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Don't Slam the J World because you are Pigeonholed_ I found a way out of the forced programming

Correction.. That kid in suits couldn't go into harvard because he sold test answers to the dean's daughter.. It wasn't just the drugs..

Warning.. I dare any journalists to f****** s*** on the j world when they are advocating damage to people through surgeries oncology drugs and starvation And more aggressive stem cell transplants

If your intention is to slam evolution you are the problem. And you are the reason your friends and family are dropping like flies because you can't evolve and you won't advocate evolution only creationism dying and reproducing.. And slamming innovation..

Journalists can make or break people . Because they cast spells of death or life on people.. But if you do that I can play the same game and I will run circles around you..

Remember I came from silicon valley I know exactly who you are and where you came from..

And I understand your intentions and I question whether or not your kids are gonna survive this climate change.. So if you think you're going to make money off of me slamming me.

I will f****** spin it so hard.. Don't f*** with the jay world.

And i'm not a slave to the mainstream system like you are... And i'm just as intellectually capable but i'm not beholden to my producer because I have no producer I am independent.. I'm not trying to destroy people.. All journalists out there. I don't care what they are when they are catering to a very homogenized biased system they are out to destroy people.. using love and kindness and s******* on evolution..

Main takeway.. What's left for these kids to do in biotech..

Develop more ways to get cancer and diseases using remedies protocols and stem cells

And so the kids have been weaponized against their parents.. Which is why all the stem cell research in biotech.. What's left for these kids to do except destroy the boomers . And gen x ers. That's it.. Finding new ways to pass away

But you're not going to destroy me..

Oh joy

How do you leverage and control someone.. Give them what they want.. How do you build somebody up.. Provide a way to earn what they need and they can earn what they want.. Right now people are wishing for things they wished they'd never wished for..

When you have to earn your way into this world literally.. I'm telling you.. The fruits are sweeter.. I was raised never to get what I want but find a way to get what I need.. Which is why I was never rich.. As a young adult.. Or even as an adult..

It's not difficult to be groomed into a position In high level schools in silicon valley.. Feeding into all the high level companies. Because once you get a taste of money power prestige and social capital.. You're trapped.. The key thing is not to be so poor you are destitute and trapped And the key thing is not to be so rich you can't give it up..

That's the balancing act.. You must have versality.. Covid nineteen woke up the demons in people that they did recover from it but there's still on the death trajectory.. Remember how ashton couldn't walk for a year.. That was the devil taking his due for being given such beauty and excellent genetics.. At the time.. The winners will be losers and the losers will be winners as the times they are a changing..

The struggle might be real but it will add so much character to you and you will stand out once you develop your storyline. The system loves a good comeback story from anyone.. Minus the slow clap.. Trust fund kids are a dime a dozen.. And some turned out to be hunter biden.. What will your story be And when you're in the public eye having to sell an image.. Then you're really trapped.. Because for you to get your life back.. Not maintain the life was given to you.. But for you to take your life back..

Not only will it be painful.. But you will have to go through a major metamorphosis.. And be out of the public eye for a few years. How many people have had their life be signed away indentured servitude a stepford wife..

Or they are performer.. Like britney spears.. It's not easy getting your life back.. The life that was given to you as a child and as a young adult.. Was not your life..

It was somebody else's dream for you. How do you survive the gifts and the curses and the spells that were given to you without dying from natural causes..

The Gambler Lyrics

On a warm summer's evening On a train bound for nowhere

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