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Your Body is Currency.

Can You Afford the World You Live In?

One person's mucus is another person disease.

One person disease is another person's death.

climate change is fucking a lot of people up..

How much proof do you need to change the way you do things..

You might not get the chance...

It is cold outside. It is forty nine degrees outside. And it is sixty two degrees in my house.

Before the tornadoes it was over 80 degrees.

Do you know what happens when extreme temperatures collide.. Explosions.. But tornadoes are controlled explosions.. And they also affect your immune system because you're not independent of the environment..

You are part of the environment.

So when they keep predicting storms.. Expect someone to drop dead somewhere in your world.

Or at least get a diagnosable condition.. Or you keep upping your medication.. Until you drop dead.

That should be a major clue to you .. But you can live in denial..

The temperature has dropped twenty degrees. I just want to give you guys a heads up. People are getting a lot of infections and Animals are getting infections or needing to be put down.

Other humans are seeing things going on top of what already is going on.. they are seeing a compounding of their own issues..

I was feeling it the last two weeks.. My husband in his way was also feeling stuff.. Releasing stuff.. So were his coworkers..

It's not a coincidence all of us are dealing with different infection affecting us based upon our current genetics..

cytokine storms and TORNADOES are connected

When the people in your community start dropping like flies.. When you start experiencing the people around you affected even more and more..

Will that be enough for you to wake up on some level and do something different..

I'm not saying become a conspiracy therapist and start posting articles.. I'm not saying stand up in fight.. Because you may not have the energy to

I'm saying will you actually change your behaviors and your lifestyle.. And look at everything you have done around disease and food.

And revaluate.

Maybe it's time to take an early retirement.. It's okay to take a break.

It's okay to quit while you're still alive..

Or be worked to death

It's okay to scale down your lifestyle. You can't afford to take care of the world.

I hope you survive the proof you need to make a change..

It might be someone right next to you that you will have to learn from and you might even go with them.

It sucks the people have to learn that way .

But I guess that's what's necessary..

I was blowing my nose so much at three this morning.. That's a lot of growth someone could die from if they were that overridden.

climate change phucks people up.

I know I will be tired later because I was up at three this morning..

But I have given myself the latitude to deal with the fluctuations. You have to set yourself up correctly to survive climate change..

Climate change is brutal.. Those who have to be on medication you know for a fact how brutal it is.

Because you keep having to treat your disease..

Every single time the barometric pressure rises or falls people's immune systems go hay wire and growth happens..

That's why you can't get any relief right now..

The system is torturing you in different ways..

You literally have to find ways to save yourself during this process..

Or yeah, you will treat yourself to death.

That's what the system wants you to..

They want you to give permission for them to treat you to death.. It doesn't matter what or with.. They want you to try to resist the environment and evolution.. It will make your leaving this world on your hands , not theirs.

Don't give them what they want.. But you will..

I've chosen not to.

Because I saw the writing on the wall three years ago..

But people didn't believe me. They laughed at me. They said I was stupid

They said once Biden gets out of office and trumps in office everything would be back to normal.

There is nothing normal going on.. Even if you think trump is coming back to office.

He can't help you stay alive.. He could throw money at you and you would spend yourself out of existence.

Money and lower taxes are not the answer.

People are killing themselves with their lifestyle..

And they pretend everything is beautiful until they drop dead..

Then its thoughts and prayers..

And on to the next person they watch die suddenly or deteriorate..

It becomes musical funerals.. You know like musical chairs.. When the music stops everyone tries to steal the chair available.. The one that doesn't get the chair is out.

That's people fighting to die .. It's like they want the chair.

That's pretty grim when people fight for their own death..

It's really brutal out there.

You can't come back from death...

The last little bit of energy will be stuck in a loop when you're dead.. And maybe that's what needs to happen.. Maybe once the world scales down on the living. The dead can enjoy the beautiful nature..

Maybe that's paradise.. The living will enjoy nature with the dead and nothing is encroaching upon somebody else..

When the system clears out all the different people in the middle of each human population zone.. The dead can roam free.. Even in their little loop that they develop from their last life..

