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Creationism is "magic".. It is Alchemy..cures, drugs, herbs, surgeries, etc

Evolution is change It is physics..

Creationism is "magic".. It is alchemy..cures, drugs, herbs, surgeries, etc

Disney =creationism= conjuring up or disappearing energy=magic/MEDICAL/HOLISTIC/ENERGY HEALING/ASTROLOGY/STARSEEDS

IRONIC Could an organ transplant finally assimilate to the host without the immune system rejecting right away.. if you open your system... i would say yeahhh..

You must release the demons or the fight between the host and the parasite.. And I mean that figuratively not literally.. Will become deadly.. Which is why the medical system has to weaken your immune system so that way the parasitic energy does not take over..

Because when a parasitic energy is so strong.. the body will go in such a defense that it could shut down everything... That's called sepsis..

That's why humans need to open their systems so they can release the demons..

But then why would you get a transplant If you can just regrow what you have.. Money money money many money money

But then if you can handle the pain of regrowth you will take on traits of the person who owned those organs those transplants to begin with. It could be a double edge sword if it was a serial killer.. but it could be great if it was a genius or a piano player Or a beauty queen A lie is when alternate realities conflict. When someone calls you a liar because you are challenging their reality.

The only time you need to worry about lying is to save yourself from somebody else's actions and behaviors and belief systems by proving beyond reasonable doubt Is in a court of law or to authorities

You can be an open book and they can be illiterate.. That's why people call you a liar.. Because they are illiterate..

Maturity is you can handle another lifestyle and belief system.. And you were never poised to attack.. Not one single bit.. Just learn your boundaries and set your boundaries..

When you are intolerant to lying... You don't like the other person's version of events or belief system.. People lie because they don't want the outcome of the other choice of knowledge..

But is it really a lie.. It's only a lie if you can't explain or UNDERSTAND both sides of the story..

People only lie.. Because the other truth is so perceivably horrible to them..

So they embellish the truth.. And I mean they embellish and they make inferences and they hint.. And of course they make correlation equals causation..

But it's not really lying.. Because how can you assume someone knows exactly what you think and feel and why, unless they find out. But even then they may not have the intellectual capacity to understand..

You could be an open book and they are illiterate..

And so.. They're trying to develop their version of events that is palatable for them..

Even if it makes you look like a demon..

Characterizing someone as lying is all relative to what you're willing to understand..

When you have to prove someone is lying it is because you're not trying to take the fall for somebody else's actions or activity..

And you are also trying to clear your name.. Especially in the court of emotional public opinion..

Emotional people will embellish their truth.. And of course never understand why the other side does what they do..

You can characterize, relative to your perspective, both sides are lying relative to your intention..

In a court of law, you need to prove someone is lying or not.. if you're not before a judge jury or executioner or lawyer, it is not for you to determine if someone is lying or not..

How do you accept proof of someone else's belief system you call a lie..

I guess if You're willing to change your belief systems and your behaviors.. You can prove anything..

If people want proof something is true or not true

first they have to change their beliefs and then their behaviors and then the proof is in the pudding..

You can't ask someone to prove something you're not willing to even understand..

It's like trying to prove a ball can be thrown from point a to point b and then the person takes the ball away..

You can see point a and point b but you don't have the ball to show it can be thrown..

That physical object was taken away. That ball represents motivation..

When you yourself are not motivated..

Nobody can prove anything to you because you're not motivated to understand and experience the proof..

You want proof of anything.. It takes extraordinary amounts of motivation to experience the proof you're looking for..

First change your beliefs.. Then your behaviors. And then give it time..

That's all the proof you need about anything you want someone to prove..

Piece out

When someone asks me well don't you want proof that jesus was a god.. No.. I know why people believe in jesus.. I have no problem with it.. Because the word god means many things to many people..

I don't need anyone to prove to me why they believe that they believe.

It's not my place for them to prove their belief system.. It's not their place for me to prove my belief system..

We both must follow laws of our society and natural law..

Proof it's just another reason to argue with people and waste time..

Proof is trying to convert somebody or asking someone to waste time trying to convert them when they have absolutely no reason or even motivation to understand or be converted..

It is a set up.. It is a loaded set up..

Anytime someone asks you to prove anything..

It is a set up.. It Is an intellectual ambush.. As they are poised to attack..

Walk away from people like that...

If you're before a court.. Or answering to authority.. Give them whatever they need.. Anyone else tell them to go f off..

Then you understand why the word evolution and creation were meant to divide n conquer..

You're only a liar to someone else who doesn't like your version of events..

Sometimes you just can't handle other people's version of events and lifestyles..

The word lie purposely divides people and causes them to never understand each other when they can just make accusations..

Sometimes lying or developing your version of events helps you develop another platform to work from so you don't die in somebody else's world..

If you have an issue with other people's truths.. you either want to understand each other.. And assimilate and develop rules of engagement..

Or you part ways..

Sometimes it's better to part ways..

You can't spend your life trying to assimilate to something that is destroying your version of life..

There is no right way or wrong way.. it Just is I wish lessons of unforgotten pain on people so we don't ever have to repeat the same mistakes..

