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During Climate Change Life is Ugly and Death is Beautiful


Medical/Holistic/Energy Healing profit from suffering

In plain sight

During this Climate Change, Life is Ugly and Death is Beautiful

To be cured in a dynamic environment being cured follows the laws of entropy or thermodynamics, which means death is "imminent" relative to state of biological existence.

Before 9/11/2001 the climate was "relatively" stable, but there were smatterings of cancers and other disease dotting the population. People were alarmed but not as they are alarmed today during aggressive climate change. Currently, we have had major drops in temperatures the last two day and people are dropping like flies, literally, even more so than the last 50 years.

 The last 50 years the system developed standards of beauty, ability and lifestyle of which people became used to, expected and even "fought and died for" through the beauty, health and wellness industry. Some people were given the gift of blood type, DNA, pedigree and even "privilege" that now, makes NO difference because the climate is changing aggressively with wild swings in the barometric pressure and particle manipulation/acceleration. Even if you "achieved" a standard of beauty, developed a coveted lifestyle and even tapped into certain abilities, you would have to fight to be cured in that specific state of existence. If you felt any sort of "change" in that situation, you were told to carve out the problem, medicate the problem, or starve the problem. You were never told to adapt to it, feed it and release it "properly", whatever that means.

So now, to be beautiful with ability coupled with a lifestyle, you are following the laws of death, entropy, or thermodynamics. People will do drugs, get operations, resist change, starve themselves, use remedies, surgeries and even inject themselves with whatever is the latest thing on the market.

So, beautiful is deadly until the Mother Nature fights you on your "cures" and starts making you bloated, disheveled, aged, losing life force while developing the defense mechanisms like pain and suffering letting you know your habits will not work anymore staying "cured"..

Mother Nature will fight to death, and so when you are UNCURED and fluctuating with the environment, you will not look like the industry standard of beauty anymore. You will have to rest, sleep, be bloated, eat, have mucus and change..

Life is ugly, when it is allowed to live in a dynamic environment and beauty is deadly as it fights the environment until it is exhausted and dies.

In the future, when the weather changes and calms down. Those who survive climate change will be finally organically "beautiful" and those who are so weak and decaying will finally be "ugly" or pass away looking like a plastic corpse.

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