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Disney, Alchemy and the Middle East, A Cautionary Tale for the Human Race

Disney, Alchemy and the Middle East, A cautionary tale for the human race.

Universe 25 proved that when you take out disease and predation And you give humans all the access to food, water, and air and baubles they will not only f*** each other out of existence, but they will f*** themselves out of existence through family sexual orientation and masturbation.. Influenced by images religion and politics.. And of course music..

Now look at your Facebook.. People are fucking themselves out of existence.. And of course through the family.. Because each genetic offspring becomes weaker and weaker. Especially in this environment. Just give it time.. People are treating themselves out of existence.. And they are afraid of food

Disney promoted the cycle of existence for men and women..

If you are attacking cancer, starving cancer and using chemotherapy and cannabis on cancer out there in the energy healing activists world against the idf or America.. You have no room to talk and say anything about what Netanyahu doing to protect his own people.. When a cancer of extremism plants and embeds itself between your body and or in a weak civilian population. ONCOLOGY SEEMS TO BE the only fucking way.

The civilians did it to themselves by not pushing out the cancer out of their own fucking society.

When you let a cancer metastasize that horrifically like hamas . And the people are so weak they can't push out the cancer.. You are no different than what the idf and israel has to do to protect themselves from the cancer growing next door!@ HELLO!!

You let yourself to get so weak.. People have no choice but to go traditional and starve out. Or attack or chemotherapy or radiate the cancer out of their body .

Maybe it's time to strengthen the people. So they can push out the cancer out of their body by themselves without turning to mercenaries. Or without turning to war..

So shut the fuck up anyone who is against what is going on in middle east. Because you allowed cancer to metastasize in your own fucking body And you have the gall have an opinion. Western privilege it must be nice to have an opinion. Behind your safe fucking keyboard.

What's going on in the Middle East is what's happening in modern human society who turn to remedies and surgeries and chemotherapy, and oncology.. Why don't you question your own health practices before you have any type of opinion about what goes on somewhere else.

Why don't you go look in your own backyard before you have any opinion on any one else out there

When you breed weak people.. War is the only fucking option when the weak people aim to destroy.. And that sucks because you asked for it

Those in the remedies healing medical world always have something to say about somebody else..

If you don't want Israel to attack someone who is trying to destroy them.. Why don't you stop treating your own fucking disease ..

When people stop attacking their disease.. You will have a peaceful population.

Everyone loves strangers until that stranger kidnapped your fucking kid. Everyone wants to help a stranger and pay it forward until that stranger rob's you blind.

Remember the elizabeth's smart case.. Remember how her father basically exposed hhis daughter to be kidnapped. Because he had to employ strangers. Predators.. Because he had to be a do gooder.. He didn't protect his family or himself..

That's what a lot of these mothers and fathers do to their own children.. Sell them into slavery. Through religion. Circe was a goddess of magic and she continues to be one of the most enchanting deities of ancient Greek mythology. This daughter of Helios and patron of ancient Greek witches still fascinates people even today.

Why is it white men are depicted as wizards and warlocks.. Long flowing white beard.. Now look at men in our society who age out.. It's not just the white men

Its all different races..

like confucious.. wise old man.. The chinese wouldn't appreciate calling him a wizard.. They don't look at allegory like that..

If you mean in real life, wizard means a 'wise man' and has the same meaning as mage.

Warlock means oathbreaker and implies that the person made dark pacts in exchange for power. In dungeons and dragons a wizard is a spellcaster who uses his intellect and hard work to study and learn magic the hard way.,to%20the%20devil%20around%201000. When you raise your kids on disney you basically casted a spell on them.. Because even those who don't like disney are still dying from all the alchemy from the cauldron of spells..

But disney is a lesson in what humans believe in and what they choose to believe in.. If it's not disney then it's some other fairy tale that disney used.. Because fairy tales are based in reality.. past present and future..

You can have an amazing life for a short amount of time if you're willing to pay the price with your life..

