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Every Civilization Was Built on the Back of A Disposable Workforce. You Have A Choice Now

Every civilization was built on the back of a disposable workforce to keep order.. happy birthday

Now you have a choice if you can change the way you look at the world with how you deal with evolution and immunological responses..

You don't have to be disposable..

Which is why animals don't have to be disposable..

Just remember every single time you try to stop your body from releasing and starve your body. It's another nail in the coffin..

Your savior/children/animals/victim campaigns were developed so you never saw the power in yourself and then you become disposable which is why the creationist are what they are..

I don't want my creationists friends to be disposable but that's not my choice

The less friends you have the more freedom and power you have to save yourself and speak your truth no matter how much it offends other people.. And the less friends you have and the less audience you have to cater to the more you have the freedom to evolve and change your arguments when it's presented..

Too many people cannot change because they are in jail . In their body in their mind and in their spirit.. Woke up to coughing.. Where is the smoke heading to next..

Guess the wild fires fixed the train derailments People described two 8ft tall figures with big eyes in their backyard

Hello. I have a vision impairment that I have had since birth. I’ve had 33 cornea transplants. I also have IBS that puts me in hospitals regularly. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I’m wondering if you’re protocol could improve my eye sight or help my stomach condition.

My answer: see your doctor and buy them my book. You are atomic energy

=IF(logic test,value if true,value if false) (developing arguments) F=ma (understanding force =mass × particle acceleration) E=mc2: how the mass of a body will change affected by the energy of the speed of light/c or 186k miles per second times itself or squared, aka as Mass-energy equation

Climate change.. Excessive temperature fluctuations.. Energy Release Formula (Laws of Thermodynamics)

Particle acceleration influencing the growth rate of cells will cause cancer because part of your cells will die and then your body will develop new growth at an accelerated rate

Remember when you are that compromised and many cells are dying for whatever reason, then other parts of you will compensate with new growth for the life being taken away..

That's cancer.. You must release the cells that are dying triggering other cells to develop extremely fast..

That's why you must have an effective release process so the rate of death and the rate of growth are relatively balanced so ONE does not out do the other.. You don't want to sustain so many damaged cells triggering the new life to develop even faster..

Every time there are damaged cells in the body it develops more baby cells called cancer..

When you slow the evolution and the growth of new cells and you slow down the death process. Then it's a slow deterioration, but if your environment shifts and accelerates the particles in the atmosphere and in your body then you'll see a resurgence of growth.

Or an accelerated decline..

You will also see some crazy a** behaviors in the community..

And everyone will be excessively intense about their position..

This is why you must tread carefully in public in extremely diverse company.. This is the time where you need to be intense about everything.. Because now more than ever s*** is getting real..

However I don't blame you if it's too much.. It's pretty insane out there..

New york ohio the north east is feeling it even more so..

These particles from the canadian fires are f****** aggressive.. And with particle acceleration and climate change they have become very activated..

And the vaccines are just triggering a certain amount of growth relative to conditions and exposure.. Nothing is poison.. However massive amounts of accelerated change is overwhelming to many people..

Growth is not inherently bad but when it has been accelerated.. And if you're not keeping up with it and conditioning your body to deal with it. It will be h*** and death if you don't learn how to condition your body to release without using aggressive means in the holistic allopathic world.

And when you wake up to the reality of the world you can't f****** shut up..

I can't shut up..

It's becoming even more obvious and more apparent..

I'm sorry if this is too much for some of you

If you have to block me and delete me and I understand if you do.. But if you do and I find out I'll ask you 1st if it was Facebook before I assume you did it and if you did I understand..

It's f****** insane..

As you know I am not out to destroy anyone.. But the truth is so f****** crazy it's so hard to hear and believe me. It's been very hard for me to hear so many different truths.

So choose the ones you want to hear and can handle..

My truth may not be for everyone.. This should have clued you in Wall street is made of dreams and manipulations.. Especially all those investments and of course crypto and investing in futures #wolfofwallstreet

The boiler room of the two thousands.

If I was a dude back then I would have been rich... I would have milked it and cashed in on that dough like you Would not believe..

I know I would have..

But I was bred to go completely opposite but I wanted to be that so bad.. PHACK!! LMAO The only reason why we say things is so we can connect with those who understand..

It's like signaling other cells to find that connection... The ones that reject the signal won't matter anyways..

So you keep speaking you will find the cells that are aligned with your process..

That's cell replication..

The only way cells can replicate as if they put out energetic signals to attract those of like qualities..

You stay silent.. You already belong to a group..

Cell that are energetic are new growth.. New evolution..

