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  • Jillian Epperly

Disease is Mischaracterized Energy Conversion

Why do you think tumors and cysts have hair, liquid, teeth and keratin or collagen?

Because those are the spare parts when the body is ready to convert and yeah, it might be energetic, but this is how you survive climate change and why teratomas, cysts, lumps and bumps exist. It is the birth of the new you..

When you think about it, your offspring/children are the "spare" parts... just like your transitional Beta cells.

When someone resists climate change those spare parts becomes another entity trying to possess you vs it being disseminated in a microbial form to convert your current infrastructure.

Vast amounts of energy exposure causes cancer because it is an energy conversion process of evolution. Feed the cancer and pull out the prior fecal software.

We are in climate change, and are exposed to vast amounts of energy causing energy conversion/cancer disease and chronic illness ad accelerated maturity in children.

Note: Surgically attacking your evolution, your body attempting to convert the energy it was exposed to, will only cause the evolution to redouble its efforts and eventually take you out and when the host dies, the evolution dies with it.

Evolution is transitional and all symptoms are the body's attempt to stay alive, but people trap negative energy and cut out their evolutionary energy, essentially going backwards, regressing because they have refused to evolve for thousands and thousands of years.

Pain is weakness and the old world leaving the body and you know how some people are, they would rather die for their beliefs because they refuse to evolve.

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