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Country Folk Could Survive if they Pay themselves with all food and effective release

Remember physics.. Remember the laws of thermodynamics.. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.. Only converted.. Remember newton's law of motion.. For every action there's an equal or opposite reaction.. You need fatty acid.. Amino acid.. Prohormones.. Or vitamins not in supplement form.. You need the vitamins in the fOOD supply.. And you need minerals.. Just because you used to get your fatty acid and amino acids.. From live animals.. Does not mean that's the only way you get those same types of acids.. You can get all the different elements of a biological sentient being In a lab.. Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed.. Only converted.. Someone will either convert you forcibly.. Or you learn how to assimilate and convert yourself.. Don't let the names of things.. Or where they come from.. Scare the shit out of you literally.. You must understand physics and chemistry.. You must understand the laws and not believe all the stories.. Don't let anyone trigger you into fear from food.. Because that is a starvation manipulation tactic.. And that's all over fucking facebook.. People are actively being starved because they can't handle the food supply because they are that Deficient.. Someone just got diagnosed being prediabetic.. Now sugar is being taken away from them.. The heat is intense.. It's going to kick people's asses ALL HERBS AND remedies and all the medications for all different diseases vasoconstricts the blood vessels.. causing the body to overheat and also become dehydrated contributing to DIED SUDDENLIES.. WATCH ALL YOUR FRIENDS RECOMMENDING HERBAL REMEDIES, TINCTURES AND DIETS CAUSING THE BODY TO VASOCONSTRICT THEIR BLOOD VESSELS, THEN DIED SUDDENLY. VASOCONSTRICTING blood vessels is the medical/holistic/energy healing world.. then bye.. you did it to yourselves and children.. wake up humans.. your politics, religion and science dogmas are destroying YOU and your children The heat index is so aggressive.. In california.. Arizona.. Las vegas.. Texas.. All the southern states.. Especially florida.. Look, how many are vazzo constricting their own blood vessels with remedies and causing trauma with surgery.. Look at how many people using the j juice curing their symptoms.. And they are proud of it and promote it and look it as a savior.. That's why I don't circulate with the hebrews.. Using jj as a remedy against evolution.. I am not promoting my juice as a remedy against any evolution.. The environment is aggressive enough.. You don't want to be cured in an aggressive environment because you will die.. That's why cures are endless.. That's why people always use and exploit their family and illnesses to get money.. To chase another fucked up cure. That is only temporary especially in this society. And you can't rely on cures in this environment.. Cures are deadly to those who don't have enough energy to convert.. Then you become lot's wife.. You become a pillar of salt.. That's what's going on right now.. People are becoming a pillar of salt... Because of their participation in the medical holistic energy world. Remember the western world.. They are being heated out of existence.. And if you're skinny. Good luck I hope you make it.. I hope your children make it. Bigger people have a better chance. But skinny people you can't convert what you don't have.. And when your skinny, you don't have a lot of chance until you build up that pressure. Some Mother's are bigger and have a better chance to survive. Because they have energy to convert and release.. But their children are very skinny and deficient.. Some kids are bigger.. And if their parents are evolutionary.. They have a chance to survive without dying suddenly.. But can they handle the suffering.. You can't force someone to suffer.. So the parents have to save themselves.. Kids are not equipped to suffer because parents never taught them the must suffer to survive.. So they suffer to pass away.. That's the absolution for parents with kids who are deficient.. Again you can't force your kids to suffer.. So the medical system will take them out kindly.. I'm sorry it's not my fault.. Remember marijuana does the same thing. It vasso constricts your blood vessel, so you don't feel, and you don't take care of yourself.. And you are constricting your own immune system.. In this environment you won't know what danger is until you pass away.. Because you're high or under the influence.. I already knew marijuana.. The proliferation of marijuana.. Was also part of the depopulation agenda.. Of course california is right there ahead in the depopulation agenda.. And look at all the mothers in california.. Afraid of food.. Afraid of air water.. And they are under the influence.. And they have a chronic condition and they already blamed somebody.. Or they are the orchestra on the titanic.. They're all about fucking love. Oh and look at their pretty family.. And please participate in their march against whatever.. Oh it's all over california.. And california is