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Declining People Will Love and Hate You At the Same Time or at Different Times

Just remember: when people are declining, they need way more of your energy than before.

When people are declining, and you are not.. the world will glom onto your energy and cannibalize you, if you let them..

It is deceptive that a declining person has much to give to the world and they think they can afford it, but in reality, the world is sucking the life out of the elderly who also have many followers sucking their life force out from under them..

If you are an elderly or sickly influencer, maybe it is time to sit back, release the demons and replenish the resources you gave away for many years thinking you can eat money and fame and "fortune"..

If you do not convert money, fame, and fortune into food, you are cutting out your own organs and serving them to your friends and family and fanbase on a silver platter. (note: I am NOT talking about "organic" non GMO food, that is self euthanasia aka starving).

We have the perfect environment to convert ourselves back into existence.

We are getting free energy from CERN!! Use it well!!

Use it well, or convert it to your own benefit and when you benefit, the system will also benefit from your energy conversion. If you cannot sustain energy conversion and rapidly decline, then you will not benefit well and neither will the system until you are gone, converted back to a single celled memory of kraken/hydra/amoeba.

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