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Devil = Accountability We are the in the Days of Noah and the Demons of Accountability

Devil = Accountability We are in the days of noah and the demons of accountability..

You want to know what happened six thousand years ago and why we had the flood..

Look at your community today..

Traditionalist.. Are the temporary people .

The jay world grew a very different branch.. On the tree of life.

Parents.. When you can acknowledge, you do not own your kid. And you can't guarantee they will live through all this, and you've accepted that. And you realize your children belong to the state.. You're just given privilege to watch over them for at least eighteen years.. Then you can truly save yourself.. And realize you have no power of your children.. Because you can't make them not feel pain or feel pain..

They must go to a doctor if it ever gets that bad. Many things are out of your control parents.. If you can't get it traditionally.. Go the non traditional route.. And knock everyone socks off.. Because traditionalists' handicap was what they were limited to in their traditions.

YOU were never limited in the traditions.. You had the freedom.. you just never knew it..

Non traditionalists are the most free people ever..

And non traditionalist know how to play the game.. Because they had to learn the traditions and also develop a different route..

Traditionalist never developed anything but what was given to them.. So they have a hard time developing their own path.. They always have to follow somebody else's path..

And so when you know how to play both sides of the fence..That's a power nobody can take away from you..

And even though traditionalists may seek to keep you out of their club.. Traditionalists also have many blinders on.. And they will do themselves in because of that..

And so if you are a non traditionalist.. Be very proud somebody gave you the freedom.. Because your traditional friends are enslaved and they have a hard time changing..

If it's even possible..

Please do not recommend any type of remedy on my page.

When people do not allow their body to express and they don't release the demons.. They just pushed the genie back in the bottle.

I don't want anyone recommending people push the genie back in the bottle.. Read my book if you want to understand my thought process

But you do not have any license to recommend cures to anyone on my facebook.. I don't care how much it worked for you.. Because anytime you have pushed the genie back in the bottle it didn't work for you.. You just have a very temporary stay of execution.. Another frequency, growth is going to happen and you have to let it go free.. But if you don't have what it takes to deal with it.. I can't recommend you dealing with your cancer or anything else..

So nobody speaks on the matter about what we should do about our disease..

I have a book that gives me a way without using anything.. That I have done.. But because I have a book on my page.. Does not give you a license to then recommend something to me or anyone on my page.. It is not your place.. Even if you're a doctor nobody on here is your patient. anarchists.. live here..see how you survive..

lol.. all of you privileged suburban western people do NOT know how good you actually have it.. smh

you have food water, space and safety and law and order.. and if you are in a dangerous area you will have to strategize your way out..

everything is relative.. so what the hell are YOU resisting? you became too comfortable, too entitled, not very self aware or geopolitically aware.. just like a child.. just like an immature child

now you see why we are in a great reset.. some of the westerners have lost perspective.. and deteriorating..and have become extremely predatory.. and so the system is cleaning up society..

and yet you still get a choice..

how about them apples?

What is the condition in Haiti today? The current situation in Haiti is dire, with 5.2 million people in need of humanitarian aid due to mounting sociopolitical instability, gang violence, and a cholera epidemic. Gang-related crimes in Haiti have reached an alarming level, with increasing violence, armed robberies, and kidnappings. May 23, 2023

When those in the first world are afraid of the food supply purposely starving to death demonizing food and intolerant to food..

you are an embarrassment to the first world..

there are people starving in third world countries and you are so privileged that you do not even need food.. Or feel so entitled, it should be prepared in the way you want it to be prepared in.

Shameful. Extremely shameful.

when you finally put things in perspective.. intolerant entitled men/women and children who cannot handle air, food and water..

embarrassment to the first world..

and selling anti life protocols ON top of that to their friends and family in fear of flu and covid..

complete embarrasment..

I can't even feel sorry for you anymore.. You did it to yourself.. You are doing it to yourself..

You had seven years with my information.. And you still kept resisting.. And you wanted to listen to all the professionals that you said you disagreed with..

