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Corruption develops offspring of competition leading to extinction..

Corruption develops offspring of competition leading to extinction..

Large Families Exemplify Universe 25!

In this highly accelerated environment large/small families will go into extinction..!! Because it's all relative to the state of your existence to begin with , at time of conception.. The offspring are already weakened from the constant prior reproduction .. Which is why died suddenly.

maybe now you see the connection: mothers can procreate themselves out of existence and fathers, too. Humanity has the potential to procreate themselves out of existence "organically" so they system, mother earth, develops a controlled demolition speeding up the environment aka climate change to save the human race.

Which is why I'm telling you in this environment you don't want to advocate your daughters having children because they will die sooner..

Potentially even those children ..

Give humanity a chance.. Give your family a chance to survive climate change.

If not the system will accelerate your intentions. And people will be so fertile they will supernova.

Hypersexuality is an indicator of extreme fertility.. Which is why you have all the orientations!!

You are already seeing it..

Turbo cancer is extreme fertility. That person would not get a chance to have a child. Which is why kids are dying suddenly. Extreme fertility. Especially in the holistic world and medical world. Ant biotics develop fertility.. Herbal remedies develop fertility.. Supplements causing your body to speed up and feel good develops extreme fertility.

People's hamster wheels are on acceleration ... And so the weak will be driven out of the world faster. And the strong will become weaker if they don't redirect.

Accelerated reproduction weakens the parents and the children..

You're watching it now.

I aim to survive the breakdown of our society, but it is intense. I feel the "overpopulation" or growth in my immune system, which is why I have a strategic release process NOT using my jilly juice anymore.

You are IN Universe 25.

Which set of "mice" am I? I would say I am more of the lone female (I am married but I hardly socialize) who is done with society and the bs that goes along with it but I am not "self harming" to survive the breakdown. I guess my daily posts can be characterized as "narcissistic introspection".. hahah o boy.

If only the mice could talk and have a computer.. But of course, Mr., Calhoun is basing his findings upon that specific intellectual level of a rodent mouse surviving the breakdown of it own society.

Count your blessings you're not a mouse.

Universe 25 was a behavioral study of mice conducted by American ethologist John B. Calhoun between 1968 and 1970. The experiment aimed to understand the effects of overpopulation on social behavior in rodents.

The experiment involved building a nine-square-foot enclosure in Poolesville, Maryland, and releasing several pairs of mice. The enclosure was designed to cater to the mice's well-being and allow them to mate. The population eventually grew to 2,200 mice.

The experiment showed that even in a perfect environment, overpopulation and resource depletion can lead to social breakdown and dysfunction. The mice exhibited a variety of abnormal behaviors, including:

Refusing to engage in courtship

Females abandoning their young

Low birth rate


High infant mortality


Calhoun called this vortex “a behavioral sink”. By the 600th day, the population was on its way to extinction. The only animals still alive at the end of the experiment had survived at an immense psychological cost.

You can also check out this video:

It is a short video.

Cured People Come off Hopeless or Oblivious

The system knew the Boomer population was going to be LARGEST population starting to deteriorate aggressively and to save resources, the system had to "organically" speed up the environment. One of the outcomes of an environment speeding up developing climate change is realizing what is and was already inevitable in the person ie cancer, disease, and chronic illness.

If people already expect to pass away and develop health conditions, because they know health conditions are inheritable and the people still procreate anyway, the system is just realizing your expectations, faster, and even faster in your children.

The system has already done the experiments in the rat colony, Universe 25 when 2k rats allowed to procreate with no "natural" predators ended up EXTINCT.

The system cannot allow that to happen to the human race!!!!!

You already see what happens to mothers who procreate so many children, she dies. You see what happens to cancer patients who do not get treated or release "organically" what happens when they allow the microbial offspring to procreate like crazy; death happens!!!

THE SYSTEM must be "predator" to keep humans strong, cunning, strategic and thinking so humans do not turn soft, prissy, predatory and then total annihilation.

I have been in the conspiracy world for over 12 years and I know NOW what the system is doing and why and even though I resisted it, I understand it. I also understand the first world is being given a chance to redirect their resistance and strategize their own survival with all the information they have access to.

When unchanging, blaming and bitter people refuse to change and they resist so aggressively, they come off as hopeless, bitter, "fearmongering" (all relative) and they have NO strategy for survival except to recommend a remedy for whatever is ailing them and you.