Not all cancers are survivable.. We will see the outcome of all the evolutionary people.. Will they survive their own evolution.. Their own waking up process..

I'm only a cancer to those who can't stay away from me but also reject me..

Life only has an expiration date if you intend for it to have an expiration date..

I read the opposite of that and so I had to balance out the scales.. Not all life has an expiration date.. You have sixty nine trillion lives in your body and when they all die it was because you intended for those sixty nine trillion microbes to pass away..

You could enjoy life in so many different ways and you don't have to die with an expiration date

Contrary to popular belief I enjoy my life.. I enjoy my life a lot..

Remember when you embark upon getting your life back. Not only will it be painful but it will be energetic..

Make sure you are prepared to deal with the energy.. Make sure you involve a professional.. And you tell them what you want done.. Not ask them what should be done..

But that would require you knowing what needs to be done without asking them what needs to be done..

Many people are against people changing.. Many people are up against so many roadblocks..

I'm sorry if you are faced with a road block in your life..

We have been programmed not to support change..

And it always has been it's just increased in intensity which is why we're alarmed..

We were conditioned to accept the season's changing twenty thirty years ago as well as today even more so..

Particle acceleration and the intensity in the heat and cold is climate change..

Can you handle excessive growth.. And do you know how to release without compromising your immune system..

It is the rate of change is what people are having an issue with..

You were bred to be in fear of change..

That's why all the fear campaigns and the never ending cures market.. Understanding How to Really Develop Both Sides of Your Brain

Exercising both cranial hemispheres

Making both sides of the brain strong and dominant relative to the needs at the time..

If you do not use both sides of the brain and condition them, you might lost both sides of the brain relative to how much or little you use either of them.

Intolerance to diversity, or the creativity of biotech and lifestyles probably shows an embedded if/then logic in the left side of the brain with lack of conditioning the right side of brain to see the creativity in another parameter.

The system can condition left brained people to build/develop whatever they want using already given arguments, but when the arguments change, their right brain was not conditioned enough to see the value in the arguments requiring the use of their right brain or creative side.

That is the VERY ESSENCE OF intolerance..

You were made to think you are/were "creative", but not in the larger sense. You were made to be "creative" relative to the needs of the company and the government/academia.

You may think you have full use of both sides of the brain in your career field, but in actuality, intolerant people regardless of what they are not tolerating have atrophied their right brain from acknowledging the creative side to the world..

They are still run by the programmed logic of their left brain if/then formulas they were given at birth and accepted by the system.

Which is why sports, sex and activism and fear based activist campaigns are all about the "body" and "spirit", but exclude conditioning the mind to evolve.

The mind of humans today in the mainstream/alternative mainstream society were not actively programmed to evolve, but to regurgitate, defend and offend.

Which is also why so much suffering and all the wars. When people's minds do not evolve, and their body does and they don't understand why their body is in immunological response, and so they destroy..

it is happening right now..

they are either violent, and/or all about love or using fear campaigns or they are under all types of therapies and food mitigation defending one's lifestyle and control over whomever...

that is the misalignment of the body, mind, and spirit.

phuck your love and intolerance, what about evolving your mind, and then maybe the world will change, for the "better".. Seasonal Particle Acceleration Has Always Happened

Pollen: o yeah, "spring time" ALLERGIES.. another particle acceleration, growth... see..

another immunological response mechanism.. of growth/evolution and instability, warranting vaccines/and diagnosable conditions during that time of "cold and flu" season.

change in weather and temps and seasons..

all particle acceleration via climate change, "organic" or "contrived"..

And it always has been it's just increased in intensity which is why we're alarmed..

We were conditioned to accept the season's changing twenty thirty years ago as well as today even more so..

Particle acceleration and the intensity in the heat and cold is climate change..

Can you handle excessive growth.. And do you know how to release without compromising your immune system.. You are/were not bred to be civilized in a higher intelligence.

You were are bred with fear around your lifestyle to keep you in line with whatever programming is required in that society

That's why you need law enforcement and written laws on the books that will always change

You were not bred to be tolerant.. You were bred to be in fear.. You were not bred to evolve

You were bred to create and then die.. From lack of evolution.. You were bred to convert yourself out of existence from the present waking world once the system utilized all of your resources

That's why everyone is suffering right now

Some people just hide it better than others.. Just because fires happened before at the same time twenty years ago doesn't mean they weren't planned back then..

You only know the world how it was presented to you And you have been conditioned to accept whatever has been presented to you..

And then when things change you think it is something nefarious.. Change was always gonna happen you just weren't prepared for it..

It is the rate of change is what people are having an issue with..

You were bred to be in fear of change..

That's why all the fear campaigns and the never ending cures market..

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