I do not wish anyone to forget what caused people pain.. i want them to understand why they are in pain..

When you're cured you never learn the lessons of the past.. You keep repeating them.. Asking for another absolution another guilt free cure.. The Old Testament was a "beginning", but not "the beginning"

The New Testament was built for an "ending" not "the ending"..

If there truly was an ending.. We'd all be dead humans would be extinct..

The fear of extinction and extinction is a control mechanism to cast out the undesirables.. Let them cast out themselves.. But a civilized society does not cast out what someone would call an undesirable..

They would just have to adapt to a society and a climate that if you don't have the genetics or the intelligence to adapt.. You will take yourself out..

You're the one who must build up the intelligence the tolerance and the adaptation ability to become more intelligent.. And stay alive continuously..

The Rosicrucians added in the alchemy to control your growth and your development.. They didn't want certain people living a long time because that would upset the sanctity of their experiments and advancement of humans..

That's why the christian gnostics are part of the jewish mystics and the hermetics.. And the greek system and egyptology.. To balance out the positive and negative.. And develop an advanced working society.. That could rise and fall relative to the intention..

F****** brilliant

Basically they all tagged teamed each other... Played everyone against each other.. Divided and conquered..

And now co existence.

So you will have segments of society who will be immortal.. And you will have those who are mortals.. And you will see how that will develop..

And developing countries are going to be annoying because they will be tagging you in all of their m l ms and wanting to get you into their religion..

It's already f****** happening and it's annoying.. I'm getting many people from ni geria trying to proselytize their new religion.. i l l u m i....ugh

I'm not discounting anyone's belief systems... I'm questioning the outcome.. I am questioning what you intend to outcome for yourself.. And family.. And friends.. And I had to put a human face to jesus christ..

Because once he becomes human to you, not some mythical god of the past you have dissociated the pain and the suffering of his demise..

You will realize..

Humans did that to another human.. It doesn't matter who the humans were or are today..

Another human did that to another human.. Just like back in the nineteen fifties and sixties against the black population.. Let that sink in..

And even today.. Just like what happens to anyone who decides to think outside the box.. Somebody wants to nail a person place or thing or culture or idea to the cross

Just like you see on all those youtube influencers who are crucifiying me and anyone else with a different thought process or belief system or lifestyle or sexual orientation..

But instead of nailing me to the cross literally they have used VIOLENT words and doctored pictures out of context to traumatize and spin their agenda their tool of control using the things that people love as a leverage to develop the religion of hate.. and intolerance.. No different than what the romans did to jesus two thousand years ago..

And humans continue to do what they did to jesus christ to other humans today.. In the medical system.. Holistic system..

The activism world, in politics in religion and in scientific dogmas

And in developing countries.. So if you are a developing country watching me.. You better take a look at you and how you treat the people in your country and the people who are different..

Believe whatever you want..

You are still beautiful.. But you don't have to die.. But that starts with you..

You are the beginning of the world you want to live in or you are the ending of the world you once lived in..

Choose your own adventure..

Love me or hate me... The new world order is setting you free, whatever that means.. You will enslave yourself or not..

Developing countries are going to have a hard time with the growing up process..

Once you finally grow up.. And you look at those who have yet to experience what it means to actually be mature.. You will see you will understand and you can't do anything to save anyone..

Just be glad that you experienced it and went through the trial and tribulations of the growth process.. Assuming you allow yourself to grow up and mature..

Stop crucifying other humans.. Because you will inevitably have somebody crucify you for your beliefs..

If somebody is breaking the law let the law decide not you and your trauma that you are filtering everything you see on facebook and everywhere else through..

The people who are crucifying other people have been traumatized.. And they never released the trauma.. They keep reenacting the trauma over and over and over in their head..

That's why the crucifixion of jesus was the first m k ultra using trauma as a way to develop a religion and a tool of control..

That's why war is waged to control you through trauma..

The irony is.. We have atheists crucifying each other.. Reenacting the crucifixion of jesus christ.. When people claim atheism.. They are Christians in denial..

I don't claim christianity judaism islam or atheism..

I choose not to play.. I have faith in me.. I am my own god.. I am also part of a community of infrastructure.

I crucify no one.. Atom=light (adam) EVE=DUSK NIGHT (eve)

The garden of eden was all the diversity of life and experimentation.. Biodiversity

The combination of positive and negative; light and dark developing chemical reactions AND offspring..

his rib(bed) for her pleasure..

Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.. When they finally became intelligent and started developing meanings behind what is good and what is evil

it's all relative..

When you're naked running around you don't know any better.. Until someone gives you the knowledge to have shame.. Because of deficiencies and caveman mentalities..

The snake.. The one eyed snake.. The hydra.. The sperm blower.. Tempting mankind..

She may have given him some knowledge like socrates.. Tempting socrates to eat the apple..

But they both wanted the knowledge.. They both wanted the accountability and the responsibility..

So while adam was out there plowing the garden blowing his seed everywhere impregnating all of biodiversity in that garden..