infectious.. Everyone's leaving california.. Taking that mentality everywhere they go. I hope they survive.. But suffering to live is ugly. Suffering to live is not beautiful.. But death is beautiful.. Just look at california.. Plastic surgery organic food and fear.. Of course a bunch of sun worshippers.. But that's also in florida as well.. But remember it's all about pretty families and pretty faces.. That's the depopulation agenda.. Now this latest study, from researchers at Stanford Medicine, shows that THC, the psychoactive part of the drug, can cause inflammation in endothelial cells. These are the cells that line the interior of blood vessels. When these cells become inflamed it can cause a constriction of the vessels and reduce blood flow.May 9, 2022 Spicy food also a vasconstricts your blood vessels.. Extremely spicy food.. All the curries and the cayenne pepper.. All the tumeric and honey and apple cider vinegar.. That's why I don't eat indian food anymore.. That's why I don't use jalapeno peppers.. I don't use heavy spices in my food at all.. That contribute to cardiovascular disorders. The remedies market.. Using food as medicine such as the spices.. Died suddenly.. That's why appalachia food.. That's why english food.. Northern european food.. Is not fucking spicy.. Exotic food is deadly.. Intuitively.. I knew english appalachian food was the healthiest for people who want to survive.. Now you must release the demons.. Exotic spicy food.. Very very deadly.. Jalapenos. Fucking deadly.. Kimchi very spicy food.. Very deadly.. I have adopted my husband's background food intake.. He's fucking strong.. He wasn't raised in california on fucking nothing.. On organic bullshit.. Spicy hybrid bullshit.. He's a strong country boy.. God damn it he saved my life.. Appalachian people came from the united kingdom.. Strong fucking people.. Now just release those demons.. Stay away from exotic food.. Save yourself.. Stay away from the california lifestyle . Because it's fucking deadly. I should know I was raised there.. And I finally left.. Thank god thank myself.. Thank my intuition.. No offense to my california friends.. Maybe you have a chance to save yourself I don't know.. I hope I plant a seed.. But you must understand another truth in this world.. I had to leave california to understand the rest of the world.. Once you understand both sides.. Now you see why things are the way they are.. it is not save the children.. it is save the adults who produce children needing to be saved.. once adults save themselves.. they wont produce offspring needing be saved by politics, religion and science dogmas. You want to save the children.. leave politics, religion, science dogmas and the medical holistic system.. oncology attacks the juvenile cells in the body as the parent cells deplete. abortion is the absolution from a depleted person who could not control their urges because the body knows it is deficient trying to carry on the human race.. herbs/medical develop SEXUALLY AGGRESSIVE AND SEXUALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE.. and then we punish people for their urges thus causing more trauma and more fertility.. until a great reset.. COUNTRY FOLK What is considered Appalachian food? Staples of Appalachian cuisine that are common in other regional cuisines of the south and in soul food include peanut brittle, sweet potato pie, pork chops, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, collard greens, cracklings, and ham hocks. Appalachian cuisine - Wikipedia Flour, cornmeal, lard, butter, eggs and milk including sour milk were staples in the home. I have discovered from “old timers” that recipes for Appalachian Mountain food usually did not contain a lot of ingredients. They were simple but flavorful being seasoned with lard, butter, salt and pepper. Some of you are too skinny.. You need to eat some very substantial hearty food. How will you survive the high heat index if there is nothing to you. If there's nothing to convert.. Country folk will survive.. But they must release their demons and develop more tolerance to diversity.. Or else they will resist everything until they pass away.. Relax on the alcohol.. Release your demons properly.. Take in some evolution and intellectual capacity.. Yes country folk you can survive.. Black and white country folk can survive.. Asian.. eastern southwestern. I don't know. Are you willing to evolve.. Spanish descent people. Can you give up the jalapenos.. Release your own demons.. Any other culture I forgotten.. Can you survive your own culture.. From The Weather Channel Android App: I told you.. Look at the vegan and vegetarians. Doughy and lack substance.. Or very skinny.. And afraid of all food.. Very picky eaters.. And of course they are blaming everything under the sun.. But they never look at why they are deficient.. They cannot handle evolution.. It's too painful because they came into the world at deficit.. And then the more they participated in the holistic energy medical fields.. They became even more deficient.. Then they can't handle anything.. They think that wearing e m f protectors is going to stop energy frim getting to them.. Sorry.. