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Develop the Milk Gene, if Not, Bye! CREAM/MILK Is immortality

my mother said that she protein loaded me as a child... starving orphan from Vietnam, given so much high protein/Gerber baby cereal. when I needed milk, not so much protein.. not milk loaded me.. i should have been milk loaded not so much protein loaded, but a balance of both but there was a reason... when you are all about the protein/soy/plant/animal you are programmable to eventually self destruct after the system uses you.. all by design.. which is why ONCOLOGY DOES NOT FEED YOU.. the holistic system starves you.. all by phucking design. now you know. at the 11th hour i hope you survive your own belief systems.. good luck i finally figured out X in my world and the whole world in general.. i solved for x... DONT CRAP ON THE MESSENGER.. reconsider your POLITICS RELIGION AND SCIENCE DOGMAS IF NOT, STFU... YOU are being given a choice.. you have chosen or are choosing..

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