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Do You Believe Me Now, or Will You Need More Deadly Evidence? We Are in Climate Change

Do You Believe Me Now, or Will You Need More Deadly Evidence? We Are in Climate Change

The Sun/Clouds/Rain/Mist are extremely deadly in this environment causing all the turbo cancers and died suddenly because the particulates are accelerated and causing extreme heat/cold and immune system activation.

the darkness will "save" people if they can wrap their minds around changing their lifestyles..

Most people can't even fathom how the climate has actually accelerated everything that they already expect anyways.. People expect to die.. Their lifestyle will contribute to that.. their unchanged behavior will cause them to die suddenly and prematurely..

This product of thermal cooling head wrap might be good for those with something aggressive..

I mean , you still have to deal with headaches if that's what's in your genetic line , especially releasing.. But I remember using wash cloths with a little bit of peppermint oil and water.. And even though that wasn't super optimal.. It gave me a little bit of distraction.. You still have to face the pain though.

And I went to sleep.. I would sleep my way through all this sickness that I had the last three years.. Because that was the only thing that was going to help me..

People are very sleep deprived.. And if you have a bunch of children , I feel for you. They won't let you sleep. Neither will older children. Because they always needs something. I literally am an island unto myself in order to save myself.. I only answer to my husband and the government , and that's it..

If I had to answer anyone else besides my husband or the government.. I would not have been able to do what i've been doing .

Which is why those who don't have any kids or anyone really to answer to.. What stopping you from facing your pain and suffering. Those who have kids and jobs and a whole social circle and network of people.. You'll sacrifice yourself for everybody.. And they will sacrifice themselves for everybody.. Until everybody's dead.

And it was by your own choice. Because you always had choices. Always .. Even when you think you don't..

And i'm telling you blackout curtains.. And a place to go so you can recoup resources.. a Dark dark place .. When no one's flipping the light on you.. Might be something for people who have busy lives. You must set boundaries..

Women and men don't set boundaries for themselves . They have to be cute and available for everyone..

Right now i'm in my optimal environment.. Sixty five degrees. And i've blacked out my room and office.. The bathroom is questionable.. I'll just take showers early in the morning.. And I'll keep the door closed.

Light is what's destroying everybody.. Because it's so fucking amplified. And it's blinding.. And then on top of that , the storms.. The storms are causing high blood pressure and racing heart.. And exponential growth. Of course devastation.. Tornadoes hurricanes..

Even cloudy days are aggressive.. Sunny days are even more aggressive..

Get out of the environment.. Stop shaking your fist at clouds because you should be shaking your fist at the sun right now.. Because the environment is that amplified and accelerated .

You can't fucking stop it . Don't think the sun right now in this environment is going to help you..


The chemtrail ACTIVISTS don't even know how deadly the sun is right now.. The Sun is very deadly and you should know because you've been shaking your fits at the sky for years..

Get out of the sun and the clouds and the mist and the rain if possible. Especially if you are skinny skinny and elderly or dealing with conditions.

Some people are extremely tolerant to extreme conditions.. They don't have diagnosble conditions.. They haven't treated themselves for cancer or disease. Or chronic illness or went to some treatment.. They're not using

the latest remedies on the market.. They're not addicted to cannabis or anything else..

Those who are fighting conditions you can't afford to be out there so much like your friends and family who probably cannot afford to be out there either.

But you know how people are. They can't change for the life of themselves.

The sun is not anyone's friend right now.. Absolutely.

Fucking not.

Big families and the sun is not anyone's friend.. Not in this highly amplified highly accelerated environment..

Protect the eyes

I suppose I can get my sunglasses at lenscrafters.. Maybe fill my prescription..

protect the body mind and spirit..

I can get a senior discount. 50% off

Why do people's eyes change.. Because the sun and all the reflective light causes retina damage..

At some point we must give our body mind and spirit a rest..

I love my little cave.. My office.. My room.. My bathroom..

It's okay to sit in darkness..

Tornado watch and warning severe thunderstorms= cytokine storms, Cancer disease chronic illness heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure, weird behaviors and children animals and other humans. Fatigue and hunger.. All sorts of pains..

relative to state of biological existence..

Tornado near the villages yesterday.. Florida.

Near, The villages..

Just want to give you guys it heads up.. I don't answer questions about what you should do regarding symptoms and parasites and whatever..

You never have an intention to kill anything.. eat to release.. eat to retain..

But you never ever eat to kill.

Wow a lot of heart beating right before this pending storm...

Good thing I don't resist high blood pressure.. I just take a nap.. Resistance causes breakage.

I feed all energy..

Seven people found retina damage funny and I don't think RETINA damage is very funny..

Block block block block.

But yet the same people are recommending remedies for damage from the system.. And they voluntarily damage their own eyes.. Following the crowd..

The system gets people worshipping something even if they don't believe it exists.

Or believe it exists.. No different than being provaccine and anti vaccine.. It doesn't matter what you do if you don't have discernment..

Why even play..

Step out of the war... Protect yourself.

I said before the eclipse that people don't have pain receptors behind their eyes.. And they're not

just dealing with solar energy.. We're dealing with an amplified environment..

The system tells you in other areas we are in climate change that people are in dispute about.. And then the system lures you into watching the solar eclipse with some flimsy glasses that you have no idea really how protective they truly are..

That's how the system gets people.. That's how this system gets even the conspiracy people..

What's the rule of thumb, if I must use that cliche overused saying.. Idiom...

If the masses are doing it.. Some event that may be questionable in its integrity.. that you can't control the conditions.. trusting three d glasses.. And cameras and whatever..

I would probably stay home and stay safe and get out of the environment and get out of that amplified light..

Most people in the conspiracy world know how technologically advanced our government is.

Silent weapons.. For quiet wars..

This is when you must have discernment.. And who cares how stupid people may think you look..

What's the most googled phrase right after the eclipse..

Why does my eyes hurt.

Yes I pack for tornadoes.. Because you never know.. If you're wearing shorts , put sweats over your shorts and wear shoes.. Get everything you need down into the basement into whatever little room you have.. And be prepared to protect yourself..

I can stand to lose almost everything..



What kind of tornado baby are they developing..

IF YOU CAN, invest in light diffusers.. to those in the jworld.. even the clouds are conductive.. yup, the sun is AMPLIFIED AGGRESSIVELY

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