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Smart dust to the world was like salt to the J World 8 years ago

So the system is expediting what already is set to happen at some point.

People's demons are not allowed to be released because of all the remedies. So people die suddenly or self implode especially when the smart dust is activated aggressively.

Yep the smart dust activated what was already set to happen. So.. parents who have very little issues or a lot more body to them have a better chance in surviving the immune system activation via Smart dust

The system is setting free the slaves of your family

If you don't want to suffer the system will end your suffering at your own hand.

People develop demons and they don't control their demons and now the demons have to be set free because they will suffer

because you parents didn't understand what the f*** you were doing ..

Pet owners don't know what the f*** they're doing either.

That's why everyone gives away their offspring to some authority because they don't know what they're doing and they're proving it.

Sometimes you think some Guru on Facebook is some type of authority figure that you give yourself and your children away to by taking advice from strangers.

I don't care how you justify it. At this point everybody is on notice and good luck to you but now I understand what the system is doing.

And if you don't get it and you're in the J World you never meant to get it you were just shining me on

The J world is not half ass let me look cute and act like I understand no you have to exemplify understanding.

The J world is an evolution that most people will not get not even those in the J World maybe one or two people get where I'm coming from and that's it.

Now I f****** get it.

There's a specific personality type that will not get it because of how much damage they sustained and how many demons they hold within..

And I will say it was and is the beautiful beautiful girls who will have an issue with this because of who they have to cater to.

Sorry pretty girls maybe you're not meant for this

Highly sexualized women will have an issue with this information

highly highly sexualized women will have an issue with this.. because that's the demon that's running them and that's why they have animals and children and pets.

That demon took them over. Wow wow wow

Beautiful girls attract demons. They can't release that demon.. they have no incentive to because they get so much return on that investment of attracting strangers and social capital

Some of you are Lyra and you hold a lot of demons.

And yeah your children are representation of the Demons you held at the time of conception and now you're forced to deal with them.

You better read this whole post because we are in exactly what this whole post is describing

Which is probably why the orcas are attacking fishing boats because they know that's danger and that's what caused a lot of misery in their home.

Which is also why children suffer because they're also being held captive and forced into slavery.

Just imagine what your girls feel like when Daddy is telling her she needs to go have a family and have a baby so mommy or grandmother gets her grandchildren

But mommy doesn't give a s*** and neither does daddy cuz they have nothing else to lose they already lost their lives so they might as well pass on the misery to their offspring and call it a Rite of Passage.

Wonderful we get to deal with the Fallout

That's what I'm saying, family uses their offspring as f****** social capital and the girls and boys are sent into slavery and so are the pets but nobody gives a s***..

And so everybody is suffering in a family and everyone's under the Influence because they don't understand where the suffering comes from.

You f****** contribute to it

Animals and children know they're being bred for some f***** up s*** and the parents don't care because the parents are making money off their own children.

And then the parents feel obligated to see everything to the very end because their community make sure they suffer. Which I understand, but my God, somebody has to stop the bleeding

The animals know and I'm sure they're tired of being held captive I don't care how you justify it.

The animals know.

And this is not about if the animals know a good person versus a bad person because that's another f****** b******* maneuver.

The animals know they're not supposed to be anyone's pet or family as you call it

But like you they were bred to be a Slave.

Until you learn how to set them free and yourself free. Some of you will be rest in peace others of you will finally realize the b******* you contributed to

Yes the system is cleaning up Earth. And there are people who know what the system needs and it knows it needs to have amazing people on this Earth and you can choose to be f****** amazing but it is Ultimate Survivor.

Now I really understand why my background of Vietnam war was an amazing foundation if I could get out of my own way.

I don't know if the system actually knew what I was going to turn out to be but I had a 50/50 chance to f****** survive everything that I encountered the last 49 years of my life.

And that's what you're heading into is some pretty f***** up crazy war torn times and some of you I know it's impossible for you. Some of you already know the days are numbered that's why you're resisting so hard because you know deep in your gut if you do try to survive it'll be f****** painful. It's not impossible but how many in your world are willing to buy into your own Survival.

And that's a very hard pill to swallow when you know the people around you will not support your survival and so you are stuck resisting until the very end.

Some of you have a chance and everyone out there will be a lesson of what to do and what not to do. I'm not trying to be a doomsdayer but you already see the writing is on the wall. It's not a mystery anymore

it's in your face.

Smart dust is everything and it is the salt to your world that I hope you understand how to respond to.

And yeah the Golden Compass was correct the animals are your little demons your alter egos that you will suck the life out of and they will suck the life out of you and everybody will be suffering trying to keep each other alive or watch each other disappear or deteriorate.

The Golden Compass was everything going on right now if you can understand and read between the lines. Nicole Kidman kicked ass in that movie

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