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Engineered Climatalogical and Immunological Barometric Change

Main take away.. The J world is understanding how to deal with pressure retention and pressure release. COVID 19 Was just a point of reference of the shifting of the barometric pressure causing immunological climate change and build back better.. Building up pressure.. During the week and then release on the weekend.

Remember I said.. Be on high alert I could feel the weather ramping up.. I feel it in my heart.. I also feel it in my blood pressure.. Extreme fluctuations in the temperatures.. Poop and pressure.. When things heat up during the week.. They get released on the weekends.

Climate change is like altitude sickness. Low levels of oxygen in the blood make the pulmonary arteries narrow. This squeezes the blood into a smaller space, which increases blood pressure, causing pulmonary hypertension.

Does ion concentration affect blood pressure? Many genetic, pathophysiological and pharmacological studies provide evidence that ion channel function is an important determinant of blood pressure levels.

I am thankful Survived the crazy back to back tornadoes At three in the morning when the storms that were destroying everything were creeping around surrounding my town.. Anything could have happened.. We had one little cell over us that came and left.. Not a tornado but just a thunderstorm.. I was shocked that it came in really fast thunderstorm.. And then left.. And that was it.. Yes we had rain.. I heard the thunder out there in the distance.. But the light stayed on.. Nothing came through... We're supposed to be hit with fifty to sixty mile per hour winds today.. Maybe the gusts won't be prevalent.. If the average is twenty five miles per hour like it shows on the weather application with gusts of 45 to sixty.. I'm okay with that..

Next weekend we do it again.. I will expect every weekend I will be ducking and covering.. By the way the average median income in arkansas is around twenty thousand dollars a year.. But don't let that fool you.. The average median income in all the states that were hit are between twenty thousand and thirty five thousand dollars a year.. And you're seeing the hardest hit is south coast.. And arkansas..

Every single part of the country is going to get hit with something.. The two coasts psychedelics mushrooms.. All the analytical and the movers and shakers will be high as a kite.. While they are slowly getting hit with large amounts of snow and atmospheric rivers.. Don't get f****** complacent because you have money..

Tornadoes tear through Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Tennessee

Climate change from geoengineering is like altitude sickness... And altitude sickness can also trigger a chain reaction of immunological events.. I remember when I climbed Mount Whitney the pressure of the altitude's sickness and the feelings of dizziness.. Loss of coordination.. Heartbeat faster..

When I was over at Colorado, Lowry Air Force Base, Mile High city was like an altitude sickness.. Altitude sickness / Symptoms Usually self-diagnosable Symptoms tend to occur within hours after arrival at high altitude and include headache, nausea, shortness of breath, and inability to exercise.

It is not surprising type O blood types have low to normal blood pressure and blood type A/B and A and B have higher blood pressure...

Lack of substance/or overabundance of substance and lack of balanced release is why people do not survive climate change.. many are sitting ducks trying to herbalize the pressure away.. until a died suddenly

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