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Every 7 Years Your Body Changes and Maybe Your Outlook and Belief Systems Need to Change

Every seven years your body will change.. Even your outlook..

Are you prepared to change or if you resist change then yeah major deterioration..

Died suddenly comes from people who resist change..

If you're going to raise a hot chick in our society.. You better let her know looks only last so long..

She better have something up there in her head and not just some piddly degree that she does nothing with.

Because with the amount of competition out there.. A doctorate degree in whatever won't give you the money you're looking for in regular corporate america, which will be severely disappointing unless they have something amazing they invented..

And when it's so lucrative to flash skin, some hot chicks will milk that situation.. Even selling their soul by selling people remedies..

Hot chicks are dime a dozen. Evolutionary chicks are very few in far between..

And hot chicks have a hard time changing.. Because they were told their face was the most important. And a sexual body. So they chase that dragon forever.. Until they cannot

Your brain is the most important.. Despite the changes in your body..

To the person who thinks that in order to be someone you have to be loved by everyone or one person.. I can tell you you are an important person.. Even if no one sees it..

Some people are in marriages and their spouse doesn't see how important they are.. I'm glad i'm not in that marriage..

You have to see the importance of yourself.. Don't let that programming, that you're nobody until somebody loves you, destroy you..


Falling in love is like taking drugs for the first time and then marrying the "drug" to sustain that high while making important life changing decisions while high all the while chasing that high. One day, that "high" wears off and reality sets in. Bodies change and when growing a family, people do change over time. What brought you together will either drive you apart, or at some point one must refresh the marriage and find a different path than the original one and set about that journey together.

I would NOT recommend wanting anyone to fall in love, want to be loved, chase love, or think being in love is something to envy because those highs of being in love and chasing love also can turn into the lowest of the lows, especially if one has not found a way to reinvent themselves.

Any kind of business/hormone partnership is a brutal venture of change, pain, suffering, and it is worth it if you truly respect yourself first, and then love yourself. And, at least one person in that relationship needs to keep track of the changing times and suffer through implementing change to take care of oneself despite the resistance from the world around them and demonstrate why change must happen in all relationships.

 Every 7 years people change and if you are not growing together, then you are working against each other. So many thing happen when people biologically, physically, emotionally, and intellectually work against each other; WAR.

The system set most people up to fail when using hormones to bring people together via the family.. The 50% divorce rate with children are the proof.

There is always a winner and loser in a war of microbes, ideas, politics, religions, science and even how to deal with the Apocalypse.. Both can win, or both can lose, or one can win/lose, as it is all relative to what winning and losing is.

It is nice to have "partners" in things and if no partner, it is nice to have one or two people you can engage with, even on the internet. It is also nice to be on your own and commiserate with acquaintances and then disengage, when necessary.

Love is a treacherous battlefield fraught with misunderstandings, forgiveness, patience, understanding and even time and space apart to reset. Love is never something I would engage in willy nilly now, but hindsight is 20/20. I am glad I found the love of my life and a partner I respect and it was 13 years of fun, battles, misunderstandings, respect, building and finally during this great Apocalypse, someone I can count on..

I cannot emphasize this enough; there must be at least one person who lives in the reality of what is going on as far as Climate Change and World War 3. If not, both people will destroy one another in their fantasies and then be so traumatized when stuff happens and no one was present enough in that relationship to see shit for what it is..

At least one person in any group situation needs to be the working immune system..

at least one..

Be that one person..

And I know I am that one person.. And it doesn't win you a lot of friends. But pain was never looked upon as kindly anyways..

But then that's exactly the alignment of pain.. Pain was always the indicator something else was going on..

I face the pain.. I deal with the suffering.. I live another day..

Relationships die because people never listened to the pain and suffering.. They kept trying to carve it out and destroy it instead of release it..

You can't make other people feel pain.. But you can face your own and save yourself.. But you have to be in some kind of optimal situation to do that.. And if you're around people , you have to be the one to have the sensible head on your shoulders..

You have to speak out to your family and friends..

If not, no one will..

Be the lucid one in your group of people.. Be the representation.. Man cannot live on just warnings alone..

They also have to represent they live the warnings.. Potentially even survive what is going..


Warnings are only half the battle.. The other half is surviving what you are warning people about..

Or else you're just wasting your breath.

If you truly want to find love and respect.. You have to first respect and then love yourself.. And you might be the only one who respects and loves you..

Sometimes that's just enough..

Be aware the programming that "you are no bunny until some bunny loves you", is a programming to force people to look for "love" and connection via hormones and then 7 years later or 3/4/5 children later, divorce when the hormones are used up. Now you have child custody disputes, child support, in-law stress, and everyone suffers. Sometimes diseases spring up during that time.. Because people burn through their own resources with their new love..

Times are changing..