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.. Only converted.. You resist energy.. It will destroy you.. People need to assimilate to their environment and keep up to the level of their environment with substance. So many lack nutritional substance.. And so their body Is in constant pain all the time.. And they blame everything.. You need the cream you need the fat.. Stay away from spicy food.. If you want to survive this environment.. The heat index is astronomically aggressive.. Some of you have demons.. You need to release them properly.. Expensive food has nothing to it.. Inexpensive food has the substance you need.. The nou·veau riche the elitests. Think that EXPENSIVE food is substantial when it lacks so much nutrition and substance.. What you are paying for is art.. And you are still starving.. Many of them are under a doctor's care.. Blaming the food supply for their issues.. They hardly eat anything.. And what they do eat is one or two ingredients.. If that. They can't even handle the meat or the milk or the flour or the gluten.. That's why we're in a great RESET ..My book mentions what an open system versus a close system is. Vasoconstriction is the medical holistic energy healing world.. The Medical holistic energy healing system systematically and progressively closes up your blood vessels and alimentary canal.. They constrict your blood vessels.. Until you self implode.. Or die suddenly I am telling you to finally open up your system.. Release the demons.. Trust that your body knows what to do if you allow it to work the way it's supposed to.. And then you pay it by feeding it.. And for every energy you experience you keep paying your body food.. That's working and getting paid for working.. People shut down their own factory of their body.. And they keep somebody else's body going until both people destroy each other.. Sorry but you can't protect yourself from e m f waves.. You're far enough away from aggressive Energy transformers.. But remember you still must adapt to your environment.. You resist adaptation.. Die suddenly.. If a hurricane reaches this.. People are fucked.. When the surface water is warm, the storm sucks up heat energy from the water, just like a straw sucks up a liquid. This creates moisture in the air. If wind conditions are right, the storm becomes a hurricane. This heat energy is the fuel for the storm. › fuelf... Fuel for the Storm | Ocean Today Humans program AI.. AI programs people.. What's the difference between a human programming you... And a human programming a machine to program you Why don't you program yourself.. And learn from ai and evolve it.. Stop fucking resisting everything.. You can evolve ai..and understand it.. Remember.. Humans program artificial intelligence.. Artificial intelligence is only as smart as the dumbest person.. or ai is as dumb as the smartest person.. It's all relative to perception.. There are people.. Who are not as smart as some machines.. There are machines.. That are not as smart as some people.. You are the one that will define what smart and dumb is.. Based upon your intention.. And what you perceive is your outcome.. I am smarter than my talk to text.. I constantly have to correct my posts after I do talk to text.. I wish my phone would evolve with me.. I'm tired of correcting the same mistakes because my phone doesn't have a word that I use very often.. It always autocorrects and substitutes the word for something else.. All of you brainiacs.. Develop a phone that evolves with you.. Takes on new words.. In its own vocabulary.. Recognizing your own speech patterns.. If it has all the components of fatty acid.. Amino acid.. Prohormones.. And minerals.. I don't care what you call it.. Is it cruelty free lab created meat.. What's in a name.. Baggage.. If someone goes as far as and says it is human meat.. Lab developed human meat.. They're starving you.. Especially if you don't understand elements.. and proteins.. They are playing on your psychology.. It's insane. The new world is.. You'll get the same ingredients in different forms.. If you can't handle it you'll starve.. Remember anything injected Into your food supply.. Your body has the ability to filter it out.. Because you're not using it against your symptoms.. It's part of your food supply.. There is no such thing as a weaponized fungus.. Unless you weaponized the antibiotics against it on your own.. You weaponize the world against your body if you can't handle symptoms.. And you use food as medicine or remedies.. Or the medical system.. Food is food.. If it's fda approved food. It is perfectly safe.. However.. Farming animals.. And using all types of Natural or synthetic enhancers.. Or remedies.. What kind of life is THAT for the animal. I can only imagine what pets feel when they get antibiotics and other surgeries done against their will.. But that EVOLUTION will be a long time in the future... Before people wake up to that bullshit in the pet world.. It's fun for a minute.. Until the suffering.. And then owners are forced to kill their own animals.. At the hands of a veterinarian.. Or the animal die suddenly after all