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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Destroys Evolution

When you save the runt of the litter.. When you save a child who has been damaged.. And you don't let darwinism do what it needs to do..

Not only are you encouraging suffering.. Because of your saviour complex.. But you also are collecting skulls.. Saving a kitten out in the wild.. It means you're going to let that kitten suffer through the antibiotics.. Through all the surgeries and the butchery.. And that kitten dies anyways.. You didn't do anything you didn't even give it a great life.. Because it was not meant to live it was the runt of the litter.. You've got inthe way of darwin.. Darwin is survival of the fittest and the strongest.. And when you interfere with mother nature.. She will make you suffer and make the animal suffer.. And she will make the world suffer.. Diversity is great, but people suffer under the weight of diversity because they have been damaged purposely by the butchers of the system and their friends and family.. Diversity only great for the monsters who LOVE TO watch people fight amongst each other.. And suffer.. It's a sport for some people.. They aren't whole people they love watching the suffering.. I'm a whole person.. And I do not enjoy watching diverse people destroy each other.. My world aims to make you aware of what your participation in this system of devastation is.. And then you have a choice .. Will you keep supporting the monstrosity of the system of devastation.. Or will you finally face your humanity and survive it.. J world original human form minus the certain phenotypical characteristics Hairclolor potentially skin color Defining what hunger means.. Because some people think it's about food.. But it also is about lust and energy harvesting. Hunger for animal human oxytocin When you think about it... Diversity means a lot of suffering.. I mean a lot.. So our parents got the manson clan.. And we get their children. So our parents received the values of the manson clan.. And we get their children.. And their children's children.. Who were taught the values of the Manson clan.. Oh boy.. Now you see where society is and where it's going. This is just the beginning.. the grandchildren are going to be a force. They already lost substance from the last generation.. And they still have the manson clan values. Yikes.. 15. The depopulation agenda.. Is self induced starvation.. And violence against humans and animals.. I will eat only lab created meat when it's the only thing available.. My husband won't eat it.. But when it's the only thing available I'll eat it.. He might eat it but I don't know.. I'm not going to introduce any major food changes right now.. If you can't handle food.. You won't be able to handle the world.. And it's plainly obvious.. If you can't change.. You will have a difficult time surviving.. 16. If people kept what's in their brains to themselves... Imagine the mystery.. I like being an open book.. I don't capitalize on mystery... When people know where I stand.. I will definitely know where they stand.. That's how you kill the mystery.. No more wondering.. Now you know the world you live in.. People will tell you.. Just talk.. They will tell you exactly who they are.. And what they think of you.. in not so many words.. Even the scowls.. You want to practice mystery.. Don't ever react.. But eventually you're going to have to let loose.. But don't get leveraged.. If you're going to let loose.. Be intellectually intelligent.. Because your emotions will give you away.. When you have a lot to hide.. You are very closed.. 17. Babylon The tower of babble Confusion helter skelter. Byeee The more you spend time on your own.. The harder it is to get pulled back into babylon and the matrix. The more you spend time out there.. In crowds. Doing what everybody else is doing. But still resisting what they are doing even though you are doing it.. The easier it is to get pulled right back in. Imhotep Cutting into people and animals you lose your empathy and humanity... Over time it becomes extremely taxing.. That should tell you everything I would never recommend anyone to get surgery.. When you're out there in the field triage pulling a bumper out of somebodys ass I understand. But voluntary surgery.. Bringing up surgery and then going in for a consultation.. For whatever.. That's fucking butchery. Because it was unnecessary.. Because they walked into that consultation appointment.. There was no emergency.. Just because someone has a sudden event and they live through it.. Does not mean surgery is the only answer at all. But in a system that commoddifies body parts. That will be the only answer for them. And they will sell you that answer.. Results: Overall, mean score of empathy was found to be 98.8±21.9 (range; 46-138). The empathy in Physicians (106.8±18.3) was found to be greater than Surgeons (89.4±22.1) and the difference was statistically significant (p value <0.01). Mean score of fatigue was 50.6±16.0. The fatigue level in Surgeons was greater than Physicians and the difference was found to be statistically significant (p value < 0.01). Strong negative correlation was observed between empathy and fatigue (r= -0.5, p=<0.01) using Pearson correlation. Conclusion: Overall, physicians had better empathy than surgeons, while fatigue scores were higher among surgeons. Fatigue is associated with empathy decay. This research provides an understanding of empathy deterioration