People will burn through those seven years of change.. Just look at hollywood.. They were hot for about seven years. Got married.. One child later divorce. And the girl is not hot anymore..

That's the future right now..

That's why girls are having children at a younger and younger age.. Because they are capitalizing on their hormones.. But give it another fifteen years..

They chase their youth until destruction

And if girls are not having families.. And they're hot and sexual. .. Then they capitalize on their youth and beauty on the internet and instagram and become an influencer . selling makeup and mlms. Selling diets.. Selling yoga poses..

I mean they have to get mileage out of their youth.. Until it's used up

Which is why the brain is so important even if you have the body.. Because the body will change..

You can develop your brain forever

Since it's the end of the world else we know it..

You might as well just be so honest on your facebook..

You have nothing to lose.. it is going to be lost anyways..

We all thought the world was going to end in 2012

No, they were just warning us the next twelve years was going to build up to that pressure..





2016 trump Jilly Juice LLC









2024 All hell breaking loose

The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad[a] and also known as London 2012, were an international multi-sport event held from 27 July to 12 August 2012 in London, England, United Kingdom. The first event, the group stage in women's football, began on 25 July at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, followed by the opening ceremony on 27 July.[3][4] There were 10,518 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) who participated in the 2012 Olympics.[5]

President Thomas Wilson : Six months ago, I was made aware of a situation so devastating that, at first, I refused to believe it. However, through the concerted efforts of our brightest scientist, we have confirmed its validity. The world, as we know it, will soon come to an end.

Jacksonville florida..

Again I don't care what you do.. Society is unraveling very fast..

I wouldn't be caught with clumps of people.. Again that's just me..

I know the art of war.. It's easy to pick off groups of people than single people..

High frequency areas.. Even something like a gun.

I've noticed that if a man or woman doesn't feel what's going on.. They think what's going on is in someone's head and according to them, those who feel the powerful frequencies are choosing to react to thing so poorly..

When people don't feel what's going on.. People who do feel what's going on are looked at as crazy and even talked down to..

I find that in a lot of men and women out there.. When they don't feel what's going on.. Or they're hiding behind their religion.. Their politics.. Their science dogmas.. They will say you have a problem..

That's the issue when people don't feel stuff.. Or they don't have a sensitive immune system..

Just because you don't feel it.. Just because you found a way to manage whatever disease you have.. That could be disease of denial..

Doesn't mean it's not happening..

It just means you might not actually feel anything.. And that might be good in some situations And that could also be extremely dangerous.. Causing for persecution against certain people..

I don't know what people are under.. But if you took away all your medication.. Took away all of your drugs alcohol And distractions of religion and family and friends..

You might feel what i'm feeling. Some will survive.. Some.


I'm completely sober.. I feel it all.. Many people do.

Please consider not discounting that.. And please don't turn what is going on into a religious or ontological argument..

Things are happening extremely fast..

Quite literally.. This is not the time to put down your 2 cents that is opposition of somebody else's.. I don't care how carefully you word your opposition.. I don't care how much you have taken my information from the past and commingled it with your denial and even fear of what i'm saying..

This is not the time to try to convert people on their page..

This is the time to allow pure information of people without trying to distort their message.. Or give a countering comment..

I'm not into some religious debate with anyone..

I don't care what you do april eighth.. I just put out warnings.. I don't care if you don't believe.. I don't care if you think it's fear mongering.. I don't care if you go hang out there and pray to the gods of the sun with all of your congregation..

This is my outlet.. This is my immune system.. I'm releasing the demons.. I don't care if you want to hold your demons in.. I don't care..

Because no matter what anyone says to certain people.. They're gonna do what they're gonna do.. So why even talk about it with somebody else and try to dispute or even counter politely..

People do have the ability to scroll.. If you're practicing your writing skills do it on your page.. If you have no audience then no one gives a shit.. Maybe write something different..

But if you try to practice your writing skills on my page with your belief system.. See you later.. I'm not in partnership with you.. I'm not in collaboration..

See you later.

Roughly two-thirds of the electron neutrinos coming from the sun were changing their flavor as they traveled, arriving as muon or tau neutrinos. Evidence that neutrinos changed type also proved that they have mass, a shocking discovery not predicted by the Standard Model. Solar neutrinos still have much to teach us.

April 8, 2024

In my opinion I don't think it'll be literal chemical attack.. Frequency shift. And people will be releasing demons.. You can say it's from the sun. You can say it's from the military.. You will never know..

The solar eclipse is definitely a major frequency shift.. Every single civilization experienced the major solar eclipse on some level.

Harbinger of doom..

Evil ution

Evo lution

The poles flip..

Massive change..

I would stay away from the crowds.. But that's just my opinion.. I would also stay at home.. But again people will do what they need to do.. It wouldn't be a bad day to take a day off..

