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Do You Respect Yourself to Understand the Legality of Eminent Domain?

Do you respect yourself enough to understand the legality of eminent domain..

If you are not in or near a major city.. And you're out there.. A minority.. Eventually your area will be eminent domain.. Assume that will happen.. Because that's where we're heading.. Human habitation zones.. ..Mixed-use buildings.. Smart cities.

Eminent domain is how the system will grab the land legally.. You have been given all the warnings in the world.. Do you value your life.. Do you value your children's lives..

We're going to watch people.. Prove how much they don't value their life or value their life .

Your participation in the medical holistic energy, healing world and remedies world will show the System how little you value your life.. When you deem yourself expendable..

Disrespecting your body mind and spirit.. Not only will it translate in non compliance.. And no one is making you wear a mask or get a v.. The government will assume you are expendable.. And they will treat you as such. Because you are treating yourself as expendable..

War can be waged in so many different ways..

We are in war, but you have a choice... Choose wisely.. And no one should be making any choices for you.. Hollywood is a reflection of the people. They were programmed to play apart.. Now you have to discern the kind of part you want to play in this world..

I grew up with her Christina Applegate.. She's only two years older than me.. Thank you for your sacrifice..

I just got finished watching dead to me.. On Netflix..

I grew up watching married with children..

Acting is very hard on the body.. Especially if you are into diverse roles.. But when you want to break out of being typecasted.. Actors and actresses must do horrible things to their body to fit the part.. Which is why some of them are taken by the drug demons.. I can only imagine the darkness some of them experience when they reenact some of the roles of humans out there..

As you can see, most of Hollywood, if not all are all about the medical holistic energy healing starvation world... And their diseases are proof. If you do not VALUE yourself.. the govt will assume you are expendable. Imagine all the different ways how the scale down will take place.. Fire wind rain earth all being used as a weapon against the people..

Then think about your immune system under attack from your prescription drugs . From using natural remedies.. from using hot hot pepper cayenne pepper and jalapenos..

Imagine using laser weapons against your body.. laser surgery. Imagine all the different concoctions made of water.. Extremely activated water.. Using high heat.. extreme high heat against the body. Radiation chemo therapy.. using essential oil aromatics.. No different than what you perceive is poison called chemtrails.. And then you're on your diets.. Starving yourself out.. Starving your children out.. Some areas in the world not getting food.. Death by starvation..

And you have the issue with the new world order.. When everything you perceive they are doing to you.. You have already done to yourself and accepted it . What countries have eminent domain?

The eminent domain comes under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Most common-law nations follow a similar rule – it is called “compulsory acquisition” in New Zealand, in the U.K., and Australia. In Canada, it is called “expropriation,” and in Ireland, it is known as “compulsory purchase.”Nov 29, 2020

Things don't have to be completely catastrophic for the government to take it if it's deemed "hazardous and unlivable"..

A more familiar basis that a government may use to take land is public good. Eminent domain claims often move forward based on the need of a government to secure private land for the benefit of everyone. This is the full weight and force of not only the American government but the new world order..

You can't offend them.. You can only defend yourself.. This is why you need to question everything even how you defend yourself.. Because what you think is offending the government is actually offending yourself..

Play everything extremely smart.. Everything we experienced the last twenty four hours was a huge indicator.. And if you don't know what i'm talking about don't worry about it.. Just learn from these experiences.. Don't get too comfortable around anything. It's still very early in hurricane season. It doesn't end until November 30th.

Expect the unexpected..

This is what's going to get you..

This is why people will be a sitting duck. The people who were affected are suffering. Those who were not will not take it seriously because they were not affected as much..

When your neighbor gets affected.. Never let down your guard

Gen X was taught to warn people of what their parents were planning.. It was our version of helping society and selling whatever was the solution at the time within the laws and parameters..

The last twelve years I have been reporting on the weather.. Through the conspiracy world venue.. Which was probably birthed from the 1960s. I am my mother's daughter.. I'm not the one manipulating the weather... But I am reporting on what my predecessors have done..

The rule of law.. Not the law the jungle.. Will govern the conduct of nations..

The Rosicrucians will always warn you and tell you what they're going to do.. Even if they have to use their offspring to do it.. While we have conspiracy theory on our side..

They have plausible deniability and using the DSM against what they developed IN THEIR OFFSPRING as plausible deniability..

It's not illegal or a conspiracy theory when all situations have legal remedies around it..

Lahaina, HI Eminent domain We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order -- a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.

Kathie Boudin 1960s Weather Underground Activist

Water wars.. When there's too much water.. When there's not enough water..

When water is weaponized..

History repeats.. A rose by any other name is still a rose..

'A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet':

Today the sds are the weathermen.. Developing controlling and manipulating the weather.. And they're giving you plenty of warning.. I mean plenty of warning.. Just like they calculated when and where they did those specific activities back in the 1970s..

Now you must understand what the intention is.. And i will say this has been in the works since the 1960s and before..

Again you get plenty of warning before infrastructure is interrupted..

You must listen to government especially when they have the upper hand around the weather..