Reinventing the wheel of remedies during climate change is like prescribing antibiotics to people who have antibiotic allergies causing aggressive growth and no adequate release and withholding food from them.

No matter what, anything that is FDA approve for consumption, NOT a remedy or medicine, might be the only chance people get to survive climate change because meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fruits, veggies, gluten, sugar, salt, water, etc are all necessary for the human body.

However, people get confused as to why they experience symptoms with medication and food and cannot figure out which one is "poisonous" ...

This is where logic and reasoning must come into play. You cannot live on natural or synthetic remedies and expect to live. Man or woman cannot live on medication alone and expect to live. Man needs food, all food.

If man is that hopeless and cannot differentiate between food and medicine and realize even weaponizing food by using food as medicine, then man will be hopeless and just be a squawker of their own projected hopelessness.

Humans who are hopeless in their own lives, project hopelessness onto others.

Humans who have a strategy that works for them and they know they are not special, they share their strategy to the world without the intention to starve or take away someone's pain and suffering.

Now go look at your Facebook. Identify the squawkers who have another remedy, surgery or food mitigation diet to promote and that is their only strategy while ignoring warnings from the government about climate change and other situations looming on the horizon.

Everything is in plain sight.

Video of the Song, Turn

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Song by The Byrds

Take note of this when you think the system is trying to destroy you.. Not necessarily.. The system is trying to "weed out" the "useless eaters"..

The key thing is you don't want to end up on a machine that you have to depend upon even in times of blackouts and brown outs..

Because the world is very unstable right now.

You might think it's unfair.. You might think it's evil.. Remember , the system has to weigh out the living and the dead and the walking dead..

It's all about human survival..

Can the system afford the majority of the population living off of life machines not contributing to the economy?

Everything is necessary.

You're being given a valuable opportunity to survive what's going on.. So a simple blackout doesn't destroy you.

Over 3 million Medicare beneficiaries rely on electricity-dependent durable medical and assistive equipment (DME) and devices to live independently in their homes, and some of those individuals also have health care service dependencies.

a masterplan wrapped around earth with blood types and RH FACTORS AND jobs talents and gifts

word of advice: you cannot stop climate change, it is here.

it does not matter if you think it is organic or synthetic, it is here.

Studying history and asking the "right questions" will help you understand why the system is doing what it is doing.. It become extremely easy to develop dictators who destroy based upon ABSOLUTE POWER.

What are we consenting to? What are you allowing? How can we evolve from brutal situations from history? What are we procreating in society and why?

Are people allowed to make choices? What do people resist? What kind of messed up perceptions do people have about a person, place or thing?

A well read and self sufficient population is a balanced population who might have the potential to assimilate to change when it needs to. People who can read and comprehend what they read have more choices than those who have trouble reading and comprehending what they have read..

Even more to point, the health of the body, the mind and the spirit has everything to do with survivability to aggressive climate changes. When the body, mind and spirit has trouble evolving, it won't matter what is written, because there is no obvious comprehension of the material.

Today, I observe so many emotions and perceptions and then intolerance leading to aggressive resistance and then war and annihilation.

Truth passes through three stages. I am in the third stage.

Many of you are stuck in the first and second stage..

Sorry we're not aligned...

I will not be your spiritual punching bag or vessel for resistance.

at this point.. any "truther" using me as a platform for anything.. done.. i must be done..

i cannot get mired into any "drama".. anymore..

stay home, and stay safe..

The truther world is over with now.

It will become self evident very soon.

Now it's a strategy FOR survival..

If you don't have a strategy to survive.. You will keep punching air and whining about your misfortune of the past present and future.. And you will go over the same issues you've had since day one of your ability to speak the truth whatever it is .

Like a broken record on a loop..

I can't entertain that anymore.. I can't entertain resistance anymore.

There is nothing to resist. You won't survive living in resistance. If no one is backing you into a corner physically, then there is nothing to resist.

Strategize your survival or supernova

Thank you for your service.

All of us have been used as controlled opposition even if you didn't know it.

That whole term of those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Well which history are you talking about.. What is it that you think you're doing different than those of the past..

You'll find even the perceptions of history and what people think they're doing differently could even be in question..

And so that term still stands alone and don't think that what you're doing is any different than what people have done in the past..

Now we have the internet and yes the internet can delete history and rewrite it if it wants to..