Unless they are strong enough to take over an animal.. And that animal can take over human in the future.. But I don't think it works that way but you never know..

But in the meantime.. The dead are watching everything die around them..

I think your life is way more important than you trying to make yourself and your friends and family famous..

If you're around my age , you've paid your dues..

If you had kids late in life i'm sorry you put yourself in that situation.. you will probably sacrifice yourself for the children.. If you walked away and you've washed your hands of that.

Consider yourself lucky.. Because they have a long way to go.. And there is no guarantee even you being in the picture will make a difference in their life..

Not during climate change.

I think your life is the most important..

It's your kids turn to learn the hard way. Your kids have to pay their dues..

You can't do anything for them really.. You can't live their life for them..

Or they will suck the life out of you.. And then they will die too. Because they never learned from mummy had to survive climate change.. They only knew how to take.. And consume.. Until they even consume themselves.

I'm happy for her success.

remember when you show you have some kind of ability and academic qualities, you will be worked to death and they will pull all resources out of you. But people expect that so not a big deal.. I hope she gets time to redirect if that's even available to her.

People ride the high.. But that high turns into slavery. From physical slavery to academic slavery.Just make sure you survive it..

Pay your dues to society.. And then set yourself free.

The next slaver system is academic. But that's okay. Just make sure you have a chance to take time off. And redirect. Because once you use up the gifts that were given to you at birth , you have to develop new ones.. That comes with evolution. Because you will be treated during your time of producing for the system. You won't be allowed to evolve. They will attempt to cure you at every moment until you finally quit when you're ahead so you can recoup the resources.

And she's probably pretty sturdy, which means she can handle climate change on some level up to a point. I'm not surprised she's going into medicine. New cures new blood new ways to humanely allow people to leave this earth..

It's not surprising that those with heftier genetics and stronger immune systems will survive climate change.

Which is why the poles have flipped..

Being smart is not going to be the only thing your kids must focus on.. They have to have the body to deal with the climate.. Some kids were born in a more genetically stronger household. They have substance to them. They must have some kind of body to them that isn't going through food allergies and whatever. They must be able to handle the energy they have and temper it so it doesn't run them into the ground.

The ultimate gift is learning how to control your own energy.

With only the food supply and not using food as medicine..

It is knowing how to manage your own energy in the body because you have relative balance and hopefully no food issues. I don't know what this young girl is dealing with as far as food allergies and whatever.. But I'm not surprised she is african.

Africa, north Africa, the Middle East, will and are produce a lot of extremely strong geniuses.

Nature and nurture.

You give people opportunity who have strength and stamina, they could produce miracles.

But first you have to know you can handle all the food supply. For a brain to work properly they need meat and milk and cheese and eggs gluten salt sugar fruit veggies and they can't be starving.. Or else they will run out of gas sooner than later..

You must get the biogenetics online. And that machine well oiled way early on.. And I'm telling you, the more your kids can handle pain and suffering with strength and stamina, the smarter they will be.

But it must be done carefully and food must always be on the table not off the table. Never ever ever starve disease ever.

Food is the key to longevity and genius. The ability to handle pain and suffering to get to the next level of evolution is the other side of it.. Or else food is no good.. You might as well starve. The ability to blow your nose to make sure your immune system wakes up when it needs to is the ultimate.. Understanding your whole alimentary canal is everything..

Which is why you must be the best human ever.. Because artificial intelligence will control the world and you have to keep up. Or be left behind.

starting to happen in california...

I think I had some form of that when I was in the hospital way back as a child.. They thought I had a concussion.. I remember having the worst headache and being so dizzy.. trying to walk and been so light headed..

It wasn't puberty at the time.. It was probably all the immunizations plus climate change (80s el nino in NorCal 1980).. And living in so much diversity.. And I was starving in vietnam.. So even transitioning onto american food was also a factor

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) usually begins in early adolescence, between the ages of 12 and 15, and affects more than 75% of females. The exact cause of POTS is unknown, but some conditions or circumstances that may precede its onset include:

Viral or bacterial infection


Physical trauma, such as concussions, car accidents, or spinal injuries


Autoimmune conditions, such as Sjogren's syndrome or celiac disease

Puberty or growth spurts

POTS is thought to be a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, which controls heart rate, blood pressure, and other functions. People with POTS experience poor blood vessel constriction when changing positions, which can cause dizziness when standing. Other symptoms of POTS include:

Palpitations, Chest discomfort, Lightheadedness or fainting, Extreme fatigue, Headaches, and Abdominal pain.