Why this day is so much more than any other day and solar eclipse.. Because all of north america will be involved with the solar eclipse somehow..

From mexico to canada....

Right over a major faultline..

The Aztecs in mexico had so many rituals go on during complete solar blackout eclipse .. 4 mins.

I wouldn't take this day lightly at all.. I wouldn't take whatever happens thereafter lightly at all..

Today oh my gosh.. My sleeping patterns are very different.. I sleep extremely hard when I do.. And I feel the heart acceleration rates.. I felt it this morning.. I made food.. Then I passed out for 3 hours.. My husband took a shower this morning and I did not hear him.. Until he got out of the bathroom.. And that was three hours later after eating food..

Sleeping "beauty"

I was so tired, I had to sleep.. Some people don't wake up when they're that tired.. I'm lucky enough to wake up.. And then i'm eating so much.. Right afterwards..

The climate has shifted aggressively..

I wouldn't take the next month lightly at all..

People want proof.. They think nothing is going to happen.. They say people are fearmongering..

The thing about proof.. By the time you see the proof.. You are either dead.. Or it is too late..

So then you need to understand signs and symbols and science.. And conditioning.. And psychology..

Cause believe me.. Proof is all relative to belief..

If you can't read between the lines.. You will always be a day late and a dollar short and then blaming somebody else..

That's the thing about those who are looking for proof..

Always a day late.. And many a dollar short..

solar eclipse will travel across North America from Mexico to Canada, passing through 13 U.S. states (as well as clipping Tennessee and Michigan). This path of totality will be about 115 miles wide, and for those within it, totality will last for up to 4 minutes and 28 seconds.2 days ago

Starting in Texas at around 1:30 p.m. CDT, the eclipse will occur in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and finally in Maine at 3:30 p.m.

How the hell did I end up here right in the thick of it.. Especially since I am from northern california..

Instinctively I knew.. This is where I am supposed to be..

1-2 weeks of food

Jason Epperly

Lake County, OH.. the SHORES OF LAKE ERIE

Cannibals let loose

That's great and just in time.. They might be activated a little bit longer..

Like I said the eclipse speaks all languages.. All of us will be on the same page..

Jason Epperly fyi

I called it.

Yeah I figured it out.. my gut knew..

I don't know what target list they're talking about.. We shall see..

As far as some kind of biological warfare.. We were preparing for that back in the nineties , with the california air national guard.. chemical warfare suits.. The summit county sheriff warned us.. I am sure they have credible sources..

No matter where you go.. The system knows where you are.. Who you are.. And.. Well.. Prepare for a lot.

If everyone is truly is on lock down because of something... Yeah.. You will be on some kind of weird vacation.

Today I had to pass out.. Right after breakfast. My husband completely immune.. I call him superman.. But I feel stuff crawling through my body.. And I have to release and eat.. Arms were sore..

I can only imagine what that's going to be like April 8

Martial law is a temporary state where military authorities replace civilian rule. It's often declared in times of war, rebellion, or natural disaster.

I have a foreboding feeling that we will all be on the same page that day..

I remember talking about martial law twelve years ago.. people were making fun of me..

Well , it doesn't seem it's out of the question now..

Monday, April 8 might be the start of a really brutal week.. Stock up on supplies.. Make sure you have plenty of water.. You might be forced to stay in your home.. And you can't go anywhere..

My heart is beating faster today.. Atmosphere accelerated

Husband is fed this morning!!

I knew this was going to happen.. People didn't bat an eye when people were dropping like flies before they put out the therapy..

So as the frequencies turned up.. Enough people were having issues.. Then the therapies were put on the market.. And there was so much resistance on both sides..

Obviously any kind of therapy even in the holistic world will cause massive growth replication of beta cells and offspring.. But since most people have been therapized..

You have a perfectly placed scape goat..

Those who resisted the therapies get vindication.. Those who took therapies feel stupid..

And the agenda still is the same..

Climate change will not let up on those who have been therapized or not..

But the system needed you to go somewhere when the climate did change.. They wanted you to find a very credible scapegoat.. That no one could dispute..

That psychological programming coupled with biological programming..

And you can't do anything about it now.. It's too late.

And in a slower frequency environment.. Immune systems won't be as activated.. Growth won't be so aggressive. And everything will be as it was before a hundred or two hundred years ago. With less people.. Even this post will be buried under years and years of internet.. Or get deleted in the future..

why do you think you have shoulder/arm chest pains?

 Because your immune system is trying to push through all the excess antibody/antigen programming throughout the lymphatic system to be filtered via the proper organs and then leave the body..

people mischaracterize symptoms.. stop the body from releasing and now they hold the monster of opposing forces in their lymph nodes inevitably causing lymphoma, cancer, disease, illness, etc..


OR people get shoulder/arm lymph node surgery..further disabling their immune systems.


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