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Earth is the Paradise, the Garden of Eden and all of us are Adam and Eve Reconciling With Our Genes

Earth is the Paradise, the Garden of Eden and all of us are Adam and Eve Reconciling With Our Genes

It's not eradicating all the corruption/evolution/uracil from the Fertility..

It's observing to what degree it becomes so out of control, it needs to be regulated ..

And death is the ultimate outcome of something that became so corrupted.. People can corrupt their own immune systems, causing died suddenly cast out of the garden of eden called earth into the upside down. Floating in the dead world.. Remember every corrupt thing you did to yourself was through consent.

It's okay to be a little bit corrupted and evolve to building back better. Versus being so corrupted you die suddenly or take other people down with you .

And there are so many religions justifying dying from the corruption of your lifestyle. And so that's why the system gives you everything to try to make it better. They try to make the end of your life and your life worth dying for..

Paradise is the Garden of Eden minus all the ruckus of friends and family and domestic servants..

Paradise was just adam/atom and steve/eve in the garden of Eden..

no kids, no pets, not war, no drugs or alcohol, NO fertility or disease or death or sexual congress..

adam and Eve were originally immortal.. I KNEW IT.

until they had intercourse, disease, war, death and then the long road to mortality, paradise lost.

Try telling this to a judeo christian world..


The ultimate resistance..

I tried to warn you.

The story of adam and eve is the ultimate human story from immortality to mortality..

It's time for eve to develop her personal rebellion.. And regain back her paradise..

 If she's even allowed to.


agreed upon cultures for life/death(fertility)


taking remedies to mitigate disease are developing microbial offspring/fertility, who are now programmed to compromise immunological processes..

 you develop offspring in remedies to work against your immune system... that is fertility

when enough offspring from remedies and public exposure are trapped in the immune system, sexual reproduction is triggered via the next step, CONSENT FOR SEXUAL CONGRESS..

THEN the long road to mortality..., or short road in this environment.

i proved immortality in GENESIS.. GO down my timeline.. And watch this last video..

the story of adam and eve is the proof of human immortality

of course it is allegorical because adam/eve would have had to release some demons in the garden of eden as they were exposed to each others spit microbes, animal microbes and insect microbes..

but the premise of the story is virginal women and men who release demons and eat all food, who do not hang out too much in diverse company unless that process is supported by ALL FOOD, tolerance to pain and release, could potentially, live indefinitely..

original sin was the first sexual experience in mankind/person..

then the suffering.. LONG SUFFERING..

Did adam and eve exist as an actual couple..

They were representation of humanity.

There is really no proof to say they were an actual couple.

Because remember humans came from primates who became hominids.. Then cultivated intelligence with the help of teachers.... And then developed intellectual capability through letters and numbers aka language and the written word and even oral traditions...

That's when the nephilim and the gods come into play..

Who were these teachers.. Who taught mankind everything they knew..

The giants. Of the bible and tartaria..

And stories must be developed to explain the human condition.

Oral and written traditions always evolve they never stay the same.. Because everyone's perspective is different based upon who you ask..

Which is why the constitution is a living document.. Nothing is ever supposed to stay the same or cured..

History evolves.. People evolve.. Marriages could evolve..

But if you are that adamant to never change.. History dies.. People die.. Marriages die.

You were never meant to be cured.

People only accuse you of lying because they cannot handle somebody else's truth.

If you must accuse somebody of lying.. It just goes to show how intolerant you are to somebody else's truth..

If an action requires the justice system intervention. That's when you prove somebody is lying.

If there is no crime committed..

Consider another thought process and stop accusing people of lying..

My observation. Many people lie to themselves as they cannot handle another thought process

and so, with all that said.. i see why Catholicism was so popular..

sin and forgiven.. lol, big families and cancer, and money.

Earth is the garden of eden..

Adam and eve is THE story of humans.. And their relationship between life and death.. And why humans were programmed to die.. They became too corrupted..

There's always a higher power, a collective, a source of authority to keep everything together.. Humans become so corrupt they start destroying each other.. And then a higher power comes in and regulates..

But it must be done in a way that gives people choices.. Through the rule of law not the law of the jungle.. Which will govern the conduct of nations

Sometimes you have to be corrupted, to finally uncorrupt yourself..

But it won't make a difference if you don't survive your corruption..

Survive corruption and don't ever make the same mistakes ever again.

And release the demons..

When you think about the word god in the garden of eden..

 It was probably one situation out of many when the gods came in to an indigenous population and showed them amazing things..

Showed them fruits and vegetables and animals and food..

 they don't really talk about bathroom habits..

Or what kind of foods, aside from the fruit trees, did they eat?

 I don't imagine they talked about killing any animals in the garden of eden to eat.

What was the weather like..

It had to have been cold at some point..

They would have had to wear something to keep warm.. Build a fire..

