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Demonology Comes from fertility..

Demonology Comes from fertility.. That's why you be careful of alchemists out there.. The demonology of fertility.. Developing very aggressive Sexual orientations.. Even the straight people.. Developed some very aggressive sexual orientations.. Not to mention every other sexual orientation out there abusing all orifices..

Now look how you are raising your children and what you are forcing them into when they become older..

Just by the programming during their childhood.. It's not what the system is teaching them in school.. It's also what you are condoning at home.. What you will be forcing them into as far as sex and love, only fans and relationship and children and family..

In this environment the demons are so much more prominent and more aggressive and deadlier..

The medical system and the holistic system acknowledge the demons in children by calling children crotch Goblins..

if you are promoting "crotch" goblins to get v@accinated, you are acknowledging children are the demons in our society.. and you might also be harboring them in your own house, body, mind, spirit.

Ectoplasm sexuality fertility Microbes/Disease/Cancer

Read it and con/sider the relationship

I'm telling you there is so much of the spirit world within alchemy.. Fertility.. Demons.. Demon possession.. And all the different sexual orientations all of them..

And then having children.. And why there is so much sexual predation everywhere..

I see this post about trauma bonds and marriage and relationship And single people..

If you're an activist against anybody commenting on their page, a public page going after a person place or thing and blame them for the world's problem..

Being single doesn't make you better.. You already have the trauma bond of attacking the world..

And you have agreement with your friends list..

If you're single with a friend's list with a very specific activist political stance..

You've already been trauma bonded..

It's probably a gift to youre single.. Because you would destroy your mate..

I've seen this around.. I never read it.. I'd just see some naked chick going upstairs..

I finally did read it..

People project all the time..

People who are single wish they knew how to have a relationship with the world and somebody else.. They wished they knew how to develop their own boundaries..

And so if you truly believe in being single with no trauma bonds..

Renounce every single activist stance you have.. Stop blaming people.. And develop something fucking amazing for the world..

Not take away from the world.

When youre single learn how to have a relationship with yourself..

And if you are in a committed relationship and it's worth cultivating And evolving.. learn how to be a partner to somebody else..

Single people wish they found someone amazing.. And since they can't they project on the married people..

And if you love being single.. You wouldn't have a lot of friends.. And you wouldn't be religious or political..To fill in the holes.. Literally and Figuratively..

People don't know what they're breeding in our society.. And it's pretty scary when you see those entities.. And yes the man can give off so much crazy energy.. The woman holds it.. Incubates it..

And then out comes.. A demon a child.. That needs to be controlled and trained.. Trained into what..

Men also incubate energy that will influence anything it penetrates..

But it is the woman who holds the energy the entity.. And she's choosing to have children..

That's what the problem is.. What are people training their children to do..

All the alchemy obviously influences the energies within the family.. And then the wars.. And it is scary..

Just watch your facebook..

All the alleged energy healers.. Passing on the demons.. As well as absorbing demons..

That's why they're so hypnotic and all about love and empathy..

Seduction.... Gorgeous males and females selling you protocols.. Developing more fertility.. in you and them because they do their own protocols..

Which is why I still advocate releasing the demons on your own.. Because when you elicit help from other people.. You could be taking on their demons..

Developing new ones..

And so the war of saving yourself.. Can be a deadly when you are overridden by so many different demons..

Demonology is in every single religion and spiritually.. And the health and wellness industry.. As the system tries to control your demons..

Obviously if you're too weak to release the demons on your own.. You must have help from a doctor..

The state sanctioned demon slayer.. And you might actually have to be sacrificed because the demon was just too strong..

And there are protocols around that in the medical surgical system..

This is why I say don't let shit get that bad..

It's scary how possessed people actually are in our society..

Holy shit.

Aerosolized Ectoplasm

When you walk into a crowded room or crowded spaces. This is what you are inhaling and you don't even know it.. Some people get sick from it.. Other people get certain kinds of awakenings.. Some people die suddenly.. And this also causes sexual diversity fertility and sexual reproduction..

In a highly activated environment this type of thing is accelerated.. Whereas before it wasn't as influential..

Right now the environment is that influential

When you have activated your immune system, your body will release anything excessive and potentially possessive..

People inhale diverse aerosolized ectoplasm And this is what ages them as well as it what makes them bigger and bigger and also cause disease if they don't understand how to release those demons..

That's why my information is so important if you can handle a type of exorcism.. Believe me i'm not as crazy as you think I am..

I understand the science world and the spirit world are two sides at the same coin..

That's the best way I can explain it.. Believe me I can't even believe I understand this shit.

And the ectoplasm is also what causes people's cancers.. The INVADING spirit developed its own energy and form and its fast moving.. That's why the aggressive oncology can be deadly to those who don't have what it takes.. Skinny people will have a hard time.. I can assure you.

And sometimes the energies inside of people possess them causing bad choices and reactions to all the triggers in the environment

That's why the medical system exists to control the possession in people.. Sometimes they make it worse and you have to be put down gently and humanely.. Sometimes people make it worse on themselves.. And they have to be put down gently and humanely as possible..

It's fucking crazy..

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