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Decoding the Superb Owl and the Significance of KC Winning

Why do you think Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and Steve Young and others were so prolific in the eighties.. Winning super bowl after super bowl.

Which NFL team won the most Super Bowls in the 80s?

the San Francisco 49ers

Between the 1980 and 1989 seasons, the San Francisco 49ers had the most wins by a team in Super Bowls, with 4 wins.

The sf bay area was the hub of the tech industry.. Biotech.. Computer technology

Why do you think the expensive teams won so many super bowls.. Because that area was economically a winner at the moment.. Or was soon to be a loser.. A major one..

The cowboys and the oil industry..

The east coast center like the new york giants and the new england patriots.. Very expensive club..

Remember the World Series game between Sf Giants and Oakland As and then the 1989 Earthquake.. holy shizzzzz


The world trade center and new york was defeated..

On Sunday, Jan. 28, 2001, the Ravens kept their promise and defeated the New York Giants, 34-7. Ray Lewis earned Super Bowl XXXV MVP honors, as well as Defensive Player of the Year.

Even miami..

I'm sure if you look hard enough. You could find patterns of the economics at the time and who the super bowl winners/losers are and were..

Sometimes a banana is not a banana.. There's a larger back story.. And also a sign for the people in those areas and industries represented by their football club..

You're working with a billion storylines out there.. One day there be one story line and everyone will be on the same page.. And there'll be no reason to debate anything.. Because either your opponents are not alive... Or the evidence is indisputable.

From my vantage point.. Ohio grows young football players.. And then they are parsed out and used as tools if they make it to the big leagues..

And with all the warnings we have given people with like the tower of babble of solutions that work against each other.. That was just a way to keep us distracted into thinking we had some kind of say how to head off the new world order to another direction..

We were used as alarm bells because the system wanted you to believe something was happening because it was happening , and some people had to believe it to prepare for it..

How do you warn people to do one thing when they have told you to do another thing for so many years..

You develop a truth community.. But still there's no guarantee you'll survive the outcome.. Even warning people won't do anything really to save them.. Just getting them prepared..

Yeah , there was nothing you can do and there is nothing you can do

You either have what it takes or you don't, to survive climate change..

And if you have been paying attention , the indicators are there if you're not in a safe place to ride out the changes..

But even then you could be in a safer place than most and you still have a crappy body to deal with.. So even being in a safer area is no guarantee you all will survive if you can't even survive your own immune system..

You want to know why those tickets to the super bowl were so expensive like twelve thousand or up to and even more than two hundred thousand dollars a ticket..

It is not even because of the players.. Football players are grown all over the place..

It is not about the game..

Events like these are for those who are part of the rituals who have the money.. These guys were all evenly matched.. There really is nothing remarkable about people who are trained to play games.. Remember they are professionals.. Watching professionals do what they are supposed to do it's not too remarkable..

There's another storyline attached to football that some people would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for to be part of.. Especially a game as significant as this in the year that we're in..

Remember , I gave you my perspective and storyline based upon everything i've been exposed to the last fifty years .

I had no reason to watch it.. But I wanted to know the score.. I wanted to see the numbers..

And I didn't watch any of it.. I just kept track of the score. I didn't care who made the scores or missed plays..

Brock purdy thought his thirteen aligned with football thirteen.. Boy was he mistaken.. It's not just the numbers you look at it's how they're being used..

No, that was taylor swift's number 13 and you know what she is a symbol of.. (anton lavey) igniting the midwest to be the next trade center..

And I will say ohio will be the one to be reconstructed first, I bet you

but even then I can't be sure.. But after the butler county sheriff, i am almost positive it might kick off here first.

But I digress..

number eleven was the main 9/11

Thirty three and eleven..

The stadium can only hold sixty five thousand people..

When you add the scores up at the end of the game , it came out to be eleven..

This was the kick off to the main events..

Please don't get confused that. Oh gosh they should have given money to the poor and all that stuff..

People say i'm not watching football because it's so overpriced and everything else.. All the poor people need all the money.. bleeding heart republicans and liberals.. Or people watch it for the commercials like advertising the different therapies.. Hating on the spokesman for these companies..

It's way beyond the vaccines people..

That was just the kick off in 2020. After the climate change waking up people's demons warranting the therapies..

It's beyond the vaccines..

There's a larger story that people shield their eyes from. Because it's too crazy for them to even contemplate.. That's why they don't understand numbers and prices.. And try to sanitize it with emotion and religion and politicize events like the super bowl...

No the super bowl is a major ritualistic event.. Those who are part of those rituals who have the money could afford those ticket if they wanted to go.

The average lay person will watch it from their internet or television.. And just be entertained.

You live in a very different world as you obviously have seen..

I could care less about the kansas city chiefs or even the forty niners .

It was the backstory I was more interested in.

I received my confirmation.. If the forty niners would have won.. I would have also explained that away..

But it made more sense that kansas city won.. There's no turning back now.

This whole event was ushering in the new world order.. Especially for the west..

We will all be on the same page at some point..

When that happens you don't want that to happen.. The suffering meant you were alive when you were under the duress of trying to prove to your friends and family we live in a fucked up world..

And I would bet you they still don't believe it.. i will bet you there are laughing at me right now.. So it doesn't even matter.

Once we're on the same page , it will be a rest in peace for many people..

That's why it's kind of a f***** u* thing that people look forward to vindication. But that would mean a lot of things they were afraid of are going to happen..

Vindication is a double edge sword..

Once you do get vindicated it's not going to be a good time..

It's a short lived smugness..

And nobody wins , except for those who are writing the playbook and executing the playbook as we speak..

That's the world's you live in..

I knew they/KC would win, not by the numbers I said five or seven but three is just as good..

Welcome to the new world order..

By the way I didn't watch the game.. i just checked the scores.

See ya Later SF

You had a good run since 1849


In numerology, 11:11 is considered to be a significant moment in time for an event to occur



There's always an angle somewhere and this is definitely an angle worth checking out..

Remember the butler county sheriff warned us what was to come..

Enjoy this party it might be the last for awhile..

I would say kansas city by five or seven..

It is hell living in 5 minutes to midnight.. like a hospice patient hanging on suffering just waiting for it all to end..

don't worry.. that day will come.. the pressure will release.. hugs

One day , all of us will be on the same page and that will be the new world order..

What do you mean the same page.. All of us will see everything for what it is . And be agreement finally..

What kind of agreement.. You'll find out.

once EVERYONE WAKES UP, lockdowns.. as people will resist and go crazy...

That's why the system does this very carefully Because they must support that wake up process very very carefully..

The butler county sheriff is preparing you..

They're letting you know.. And it will happen in waves..

And or simultaneously different for each region..

They have to let you know what they're doing to give you a choice how to respond..

Just f y I.

That's why the conspiracy world happened in waves..

One day the conspiracy world will be THE tsunami of truth .

That will be indisputable.

But at least some of us are conditioned for it..

It has been leading up to it..

One day there won't be a debate whether or not the conspiracy world is a bunch of fucked up people with no future..

It will be unmistakable.. It won't be debatable anymore..

Change does take time and organization

In the meantime enjoy the show..

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