Dig a pit to go to the restroom. Or else you would have piles of poop all over the place..

Where did they sleep..

Even though it was just adam and eve..

How long were they in the garden of eden for..

I know it was just ten thousand years ago this story took place.

Did they live in a bubble..

If there were advanced civilizations 241k years ago..

 Did they live in a bubble.. A biodome..

Were they experiments..

Maybe the story of adam and eve was the story of a science experiment..

And when they disobeyed the lead scientist or god.. They were cast out of that dome to fend for themselves..

Like parents kicking out children who disobey rules..

Cast out to fend for themselves and see what it's like to be in the real world taking care of themselves

They were essentially ruined when they ate from the tree of knowledge..

Ashamed of their nudity, god figured out they violated the rules and banished them..

The beginning of another chapter of mankind..

Once adam and eve were cast out of the garden, they had a family mixing in with lesser versions of themselves and helped teach mankind how to live and evolve themselves..

And they were representation of more advanced humans mixing in with less advanced humans

And pass the curse of geneology on..

Fight for survival.

The rest is history and present day..

Which is why virgins are so coveted because they are untouched.. Uncorrupted.. They represent the garden of eden. Until they are forced into marriage or manipulated into corruption..

When that happens literally, humans are cast out of the garden of eden, which is earth.. They live a short life.

Once they become so corrupt they must leave..

 That's the death process..

Earth is the garden of eden........

My world is trying to reverse the corruption and release the corruption and become uncorruptable..

But if you do get corrupted you pay penance called pain and mucus.. And repent.. Until you are completely uncorrupted.. Releasing the demons daily..

And you get to stay in paradise called earth.

But there is a price to pay to live on earth..

 The more corrupt you become, the more you have to pay.. But if you take out so much credit and you can't pay it back. You become bankrupt and then you're forced out.. That's called hospice..

Then death..

Fertlity=symptom of cellular corruption

I read somewhere, some men say some women tempt them, therefore she is evil..

Well you can't have it both ways.. You can't expect your wives and daughters to have families and children without temptation.. That's what develops wives and daughters.. Temptation expectation..

That's how fertility is developed is through the temptation..

And so I think it's disingenuous for men to say some women are horrible because they tempt them when they want them to be temptresses, as their wives developing children.

Or else you're just r@ping them, to have a family..

To say certain women or men have jezebel spirits.. Speaks to how bias that man truly is.. Because when he lays with his wife, she must have a "jezebel spirit" to submit to him.. That is incorporated in all marriages as well as all sexual relationships.. All sexual orientations..

You see marriage was developed for continuity of humanity and order.. As well as nation building.. And of course human experimentation..

But the extremism of religions birthing from families and nations develop such Hypocritical point of views..

While hypocrisy is not bad so as long as you are aware of your own hypocrisy and able to explain why it's necessary in science and exploration and acceptance of humanity's choices, many religions claim to be one thing when they are just as bad as the ones that they are accusing holding demonic energy..

If people were pure of heart.. Uncorrupted.. They wouldn't need a religion or groups of people to confirm and reinforce their purity..

There would be nothing to prove.. And nothing to preach..

They would just live a mostly solitary lifestyle and write...

What else are going to do besides eat.. Art does come from corruption..

Great beautiful things come from corruption..

And then there's an ending.. Sometimes a brutal ending..

Which is why artists are long suffering..

Just read the biographies of past artists and even current artists.. Even the artist of the nineteen sixties.. Just read histories of influencers and people of substance..

And so we inflict pain on each other to develop great resources.. And then we have to clean the petri dish every so often..

Religion is an art which springs up from suffering..


And people do inflict pain on each other intentionally and unintentionally.. Remember, when you worship a person, you also hunt the opposite..

And every religion is different.. A different god and a different demon..

So I just sit back and observe and watch everybody casting dispersions on each other..

I released my demons.. Therefore I worship no one. I live in partnership with a man and I release my demons every morning..

Because when you live with anyone and in a society one must release those demons, so one don't become so corrupted leading to eventual death..

"Casting dispersions" is an idiom that means to make damaging or derogatory remarks about someone or something. "Dispersion" means to scatter something across a large area.

And when I say fertility comes from corruption.. It's not derogatory.. It's scientifically proven.. Though some people would disagree.

People do worship fertility gods..

 That's why the pentagram is used with fertility rituals.. I'm not saying it is bad or good.

People get married all the time in christianity judaism muslim all types of religions.. Even atheists..

Which is why all remedies and medicine are regulated by the government.. Even operations and alcohol and drug use

They do develop fertility and then eventual corruption..

And sometimes even death..

To what degree the corruption will determine if that person must be regulated by the government..

The world is not what you think . A mass state of confusion and many people who think they are a judge jury and sometimes executioner..

Before you accuse someone to be inhumane . You better look in your own backyard.

Fight your own battles.. Let other nations fight theirs..

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