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Energy Conversion is an Art

I develop my own conflict to draw out the energy..

That energy gives me new ideas as well as encourages me to draw out the Innovation.

Energy begets energy and even though not everyone likes the energy being given to them for free, convert it and then when it's too much energy, walk away. Some people give you too much energy other people withhold energy from you.

Finding the right people to give you that balance is an art and sometimes you never find the right people. You find the right person. Or persons.

Some people give away their energy all the time and they get nothing in return.

Because people ignore them and that's OK but if they're expecting someone to respond and they get nothing then they're just wasting their breath.

Luckily I produce my own energy, And then I also replenish my own resources which means I don't have to depend upon someone to respond to me all the time to feel validated or to fill up any holes.

Those who choose to engage also benefit from the energy too.

Innovation is playing the game and when you're tired you step out of the game and rest.

The Secret to life is understanding how to balance your own energy without allowing people to suck the life out of you and convert you out of existence.

The Secret to life is understanding you need energy to live and you keep denying yourself food and you keep scooping out or surgically taking out you much needed energy, you won't live that long

The Secret to life is understanding when energy is destroying you, it will age you, even if you feel great.

Measuring quality of life.

I do not measure quality of life on how I feel.

I measure the quality of life on what I get done what I discover and what I release. People come and go.

Feelings come and go. Beliefs come and go.

Survival is forever.

Discover the world through words. Use everything in the world as a writing prompt to help you draw out who you are.. To give you some unique ideas so you're not always regurgitating somebody else's.

Clones have a purpose but you can always convert yourself from being a clone to developing something outside the Box somebody else put you in even before you came into this world.

There's nothing wrong with clones and there's nothing wrong with innovators and now you have a choice to be both. The Secret to life is being aware of clone behavior and innovation and exhibit both qualities.

Always make sure to tap into your uracil.. That's your evolution..

Uracil is the path to evolution. It is the autophagy, the demethylation or methylation of atoms of proteins, adding and subtracting relative to intention and purpose.

If life is all about peace and love then you're advocating death.. Rest in peace or dying reproducing.

It's OK to shake up the establishment, even in your world. Your friends and family deserve another path to consider, even if they think they do not deserve to live.

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