Now look at the hot disney women around you.. all over facebook instagram and only fans..

They'll end up becoming a mother.. And then a witch pissed off at the world.. Look at the activist women. Acting like witches to people who look or act or die differently than they do.. Remember they're all fighting about who has the worst remedy..

Some could accuse me of that but I don't sell anything but life.. I don't sell alchemy or remedies.. And i'm not BLAMING anyone for anything..

Now look at the world around you.. Once women go through these different milestones in disney. then see you later.. Her children follow close behind..

Unless they break the spell..

Yeah it's painful.. Because you won't look like a disney princess any more.. You'll look like a real human..

And you might have a lot more intelligence and intellectual capability when you're not so focused on superficial aesthetics.. Check out my world if you can handle it.. Not many can..

The rest of the world.. Yes you could be smart temporarily with a hot body..That's only temporary unless you break the spell

We have so many clones in our society...

a lot of redundancy in our population.. Which is why we are in a great reset..

The cycle of women...

1. Hot disney girls and then teenagers.. You see all the programming . Mama reinforces it.. Turns or kid into a doll . Or a tomboy if she's counter culture .

2. Hot disney chick who might get some kind of education or gets pregnant pretty much right away..

3. She becomes either a spinster. Works herself to death. Probably goes through a few marriages.. Or she becomes a mother.. Turning her little daughters and sons into disney princes and princesses.. Then she becomes the earth mother..

4. Then she becomes the old sage or the wicked witch of the east.. Pissed off at the world or trying to save the world from disease selling remedies.

Now look at your families and friends and facebook.. Global IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTIVATED

I am in the process of transitioning from the old world to the new world.. And I really had to change my life to do that..

I earned the right to itch from the growth and release than to be in excessive amount of pain...

I would rather get hives than cancer or disease or a huge growth..

Because hives disappear the next day.. Because I have trained my body and conditioned it to do that..

I feel the heat.. I also become more intellectually capable and more intelligent.. And I have a lot of patience and endurance.. And i'm highly conditioned to be uncomfortable.. Because I would rather live than die..

And I have no desire to be sexy for anyone.. And when i'm basically well my husband enjoys me for a small amount of time..

Because I won't be fucked out of existence and I will not screw anyone else out of existence either... Believe it or not I love and respect my husband.. But I won't destroy him out of my own "physical needs" of which i've tempered down excessively.. Because I won't let those demons of destruction control me.. Now you know why marriage was invented..

Mutually assured destruction through the family.. Watch your friends and family.. They bury each other..

Yes I have to be frank in this environment.. No one's going to tell you this shit..

Because you become a target when you think you have to be sexy for strangers. But I guess if youre selling people remedies, you have to look sexy cuz sex c/sells.. And of course, looking sexy for strangers means you'll get money because they'll buy whatever you're selling them..

Humans have been programmed to buy whatever strikes their hormones .. Why do you think instagram and porn was invented.. Why do you think facebook reels and tik tok were invented..

Why do you think girls go under the knife.. Why do you think they do botox.. Powerful images..

The powerful images programs people.. And people buy what you sell them.. Because you hypnotized them.

Casting spells.. No different than the religious world casting spells.. And then using alchemy to reinforce the spells..

It's not very difficult to cast spells over humanity when they're all about their hormones. And their concoctions to reinforce and bring up the hormones.

Which is why drugs and alcohol are so lucrative.. It keeps people in suspense..

When they finally come up for air will they survive..?

Only if they don't treat their disease anymore.. Untreated hives come on in the evening then disappear over night.. Out of my waste the next morning.. I don't use my juice to release the demons and i dont use my juice topically, at all for my hives. Because you could cure yourself and then die anyway. Cure means your body will cannibalize itself in this environment faster than before climate change.

