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Eve Had to have Become Before Adam (XX XY)

This is the day to watch this video

Gene, Gender, Culture, Cult, Be/lie/f

X, Y

Y is the predator or defender.

And relative to how much stress her brain and body undergoes influences which gender she will reproduce..

men are and will eventually become extinct...


Yep I truly think the first men came from the women because she was under so much duress that she developed so many antibodies that are in the shape of Y


Which is why women have boys because she was under duress during conception and ovulation

A 2019 study found that women who are psychologically stressed during pregnancy are less likely to have boys. The study found that women with psychological stress had a ratio of two boys to three girls, while women with physical stress had a ratio of four boys to nine girls. Another study found that women with high levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to long-term stress, were 75% less likely to have sons.

Eve always came before Adam

Adam was her predator and her protector

And just like vaccines, over protection can also be deadly. Men can also be deadly to women.

Men have always been the symbol of protection which is basically immunizations and vaccines

But we are finding out those who have too many antibodies are attacked from the inside and of course some men are on the hunt and they destroy women when given the opportunity

Which is why they're asking what will happen when the Y chromosome finally disappears because we don't need as much protection like we used to. Will men turn into women if they are allowed to evolve and change and they're not stuck in their manly paradigms..

And I don't imagine many men will understand this or even allow themselves to go through that process. Which is why the men will have a hard time surviving climate change once they go through that process of immune system activation and they can't handle it

Why are men symbolized as Satan or the devil

Because the Y chromosome is the ANTIBODY ANTI CHRIST

The body of Christ

Covered in the blood of Jesus your protection

According to Daily in the Word, being covered in the blood of Jesus means that it allows people to enter into the presence of a holy God. It also grants people membership into a divine family and access to God's presence.

That's why/Y

Remember Charles Manson

Women have to be manipulative to survive the men and sometimes she turns against her own gender because she's afraid of the men

And then women can also become as deadly as men if provoked.

But all religions who are patriarchal practice some form of this and women are nothing more than something to be traded between families and companies

Women carrying female fetuses have higher levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) than women carrying male fetuses, and this remains the case throughout pregnancy. This hormonal difference may appear as early as three weeks after conception

So she's psychologically higher stressed but not as physically stressed

if men could tap into "evolution" to live, not die, would men essentially turn into females..??

was the X the original and the y or antibodies the modification?

was the bible inverted to make you think eve came from adam, when it was the other way around..


The devil takes away the suffering.. if you fancy yourself as a person who takes away people's suffering then you've already worshiped something like this..

If you inflict pain on people with your knowledge you can be called luciferian especially if you force it on them and the people don't get the choice to walk away. That's the activism. When you employ yourself to take away someone's pain and suffering and not supporting their luciferian practices to survive the painful knowledge and realizations then you are practicing both luciferian and Satanism

then both can be deadly.

That's why having dependents forces you to be luciferian and satanic at the same time because your dependents have zero choice in the matter.. that's why they are your dependents..

Which is why I could speak what I speak because there is nobody that I wield my power over and my husband is my equal. But if I had an animal or a child or even an elderly person under my care well I would be forced to be satanic or luciferian relative to the situation. Dependents don't ever get choices.. they are in forced slavery

that's the slavery system

It is also human and animal and child trafficking and selling flesh and flesh manipulation using the medical holistic energy healing massage therapy world

Oh wow so let me say this. So the left is luciferian and the right is a type of satanic..

The left enlighten people at whatever is age appropriate so they can make a choice and the right keep you in the dark until you are traumatized and don't know how to protect yourself

We truly do live in a luciferian satanic society and they both end up dead if you don't redirect and understand how to balance both but not end up going to extremes. It's like walking away

So the left wing again actually respects the women more than the right wing actually do

However I see a lot of left-wing who groom their children for marriage and family and so I think they're actually right wing but left wing in disguise

No matter what women are going to have to learn very very hard lessons and many are brutalized and they don't survive. And it makes me sad for women.

But it starts off in the family.

And I wish I knew if the mother or the child would be the one to survive what's going on but there's no way to know..

I want to think the mother will be the one to redirect herself but she may not even be strong enough. And I can't assume her children are strong enough if she's not

Kink Charles II represents the "devil" within you contributing the suffering of animals and humans by trafficking them and selling them into slavery, etc..