You did it to yourself. it must be nice to afford being picky about food.. it must be nice to afford to starve and blame someone for it. iT MUS be nice to afford protesting a govt who gave capable people access to so much..

it must be nice to afford to be addicted to controlled substances..

it must be nice.


now you know WHY the great reset.. the west became way too big for its britches.. now it is time to eat humble pie..

many of you will go down swinging..hitting air..

thank you for your service. shame is another psychological operation.. I am "shaming" you guys to reconsider and save yourself..

i use my "powers" for good.. i really do.. My parenting state of existence will only last so long once I get it out

I might be in this parenting state of existence for 7 years.. Until my next book is out in publication..

I am aware of my current state of existence

I'm in parental mode.

I am aware.. And it's what my body needs.. Cause I have juvenile cells in my body resisting.. How do I know they are resisting..

That's the nature of children.

Get it out. Get what out.. Your frustrations in a very safe avenue

Fifty years old.. Your second chance at life.

Everything is right in this world now..

New endings new beginnings..

I'm glad some people are finally moving on with their life. Away from all the bullshit.

I completely honor you.. Write the fuck on.

Sometimes you have to sit in twenty years of hell to finally get out of it.. You broke the spell.. Now you get to define yourself.

It's a crazy world out there and you are so lucky you are surviving it.. Enjoy everything. Learn your lessons.. Enjoy your life. I know I am.

I'm being cryptic cause i'm not trying to be completely obvious.. I just talked to someone I haven't talked to in a long ass time.. And i'm so glad everything is going the way it's supposed to.

Fuck yeah.

There is always two sides to every single story.. Someone may have put you through hell, and you have probably put them through hell..

Now it's time to disengage.. And reflect back on everything you ever contributed to..

The gift is hell.. So then you can reflect.. And potentially make different choices if you survive hell..

Many of you are in hell right now.. And your second chance at life is a gift for you to make different choices.. So you don't end up like your parents.. Your friends.. Your family..

Sometimes people need to go to hell to understand hell is the accountability.

It is the devil taking his due.

Hell is the mirror..

Some of you will not survive hell.. Because you're too far gone.. Some of you will survive the hell that you're in.. And you will make such different choices..

Every single one of us is being held accountable for our choices in life..

And every choice you make lays the groundwork for the hell that you're in and where you will go in the future.

And that's why the catholic church is so Influential..

They are showing you through absolution.. You might get all the money fame beauty and the baubles..

But you will pay with your life..

But the average age that people tend to break the spell of their childhood.. Is around forty and fifty.. And you get to reflect if you survive.. It's not a coincidence that about fifty years ago, it was the end of the vietnam war and in the middle of a turbulent seventies..

We are in a great reset, and we are reflecting back all the way to the nineteen sixties.. The irony the coincidence does not escape me.. Fifty years.

That's the hell that you're in right now.. You have to reflect on every single choice you have made. And then where you think you want to go in the future..

And the thing about accountability is.. You never know when it shows up.. And I mean that allegorically.. NONE OF US Are judge jury AND executioner..

The environment holds all of us accountable for the choices we have made.. All we do is watch what the environment does to those who have made their choices in life.. Many of us have recorded our behaviors and posted our behaviors. Not knowing what it would be like in the future. When we look back on what we have done and said. Even in jest.. Some of you will never learn your lessons.. Because nobody is holding you accountable.. And you can't see what you're doing. Until you decide to see what you're doing..

And so now when you look back to what you were before ten years ago.. Do you have the insight to be ashamed of your behaviors when you didn't know any better.. Or will you always say that you were right every single time you made a choice even with very limited information?

I have recorded every single reaction ever since the beginning of the j world.. And I will tell you I was a monster back then full of rage..

And I had to release that rage.. And through that release process I channeled my gifts into something amazing for me.. And potentially give the world a different path..

Everybody has a choice.. But you have to be able to be open enough to choose.. All those demigods.. Nephilim Children..

All the greek gods we're a type of mortal humans.. And they procreated.. Some were very chaotic.. And had to be released.. Some stuck around.. Some had to be released and bio engineered again..

