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Energetic Transactional Relationships

Transactional relationships.. Have to do with your environment internally and externally.. It's not just social capital.. It is biophysical capital.. It is spiritual capital.. You must understand energetic transactional relationships..

Some of you hold in "dirty money dirty energy".. It is torturing you.. Which is why all the constant hospital visits.. You haven't released the demons.. Or if you're using j j so much.. You are trapping that energy inside of you.. Starving yourself from food because you don't want to feel immune system activation.. Which is why you can't handle your environment.. Some of you have enslaved your husband your wife yourself your children and your animals.. And you don't even know it..

The lady below recounting her events.. Felt exactly the same way I felt last summer around july august My method saved me.. From long covid.. I was strong enough to do it.. Mobile enough.. From a fb friend in the j world "Monday morning I was fine, by afternoon I was suffering in bed..headache pounding, neck and body pain. Could barely move until this afternoon. I didn’t (couldn’t ) eat anything and barely drank water.

Today I forced it downstairs and started sipping on coconut water and started feeling replenished! All out of nowhere!!! Aggressive stuff going on! I could only eat a little bit of food today, which I did! Still don’t feel good, just feel tired and thrown off😟"

🧂🥛 Some people have money/energy/body to burn.. They want to keep the party going.. Some people don't have enough money to cover their expenses.. I don't mean that literally.. I mean they literally biophysically do not have enough of the energy to cover those energetic expenses on a continuous basis.. My husband has a lot more volume and mass to him.. I couldn't keep up with his lifestyle even if I tried.. I know my boundaries.. I know how much I can give to him as far as energy and attention and extra curricular activities.. And I know when to keep my energy to myself because I can't afford to expend that much energy like he can.. That's financial management when you're dealing with social capital and financial capital...

Some of your run with crowds and you cannot afford to.. Yes you can financially afford it but your body can't keep up.. Climate change you will see people who don't realize how expensive the environment is.. They're being given so much energy they can't afford to spend it.. Again I have to eat probably 3 or four times more than my husband because i have to keep up with the environment.. If not my insights/insides would not only cannibalize me but then yes the environment would swallow me up..

You know what a black hole is.. When you're not balancing out the energy with substance.. You're being spaghetti stringed sucked into a vortex of energy.. When you don't know how to manage your own energy to save your own life.. You get sucked into a black hole.. When your body wants to sleep you f****** sleep.. Or you will have brain swelling.. 🥛🧂

This is why you trust the FDA.... when we use bug sprays and chemicals against pests, they will still find a way to evolve and live/thrive.. You are just making the pests stronger... So are the campaigns against Roundup and other pesticides really warranted, or are they just making humans/pest stronger to those who can handle the energy conversion?

antibiotic resistance is what makes pestilence and humans stronger if they can survive the aggressive elements ... but people starve themselves (they don't do meat/milk/cheese/eggs/night shades) which is why they don't get stronger despite their abx use in the holistic/medical system...

Geoengineering and Climate Change are one and the same...or Climate Change is "organic"... lol

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