I haven't taken any public health therapies.. I just eat regular food.. But the frequencies is what caused the growth.Because the hives are developed by the energy from the frequencies to influence my system to replicate.. Basically, different colonies in my bodies fornicating at the micro level and .. Not a big deal because that's just growth and development and intellectual capability and intelligence but if I kept treating it, then eventually those colony forming units would cannibalize me..

hot chicks who treat disease are only hot for so long.. Or they die suddenly.. And you know what they blame that on..but OHHHH they have something to sell you.. Because they use their temporary good looks and young genetics until they look like the wicked witch of the east trying to sell you another alchemist remedy..

Sorry had to say it.. Disney is very appropose..

Or again they die suddenly and they blame it on something else.. But no one ever makes the connection all the shit they're selling you..

Because it's the cumulative effect..

I'm not trying to look hot and sexy.. Because right now it's about survival..

The environment will force you to treat disease if that's your habit. And you will die from treating your disease over time..

Which is why I don't treat disease.. I feed it and I released it the way I have in my book..

this week during this heat wave is why the growth is going on.. And people are sick.. Coughing sneezing.. And they can't get a break... Cause it will be seventy six tomorrow.. And then twenty nine degrees next monday.

I feel it but not as aggressively as before.. Hives are the only thing are the indicators.. In my world.. And then the blowing nose coughing and the sneezing.. But then I release the demons the next morning. I'm not using my juice or anything else..

These aggressive fluctuations cause aggressive growth.. And people go off the deep end.. They did last night.. That guy went nuts.. I can only imagine what kind of demons woke up in him.

By the way your lymphatic system is part of your immune system..

AND the holistic world basically disables your lymphatic system and traps the beast inside..

Which is why people die from cancer and disease and age aggressively, especially in this environment.. Those offspring eat the parent from the inside..

Or they turn into huge growths and boils and tumors.. Sometimes they turn into TERATOMAS..

And then people have to go and get so much aggressive treatment, and then take years off their lives if they even survive the treatments...

People also starve their body.. You see that in the holistic world.. They tell you to stay away from food.. So then you're starving.. And those offspring cannibalize you

I release these demons every morning.. And I don't try to stop my immune system from working. The way it's supposed to.. And I feed all disease.. I don't fucking starve myself.. Like these chicks out there selling you a god damn diet and a remedy.. Further destroying their friends and family.

But you will see the wicked witch of the west east will sell you a remedy for everything that ails you.. And then you buy yourself time until you can't.. And then you die suddenly..

Which is why it's gonna be even crazier in the future. When the grid gets turned up even higher.

The last weather alert was a huge signal to the world.. Time to activate the world's immune system..

System activated..

By the way, all the antibiotic treatment is why people die in the future or get cancer.. And natural remedies are not any better.. Naturopathic and homeopathic remedies are just as bad if not worse.. Because people think they are safer and they take more of it.. Just look at the mommy and me groups and the kids taking aggressive elderberry syrup almost every day.. Versus a once in a while public health therapy.. Both are not very different

Just look at all those earth mothers selling you herbal concoctions all over the internet.. Using their kids as props..

You don't stand a chance.. That's why we're in a great reset..

Update: I added one more picture that showed the hives disappearing an hour later..

It's not a big deal.. After I trained my system to release.

But i went through hell doing it.

It was hell the last 3 years not treating disease. But these hives were worth it when I can finally evolve without feeling so much pain or dying from it. Again I used nothing on my skin. I just let my immune system go through the process..

The way it was meant to be if you don't want to be programmed by the system to die someday..

IMO OR in my opinion; fornication under the consent of the king (FUCK) meant the king knew how to strengthen his nation by bringing strong genes together to fornicate and develop a strong people..

not weak ones.. autism and disease and cancer comes from being phucked out of existence through the health and wellness world and large families and starvation/food mitigation..

the microbial offspring from that biological phucking are eating the parent memories of that child thus causing a development regression no different than dementia and parkinsons...


oh, but look at how cute their kid is.. as that poor kid suffering from starvation..