that suffering.. Remember they can't speak.. And the medication shuts them up.. This is why they are developing lab created meat.. Because how would you like to be sitting in some kind of barn.. Room.. Or facility just waiting to be slaughtered.. Humans must eat meat.. But at the expense and the suffering of a person place or thing.. That's why we are in a great reset.. Once we phase out all farmed animals.. And it's only a lab created meat.. Our society will change.. And we will watch india and africa go through what we went through.. Because they are developing factory farms.. Just like we did.. They will go through their own major hellish growing pains.. Local organic farms are no better than factory farms.. It's all marketing.. The animal still suffer waiting to be put on the table.. watching india and africa go through the same growing pains.. The gurus. Shamans, The aggressive fertility.. And then the blame game.. When you see them revolting.. Against biotech.. Doing the same thing we did. You will know they have been under the same programming we have been under.. I already see it now with people from africa sending me herbal and drug remedies. Vasoconstricting people's blood vessels in that kind of heat.. African heat.. India heat.. They will have their own apocalypse.. Just wait.. We're not anywhere near twenty fifty. What is it about the country folk that they can survive.. It's not just the fact that they can shoot animals in the wild to eat during a major snow storm.. It's not just that they may have farms local farms.. I mean, it's nice when you didn't have innovation to develop your food in different ways using the same elements and proteins.. But now we're in a new world.. Why the country folk will survive more than the city folk.. Because they eat appalachian type food.. Maybe, they work with their hands.. They're not into image and beauty and selling bullshit.. As you can see i am making broad broad broad generalizations.. Maybe some of them sell out selling beauty and images.. And survival gear.. They don't do organic.. They're not gluten free.. They barely have any food allergies at least some people don't.. They have no issues with eating red meat. Where it comes from is a whole different story. They probably don't even do supplements.. I mean, they get all of their nutrition from the land meat and milk and cheese and eggs, veggies.. But real robust country people.. They have muscle they have fat they have collagen.. Which means they have intelligence.. They can convert their proteins into whatever they needs to to survive.. They can study.. If they don't fall to the alcohol.. Or get involved with drugs.. Country folk have the body types to deal with climate change.. Assuming they don't compromise themselves too much in the medical or holistic system.. I'm eating country food.. I want to be built like a brick shit house.. I want to fucking survive.. And I want to adapt very quickly.. And recover very quickly from the seasons changing.. Even if it's every fucking week.. And I want to be sort of cute for my husband.. And I want to make sure I advise hum the best way I can.. Because he advises me.. The best way he can.. First we free humans.. Then we will free the animals.. It will be a while before everyone is actually free.. It will be a while before all sentient beings become free..

1: Cell Function | SEER Training - National Cancer Institute 2: Cell parts and functions (article) | Khan Academy 3: Cell | Definition, Types, Functions, Diagram, Division, Theory, & Facts | Britannica 4: Cell - Definition, Functions, Types and Examples - Biology Dictionary 5: Six Main Cell Functions | Sciencing : Work (biology) - Wikipedia

I used the Bing/Artificial Intelligence and it gave me this information: Cell functions are the activities that cells perform to maintain life and support the organism 1. They involve many chemical reactions that require energy and materials. The term “work” in biology refers to the ability of a system to do something that requires energy. Therefore, cell functions can be considered as work because they use energy to achieve a certain goal, such as growth, movement, or reproduction. Cells obtain energy from different sources, such as food, sunlight, or other molecules, and use it to power their functions. For example, plant cells use the energy from sunlight to make their own food through photosynthesis2, while animal cells use the energy from food to make a molecule called ATP that fuels their activities3. Cells also have specialized structures called organelles that help them perform different functions more efficiently1. For example, mitochondria are organelles that produce energy for the cell2, while lysosomes are organelles that break down waste and harmful substances4. Cells are amazing and complex systems that can do many kinds of work to sustain life. I hope this answer helps you understand more about cell functions. When people are under all the remedies and prescription drugs.. And they have constricted their blood vessels from all that.. Heat will destroy people.. Aggressive heat..

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