Patients, it is up to you to ask for your life back AND CONVERT THE DEATH SYSTEM INTO A LIFE SYSTEM.


You want to get your life back literally your indefinite life back.. You want to solve all the problems in the world..

You take it back to the source.. The medical system and you.. The predators taking your resources, keep you stuck in a loop of politics religion and science dogmas and activism.

Some of you need to come up for air but you are too far gone.. You're too entrenched and too angry..

And it's sad because that's most of the people who have been exposed to the jay world.. You guys will not at all do anything to change the system.. You won't even hold your doctors accountable.. By asking him for your life back..

That's why the system will be very slow to change.

So I project in the future.. There will be three different type of doctors.. Doctor death.. Doctor life.. Doctor emergency.. You see what's going on here.. Having babies.. Getting remedies from the holistic world and surgeries and the food mitigation because of fear.. Breaks the body down.. Causing the need for therapies.. Remedies.. Surgeries..

I had to figure out how I could hold the doctor's accountable without demonizing them.. I saw one glimmer of hope in the Cleveland clinic.. When they were using the proteins, the person was allergic to introduce the food in small doses.. And they dealt with the symptoms as they came up.. I hope they didn't treat them.. And so now if we want to get your life longevity immortality.. And you have many predisposed issues. It will take a doctor to help you get through that. They cause you to be there in the first place..

They can pull your ass out of the grave.. And no holistic professional. I don't care who they are. Will ever be able to do what a doctor did to you and what they could undo.

ONLY a doctor can undo the spells they cast upon their patients. Just f y I i don't answer any questions. Because i'm not trying to personally manage anyone's issues. Feel free to get the electronic book for a few dollars on amazon kindle.. Or buy the book.. Listen to my videos and see where i'm coming from.. Then please talk to your doctor.. Read my posts.

It's up to your doctor to help you live.. Or help you pass away. But you must develop a case.. Or an argument.. And my book is the best platform to use..

Remember.. Whatever the doctors do to you.. They can undo.. With food.. Effective release outlined in my book.. And characterizing symptoms in an unbiased way..

But you must understand where i'm coming from..

The ultimate outcome.. Never, ever have to see a doctor a nurse, or a holistic person ever again. And never ever use a remedy against your evolution..

Or you will right back where you were before suffering. Exponentially..

Doctors should only be for triage accidents.. And then you become a whole person with food and dealing with pain at home.. You also must release damaged cells.. Not cure them...

But never to manage disease.. Disease wouldn't happen if we hadn't had the doctors and nurses and holistic people giving you remedies to begin with..

<3 Why I do not garden: I eat what the system has available and NOTHING is poison in the food supply.

It takes three months to cultivate a tomato and you just saved two dollars.. I just eat canned tomatoes or tomato sauce.. And there's a whole lot more nutrition in processed food.. I'm a complex human who must evolve in a very aggressive environment.. I need all the elements and the nutrition I can get <3 When the outcome is death how could the current medical practices could possibly mean do no harm..

Trauma under the influence and trauma not under the influence is still trauma.. And it's still harmful.

Injection surgeries and using machines on people and/or applying them with antibiotics.

Natural or synthetic is doing harm to the patient.

Sustaining food intolerances via food mitigation is DOING HARM TO THE PATIENT.. aka starvation

Look at the nursing homes.. Know the difference between redemption and absolution..

It is a slight difference, but a difference nonetheless..

Redemption: The J world.. understanding microbial suffering (paying a debt) look at definition number 2. re·demp·tion

ab·so·lu·tion noun formal release from guilt, It is up to the patients to understand what it means to save a life.. and that does not mean sending your grandma to the morgue someday..

In the future, the doctors will have to choose which side of the industry they must work from.

They will be literally saving lives and weaning people back on the food supply, all food supply and characterizing symptoms in a different way or

they will encourage patients to practice euthanasia on their whole family via operation, medicine, and using machines...

i would NOT want to be in the holistic medical field this day and age..

either doctors will redeem themselves or use the holistic world to finish off their patients..

that is what is going on right now during this climate change..

peace Shellfish and pork are great for collagen. Why is it the semitic religions stay away from shellfish and pork.. Definitely not for longevity

Foods that are high in collagen are high protein broths, shellfish, fish, animal skin (chicken, pork), slow cooked meats (short ribs), meats with bones like … Muscle wasting. In this environment. From starvation and traditional lifestyles..

Do not pray for an easy life.. Pray for a life that gives you the strength to deal with a difficult one. Bruce lee.

And sometimes letting people learn their own lessons is a very difficult life..

You saving them.. So you can feel good and feel like a savior.. Does nothing for humanity.. And it doesn't do anything for you.. Except give you a dopamine release.

The hardest lessons I learned.. Those who need help the most.. Will never ever learn how to help themselves..

So let authority help them.

I mean at some point I had to learn on my own..

But jillian didn't you get help on your way through the jay world.. Yep and I don't need it anymore..

But what about other people.. You will find everybody will need you...

In this environment everybody needs so much help.. I mean everybody..

Do you have what it takes to save the world.

What will it cost you.. How much danger will you be in saving people..

When will people learn to save themselves and help themselves.. And make different choices..

I've helped so many people for so many years..

It's finally my turn to help myself.

And I help people in a different way.

I represent what it means to help yourself and save yourself . .. And I also give clues on what you could use in your arsenal to save yourself and ask the system to help save you..

Remember.. You didn't get to this point needing to be saved by yourself..

The system helped you become very dependent and extremely deficient..

It's time you ask the system to get your life back so you can help yourself.. So you don't have to depend upon Good Samaritans to keep you alive.. And you don't have to be a Good Samaritan to feel good about yourself.. Sounds like they used the kid to lure people and they were hiding off the side.

Human trafficking is a thing. And they need people.. Everybody is a commodity.. Women could be used for indentured servitude and sexual slavery.. And men could be used for hard labor overseas.. Don't ever take your surroundings for granted.. Not everybody that looks like they need help needs help.

I don't try to be a Good Samaritan by myself if at all. You either open yourself up to a lawsuit.. Or someone's hiding in the bushes..

The world is not a nice place right now..

It's a dangerous place for tender hearts. Because people will get taken. Advantage of..

And people do get taken advantage of.. And then end up missing and you'll never find them again.. Or you find them in pieces.. or you get catfished.

If you have to feel good saving someone.. Maybe you need to save yourself..

Because someone will take advantage of your good nature.. And you may not survive what they take from you..

And predators can detect people who feel the need to save people. And they will take you for everything you have.

The world is not the same..

No matter what.. Never do anything by yourself.. Call the police..

Now you see why I am not a savior.. It is very dangerous trying to save something..

The saviors are going to be needing saving. And no one's going to be there for them. Because you can't save people who don't know how to take care of themselves.

Take care of yourself.

while everyone is too busy looking up AND down and all around, blaming... they are not looking within.. or inward.. that is the DEPOPULATION AGENDA... GOOD luck.. lol.. ostriches with their heads in the sand too worried about making tons of money and looking hot on facebook will continue with the depop agenda.. and you claim to be an activist worrying about the medical system and v a cc ines as you give your parents to the medical system.. doing nothing to change the system at all.. except to advocate traditions, meditation, yoga, diets and complete obliviousness..

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