He is saying, the devil is here.. the suffering of animals and humans are over..

died suddenly will alleviate ALL SUFFERING, and the treatments will accelerate the ending of your suffering called rip.. the devil is here and he will save humans from those who drag out their suffering by hurting others, essentially after they have hurt themselves.

raising your girls to be "Disney princesses" only to get brutalized by some opportunistic hormonally driven male could make or break the women to be extremely strong and courageous or mean and loving using psychological warfare..

now, look at all the women in our society and what perspectives they come from..

And I'll tell you female psychological warfare is brutal because you don't realize you're being attacked.. they numb you in the front while sucking the life out of you in the back..

And you're not even aware because they're flipping through the photos showing you pictures of them in bikinis and their babies along with their puppies and kittens

the strategic use of oxytocin and bonding is what gives females the upper hand and that's how they destroy you from within

That's why women are called black widows because they hypnotize their targets and then suck the life out of them..

And when you are hip to this then you start staying away from females because you know exactly the arsenal they use and they won't like you for knowing it..

Yeah you're exposed psychological females who use love and bonding to destroy your friends and family and even yourself..

Maybe you didn't know this before but now you know but that awareness probably won't make a difference because what you're doing is working and I get it..

And I have to be very careful how I use my powers around my husband and him too because hormones are intoxicating and people leverage their hormones over some unsuspecting target.

I am very aware and that's why I control the amount of hormonal release and retention in my world so i am not destroying anyone and I don't want anyone destroying me..

There's a reason why people bond with each other it's because they're sucking the life out of you and you're sucking in the life out of them..

Just make sure you can afford having someone sucking the life out of you.. and make sure you can replenish the resources used from that bonding

How many conservative people still traffic their daughters into marriage and having children and forcing their daughters to have children..

I see very conservative religious people who have big families preach the anti-disney rhetoric and they have forced their daughters into marriages and being that Disney princess uncorrupted until they allow someone to corrupt them..

Selling their daughter and Son's images on the internet to gain social market share through pleasure and Paradise..

Of course I know Liberals are okay with this because that's the liberal programming but whatever but it's the conservatives that I have an issue with speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

At least the Liberals are up front about it but it is the conservatives who hide behind deception and that's what gets me and that's why the system is exposing you..

God fearing Disney princesses are their own Paradox and they are like sheep led to slaughter.

The men just play whatever part their mothers told them to play and that's kind of their issues but whatever.

So how do people learn about the ways of the world.

Well somebody has to tell them and maybe it's the system and then they'll either fight against their own hormones and release the desires or they allow the system to safely program them to do what they need to do without victimizing somebody else..

Which is why they teach sexuality in school because you know the kids are going to learn the hard way

or they will be so predatory against a person place or a thing and that's the issue right now.

No matter what if people have major desires and they can't control them they will become very predatory.

And that's why we have rapists out there because the parent never controlled themselves or their own children

My world if you can release the demons you'll lessen that desire so you're not hunting humans but even then I couldn't tell you if you could handle that kind of release process.

There is a method behind the madness but I don't expect people who are close-minded to understand what's going on

And it doesn't help that Mother's pimp out their own daughters on the internet

If mothers have no boundaries around themselves they will not have boundaries around their children

Son/Sun Worship

Which is why men need to slow the f*** down if they want to prolong their life if it's even possible for them

And I already see the younger skinny boys in our society are not going to make it very far.

They'll have a good childhood but I doubt they'll make it in their twenties and thirties. They're like an Al Bundy their hey day will be grade school and potentially even high school

Right now the younger generation of children look very sickly

And I know they're starving with food allergies and highly highly activated in their community

Climate change the global warming is f****** people up that's why a lot of people are dying suddenly and wow

Programmed cell death or a heat induced cell death aka apoptosis

What temperature does apoptosis occur at?

43‒50 °C over 100° f

Cell death is induced differently by temperature. Necrosis occurs at temperatures of 50 °C or higher, while apoptosis occurs in the range of 43‒50 °C [20,21,22]. However, even if cancer cells are heated to induce selective apoptosis, it is impossible to evenly heat whole tumors due to thermal diffusion.May 31, 2019

And you can have cancer cells that are active in heat which is why the heat could be favorable for cancer but not for the person.

Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) is active between pH 3.5 and 11, but its affinity for antigens decreases as the temperature increases. IgY is a protein molecule that is resistant to heat and pH, and is stable between 30° and 70 °C.

Those who are taking sugar out of their diet are f****** themselves

However, the addition of sucrose, maltose, and glycine can protect IgY from heat denaturation, while sorbitol can stabilize it at an acidic pH. IgY is also resistant to inactivation by the proteolytic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, but is degraded by pepsin.

Mainstream America has taken cues from the entertainment industry using the same model

So I think left-wing America actually gives a crap about the women more than the right wing America

We have right wing people who pretend they're Pious but they Advocate big families and their girls are going to have to learn extremely hard lessons probably very painful ones that will destroy them

The left wing are very upfront and they prepare the girls for what the world's going to be and that's the issue we have the right wing who just thrusts the girls into corruption and she learns very hard lessons and the left wing prepares women so that way she doesn't die in the process

But this whole human trafficking thing well I guess that's one way to survive.

Every Woman starts off with brutality from somebody and that is her curse

Maybe the left wing have a better chance to survive and the right wing have no problem running through the women turning them all into mothers who then do themselves in.

If a woman survives her 20s and 30s and she isn't repeating the same mistakes that her mother did she might have a chance. But who's to say because the 40s and 50s can be brutal.

But now I understand the mentality of the left wing and it truly is preserving women if they can even survive her own family and Society. And she's going to have to go through hell because both men and women are hell to each other especially behind closed doors

i don't sell human or animal flesh, but I buy animal flesh to eat until the whole food supply has changed, growing animals cancer proteins in a lab and infusing those cells into other mediums for my nutritional survival.

If there are licensed hunters who need to control the deer population, I will again buy the flesh to eat, not sell into slavery.

I dream of a better world for animals and humans stop suffering because of slavery.. that includes all circuses and farms and zoos and anything that animals are used to make humans money.

Like horse racing..

Zoos and farming are brutal to animals

so are veterinary systems

I understand the government controlling animal populations and hunters and I think having game preserves for animals in a protected area is awesome..

But I think all the animal exploitation needs to go and that includes pets. That's all I got to say..

We're in a huge transition and I know some of you are caught in the middle and I guess you'll figure it out. But yeah somebody like me must say it because it'll be very difficult for some of you to say this in your world

I couldn't even watch an Amish farmer or off-gridder talk about their relationship with their horse and using that horse to do so much labor.

I can't even watch animals in 3rd world countries be enslaved and yoked and abused.. I can't imagine cages are any better but you know how she goes it's for their protection I guess

if you use the Talmud as the representation of all jewish people today, then let me use your adolescent predatory past of using women or men for your sexual PREDATORY pleasure and keep reminding you of it whenever you try to say something

there are such things as reform jews in our society who don't use the word goyim..

Let us dig up your past and see what kind of b******* you did to women and men in the world that you live in..

I don't imagine those who are using people's past against them want anyone digging into their emails and behaviors in high school and as a young adult when you didn't know any better.

And even if you did know better maybe you've changed maybe you have evolved. Is it fair to use your past against you so people can shut you up and so you can practice hate

Every single culture and religion and political thought process came from some really aggressively extreme circumstances and treachery and brutality. And some of you still exemplify that in your children and in yourself..

Some of you hate women and you're teaching that to your sons and your sons are going to victimize women because you've allowed it.

And you justified it and you made sure the other parent was so demonized your offspring will transfer your hatred of their mother or father onto their next partner. You have just developed a monster in our society..

You tried to make a family with a conquest that didn't work and now you're blaming the other person

This also goes for the women who claim they were victimized by their husbands or boyfriends

Flesh is the reward for leading Humanity down a specific Road. The future doesn't have to be like this but the mothers must finally break the cycle once she realizes her contribution to this

Why some men don't post their wives on Facebook

First of all maybe he doesn't want to sell his wife on the internet and second of all maybe she doesn't want to sell her husband to people. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins

I apologized to my husband for posting pictures of him against his wishes and because even sneaking them is not a good thing and so I want to show that I'm proud but that is a sin and he doesn't like it and I will respect that. And I will respect that in the future. So I've done stupid s*** that I'm not proud of..