Eve was tending to her own garden.. Tempting everyone with the knowledge of good and evil.. But it was all relative to her perspective.. What she thought was good what she thought was evil..

But when her children started resisting her.. She fell into a slump.. A depression.. And she started getting high on mushrooms and psychedelics.. Looking for the answer..

Until she became so juvenile she forgot what it meant to be an adult.. Because she only knew one way. And she couldn't take on new information.. So she regressed back to a child..

All the while. adam was still plowing the garden.. That's all he knew was to plow the garden and spread his seed everywhere..

But alas they didn't realize what it actually meant to be responsible.. All they kept doing was developing children... Nation building..

So adam and eve eventually turned back into children/juvenile again; into slaves..

Like sleeping beauty.. And the tree of knowledge was cut down.. And they had to start over again with little trees..

Because they couldn't handle the giant tree.. The devil's tower.. Wyoming..

At some point they will have to wake up.. At least their children... And we discover humanity their humanity once again.. Hoping not to repeat the cycle of the past.. Humans were immortal way back when.. It was only two thousand years ago that humans became mortal and became the slave class.. I surmise it had to do with evolution and genetic engineering which is why Humans had to die and reproduce.. And get absolution.. Human experiments deserve to have a relatively okay life..

Immortality means you have the adaptability in the changing condition so as long as you do not cause too much trauma or voluntarily take antibiotics and remedies. Or use alchemy against your body's defense systems. Remember i'm not a christian.. I'm not religious in any way shape or form.. I'm not jewish or hebrew or any kind of spiritual guru.. But I was converted to Judaism as a child and I have a hebrew name.. But remember I'm not looking for the messiah or waiting for them.. I am my own savior I am my own messiah..

I just understand manipulation.. I understand trauma bonding.. I understand allegory.. I understand psychology law and biotechnology and the tech industry..

And I Know how to read people.. I understand what motivates them

MK Ultra Betraying your kids friends and family to get ahead.. That's politics religion and science health and wellness dogmas.. That's the medical holistic energy healing world..

All religion...

Sacrificing people for money..

Judas sold Jesus for the price of a slave, as Jesus laid down his life as the ultimate gift to humanity.Mar 31, 2021

And people do that every day to their friends and family and children and parents..

What is Judas in the Bible known for?

He is most known for his infamous betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, one of the first events that lead to Christ's crucifixion. Though Judas is a more troublesome and fickle biblical figure, he was still a close follower and disciple of Jesus for 3 years before his betrayal.Feb 21, 2023

All of you have experienced some form of this with past and present relationships..

Friends turning to enemies et cetera et cetera.

I don't ever sell anyone into slavery... You sell yourself into slavery.. I don't tell my husband to go see a doctor.. He tells himself to go see a doctor if he thinks he needs to..

When you are addicted or have so much material worldly needs.. You sell yourself into slavery..

I let go of all of that so I don't have to sell my husband into slavery..

Everything that you all do that is causing your misery and pain is self induced..

There is a way out but you must verbalize life not verbalize death..

Before you become a free person you have to stop selling yourself and your children into slavery..

That's the first step you begin with yourself.. Free yourself.. If not you and your children will be sold into slavery at your own hand..

Telling stranger to go see a doctor because i'm not their doctor is not being a judas.. And I have no investment in what they do or not to..

Telling my husband to go see a doctor.. That could be construed as being a judas... Selling him out.. So he could go back to work sooner and make more money for me.

I would rather him be home for a week and lose money.. Then have him decline from the medical system..

At some point when his body gets that bad from whatever.. He will sell himself to the system.. But I won't do it..

But he told me if anything happens to him to please call an ambulance, if he is incapacitated.. I will do that..

But I will let him decide if he's conscious to sell himself into the system..

He will always have a choice.. That's the freemason creed.. Give people the choice.. Don't make choices for them. Unless they are a minor and you are their guardian or you absolutely have to.. it was really 2023 years ago when immortality was converted to mortality when the Jesuit church using alchemy and mk ultra to develop an advanced slave class to innovate humans.. the nailing of jesus to the cross was the first mk ultra of control using trauma on a vast population.. when you love something so much, the trauma of watching it suffer is the tool of control..

that is how easy it is to use trauma as a bonding mechanism of advancement and innovation, but also separate the men from the boys, and women from the girls and strong from the weak.. trauma bonding also made it easier for authority to talk you into destroying your family friends and even you through pain pleasure, addiction and money... converting life into death.. why the cannabis industry is so prolific..

we are living history, but calling it something different... If you want to explore immortality... you must get away from those who are actively talking you into cures, herbs, extracts, surgeries, death, destruction and the afterlife, that includes yourself.

if not.. good luck.

some of you are surrounded by the walking dead throwing dead languages and belief systems at you and your kids..

those who are suffering and dying must participate in groupthink and events because the dying and suffering need other people to unload on.. misery and death need company...

the immortals must actively stay away from the group think mentality because they could be easily converted from life into death..

it is that easy.. because the walking dead could be your kids, mom, dad and best friends. It is that easy to cast spells of death and destruction on other people... it is that easy...

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