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Deer In Headlights Weather Underground (Biological Weather)

Weather Underground (Biological Weather)

Whenever you leave a relationship that is horrible you sneak out.. Because you don't want to deal with the chaos when you're leaving..

The government is going to sneak in devastation.. Because if they told you what they were going to do you would leave..

Moving targets are not lucrative..

When you want to destroy someone you do it strategically because if you alarm them and tell them you're doing that people would find a different way to do stuff and avoid devastation and destruction..

Your fear of salt and support of the medical system is devastation and destruction.. Your lack of doing anything to pull up stakes in areas like the coasts, Florida, California is strategy of the government so they don't alarm you..

And they can prepare for when the s*** does hit the fan.

They are prepared but you're not..

But they've been warning you for f****** years.. And if you choose not to believe what's going on..

You have no one to blame but yourself..

If you're living on the coastline you think the government's going to tell you something that's going to take out the coastline..

Your calmness your ignorance your traditions are like the orchestra on the titanic..

many people are like a deer in headlights on so many levels.. literally, they cannot move.. literally and figuratively, they refuse to move/change/evolve

Climate Change is like adding more salt to a person who avoids salt..

The last 100 years of salt/energy fear and slow predictable seasons is like eating only sugar but no salt, then add salt when a person least expects it.. instant "scary" energy..


Heart attacks are an indicator you are salt deficient.. too much slow moving debris in your blood vessels..

Heart attacks are like tsunamis. The debris destroys everything in its path. When you don't condition your body to handle energy.. it just takes one EARTHQUAKE or frequency shift.. boom

Watch debris fields in a path of a tsunami..

The answer is not avoiding salt.. but increasing intake (ask your doctor) and condition the body to move your pee and poo and waste CLEANLY OUT of the body or blood throughout THE BODY

The link below is a tsunami storm surge

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