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Earn Your Paradise

Just a brief update.

Earn your paradise in between bouts of hell

Even if it's just for 5 minutes or a day.

And I don't mean buying an herb or remedy or toking on that pot.

The food and pain are the payment system. For pleasure and paradise..

Every single time you shortcut the payment system taking credit using the medical holistic industry, the interest on that credit is astronomical and sometimes people go bankrupt.

Your body is currency..

People try to buy their time.. You're not buying time when you buy time..

You are buying a fantasy.. You are buying a simulation.. Until reality kicks people in the ass.

When you buy a feeling.. Eventually you'll get the opposite of what you intended..

You can't buy your life back..

You have to earn it. Through food and pain and suffering..

Dante understood this.. he understood paradise.. He understood purgatory.. He understood the nine circles of hell..

Right now , society is going through the nine circles of hell..

Many people are circling the drain. buying pleasure and paradise.. Buying simulations.. Until the body can't handle any more simulations..

The body finally wants to deal with reality..

That's why you can't force people to wake up..

 Once they wake up they could die.

So they have to wake themselves up.

I woke the world up seven years ago..

I've been fighting those demons ever since..

 People don't want to wake up.. And you can't force them to.

It must be through their own permission to wake up.. Or rest in peace.

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