THAT IS WHY YOUR CHILDREN ARE WEAKKKKKKK.. AND suffering and might even grow up EXTREMELY DEFICIENT SUFFERING BRUTALLY UNDER THE REMEDIES/GURUS regime of starvation.. and rampant microbial fornication via the remedies/surgical world. **language** YOU COULD be phucking your significant other out of existence or you could be phucked out of existence by your significant other..

look at the weight distribution ratios between gay/straight couples and you can clearly see who is winning the war of cannibalizing who and also who will be literally phucked out of existence or phucked into cancer later on down the line..

THEN, take into account life style and beliefs and habits/drug/alcohol and medical habits and food mitigation.. as they are all factors..

because even the aging process are from the offspring from all the phucking going on in that relationship..

that is the depopulation agenda..

hot chicks/and hot men ready to screw at the drop of a dime.. and men hot to trot just working the women out there and/or having many children..

women and some men get literally screwed by their community.. and by their own children, too. mommy buy me everything..

now look at facebook reels, instagram,only fans, and the sex industry.. literally phucking humans out of existence... and of course, advocating a big family as the mother sells her daughters and sons into the babymaking industry slavery.. and both he/she will phuck eachother out of existence with a weaker offspring who will suffer or die suddenly when all the conditions are right..

you hope to marry of your daughters and sons to be cannibalized by the incubus/succubus's out there..

scary scary scary.. organic vs synthetic/contrived

I would rather have contrived/tested and observed person/place or thing and food in a controlled circumstance vs an organic situation and then total extinction.. i see other humans on my facebook who want to brink mankind back to the caveman days...

if you lived in organic civilization, then you bring back the cavemen/Neanderthal in people who would destroy YOU, if given the chance because you breathed wrong.. i see it all over my facebook.

I want a planned and contrived society who understands how to evolved and change so we do not have to eradicate anymore deadly giants and hominids.. but now.. the climate change will weed out the rest..

You have a choice.. be careful of following 3rd world countries of people espousing hatred and destruction and be careful of following people on your facebook and in your community who espouse intolerance and hatred, i mean aggressive hatred..

the world needs to west to finally bring balance to Mother Earth.. The people who are afraid of sugar because they're diabetic with major hormonal and balances. Yeah, cancer and death is in the future, but you already accepted that.

And all the people who think sugar is poison.. No different than those who say food is poison..

They love their starvation

Of course they weigh next to nothing. Or obese Crappy release process and they are afraid of electrolytes and salt and water. And they're afraid of meat milk and cheese..

You can't make this shit up literally.. Look at your facebook.

World war three are your friends and family and your facebook friends. trying to save you from life.. They think they have the power to protect you from life.. As they are wasting away phucking themselves to death and other people.

Excuse my french.

I laugh because I can't stop it so I can only laugh .. Because if I don't laugh I'll cry cause I feel sorry for people like this.. I feel sorry for their intolerances.. And there's nothing I can do .. you can relate to someone and show your respect without phucking them out of existence via microbial/macrobial offspring

someone needs to hear this..

respect does not primarily come from medical and human penetration..

maybe it is times for humans to evolve into advanced hominids without phucking over their fellow man/woman/child evolution takes a long time because imagine me introducing the concepts of phucking people out of existence 5 years ago..

but now, after proving through physics phucking/entropy, unsupported cell division and starvation leads to total organism annihilation and all the died suddenlies..

constant penetration with a penis/needle along with antibiotics (natural or pharmaceutical) developing aggressive programmed offspring leads to eventual died suddenlies.. In a closed immune system..

i can say it now.. and maybe some might hear me.. 5 years ago, NO one would have heard this..

now you see the evidence//only fans, etc the 1960s lgbtq and all the breeders out there..

now you see it.. or denial is also nice comfy place to be in too.

That's why I feel for all the daughters and sons out there sold into slavery by their own parents.