It could also show people what they have done to cause world wars and brutality.. So we can learn about history and not repeat it..

Or else what was it all for reinventing the wheel yet again..?

Resistance to perceived "corruption" is admirable but he may not of thought everything through..

A resistance to something that is going to happen anyway is dangerous.. You don't have the luxury of history to work from.. you only know what someone has told you. You don't have the bigger picture..

What's going to happen jillian.. Everything people are resisting.. It doesn't matter what it is.. Whatever you are resisting it's going to happen anyways.

So strategize your survival.

I didn't even have the bigger picture and i'm barely fifty years old.. Thank you doctor phil and everyone out there.. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on.

Do You think I have four hundred+ years of experience to understand what's going on today..?

Maybe people need to see what happened in the past to understand sometimes change must happen.. These videos are trying to tell you why things ended up the way they ended.. People are given chances to change their tune.. And when they don't CHANGE there is an outcome..

This guy was given a lot of chances.. Julian Assange was given a lot of chances.

Will he change his tune and save himself..?

Yes history is written by the winners but why did they win..?? They won because change needed to happen.. This guy put himself in the cross hairs..

Sometimes you need to sit back and just relax and assimilate not resists so hard, giving somebody a reason to silence you..

If someone gives you the opportunity to relocate or evolve.. Take the opportunity.. It might be the only one you get.

If someone has given you the platform to reconsider your belief system PUBLICLY, take that opportunity and use it to everyone's advantage..

It might be the only option you'll get to survive.

No matter how hard it is to see the other point of view because you spent your life resisting that point of view, take the opportunity to see the other point of view.

Humanity has issues when they only see one side of a point of view and they don't understand why the other side happened.. Even if it was perceived as wrong today and it might have been, it doesn't matter at this point. Are the circumstances back then exactly the same as they are today? You don't know what people knew and when they knew it..

You don't know if people were given options and they resisted.

We are dealing with some powerful forces out there that are way beyond our scope of understanding.. Once I watched the Boston Bom bing DOCUMENTARY on Netflix, I knew exactly what I was dealing with.. Because I understood all of the stories.. I merged both the conspiracy world and the mainstream together and realized what I was up against..

This is not the time to resist anything..

This is not the time to do that..

The other side whoever they are have powerful forces working for them..

Anyone you resist, regardless, has powerful forces working for them..

And they can wait you out.. And they also can develop circumstances that look like anything they want to.

And these forces have the power of public perception and they will use it to their advantage.

They know how evil people can be to each other when someone thinks that you are evil.. Believe me I experienced that.. I know the power of public perception .. They are formidable.. Your peers are formidable.. Your PEERS are very scary especially when they think you're the enemy.

Use your time for good and not for evil. We don't need another hero.. Said tina turner..

If the system wanted you dead you would be gone. If you are alive.. It's because you've been given a chance.

Use your time wisely

By the way.. Even though I understand what's going on, I still have a duty to not only my government but also to the people because I am the people.

I have a duty to the people i've been around and been familiar with to offer them another way out. So they don't paint themselves into a corner of destruction..

Because ultimately that's why everyone is in resistance or activism because of perceived fear of premature death, the death of the old way of life and the death of an old world..

They want to go back to camp fires and cumbaya.. That's not going to happen. The system did not spend trillions of dollars to go back to 1895.

You don't have to die to change.. But it's painful to change..

There's no getting away from painful change.

By the way , this is not a declaration that I agree with everything around the accusations around child trafficking or anything else.. I don't doubt that those types of situation exist and existed.. I have no proof either way what people knew when they knew it..

The Epstein situation was to show you how depraved humans can be regardless of social class..

It was also lesson not to put yourself in a position such as what those girls put themselves in when they were a minor..

They were taken advantage of.. Many girls under age are taken advantage of. That's part of growing up and it sucks.. But families also groomed that type of situation as well.

We have set our women up to fail..

Maybe it's time to change that.

It's also lesson to watch your children and not trust strangers..

We have been shown so many lessons..

That sexual depravity is all around you.. It's in your neighborhood and in your government it is everywhere..

That's why we're in a great reset..

But if you try to resist this change and evolution of the system trying to clean up society, then what are you supporting..??

I don't want to live in a fucked up society.. But if you do... what are you resisting for.. What are you defending.. And why.

Govts do what they have to do to keep law, order and pushing humans forward..

No matter what, if it is that BAD where YOU LIVE, you can always claim asylum in other countries..