Cancer patients basically starve themselves to death because they can't release "demons" and feel pain and suffering.

They do sugar detoxes and they stay away from meat milk cheese eggs they basically are in starvation and so whatever food they eat feeds the cancer cuz they don't release it

And then the body falls apart. And you can't help them because they don't understand how to deal with pain and suffering and you're not supposed to direct them how to manipulate their own flesh and so they will always have somebody else manipulate their flesh which means it's done

If you think I'm incorrect then please prove me wrong

be the example

as soon as you have a child, you stop maturing and advancing and now you are deteriorating and relative to your station in life, the deterioration might be rewarded or punished..

women and men who have children stopped their ability to advance their intellect and they are stuck in that moment and then die a slow and painful death until they learn how to redirect and lessen their desires to be satisfied.. ..

And then what happens is parents are stuck selling their children and themselves on the open market essentially human trafficking

Which is why we're in a great reset because the misery is astronomical..

And the system must stop the bleeding

If you think I'm incorrect then please prove me wrong

be the example

COVID has changed many people for better or for worse.

covid changed me for the better.

But it was a fight and it will continue to be a fight but I am extremely thankful for climate change.

now it's just surviving the weather

And I will tell you my government is extremely smart.

Literally the government is genius

Now it's just surviving my own peers and that's going to be the hardest fight of all because my peers are deadly and they don't even know it

And that's the kind of situation you're in you're all up against your peers who will destroy you if you allow them to and they will.

But give your peers the opportunity to save themselves because they're not the enemy it's just they don't realize all their good intentions developed the road to hell

don't tell on yourself and I'm not trying to exploit you

Please don't defend your position on my page because you act as if I've attacked you and you're defending yourself with the intention to convert me or make me understand your position which means you're saying that I'm wrong for even thinking this

and so stay on your page

you haven't commented at all for however long and you lurk and I'm sorry but I don't like even nice trolls

And if you can't use your own page to process your own ideas then you're just one of those who have to give off an image and I don't like fake b*******

So please stay in your world of marketing and sales and whatever and my information is probably not for you

not at this juncture

There's nothing to defend because we're in a transition.

Just consider the information and there's nothing for you to do unless you want to in your own world. I just merely observe the world I live in and you guys will make your own choices and I can give a s*** what you do.

It's none of my business what you think about your own world and why you do what you do.

If you think my assertions are wrong well my God opinions are like assholes everybody has them.

Welcome to life

Why don't you use your own page for a personal and professional development oh my God

What a novel idea that you use your own Facebook for your own development, that way you don't have to keep defending yourself

You just exemplify what you believe..

I strategically defend myself to the world on my page and speak to whatever's out there. And I don't have to force people to listen to my point of view or make them feel wrong psychologically manipulating them with politeness and haha

I'm telling you women are the most vindictive and they use psychological manipulation to force their point across

And some women try to come off as funny and haha and loving but in reality they're sticking a knife in you ..

And they're smiling to your face

I just experienced that right now which is why I stay away from females especially when they're all about love and sex..

Especially when they think they must defend their position

Because they will knife you Psychologically

I got your number

don't do it again

or I will block you

Plus I want to spare you of embarrassing yourself through your confessionals because what you're doing is showing everyone your weakness and you don't want to do that

don't tell on yourself and I'm not trying to exploit you

I get something in the mail for a prior owner about the Ohio Lottery

And I am talking to no one.. I'm just reading the information on the mailer and I throw it away.

All of a sudden I get an ad for the Ohio Lottery. Is it merely coincidence because I live in Ohio and that's who they're targeting called geofencing

I think our phones are reading our mind

Finally i get to click on the option that the phone knows too much. It's freaking creepy

Group orgies

I would say this is probably where the new flirt variant will come from

When men are built on pain and suffering and they are pain and suffering to women and men alike, even animals, will they be able to release the excessive Y antibodies and become the whole X???

most men will not.. their whole identity is based upon pain and suffering and inflicting pain and suffering onto their kids, wives, husband, animals and other men who fail to exemplify ideals..

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