That's why I weep for humanity. I also weep for the pets out there.. Because you know what's coming when the climate changes.. They have to deal with the offspring in their body.. Universe 25 was an example of a 3k rat population phucking themselves into extinction. The outcome was always the same after the scientist took out disease, and predation and gave them access to food and water and space..

and so.. it was not just proving the rat colony was "over populated".. it was proving that the mice reproduced themselves into all out extinction in that controlled environment..

now look at your family and friends.. and the rats had access to all food and water.. and now look at your friends STARVING from food allergies and diets..

if a rat colony given everything dies from phucking itself out of extinction.. imagine the future for your family genetic line..

that is why controlled experiments are necessary.. so the system can see what happens..

wake up humans.. you have choices now.. but you would have to actually read something different than activist material.. women.. when being hot/enslaving animals/children spiritual/religion or healing or making good money or being a good mother is OFF the table..

what else do you have to offer to the world and your best friend/hubby/wifey?

chew on that women.. what else are you good for???

if you cannot answer that, you will die off in the old world..

You are a dying breed and you will become extinct in the future if you cannot evolve from those concepts above.. In the modern world darwinism is about strategy..

Everything is inverted.. It is not about brute strength it's about strategy and surviving climate change..

You realize the holistic world is worse than the va/cc/ine world. Because people are taking their holistic remedies daily versus a vac/cine every so often. Look at the women with the elderberry syrup.. Giving that to their children almost daily or weekly or whenever they feel something..

Cancer comes from natural and synthetic abx stuck in the body over time.. The chemical reaction of merging an antibiotic and you the probiotic equals offspring.. So much offspring stuck in your body equals a baby or sexual fertility..

Cancer So much unutilized growth and offspring.. Like from all the remedies. In a relatively closed immune system..

I know when people die in the middle of the night.. It's usually around three o'clock the morning when your body goes through an energy conversion.. Because growth can happen very quickly especially in the middle of the night, and if you don't have an open system of cough and release.. Heart attack, stroke and aneurysm is in the future for many people with a closed immune system..

Every single time through these frequency shifts I release the demon and feed it.. I buy myself another day.. And I don't lay the groundwork for cancer or disease.

Just f y I.. I've stopped doing my juice three years ago..

In this environment you don't need the jilly juice anymore.

Anyone doing the j juice.. You won't survive not in this environment. Because this environment is ionic enough and you need to eat and pull everything out. And you also need to feel every single symptom. And feed it. And if you have to treat disease, please talk to your doctor if it's that bad. And I heavily salt my food. And I drink plenty of water. And I eat plenty of cream and sugar. In meat and milk.

Getting your life back is a progressive situation. It doesn't happen just like that. It took me seven years to get my life back. The last three years was the most difficult. And I did not treat my disease. I fed it and I released the demons the way I have in my book.

And I ate all the food.. Process food genetically modified everything. And yes you're going to have to gain a little bit of weight.. If you're that skinny right now. Because you need the weight for energy conversion. Or you'll be energized out of existence.

Update yesterday and this morning last night Strength is not just leaping from tall buildings and pushing large rocks and lifting cars

Strength is surviving the battles of yore in your body mind and spirit..

Remember the giants were taken down by climate change.. And i'm sure they were taking remedies..

The dinosaurs couldn't handle the climate change.. The giants couldn't handle climate change.

Some humans could. We are experiencing another evolutionary sequence. Because the neanderthals were phucked out of existence. The giants were eventually climatized out of existence.. And potentially even hunted..

Now climate change will take care of those who are intolerant. And war will also take care of those who are intolerant..

Remember only the strong and the most strategic will survive.. But again darwinism isn't about brute strength..

In the modern world darwinism is about strategy.. Food.. The food i'm eating which is basically genetically modified and grocery store processed food.

I'm eating better than genghis khan and i'm surviving climate change with no diagnosible conditions..

Because instead of me RIDING like the wind like he did for many, many hours and days with his army who covered so much land in a short amount of time while r@ping and pillaging villages uniting all the tribes together, the environment is riding like the wind and I am weathering the change.. And i'm a fucking warrior.

