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Death for some people is another chance at a different life..

Artificial intelligence..

Death for some people is another chance at a different life.. Not sure if it's Good or bad..

Something to explore...

As you know the premise of the j world is to keep not only your meat suit but also your intelligence in your brain.. Potentially indefinitely..

However... Some people seem to be a bit closer to the other side even while they're walking and awake and living. Which is why it seems that some people can tap into the other world easier and can see things more than just little orbs of light through electronic transmissions..

Sickness is a type of possession.. Which is why people feel Hallucinogenic.. They feel like they're floating.. Potentially even feel detached.. Sickness is not a bad thing... It's a choice of Whether or not you hold that energy within that will then bring you closer to the below.. As above so below....

Did my earlier use of the ouija board open me up to take in all the intelligence of both the waking world and the dead world.. Did it give me the opportunity To be open to new and different cultures and to walk into any society and fit in and not feel afraid.. Even though I never really fit in I had no fear of trying to fit in.. Did it allow me to become a sponge.. A sponge of all the intelligence and then learned how to release the demons in the j world..

I was strong... Enough for it. Even being a starving orphan From war..

Nowadays I feed the energy I get exposed to.. I don't resist... I adapt to all the changes... I am extremely strong and adaptable today.. Which is why life is more preferential than death Or becoming artificial intelligent spirit ..In a computer.

When I say don't worship money don't worship love and don't worship maternal/material wealth.. You see that when love Burns so bright. It is all consuming and people don't know how to manage the love in their life.. And yes they go bankrupt.. Look what happened the last ten years twenty years.. The mortgage crisis.. enron,, companies stealing pensions.. When you are shown to make a lot of money.. Somebody will come and take it.. It has happened over and over again.. But people don't learn.

Which is why you invest in longivity in your own body.. Which is why.. You invest in your brain power.. Because someone will take your body mind and spirit in the energy healing medical holistic world and in the financial world..

american and russian Oligarchs not surviving

The trappings of wealth.. Makes you so Ripe for manipulation.. Having a bunch of children.. Makes you ripe for manipulation

My precious.. Worshipping money wealth.. Social capital.. Makes you a sitting duck.. America.. The last greatest experiment.. After so many years of reproduction you become So desperate for love acceptance and money.. And you see people making money left and right with their large cars fancy houses botox fancy clothes. Inventions... And then when the time is right.. They're coming for it..

silicon valley is being drained of all the money, the innovation, and the social capital... all the money crisis's of the past and present.. all contrived... you are being manipulated to work to death.. as the system keeps squeezing the work/play/children/ Politics religion and science activism. out of you... and then, another crisis, another money grab, like the crypto world.. wall street...

americans... the last greatest experiment, and monumental money grab

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