For most people, POTS symptoms improve or disappear by the early 20s. Some things that can make POTS symptoms worse include:

Feeling hot

Eating, especially refined carbohydrates

Not drinking enough fluids

Drinking alcohol

Resting too much


Being on your period

This is for informational purposes only. For medical advice or diagnosis, consult a professional.

Generative AI is experimental.

People think if you fast you'll grow new stem cells..

Especially when they have fever..

When you starve yourself.. Those stem cells can't grow because the opposing force called infection won't let the ones you have mature and help you survive..

You need food to

develop new stem cells

and mature the ones you have

and release the ancient ones..

And you still stay alive..

What you see in nuclear families with grandparents is what your body is going through..

In families, you're saying goodbye to grandma.. And you're trying to mature and your kids are trying to grow up..

You need to do that in your body.. So you stay alive.. So you don't become grandma that is expendable..

But the people who advocate people fasting during this pandemic, they are starving you out and those stem cells.. And they won't let you mature enough to save yourself..

So you become ancient and expendable extremely fast.. And then vital organ failure.

And so many people are advocating people take herbs during these times..

But you don't hear anyone say eat and poop and sleep and rest and avoid treating disease if possible.

That's so easy it's hard.. People are used to being complicated.. They take a billion pills..

Constantly trying to find the right combination of foods.

Their life is so complicated, they can't imagine staying alive being so easy..

Life is not easy when you have been so complicated for such a long time..

Overtime shit gets easier if you understand.. Most people choose not to understand..

So life will always be hard regardless of what they do..

I like dante.

He gets it. Too bad he is dead..

If you can survive this hell.. And stay alive.. There is such a thing as paradise on earth.. You just have to be strong enough.. And I can't tell you when that will be.. As far as paradise..

Sometimes paradise is just sitting home alone in peace and quiet with your favorite food.

Friends and family are like adjustable rate mortgage contracts..

There is a loose offer.

There is probably a consideration.

And then there is an acceptance.

BUT it's non binding..

Which means people have a lot more leeway to do things they wouldn't do in a binding contract.. That could work for you or against you.. It depends on who is the giver or the receiver.. Even then it's all relative..

When there's so many people around the expectation from your friends and family are minimal.. You are surrounded by a lot of buyers giving you whatever they have.. So the interest rates are low..

Everybody is living high on the hog..

As soon as the climate starts changing.. Life expectancy is cut short, friends and family start dwindling because of the accelerated rates of cancer disease chronic illness or life in general, and then the interest goes up in your friendship, aka rate of maintenance levels go up..

That's called inflation.

When inflation is high, the government raises rates to deter borrowers from taking loans in an effort to reduce spending. The current price of goods might skyrocket by the time the borrower pays it back. This will reduce the lender's purchasing power. When the demand for credit is high, so are interest rates.

You then become the judge jury and executioner to your friend. You become on call.. You become everything people represented when they had a huge friend base.. You become that person's everything.. In other words , the rates go up and the people who are left holding the bag become bankrupt..

Some people sell every share they have and they take a loss..

Other people will keep paying until they go bankrupt.. Or they just walk away.. And cut their losses.

Why do you think people say that having a huge friend and family base means that you're rich..

You might not have a lot of money but you have a lot of friends.. Because those friends convert themselves into cash.. Into something you can live on.. Until they are used up and you too.

You really don't want to know why people are your friends and people don't want a face that reality.. They say they have real friends..

I don't think they even know what that means.. Fake and real are perceptions..

Everything becomes conditional.. quid pro quo..

What if you found out the reason why they're your friend is because they're lonely.. That's the only reason why they are your friends.. Or they have what you want and you're willing to barter.. But that's as far as it's gonna go, assuming you can afford to barter..