And i'm trying to unite the world who is open to change and evolution..

I'm fucking genghis khan without destroying anyone.. While those who are so traditional will r@pe themselves with all the therapies remedies and surgeries and herbal detoxes and destroy themselves like genghis khan who destroyed his enemies..And those who are intolerant will take themselves out by their own hand and traditions like ghengis khan..

I'm keeping up with the racing environment.. Because it takes somebody with substance and moxie and strength and power to keep up with a racing environment..

Especially when everyone around me is trying to microbially ra@pe my body mind and spirit with their immune system..

Question: What types of food did Genghis Khan eat? ME!!

The Temujin's Diet: Genghis Khan placed under his dominion large portion of Asia. The Mongol Army was a powerful killing machine, like a scythe that cuts anything that comes its way. He was often depicted as a merciless leader with women and children as spoils of war.

Answer and Explanation: I EAT THIS Genghis Khan, ruling a rustic empire, mainly fed on meat and dairy products. When they later dominated agricultural lands, they also adopted grains and vegetables. They also ate gruel, a cereal boiled in water and milk that gives a mushy consistency. It was also noted that they could survive a day or two on little water and with just a single puff of smoke.

Genghis Khan (born Temüjin; c. 1162 – 25 August 1227), also known as Chinggis Khan,[a] was the founder and first khagan of the Mongol Empire, which later became the largest contiguous land empire in history. Having spent the majority of his life uniting the various Mongol tribes, he launched a series of military campaigns, conquering large parts of China and Central Asia. The giants are the missing link..

The neanderthals had to be screwed/phucked out of existence. Because they were threat to modern humans.

History is repeating and you will choose if you will be a threat to modern humanity. Or become a modern human..

The choice is yours..

The good giants and the bad giants developed us.. Where they come from I will never know.. But they bioengineered us.. And they made many mistakes.. And we learned from our parents. The giants..

All the extinct hominids were evolved out of existence. For a reason.. And there might be a few characteristics that could potentially emulate the extinct hominids Like homo florsiensis or the hobbits.. But I wouldn't call a little person a hobbit.. Because they could be mostly modern human. The difference between you and me.. I would rather suffer and learn my lessons and learn the hard way than to ask for help.. Unless I absolutely have to.. Such as a life or death situation..

Suffering is my superpower.. Learning the hard way is my super power..

Because then you know you can handle most situations.. And you learn.. And you're not a burden to the system. Or anyone else.. The Dangers of Acting Like Someone's Savior. . You might end up becoming a victim.. Because there's no guarantee you would get saved from the people you tried to save.

A cautionary tale to the main mstream do gooders out there.

The downfall of females, especially in this world... Is the need to save somebody.. Especially a stranger..

Somebody had to write out an experience of coming into contact with potential nefarious behavior from a person begging for gas....And no female pointed out that she should not have even responded to someone begging for gas. Because no one wants to look like a cold hearted person. In this day and age if you don't understand the world that you live in.. You will create situations that could have been avoided.. Because you had to save somebody and be the hero and then become compromised..

This is the same walmart that I get my groceries from but I get them delivered to me.

If I go there I go there early in the morning if that. But I haven't personally shopped at this walmart by myself after dark in a while..

Everybody's mentioning she should have concealed carried and she did.. But you wouldn't have to do that if you wouldn't put yourself in a place like this to where you are personally helping a stranger..

Everyone loves helping a stranger until somebody gets kidnapped. Or feels that there's a funny situation going on.

Everyone loves opening doors to strangers especially on halloween until they get robbed by somebody..

This is not 1955 or 2001.. we are in a totally different world.. Some areas may be a little bit insulated. Because it's a small closed in community. And everyone knows everyone for the most part. Maybe some gated communities could play these games of opening doors to strangers..