Playing the non compliance game is going to backfire.. Make your choices.. no one is forcing you to do anything.. But you will pay for your choices whatever they are.. Because there's reasons why they're warning you against certain things.. And you won't know what those reasons are until it happens..

Meteorologists are the new weather men.. From the 1970s.. And there's different levels of awareness even in the meteorology industry.. The rise of storm chasing and amateur meteorologists were for a reason.. Nothing is organic..

I remember saying to one of the kids I was babysitting when we met KGO TV meteorologist, Pete Giddings (SF BAY AREA), hey ***, he's a weather man..

Pete immediately corrected me..

"I'm a meteorologist.." and he was very emphatic with that title.. I was slightly taken aback by how aggressive he retorted.. But I was a nanny at the time so I was just the help.. To be corrected..

Now I wonder why.. I know why.. Good luck. Originally called the Weatherman or the Weathermen, a name taken from a line in a Bob Dylan song, the Weather Underground was a small, violent offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, a group created in the turbulent '60s to promote social change.

An official website of the United States government. Here's how you know

When youre under nine feet of water non compliance is moot..

When people are literally fighting for their life in these future storm surges..

Your activism comes off as disrespectful... And you come off as completely oblivious to the world you live in..

Can both worlds exist simultaneously..

If you can acknowledge that non compliance may not save people.. And right now some people have larger fish to fry.. And acknowledge that.. And maybe they should have complied to leave the town. That would be potentially underwater..

If you must respond to this.. With an opposite thought process.. Maybe you resemble this post. I'm a fear mongerer and i'm proud of it.. I'm your fucking immune system you keep ignoring daily. Because you're under the fucking influence..

I've been in this information.. Longer than some of you even thought about it..

So yeah I'm proud to be a person who fear mongers. And I don't care if you think I have some financial incentive around it.. You determine how you receive my information.. And make up whatever the story you want.

Right now this is not the time to be toxically positive..

People literally need to be woken up..

I will never go on someone's page and tell them what they should do ever.. If they're in florida I would never tell them they should leave..

If someone is trying to warn someone I will never dispute and downplay their concerns..

That's very presumptuous and assuming that you have that kind of latitude.. You are challenging them with your manipulation..

Don't fucking do it to ME!!

I take it for a minute.. But I don't tolerate it.. For too long..

If you have to dispute my information, because you cannot deal with the reality and you have to be toxically positive..

You're probably under the influence.. You're probably over the rainbow..

Do not assume I will take your queues.. I'm not over the rainbow.. And i'm not singing kumbaya..

I would rather somebody be concerned with my situation.. And warn me about danger that is coming.. Then to say oh you'll be fine..You'll be okay because I survived something..

I will never assume people have the capacity to survive condition such as what's going on.. I would never ever tell someone to stay put.. I will let the government determine how they would warn the people.. If anything I would rather leave than wait for the govt to tell me when to leave..

Because it might be too late..

When it comes to the power of mother nature and the weather..

I don't challenge her..

I walked the fuck away.. I know when I am overpowered..

That's my advice.. Know when to walk away from battles.. And hurricanes are A battle through mother nature..

And she does get help from mankind..

Again I don't tell anyone what to do on their page.. With anything.. I give people credit when it's due..

But not when it has to do with the stuff that is currently going on right now..

It's ok NOT to be positive..

It is it is okay to be very negative and very alarmist..

If that is offensive to you please do not read my information..

If you feel compelled to keep challenging me..

You have the issue.. It's not for you to correct me.

I politely challenged someone yesterday.. And that will be the only time.. Because I was feeling very emotional about what was going on today.. and what will happen tomorrow... And she did not agree with fear mongering or warning people.. And I felt compelled to say that we have enough indicators to warrant the fear and the warnings.

But I will never challenge her again.. Ever.. That was a one time deal.. I'm not in the habit of downplaying anybody's situation..

We all will have to find ways to deal with the situation at hand.. But please allow people to be who they are.. And some of you have made it a habit to challenge me a lot..

It stops now

And if you're all about non compliance across the board, then you have no discernment to know when danger for what it really is..

And you will down play everything the government says..

And then you have shown that you're not very critically aware that you can't be like that across the board.. It's like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.. Maybe change the water not the baby.. Maybe change why you see things the way you do versus assuming the government is all bad..

And given most of you think v@xcines are poison... That's why you hate the government.. And that ideology will jade everything about the world you live in.. Because you DONT understand science or fda approval..

That's your achilles heel..

You never took responsibility for the cannabis or the herbs or the operations, or the prescription drugs.. Or the psychedelics or the prescription drugs or the cannabis or the natural remedies on your bodies. And your family's bodies for years.

And now your children and your community are paying the price for your lack of personal responsibility.. And so of course you will down play anything the government says.. Which tells me you haven't learned a damn thing in my world.. Not a damn fucking thing.

And so no I don't take your non compliance seriously at all..

Because maybe certain things you need to comply, so you don't end up wondering if you should have complied or not.. Especially when it comes to surging water. Ten feet nine feet twelve feet or whatever the fuck it is..