You thought it was deeper than that..

Sometimes it is just because people are lonely..

When your friends and family base dries up, will you be a friend to yourself finally..?? Will you do for yourself what you did for your friends and family?

Will there be anything left for you??


With an adjustable-rate mortgage, the initial teaser rate is generally only for the first few years, and then it begins to adjust periodically. Once the rate begins to adjust, the changes to your interest rate (and payments) are based on the market, not your personal financial situation.

Time is money

Your time is valuable.

Your time is worth something.

I remember watching other kids, other than who i was in charge of, when I was a nanny.

Stay at home Mothers who were tired of watching their own children would drop their kids off at the house and call it a play date, then I would have to watch bunch of kids even though I was paid to watch one child..

But some mothers take advantage of that.. Especially if their friends have nannies.. Luckily that didn't happen a lot..

She dared me to say no.. I never would.. Because how would that look..

But I can see some people would take advantage of those situations.. Especially if that child is an only child..

Your time is valuable.. You should charge for your time. Especially watching other people's children..

Maybe she is teaching her children the value of money.. Friends cost money.. Taking care of your friends cost money.. Everything has a value.. We want to live in a fantasy world that everything is for free.. Or should be free. Sadly that's not the reality.. There's a price to pay for everything.. People think that's being money hungry..

No. Your body has to convert the energy to deal with people.. The energy converts into politics religion science food your time even disease.. If something happens people sue other people.. For damages. Even if they don't sue you.. Somebody pays for something. Who is always paying.. Why..

What's the exchange for goods and services even the time. Biological verbal business contracts. What are your exchanging for your time..

When you realize how expensive friends can be.. You start living a lifestyle you can afford..

Note: I posted this as a public comment. I don't imagine I'll get any new fans. I don't expect to

The people who laugh at this comment probably are the ones who expect you to take care of their children.. And call it a play date.. Because they are entitled for their children to be anywhere they choose them to be.. And you should accept their children and them without question and for free.. Because they have children..

That's why our society is so predatory because the parents become entitled just like their own children.

And i've seen enough proof in my lifetime.. It's miserable when you have parents who throw their weight around and used their children as leverage.

Friends don't keep score.. That's what they say.. Of course not. Friends become another expense.. Another bill with no contract.. It's like an adjustable rate market.. It might be cheap in the beginning.. But at the end you cannot afford it.. The bill becomes astronomical.. People go bankrupt.. Then they die for their friends.

Somebody commented.. You have to buy your friends..?

Everybody does..

People don't come for free.. There's a price to pay to have your friends.. It just doesn't come into a formalized bill.. It's always being on call.. It's an adjustable rate mortgage.. And if you don't hold up being there for them, they leave you.. So you always have to keep proving your worth to them.. It might be voluntary in the beginning.. Then it becomes habit..

Until you go bankrupt.

All friendships have fine print.. And there are expectations. And you must be able to afford them.. It doesn't matter what the expectations are.. You have to make room for them.. and those expectations become out of control..

All of a sudden you become a disciple.. And there's a price to pay to be somebody's disciple..

That's why you get into iron clad contracts with people you have a contractual relationship with. And there are specific expectations and even evolution that must happen within that relationship.. And they are spoken.. They are not assumed. There are no assumptions.

Friendships are assumptions.. Friendships have a lot more expectation, with no equitable agreement.. And there is nothing holding anyone accountable except for loose commitments..

And sometimes grand gestures to keep you first disciple..

I see nothing wrong with people's positions.. What concerns me is most people think their way is the only way.. We can have different ways..

People don't need to be vicious about it.

Vicious intellectualism is a term used by William James to describe the act of detaching an analogy from reality or forgetting that it is a guide to reality. It can also be described as the conscious or unconscious assumption that affirming a truth implies negation.

And when people virtue signal by professing to sacrifice their bank account body and mind and spirit to somebody else and a child.. That's the ultimate manipulation of throwing your weight around using your child as leverage..

That child becomes money to you.. Sometimes that money turns into virtue signaling meaning you are entitled to have something for free simply because you have a child..