But I would not give gas to a stranger as a female by myself.. I think it's even unsafe for a male to do that by himself.. People are fucked up out there.. People are really stupid out there.. And you don't want to be caught up in a situation because you have to be a hero..

And if I ever had to go shop at a Walmart after dark. I would have somebody at the store walk me out.. I'm not a stupid woman out there.. And I don't pretend to be a superhero..

I'm sorry but you're not superman.. You're not batman.. Remember you are human.. And other humans conspire to do wrong to other humans in this world right now..

Please live in reality.. If you have to help somebody . Help yourself.. Protect yourself.

If that makes me Sound like a cold hearted bitch.. I guess I would rather be a cold heart of bitch than a victim of a stupid crime.. That could have been avoided.

If someone needs gas call the police and have the police help them.

Giving a stranger gas on the side of the road.. Not only puts you in danger but also your whole family.. You could be opening up some pretty dangerous doors doing that. They could take your wallet and figure out where you live.. People live on the internet.. Their kids are on the internet..

It's not that difficult ..

human trafficking is at an all time high.. And predators are looking for the easiest targets.. The soft hearted do gooders.. And they are all over the world..

Completely oblivious females who don't understand the world they live and oblivious females are all over the world. And that's why they are victimized all the time.

And some of them will write posts like this, and wear a gun because they don't get how dangerous this world is right now.. You wouldn't have to wear a gun if you don't put yourself in a position like this, Unless you are law enforcement and you're putting yourself in positions like this purposely..

People think i'm a bleeding heart Liberal..

If anything, there are republicans who will give money to strangers on the street who are more bleeding heart than I am..

Ironic isn't it..

And I wouldn't dare comment in that page about this. Because then I would be a target .. People don't want to acknowledge how dangerous it is out there.. They want to live in their fantasy world.. Until reality comes crashing down.

It's not 1985

We are in 2023 and people are desperate.. And you will be used as currency to somebody else if you don't understand the world to you live in..

Kids get human trafficked all the time. Women get human trafficked all the time.

Unsuspecting males get human trafficked and kidnapped all the time..

Do you really want to be in the news as missing?

Wake up humans.. The world has changed drastically.

By the way my take on saving strangers is completely in alignment with my protocol a then the saviors out there, the activist trying to save you from everything under the sun.

People will not only save you to death.. But even the people you are saving could destroy you.

Take it from me I learned my lessons out there..

Believe me.

That's why you take care of yourself and your own family. And call the police when it comes to a stranger. Call the ambulance.. Call the doctor.

The saviors could not only compromise you. But the saviors could also be compromised by the people they are saving.

That's why I have a hard time with religion of saving people.

You don't know who you're getting into bed with.

Book of Enoch

The nephilim giants terrorizing humans.. Humanity isn't prepared to learn this until it's been turned into a conspiracy theory.. Even their denial is acceptance the story is out there.. And potentially could be quite true.

Giants have existed in the past. And not all of them were kind to humans..

Which is why giants don't exist anymore.

The catholic church.. Are they really worshiping these demons.. Or are there reminding the world where they came from and never to go here again..

Remember.. Humans have been trained by some pretty brutal barbarians of the past.. And those characteristics get passed down from generation to generation.. Until someone breeds brutality out of that genetic line..

If you choose to mischaracterize the symbols around you.. That's your choice.. And those in the elite.. Are no different than those in your community..

The elite are reflection of your society.. And what you allow to happen.. Because of your practices.. Not only hunting humans but antibiotics.. Surgeries.. And of course intolerance..

And so if you want to blame the elite for all of their satanic behaviour.. Why don't you examine your own satanic behavior.. Because those who accuse others.. Probably have a lot to hide from society..

And when you worship death through the remedy system.. How are you any different.. That's not even a question.. That's rhetorical.. Cause you're not that different. It is all programming..

Sometimes when you have war against someone who wants to destroy you.. Sometimes the immune system attacks itself..

