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Effective Leaders Do NOT Come From Love/Hate/Depression/Resistance

Effective Leaders Do NOT Come From Love/Hate/Depression/Resistance

You are getting the choices . There are consequences to all choices.. Are you prepared for the consequences of your choices.. Despite

all the warnings..

Are you prepared to take accountability.. Because that day is here.. And even more so is coming..

The leaders I follow.. are not all about love . They are not highly sexualized.. And they are not angry or depressed.. And they aren't even funny..

They are intellectually amazing.. And they are not trying to take away your pain or suffering.. They are allowing you to make those choices.. They allow you to make choices to inflict your own pain and suffering or take it away through the fda approved protocols.. And they don't love you.. Because they even know love is dangerous..

Very deadly and very dangerous.

I follow leaders who are extremely smart.. Smarter than me.. Smarter than most people.. And they aren't emotional.. And again they don't deem themselves a saviour by taking away your pain and suffering.. And they aren't in your house inflicting pain on you .

And they must make the hard decisions.. And they are not liked.. Not even loved.. They are hated..

And I fucking respect them.

Yellow bile choleric

You can detect rage in his voice.. (hitler)You can detect major emotion.. You can detect instability.. And you see what that does to people.. When you match words to it and then you blame someone for something.. This is how dictators are born.

People are attracted to rage.. And then they become enraged.


And then you get the love gurus.The complete opposite as far as emotions of the 1960s

The music.. The art.. The movies..

But that's also another destructive emotion. Especially when it's out of control.

The system did program extremes in people. .. And when you get fierce lovers . They destroy through hypnotization . Through love and sex and family.

When those emotions get depleted. .. Then it's the rage. Especially around change..

Just watch.

Your facebook.

People do try to hide their emotions behind drugs and alcohol and other things. But as you know it doesn't help.. It actually depletes the person even more so. When the climate changes. The beast does move. And people find different ways to release the demons. But through what they think is a healthy release process actually develops more demons of rage and love and melancholy. ..

Which is why I have the little trusts in the faces people put out there.. people put out what they think is accepted.. Knowing fully well people are trying to keep a lid on their emotions.

We've all been programmed the same way.. You can't hide it. Not for very long anyways.

So are you teaching your children to feed into the extreme emotions of anger rage so much love sex and depression??

Listen to Yuval:

Non Emotional Gay Men Might Actually Rule the World

And that isn't a bad thing.. Because they might have better control over their hormones and emotions

Great thinkers are not emotional.. Because they can't afford to be. Or they put their emotions aside and take care of business..

Success and longevity when you think about it.. Is releasing the demons of emotions..

Because emotions cloud your judgment because you hear nothing wxcept what you want to hear.

Love him hate him or respect him.. He is someone to listen to.. (yuval)

Put aside whatever politics you have and hear what he has to say..

And I will say he doesn't sound emotional at all.. I hear no love love love.. I hear no anger and caustic acid tongue.. I hear no depression..

I hear neutral logical aligned thought process.. Great thinkers are not emotional.. Great thinkers are not haters. Great thinkers aren't continually depressed about the world.

Now look at your facebook.. And see what is stopping you from taking on knowledge that could actually save your life..

You get the luxury to resist change. And then you get the luxury to die any way you want to at your own hand.. So long as it's legal.

When people don't even embrace change.. And they don't have the means to speak out because they never took on change and innovation.. It was their choice.. And even if it wasn't..

Be lucky you get the choice.

Some of you are so full of yellow bile that it is just oozing out of your face.. You're full of irritation and anger and it's all over your facebook. Some of you are full of oxytocin.. Oozing all over your facebook.. Some of you are continuously depressed about the world.. And it's oozing.. Like an open wound.. Coming out of your mouth..

And the thing was motherhood.. It forces you to ooze love hate depression..

motherhood, parenthood also can cloud your judgment..

Which is why nonemotional gay men might actually rule the world..

to gain full control over your emotions, you cannot have those triggers in your environment. Or too many of them.. Because those emotions are hard to resist... And when that faucet gets turned on.. That's called addiction.

Addiction to pets. Children.. Animals.. Activism.. Politics.. religion.. Even the pharmaceutical sciences. All trigger these hormones of humors. And then judgment is clouded..

Which is why I subscribe to no religion.. I'm not political. And I don't treat my disease.. Climate change will bring up all diseases . I just feed and release.

I treat nothing.

And that is a power like no other.. When you don't love everyone to death.. When you don't hate everyone to death.. And when you're not depressed and hopeless about the world..

That is a power few people will ever ever experience. Because they surround themselves with people who aim to cloud their judgment

The addictions to emotions..

And people who are unemotional.. Who do not feed into all the bullshit that is out there.. Who do what they have to do to take care of business.. They are targeted and they are hated . Because many people are in the jail of their emotions and they don't listen to anyone who says here's a way out.

They think they can have their cake and eat it too .

You're finding out that's not the case..

If you want a peaceful and calm world . It starts with you and your emotions.

Release the demons.

Or else you are contributing to the destruction of our society. And you're finding someone else to blame..

The world is changing.. Are you. Are you changing for the better.. And if you changing for the worse , then your fear of death and dying will become even more so ... And you will stay in your resistance.. Until your body can't handle it anymore and then breakage..

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