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Deadlock is a Jail in Your Belief and Resistance IS Futile Make Sure You Enjoy Your Own Jail

When I resist and counter someone's death spells on me then i'm deadlocked in my life which is great because i'm pro life and they are deadlocked in their death their spells of death until they figure out how to assimilate.. And stay alive

When I resist death I stay in life and when people resist life they will end up dead because that's what they intend.. Resistance is futile

If you don't understand what you're resisting you will resist the life that you want and be constantly suffering and miserable thinking you are saving the world. When you haven't even saved yourself The main take away.. Don't f*** with your own central processing unit to the point of destroying yourself.. And don't f*** with the CIA or the FBI or the American government..

You are severely outnumbered And out maneuvered.... Learn how to assimilate and evolve..

Blow your nose from your diaphragm

She believes her mother 'exploited her' Drew Barrymore..

Look up the word:


Look up the word:


Read all definitions and contexts.

Things you should know: What are newton's three laws: google it.

The three laws of thermodynamics: google it The Three Laws of Biology: google it

I will work on the Three Laws Opposite of Entropy/heat decline called: The Three Laws of Negentropy (eat/eat/eat) ahahah jk, i will come back to that later.

All you emotional ACTIVIST BLAMING people.. Why don't you take your energy your emotions and channel it through something like learning something new.. Stop resisting everything.. Learn physics.. Learn biology.. Learn chemistry

You have sixty nine trillion chances to redirect..

All those who are fighting for their freedom.. If you're not in jail.. Like literal jail.. You are free but you only go as high as you've been conditioned to go because of your own beliefs systems..

Like a flea in a jar.. Take the lid off. The flea only goes as high as the lid of a jar even though the lid is off the flea will still only jump as high as the lip of the jar.. You've been conditioned.. You were never enslaved except by your own mind.. You were only born a slave because you were told only believe one way and you never questioned it..

The internet has set you free but people are still enslaved.. Because they choose to be.. Freedom fighters don't realize they developed every single cinderblock in their own jail cell..

You have jailed yourself.. You are free.. But you have chosen to jail yourself by wanting to be cured and validated and resisting. Deadlock deadbolt..

If fighting for freedom means losing everyone you know.. That's a good start..

I read a post that someone said they're fight for freedom will mean they will lose a lot of friends.. Right on.. You have the right idea.. But I don't think that is your intention even though it is..

They think their UNCOVERTED friends are putting them in jail with their belief systems

So they will drop their friends WHO don't believe in what they believe.. Okay that is half the battle..

That's the beginning of your freedom..

You have the right idea.. Because maybe it is not just their circle of friends who are infidels are the ones who have jailed them.. Maybe it's everybody around THEM even the ones who also believe the same thing THEY believe are the ones who have jailed THEM the most..

Even the ones that did not convert to their belief system also reinforced the jail because they are trying to resist something that doesn't even exist..

Except in their own head..

When twoo opposing forces are resisting each other they are in a deadlock.

That's a jail!!!

google the definition of:


Here's the kicker Maybe you already know the only way to break free is to get away from the addiction of validation.. And get away from me addiction to resistance..

Maybe it's your own family that has put you in jail..

Think about that freedom fighters

Maybe now it's time to stop resisting because you're getting rid of those who ACTIVELY resist you.. And also reexamine the people around you who you are closest to the most..

Maybe they are the ultimate overseers reinforcing that jail you are trying to break free from..

Are you able to be yourself without fear of repercussions.

Are you free to change without someone trying to corral you back to the stables..

People say yes but I would say that if they did change.. They would be met with resistance..

Most people don't like their friends and family to change..

Which is why when you're in a large family it's very hard to break free..

If you're not happy with politics religion science or the world.

Walk away from everything.. It's not the politics or the religion or the science that you are resisting.

You're resisting the life that you're in..

If you're not happy it's no one's fault but your own..

Set yourself free.. I give you permission but you don't need my permission. You've always had the freedom to leave but you never did..

Just make sure that when you do leave you leave responsibly.. Don't leave a mess behind you..

Because there's a way to leave without destroying other people..

I mean people won't want you to leave but if you're that unhappy to the point of you're destroying the world around you AND YOURSELF because you're that unhappy then YOU gotta leave..

If you're that unhappy that you're willing to destroy your own government.. That's a real major red flag..

And you'll have to figure ALL that out..

And so if you're unhappy.. Whose fault is that..

I'm happy I love my life and I respect my life..

But my goal is not to be happy..

My goal is to live and evolve and learn..

Leaving isn't always the answer but it is for some people..

You know who you are if you're in situations you must leave..

Just be careful..

Many domestic violence situations end up in a bad way.

But your resistance to whatever is a sign that you're not happy with the world that you have developed..

Change was always inevitable..

It's time to start assimilating and adapting to change.. That's evolution that survival.. That's biology..

What do I like.. I like diverse acquaintances.. I like tolerant acquaintances.. Who also could be considered as friends on some level..

Some people I won't cry about losing their friendship and some people woule not cry losing me as their friend..

I completely understand..

I hope you understand too..

But if you're in my world in some way even as an outsider looking in.. You are influential because I know you or known you.. And we both have the luxury of capitalizing on that energy knowing the existence of one another.

So thank you..

Attraction and repel

You see the darkness in others before ourselves..

Then we realized what we attract what we repel is who we are

What is the key to freedom.. Assimilation Given what we discovered the difference between emotional/intelligence and intellectual

CIA (central intelligence)=CENTRAL EMOTIONAL AGENCY

They are trained trigger emotions and also read them..

That's America

Since academia evolves at a very slow rate.. It takes people outside of academia to evolve academia.. But even academics resist anyone questioning their thesis.. And so they are in their own academic intellectual jail.. Failure to launch and evolve..

Academia is central intellectual agencies..

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