Domestic terrorism is when the immune system attacks itself.. You could call it an auto immune disorder.. When a population worshipping violence finally reaches its tipping point.. Somebody goes off the deep end when the climate changes.. Aggressive sexuality is also violence just so you know.. A society worshipping violence and sexuality.. And then of course the family..

Now you see the bigger picture..

It's modern day darwinism...

We're at the tipping point right now..

Everything is biology.. Everything is.. That's why we're in a great reset..

When you breed people who hate somebody else because of religion race creed and ancestor.. You force people to defend themselves.. To the point where they actually destroy themselves.

When you breed intolerance this is what you get..

Humans have bred intolerance for eons.

The system is finally cleaning itself up..

It's brutal out there.. That's why I mostly stay home and stay safe.. Because even my immune system I have to regulate.. through coughing sneezing blowing my nose.. eating food and resting.. And I have a special way of releasing my demons. And no, it's not drinking anything special. I'm even off my own concoction..

I eat meat milk cheese eggs oatmeal gluten fruits veggies.. And I don't tell everyone food is poison or go on diets.. And I don't eat organic..

And I am not afraid of Symptoms.. And I treat no disease..

Because i've earned this place in this world of not treating disease.. So I can live another day.

Consensus among people doesn't always mean it's true for everyone..

Since you'll never know what kind of evil lurks in hearts of men.. Protect yourself. If you can't protect yourself.. Whose fault is that?

I think if you want to get involved with the war, go and fight for them.. I know they have travel bans but.. People feel so strongly about this. They should go and fight and put their money where their mouth is. I'm very aware it's happening.. And Hamas needs to be weeded out.. But if you want to go and fight for Palestine I would not stop you.

If you want to save palestine join the idf. They're trying to save palestine from hamas..

If you want to save palestine join hamas.. And sit in the gaza strip..

Do you really want to save palestine or do you have axe to grind..? Who are you blaming this time for the world's problems?

Nobody is ignoring what's happening.. The war in the middle east is impossible to ignore..

If you want to save anyone.. Save yourself..

If your argument is the IDF is destroying palestinians and america is funding the genocide of palestinians.. Therefore if you support your own government means that you are supporting genocide.. What about the other argument that the government is supporting helping israel fight hamas.. To save palestine!!!!

Logical fallacies based upon someone's argument against their own government.. Shows just how disloyal you are to your own nation.. Maybe you arw unpatriotic.. I went there.. What does being patriotic mean.. Wow.. One doesn't even know anymore..

So save yourself..

Using Logical fallacy or circular reasoning to support peoples disloyalty to their own nation shows how easily led people can be when they are emotional and malnourished and radicalized by their own choice.

You can be critical but there's a way to do that.. But you also must acknowledge all sides of the argument..

When you finally understand all the arguments.. You'll stop using circular reason as your go to..

Logical fallacies are all over the facebook..

What if the american government and israel is trying to save palestine..

But those who hate america.. Will assume america is genociding other people..

It's pretty fucked up out there.. That's why we're in a great reset.

Because you're showing your cards of how disloyal you are to yourself and your family.. But also to your own nation.. Domestic and wild animals need salt licks.. Or else you are forced to put them down through antibiotics..

They must energize the demons out of their own body. If you don't give them access to electrolytes, then they're forced to let the demons plant themselves and then.. You have no choice but to destroy them later. Them meaning both the demon and your pet. The system is cleaning everything up.. It's not a conspiracy theory.. We are living all the denial out there..

I knew how bad it was going to get and it's getting pretty Bad..

I can feel it.. But I have set my life up to deal with it and survive it. So as long as I don't have a tornado take me out .

What was a tropical storm turned into a category five hurricane just like that overnight.. Caught everybody off guard..

I keep saying to people if you live near any kind of bodies of water. I would move inland.. That suggestion still stands..

How many people are going to wait till summer for another hurricane season.. And hope and pray they survive another hurricane season..

The writing is on the wall..

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