Sometimes it's okay to comply with the government regulations and rules and suggestions..

Not everything has to be a fight with the fucking government..

Choose your battles wisely.. And sometimes if not all the time the government was right in their assessment.

But you had to figure out how that was going to impact your world.. And take personal responsibility for your reactions..


Those in the conspiracy world know what's going on.. And they know what's the intention..

They of all people know what they need to do to get out of harm's way.

But some of you are so fucking stubborn.. Some of you might be so conditioned to rebel.. And to protest and to resist.. You can't even save yourself..

And you have been marinating in this information for at least twenty years. And you're willing to downplay what's going on..

You can't even change to save yourself.. You have been so conditioned to resist.. So conditioned to be SO non compliant.. You don't even know how to apply that logically to your situation at all whatsoever..

And of course you are no help anyone else.

. Because after all the government is a bunch of fucking clowns and fools..

That got you so fucking radicalized you can NOT even fucking see straight.

The world is changing whether you like it or not..

Be the change Viruses are considered as something between living and non-living

They are vital information resource under siege

They are messenger rna..

They are just data.. And they coexist with biodiversity..

You never attack viruses.. Because you're attacking yourself.. And you never deny their existence.. Or else you're sticking your head in the sand..

You are a type of virus... And you could be deadly to somebody else.. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the cone.. Cones can always shift.. And outside the cone is also influential.. And weather is not so predictable.. The way it shifts where it shifts is so unpredictable.. Find a way to find higher ground even if it's a building that is strong enough to withstand the hurricane force winds..

What's crazy as people have elderly people they are looking after.. And it's a lot of work to move them.. And they may not survive the move.. I feel for everyone in a situation like that..

It might be a no win situation..

It's heartbreaking what's going on..

But I will remember every single recommendation and observation the weather people and people's experiences are verbalizing. Because I might be faced with that over here.. There are no guarantees any of us will not ever be in this kind of position..

I am paying a lot of attention right now..

This is like the hunger games.. Pay attention to all the obstacles the system is throwing at you. Pay attention to all the scenarios.. Strategize.. Because we are now in the thick of the beginning of the 2nd kickoff of this great reset..

Before it was pandemic.. Now it is storms fires floods and fema..

Where will you go when there's high water.. Listen to your government.. Because they will tell you if there is nowhere really to go.. Except for a building that is strong enough to withstand floods and aggressive wind.. Not including a tornado..


This is the time when you need to listen to your government.. Because now they have the upper hand when it comes to weather.. What buildings are safe.. Where to go..

However.. I do not assume that tactical positions won't take advantage of people who did not listen to their government.. And they are caught unaware out there.. And you never know WHO or WHAT got to the person.. Everyone will assume the storm got to them.. Or whatever else.. Don't be caught by yourself..

In one of his press conferences, de san tis said his troops will be using the cover of darkness because there won't be any light to illuminate to save people.. They will be using rivers.. Helicopters.. And other places cast in darkness.. I'm sure they will have infrared tactical gear..

Maybe avoid being in a position to be saved by somebody.. And I used the word save very loosely..

Play this shit very fucking carefully and smartly.. Nothing is off the table now..

We are at w ar..

Those in the conspiracy world know exactly what i'm talking about.. As well you should.. And if you don't.. You need to be ashamed of yourself.. Spending that much time in that world and not realize what's going on.

There are instances where you want to listen to government and converge in groups.. Because you will not survive on your own.. Or even in small groups.. You need to be around a lot of people in a relatively safe space..

But when you are on your own, or even in a small pod of people on your own..

All bets are off.. It's that easy to disappear.. Human trafficking et cetera et cetera et cetera.. Remember the vietnam war.. And you don't know who your enemy is.. And it rained constantly.. Flooding everything.. And when there is so much water.. Fresh water.. Not so much salt water.. There is so much disease.. Along with high pressure.. So much instability..

We're in that situation..

The military justified their approach in Vietnam in part by arguing that increasing rainfall to create mud and wash out roads was preferable to more bombing. But the reality is the U.S. military still dropped a lot of bombs on Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war — over seven million tons of them.Mar 4, 2018

The vietnam war was just a preshow..

We have been at war since vietnam.. Everybody's back from Iraq and afghanistan for the most part.. We have the national guard, who's been training for this ever since the 90s, at least..

We have black ops.. So much stuff is going on..

Play this very smartly... You don't know who the enemy is.. And it's not in your white house.. And the savior is not in palm beach florida.. Or new york..

We're in vietnam.. We are allegorically in vietnam..

Because you're also fighting the ignorance out there.. People don't even know the danger they're in.. No different than the 18 yo boys not knowing what they were going to face overseas in Vietnam..

And the kicker is... The saviors.. Are the most dangerous of all.. When you don't know who the enemy is.. You will put your trust in the enemy because they claim to save you..

That was vietnam.. Walking into booby traps..under babies.. It's pretty bad right now..

If this triggers you from your experiences in vietnam please block me.. But I cannot help but see the correlation.

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