The catholic church and all those reliefs and statues.. That was the old world being held a countable for breeding such chaos in the world..

Those were the nephilim .. They were the accountability.. The catholic church is reminded every day at the vatican.. What the world was like six thousand years ago.. And they know what they developed it in this world.. today

And they will clean it up.. We are in a great reset..

And they will control the chaos and allow diversity.. But they will control the chaos..

Remember star trek and star wars.. All different creatures co habitating together..

Where did they come from.. We don't know.. We might know.. We may never know..

But I can bet you we are the nephilims children..

And the system is in the process of nature and nurturing out the monsters inside of us after they've developed them and seen how bad it can get..

You want to know what happened in the days of noah.. Way back when..

Look at your society today..

John Oakes said It's also said in the book of Genesis, "Come, let us make man in our likeness and in our image'" ! it's right there, but I do often wonder why the Book of Genesis was the first book to be removed from the bible

and maybe the Nephilim had coitus with monkey types who then became hybridized, bioengineered in the garden of eden developing the current race of men called atom in the (eve)ning.. overnight developing offspring and yes, diversity.. and i bet you they had vaccines 6k years ago and the people resisted change/evolution then war, famine and then the flood and then all the different tribes turning into cultures and religions..

you are the ghosts of the past.. you are the nephilim...and you all have been bioengineered.. some more than others.. HENCE, THE BLOOD TYPES AND RH FACTORS

many theories, choose whatever you want..

but to assume the gender distinctions were that pronounced back then, speaks to how heterocentric people are today.. and so.. while we can assume the nephilim had sex with human "women" on earth back then, who is really to say how distinctive the hormonal distribution was at the time.... study anthropology and you will see why..

nature was and is and has always been a lab creation/evolution..

Maybe all of us are descendants of the nephilim..

Maybe that's why the system is doing a great reset.. And if you can't survive it because of your resistance.. Maybe you are acting like the descendants of those giants.. Maybe you are copying your parents..

Maybe the system was trying to nurture out those tendencies out of your genetic line at some point.

You don't have to be following in your nephilim parents footsteps.. But you choose to be.

Let me throw some scripture at you.

People are too far gone.. Yeah that's what happened six thousand years ago. That's why the system got rid of the giants. No control.. The nefilim were so chaotic.. And I guess their children are as well..

We are in the days of noah because of the nephilim children..

Genesis 6:4 reads as follows: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

In addition to Enoch, the Book of Jubilees (7:21–25) also states that ridding the Earth of these Nephilim was one of God's purposes for flooding the Earth in Noah's time.

You are being given a choice now.. You don't have to follow in your Nephilim parents footsteps.

Take care.. I can pull out scripture just like you can . I don't like to . It's not even my style to throw scripture at people.. But if that's what it takes.

But I think now you get it.

When people don't want to be held accountable they call you the devil..

The devil and satan in catholicism is the accountability..

Oh my god no wonder.. All that forgiveness.. Set you up for failure.

And when parents don't hold their children accountable for the mistakes they've made.. They are developing little demons and devils in the future.. Who will wreak havoc on society.

Now you understand allegory.. It's in your families

D(evil) Dracula Account Dracula Count Dracula

Devil = Accountability

So yeah when you think about it.. I am rosicrucian.. I understand what the system is doing.. I understand the hermetics.. The christian gnostics The jewish mystics.. And the greco egyptian platform..

And even though I say I do not claim a religion.. I live in a world of compilations of religious perspectives balancing the positive and the negative.. The dualities.. The grey areas.. And the need to suffer to live.. hermetics, jewish mystics

The Rose Cross (also called Rose Croix and Rosy Cross) is a symbol largely associated with the legendary Christian Rosenkreuz; Christian Kabbalist, alchemist, and founder of the Rosicrucian Order.

Robert C. Christian The pen name of the man credited with creating the Georgia Guidestones is Robert C. Christian. He paid the Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the stones for some "loyal Americans," but he insisted on remaining anonymous.Jul 5, 2023

In my opinion.. it was a member of the Rosicrucian Order who erected the Georgia Guodestones..