Do you as an American have grounds to claim asylum in other countries?

AND Navalny did not take putin seriously when he was ASKED TO LEAVE RUSSIA..


In the wake of the death of Navalny, Putin's most annoying opposing force, was Navalny's lack of fear be the cause to his eventual demise? Did he think if he laughed in the face of "death" that he could "outlive" what he was opposing?

Why did he think he was "immune" to eventual consequences for his actions of becoming so influential against a dictator of sorts?

Did he think his popularity and political backing of the people was going to protect him?

Given my background in psychological operations because I was raised by a brilliant psychotherapist, what if Russia is used as an example to the rest of the world of an obvious "dictator" who uses obvious tactics to keep his country together from opposing forces with "good intentions"?

Russia might be the world's example of what to do and what not to do when the world is meant to produce change and those who do not understand the intentions, must be "silenced".

I speculate, other governments might being "doing" what he does covertly vs his examples practiced, overtly.

However, you see Navalny was given so many chances to leave, but he kept coming back for more. He was on a mission.

I think about what I should be "afraid" of when speaking glibly about matters deserving deeper analysis. I watch the news daily observing "random" explosions which could be from negligence or something deeper. I will never know.

Is the system warning those who might know some "inside" information to be careful and focus only on subject matter to spring humanity forward, not so much on the details of how wars are "won"?

I also know 100 years from now as new generations rise and fall, that what i say today, most likely will be deleted or buried under the soils of time and so maybe infusing a dose of fear of your government is not a bad thing.

Walking into death traps because people have turned off their fight or flight indicators seems to be the example of most humans under the influence of drugs, power, prestige and resistance.

I listen to YouTube and hear all the pundits talking about their fear of AI and the potential for history to be rewritten when everything is transferred to the digital world, vs physical books and documents. In my opinion, even the written word can be revised over and over and over again and even some books get burned relative to the reason and the culture. I do not understand the fear of AI because of "lost" history.

How many times do you think the Rosicrucians want to keep reinventing the wheel?

I could not tell you if the Georgia Guidestones and AI have been done over before in prior lifetimes. I cannot even possibly know what happened 6k or 20k years ago. We could literally be repeating this LONG segment of history again.

There is NO way to know what the future intentions are, except to believe and have faith in those who are giving humans a chance to change and evolve and focus on the mind, or cultivating the mind. Think deeper than beliefs and religions...

It truly is the time to find a way to use your brains and cultivate a deeper thought process than abusing the pleasures of world.

No matter what, anyone who goes up against the future of mankind and its expected evolution will be challenged so deeply that past indiscretions that could have been overlooked, will be exposed for the world to see.

The system expected many people regardless of social status, to challenge the changes. However, one must be open enough to examine even closer why those changes exist and potentially, even change their tune.

Humanity is looking into a mirror and humanity is having a hard time looking at themselves..

What you see in high levels of government is also what happens in your neighborhoods, communities, companies and families.

Do you think it is smart to challenge your government now, when you know they are trying to clean up society from all the crap we are so shocked by?

If you want to live with predators and crimes against humans and vast amounts of consumption and superficial humans who care not about anything but themselves, then maybe YOU are the problem.

Gaza under water in the future...

Moral to any story, if you run on a campaign of anti-corruption, one must have a clean backyard.

And, since the system does "selective" enforcement, one must admit their own wrongdoing in every area of their life before they go public with accusations, esp going up against the state who gave you the latitude to break the laws, in the first place..

We all know corruption is in all politics, religion and even in the sciences... sooo.. check yourself before you wreck yourself..

Navalny was detained moments after his return and later jailed on February 2, 2021 after a court ruled he had violated the terms of his suspended sentence in a 2014 embezzlement case he says was politically motivated.


Before you claim corruption.. Better make sure you're not corrupt yourself.

I see many people making accusations the state is corrupt but the accuser has failed to look in their own backyard..

That's also how the system got you. And that's why they don't take you seriously when you claim corruption..

Why don't you take a closer look in your own world how corrupt you are.

Once you see your own corruption . You don't want to be in the position of power..

You might understand why the state must be corrupt in some ways..

They have to deal with the worst of society..

I don't want to be in the position of the state to make choices of who lives and dies..

I want to survive the corruption on both sides of the people and the state..

You saw what happened to donnie brasco..

He had to be in it in order to stop it.

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