If you intend to take somebody's time.. They should charge you for that time.. Especially if they ask you for something in return.. Everything does come down to dollars and sense.. You're not william buffet.. Most people are not philanthropists.. But they sure try to act like one.

Even though the experts promoted climate change, maybe some didn't know how it was going to affect everything..

Maybe they did and maybe they didn't..

If we have deniers out there who don't even think climate change exists.. I can't assume that even experts knew how everything was going to react..

Maybe some did know, but you have no idea who they are? Maybe some videos from a long time ago did say that controlling the population would be through vaccines.. That could mean controlling the rate of cancer growth.. But you don't know if it's going to mitigate it or promote it..

It's all relative to how you perceive what control and regulation means and does.. People use oncology to control cancer populations.. People use vaccines to control cancer populations.. Or populations in general..

But what does that actually look like..

It doesn't always mean the actual rate of diagnosis and death was the intention..

Or were they promoting cancer vaccines.. Even then.. Every therapy is suspect during climate change..

The system understands word play.. They understand people listen with certain intentions.. They listen through certain belief systems. They listen through the context of that specific situation that could be taken out of context..

And that's how the system gets everybody who promotes a very narrow belief as well as make claims and accusations..

You don't know what people knew and when they knew it or what the context of that situation was and is..

Which is why when my information evolves I let you guys know immediately.. I say things have changed.. This is what this could mean.. I don't make you believe what I believe.. I just give you another option.. All you get are choices and then you choose from the options presented to you..

Sometimes the price of human connection could be your death.. So now it depends on what kind of connection you have with other humans..

You could be dragging behind you dead weight..

Maybe it is time to be more discerning when it comes to human connections..

If you found out that your connections to humans in one way, could be deadly to you.. Would you find a different way to connect with people?

Is death enough of a deterrent for people to change..

Not really.

People hold onto the trauma like they communicate with ghosts of the past.

They can't let go..


when you only point out the +1 not the -1 means the context wanted a specific tangible answer based upon the storyline.

and vice versa

aka confirmation bias

but to get to the positive you had to employ the negative, and vice versa..

So you can't stop what's going on.. But you can save yourself.

To get to the positive a lot of negative must happen.

Be the one to save yourself..

When a tornado obliterates a town . The ones that survive have another chance . The ones that don't it doesn't matter

they're gone..

That's what you're up against..

Be the 1

2 survive

You can't save anyone overseas from foreign wars..

They have to save themselves .

You need to save yourself

The west has been given so many chances to save themselves by being given indicators of DANGER.

If you choose to ignore them.. Who's to blame. You are to blame.

If you choose to misappropriate what danger is, that was your choice to believe all food was poisoned..

You chose. You don't have enough discernment to survive.

And so your outcomes are your intentions based upon what you chose to believe.

Again you're always given a choice.

Survival is conditioning.. It's not something you just acquire.

It's a conditioning .

Before you think the afterlife is a beautiful thing.. Make sure you're not being justified to pass away for your friends and family

Sometimes reincarnation means you will be a ghost haunting people, places and things that you have unresolved issues with.. And then the people you haunt are forced to bring in a third party to annihilate the energy. Because maybe they moved into your house that you died in.. And you're trying to claim ownership..

So they are forced to chase you away .

Or at least chase you away temporarily..

If you can't get rid of the spirits in your body mind and spirit and house.. Then you hope somebody can help quell and dissolve that energy in your house/body.

You can't always block things but you have to reinforce your own immune system to keep those demons away..

If you can't protect yourself nobody can..

Eventually you will disintegrate into the universe.. Or be stuck in purgatory.

That's the story that was never told you..

You have the freedom to explore that.

When you are different, like Greg/Gaylord Focker, having to fit into a conservative family like Deniro who keeps antagonizing him with the notion he must fit into the circle of trust, Greg is mocked, ridiculed for being a male nurse, and even FROZEN OUT when his attempts to fit in backfires..

THE circle of trust is like a gang of people who will annihilate anyone who does not fit in..