One world religion hybridizing all faiths of particular distinction Interesting Quote

A dog who bites every owner it ever had is disciplined with a firm hand or put down..


Maybe the key thing is not to be owned..

Free yourself.. What if sex is the forbidden fruit? What if herbs and alchemy are the forbidden concoctions.. You still produce offspring at the micro level.. Altering your genetics.

The knowledge of good and evil Madonna /Whore

Instead of asking for forgiveness.. Become a whole person. And evolve without intending to alter your genes? Then you stop aging.. And you stop producing children.. And intend to be the best copy ever. Becoming the best functioning contributing member of society.

And maybe that's why the catholic church says that you are a sinner.. Because original sin is the act of procreation to develop a reproduction that is slightly altered from the original.

Hence, so until the copy becomes whole again, it will always be reproducing the alterations of the original.. Thus weakening that genetic line..

That is why children are a be lessing of you

Less you Be less you Bless you

Be lessing Lessening Blessing Diversity is the future.. You will always have a choice. Maybe it takes a non christian to understand christianity..

And even though I was raised jewish.. Judaism was nurtured into me.. Were there asian jews back six thousand years ago.. There is no specific information as to when Jews first reached Asia Minor, but it was probably not later than the sixth century B.C.E. Evidence is found in Joel (4:4–6) which apparently refers to slave traders of the Phoenician coastal cities.

But I even understand the jewish religion .

And I don't even claim religion.. Because when you're in it.. You can't see who you are in it.. People get lost in their religion.

Too much pride.

And then they become dangerous... What do you mean. If death is the expectation. Sooner or later it will always be justified.. That's dangerous.

Pride (superbia), also known as hubris (from Ancient Greek ὕβρις) or futility. It is considered the original and worst of the seven deadly sins on almost every list, the most demonic. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Pride is the opposite of humility.

The west lacks humility.. Because we've been given everything..

The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Greed is a huge one..

Mortal sin | Definition & Examples A mortal sin is defined as a grave action that is committed in full knowledge of its gravity and with the full consent of the sinner's will.

The medical holistic industry is a mortal sin. Using antibiotics.. Surgeries..


Russell brand People say the tv anchor who was accosted liked it.. What was she gonna say. He was way too popular for her to call him on his bullshit.. So she went with it.. Sometimes when you are overwhelmed by a person. Sometimes defense mechanisms is just to go with it and not resist. If she even came off as anything but accommodating, at that point time he could have turned it around.. and make her out to be the bad guy. The system has a way of turning things around on the victim.. When it wants to.. And she had a long career ahead of her..

So looks can be deceiving. On both ends.. But he clearly overstepped his boundaries.

People can say it's a male witch hunt..

Men have been given so many liberties for such a long time.. They gave them enough rope.. Now we get to see what we've raised.. And we have raised very entitled men who may lack boundaries.. lack respect for women.. raising our boys this way, they have no boundaries.. Until someone shows them by putting a mirror up to them.. And peopls can defend Brand all they want but once you go against a system that let you do whatever you want and program the world, the devil takes his do.... Because the "devil" also gave him the platform.. And the system gave Brand a platform.. And he abused it when his acting career was failing..

Devil doesn't always mean something bad.. Maybe to the person experiencing accountability.. But many people look at accountability as Devilish..

Why else would he turn anti government.

But as soon as he bit the hand that fed him. The system know how to keep him in line.

And if his acting career is failing and he became anti government podcasting. They will find a way to teach him a lesson..

Remember the system programmed you.. They have all the evidence. All the videos.. The interviews.. And even allegations.. The FB POSTs

.Not all women are greedy.. Some of the women have made more money than those who they accuse. Or they don't need the money. It was the principle he behaved badly.

So the system will find the right time to hold men and women accountable.. And they will give men and women enough rope. It's called selective enforcement.. And if people don't know right from wrong.. And no one has held them accountable even at home, they could be destroyed by accountability.. People die from external and internal accountability.. They couldn't handle the energy conversion.. They literally went bankrupt in body at mind and spirit..

