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Demon possession and alchemy..

Demon possession and alchemy..

Ouija board Bible Remember A ouija board is a portal to the other side and if you are weak you could be taken over by malevolent spirits.. Influential spirits.. Playing with alchemy will also leave you open to possession and cancers.

The bible is nothing more than a google for the spirit world.. You will find the scripture that will back up your bias point of view.. Can you look at all sides of an argument without going to a scripture to support your belief system.. Can you understand other religions that may think opposite of you.. Precision of language..

Translation I won't be translating my book into another language because i'm not trying to tell people how to live. I have to leave things open.. Because when you translate a book into another language, you have to have a very specific intention. Instruction. And my book would be difficult to translate without having somebody Or a translator putting their spin on what they think I am trying to say. I don't want somebody translating my book into another language misinterpreting my intentions.

As you translate a book from one language to another especially from English to another language. You have to have such precision of language that you could be coming off as a god.. That's not my intention.. nuances and leaving people choices gets lost in the translation.. The english language is a language that could cast spells on cultures especially if you know how to use the words.. Which is why it was easy to convert people into catholicism in indigenous countries..

Which is why missionaries are not welcome in some indigenous countries.. Because what is your intention.. Your intention is to convert people.. enslave them

Children/Cures/jj/herbologists Religion orbs the spirit world Negative positive entities attaching to you..

Why are younger children more apt to see spirits.. Because they are still growing into their potential attracting what they predominately came from.. Some kids came from trauma.. Hold so much residual past information..

But as they grow up in the world they release the old world and develop their current reality.. Which is why they don't see as many spirits as they get older..

As they decline Or start releasing demons people start seeing stuff..

When you have children.. spirits are attracted to children.. Possession..

No different than messed up adults attracted to something they can easily possess.

No different than certain relationships.. one person trying to take over another person.. Is trying to convert them..

That's the epitome of parent child relationships.. Which is why you see a lot of parent child violence..

Which is why you must be careful with your energy.. Alcohol and drugs.. Makes it easier for negative spirit possession..

The medical system.. High up in the medical and holistic system.. They understand possession.. It's called chronic disease.. people don't look at chronic conditions as a possession

But it is a type of possession...

When you are strong strong person.. You can handle a little bit of playing with the spirits.. That's called alcohol . And not succumb to possession .

But if you abuse it.. All bets are off .

J world.. You release the demons...

One thing about being raised in the land of the reformed cults

You realize every meaning applied to an energy is the politics religion and science dogmas..

You have the freedom to believe whatever you want..

Just don't try to ram and convert somebody into your religion

Represent They will convert themselves if they choose

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