and other factors responsible for it. We are literally living horror movies.. This is also the depopulation agenda.. Out of control hormones.. The desire to look like a skinny fashion Model.. And everyone relying on drugs.. The ultimate suffering.. So all th drugs for weight loss is not different than the steven king book, Thinner.. the curse of starvation while eating food. -- Saving people could also be giving them different information that was never introduced... We don't have to be happy that people are harmed because they didn't listen to us.. Great karma means you don't save people.. Ever.. Give them information to make a choice.. Not manipulate them.. But give them information to make a choice.. And you can still respect them even if they choose differently.. But since you've given them different information.. Will they respect you for your information.. That's kind of the issue.. People don't like people who give them different information.. But no matter what.. Everyone deserves a choice. And they deserve to know who they need to petition to help them make that choice if they can't do it on their own.. You give people the power to save themselves. Because the system has the answers.. You just have to be savvy enough to understand where to find the answers.. This is the veterinarian medical surgical holistic system.. surgeons must be a dr. Jekyll and mr hyde.. because mr hyde absolves them from the crimes dr jekyll did to humanity.. You gotta be a monster in order to do your job... And then hope your humanity gives you absolution... When it really doesn't.. I did allow death once with a dog.. I can't collect any more dog souls skulls. I'm preparing to witness building of the human skull wall.. It's already all over facebook and I can't help that.. This environment is so energetic.. And people are not getting my information.. And it's too late for some people.. I am surrounded more by people than I am by animals.. So I will have to get extremely strong.. But I will never be desensitized to death and violence.. I am so happy I have the movies and Netflix to confirm what I see in the world.. art imitates life and life imitates art.. if you are too busy to see yourself in the movies/horror movies then you will be the subject of their cinematic expose... saviors=souls=skulls The saviors collect souls and skulls... So when you ask for remedy.. And you have sixty people recommending you a remedy.. You are collecting sixty souls and skulls.. Plus your own.. And your family.. Just look at the hospital system.. Look at the holistic system.. Look at the surgical system.. They claim to save you.. With the help of politics religion and science.. That was the premise of the walking dead.. And look at all the saviors on facebook.. Collecting souls and skulls... And calling it life.. When all they are doing is just feeding on the souls, THE BLOOD... With absolutely no intention to keep anything alive.. And they keep you around to keep feeding on your soul AND your blood.. Like those vampires who tie people up to 90 degreed angle boards and drain them of their blood.. While it's dripping in the pail.. They keep people on tap.. Having friends and family is like keeping people on tap to drain them of their blood. Their energy.. Their soul.. Everything is better with friends when you are bleeding them dry.. Remember their use of antibiotics natural or synthetic is proof.. The use of the surgical system . To butcher their friends family animals.. And of course the fear of food.. Intentional starvation by the grandmother and the mother.. Intentually destroying her own family.. That's the vampires in your society.. And you are surrounded.. And when they want to convert you.. They troll you or bite you.. And try to turn you.. Just like a vampire.. And then when you point this out to people... They hate you for pointing out their vampire behaviors.. My pink shirt with a white skull I wore on fb live is a symbol of what people are supporting in their homogenized life of resistance. people do stack skulls on their walls and photo albums as they support generational human sacrifice.. My shirt is a reflection of all of YOU.... Was Albinism the original humans before we were given the ability to adapt.. Why do they call it the medical condition.. When your body is doing what it's supposed to do. And then the medical system tries to block it due to specific programming.. Do you know what medical conditions mean in the medical system.. If you are outside the programming they will force you back in.. By any means possible.. The reason why we have darker skin in the sun is to protect us.. When we outlive our useful years in the system and then our hair turns white.. But the system already incorporated a starvation programming.. People think hair turning white means you are deteriorating.. When it actually means the body is trying to go back to your original programming at least in the hair.. But you were given a gift of adaptation and protection of a sun.. Called melanin.. Albinism is an inherited condition that leads to someone having very light skin, hair, and eyes. It happens because they have less melanin than usual in their body. Melanin gives skin, hair, and eyes their color. Except for vision problems, most people with albinism are just as healthy as anyone else. When it's sunny outside, you need to have some kind of protection from the uv rays through your eyes. So I understand vision problems

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