And that was your parents curse.. Because they let the men/boys get away with everything.. no one held him or some men accountable even at home. And I bet you his mother was doting on him.. And so he took liberties..

And i've seen that in families.. I have seen that in families with boys and the mother's worship their boys.. No wonder these boys have no boundaries.. And completely disrespect their mothers as well as women. And the reason why these men do this is because the mother was never a strong figure..

And if she became strong, they completely knocked her down when she tries to defend herself.. And so the system sets up the women not to be strong enough because of the world around her.. So these boys are taught only one way to be.. They are taught to control and victimize women..

It was always the parent it was always the mother.. And the father.. Who destroys their own children. It was always the family.. Because everyone turns a blind eye..

And it sucks that so many marriages out there fail.. Because the parents who did step up fucked up their kid..

But they did the best they could.. Of course they were only doing what their parents taught them to do.. Which is the same traditions.. And I see why we're in a great reset.

Everyone tries their best to survive Of course they did.. And when you see your kid in some of these adults.. Who behave badly.. Can you teach an old dog new tricks..

And so you really can't blame the parent who left. Because they really had no power around their children to begin with.. That's why that parent left..

We may have to realize so many errors of our ways for the last six thousand years..

We're getting to watch what we have done to the children who are the the victim and the predatory adults..

That's the system holding up a mirror and holding you accountable.. It's devastating to watch when you finally take personal responsibility for somebody else's behaviors.. Because you supported it for many years until you didn't..

Russell brand is not the only guy out there who has taken liberties.. He ued his position to leverage other people.. Like so many men and women out there.. some women use their families to enslave their husbands..

some men used their families to enslave their wives.

If you can't walk away from mommy and daddy.. Then you become a mama's boy.. Then you become daddy's girl..

And then you don't fight your own battles.. Because mommy and daddy will always save you from your own self.. Until they die.. And will you have what it takes to save yourself..

No you'll find somebody else to lean on.. And suck the life out of..

That's why i'm glad i'm married to a gen x husband.

He had it with him to pull himself up by his own boot straps.. No one fucking saved him.. Both him and I worked together..

And we finally to go out on our own away from all the family.. People say family first.. No you're first.. And if your family fits in you bring them in carefully.

The family could keep you alive but family can also make you very soft.. Love does not make you objective.. People get blinded by love.. People lose all sense of logic around love.. And love is deadly..

That's why respect must always come first.. Because no man or woman can live on love alone.. People kill for love.. People will kill you with kindness and love..

And so then where is the respect for women and men and your children..

Where is the respect. So now you see how the system can control and "convict" you without due process.. They may not actually convict you in a court system.. If they dont have actual evidence..

But Your reputation is everything.. And what will you do to clean up your reputation..

I know what they're doing I experienced it.. And it is a conditioning mechanism.. You get the freedom of speech.. But it must be responsible.. And you can't give absolutes. Unless you have cold hard facts.

You must learn how to play the game.. And it is a hell of a game.. With so many rules.. That's why books and movies are called fiction and documentaries.. You have to get past the word fiction.. Because that will be a mental block, and you won't look at that fiction as actual fact.. There's a way to say things.. I learned the way to say things.

Own up to where you went wrong and then also figure out how to help the system fix where it went wrong. Because that's why you spoke out against the system initially..

Sometimes you can't fix the system yet because it's too soon.. You must wait.. Work with the system not against it.

It will be interesting to see where he takes this

The moral to the story.. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.. There's a way to say things.. And you can't make money off of accusations.. I mean you can make a little bit of money.. But the system will find every way possible to take away your revenue stream.. Until you are reduced down to a beggar.. Asking people to buy t shirts and schwag.

Remember everything is for entertainment purposes only..

It's intend to inform the audience that the activities and evidence presented in the show may be fictional, staged, exaggerated or unproven. Because these type of shows are often presented as reality TV, this disclaimer is supposed to prevent television audiences from taking what they see on screen too seriously.

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