The Fokkers, or Meet the Parents is like walking into a pit of vipers..

deadly deadly marrying into any family or group of friends..

ben stiller's character is like many outsiders who suffered under the brutality of the king/queen bees who intend to destroy people..

it is phucking brutal watching people kiss the rings..

which is why walking away from everything and just having acquaintances might actually save your life..

you can watch people die trying to fit into the group think desperate to please their audience, parents, friends and family..

i won't..

i won't be enslaved or enslave others..

you are free to be whomever you want and you still get my respect and you have nothing to prove to me.

I honor you for you..

regardless of your politics, religion, science or sexual orientation.

I don't always agree with everybody and who does?

I still respect you until you give me a reason not to..

I'll let the law decide justice if that's what it calls for..

But I like learning about you and your culture.. I like communicating my observations..

I like the freedom to do that..

And I still can respect you in your position..

I like giving everybody a choice.. I like having the freedom to do that..

Note: the example can also be switched around and liberals can be just as viperish as conservative.

The example is no one is allowed to be different when involved with families and friends..or else suffer ridicule and abuse.

evolution and change is frowned upon..

so when the system finally allows change, all groups get broken up, even the family.

When the system is taking away your ability to pay back the student loans such as laying off millions of people in the technology sector, restaurant industry, etc, of course they will relax on the repayment of student loans or make the payments relative to the income..

if the govt gave you debt, hurdle free debt, they can take it away..

honor the system who gave you life and shut up.

Advice to Innovators Out There, Regardless of Age

It is one thing to invent/develop or even capitalize on your strengths, but be very careful being so greedy that it becomes impossible to quit while you are ahead.

Once you get a taste of pleasure and paradise and adoration, even a windfall, the system will suck the life out of you and you won't survive your gifts..

The gifts you give to the world could be the curse and your demise and will inevitably be used against you..

I learned that very quickly the last 7 years.

Learn how to pull back and quit when you are ahead.. or else be the sacrificial lamb..

I learned that in the Jilly Juice World..

have an escape plan ready when the time is right..

My world, the J World, not the Jjuice, but the J world is the parachute, if you can find the cord.

In my opinion. Your mind must be like a parachute.. It must be opened to save yourself..

Or be stuck in a loop of trauma haunting a person place or thing, to eventually one day be scattered into the wind, even your energy, your spirit..

A closed mind stays in trauma even in the afterlife..

I escaped what could have been my demise through fame and infamy and notariety.. I learned how to evolve and you can never ever sell pain and suffering to anyone..

That's what saved me.. I was not trying to save anyone else anymore..

So I walked away from society..

I am done with humans trying to save each other to death..

If i'm not involved with you you can't blame me for anything..

Bye felicia.. I like being on my own.. With acquaintances. And I serve my government..

The three levels of entropy..

There are different levels of entropy via EVOLUTION

The first level is evolving to live,

the second level is evolving to die,

the third level is the spirit is dissolved into the universe or be stuck in purgatory, looping, even in the afterlife.

Which is why all the different mediums find ways to dissolve the pain and suffering and the trauma in that area to give the living some peace from the dead..

Your life and my life matters..

paranormal oncology is when the mediums dissolve the energy that was stuck in a loop of trauma and now no more suffering and no next world to go off into because the energy is scattered into the wind..

that ghost born from trauma was the last moment of that person's life became the afterlife .

And that energy is stuck in a loop until a paranormal medium dissolves it..

Ghosts are residual energies of past lives stuck in a loop of suffering..

All the ghost shows try to dissolve the energy , essentially they are taking away the pain and suffering of the after life of that person.. Essentially dissolving even that energy.. So the living is not haunted by the past..

There is nowhere to go except here.. Or be

scattered literally into the universe.. But not as you were when you left this earth,..

And hopefully you get a chance to restart the clock.

Is it ethical to trap a traumatized spirit in a box? When you trap spirits in devices so you can communicate with them.. You're trapping trauma..

what is absolution: savior/satan

someone you can give credit to, never yourself, and someone to blame, so you never have to take responsibility

that is politics, religion and science and wars.. the micro-macro level..

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