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Every Human Out here has been cursed with the Lillith Demon within them, Fertilizing them do Death

Main take away.. Every human out there has been cursed with the lillith demon within them..FERTILIZING THEM TO DEATH

Cancer and ALL DISEASE are from over fertilization..

You didn't release the demons and you starved yourself. And you allowed temptation to destroy you. And you also remedied away your symptoms causing more fertilization.

All the treatments will just take you down notches and notches until there's nothing left to treat. All treatments develop more fertilization.. Until a died suddenly. And then you see what everybody blames those died suddenly's on..

Everything's a factor.. But they'll never, ever look at what they have done to their own children when it comes to remedies.

And heat activates fertilization And barometric pressure's rising and falling also cause fertilization.... Because of all the diversity in your society and in your body.. And people treat their disease.. And they compound the issue.. And then they die suddenly.

But before they die suddenly their body is breaking down and there are obvious indicators.. Enlil= male lillith Lillith= female version

Incubus Succubus

What does god mean.. God is a representation of a force of intention.. People pray to the god of satan or the god of whoever.. Because they have a specific intention.. But even that intention is deceptive based upon how you characterize the purpose and the outcome..

And if you plan to die someday.. You are invoking the lilith within..

You have a choice.. You can purge out that demon without destroying yourself and other people. Or you will sacrifice yourself and bring others with you. Helping the earth clean itself up..

People are dying because they can't release the lilith within. People are dead because lilith and her children destroyed the people..

Do you want to be the male or female version of lilith.. If that's the case..

Get off your activist band wagon.. Because you're the Liliths in our society..

And thank you for your service if you choose not to change.. You are doing a great service for humanity.

You are choosing to be the sacrificial lamb. With all of your kids.. lamb/kid/ cain/abel

Lack of evolution is what will destroy you.. There are no enemies Out there.. Your lack of evolution is your worst enemy.. You let the lilith within you destroy you. Quelling the lilith within me My journey releasing that demon

That's the title of my next book.. Because that's the journey i have been on the last forty nine years..

And the journey was way more intense the last 7 years..

We've all been cursed with demons within.. We've been given gifts and we've had spells cast upon us..

All women out there have the curse of lilith within them..

I mean all of them.. Especially if you plan to die some day..

It just manifest in different ways.. Having Children or a piece for somebody.. Arm candy. Or you are savior selling remedies to people. In the medical holistic profession.. Recommending remedies to people.

That's lilith Behavior.. She is the destroyer . She destroys children and she destroys men.. And people hunt her and try destroy her. That's the dating world. Predator pray victim world.

Incubus and succubus are the sex demons cursing humans. Men have those demons too but the women their mothers are what reinforces those demons..

And the wives and girlfriends bring those demons out. And they don't curb the men their sexual appetite.. And so then it's mutually assured destruction.

They screw each other to death. And of course if one dies before the other one then that person was screwed to death and the surviving spouse gets screwed by their own fertility. Or they find another lillith to screw them to death.

Or they screwed themselves to death.

the FERTILITY curses.. The generational FERTILITY curses is what will destroy you if you don't release those demons.

Relative immortality so as long as the environment can hold life, is when you can release those destructive demons, those generational destructive fertility demons within..

And you still survive the purge process..

And it's a painful process.. Not everybody can do it. I won't even curse you with that notion everybody can..

Because if you're in hospice trying to get your life back you would need the same team of doctors who took you down to bring you back to life again.. And reverse everything they did to you..

They couldn't sell you anything more to stop the pain. And they would have to say food was not poison.

They would essentially have to give up their profession so you could live.

So then you would understand on a global scale Because collectively the medical holistic system brought you into the death culture..

For them to save the world, they would have to collectively bring you back to life .

They won't do that.

But if you understand it's about physics. Bology and chemistry.. And you set up an effective support system..

You might stand a chance..

To survive this great reset.

Or else you will die suddenly from all of those sex/fertility demons staying stuck in your immune system..

That's why you stay away from holistic allopathic people. They are selling you Deadly fertility..

And some people are too far gone. The children must cannibalize the parent.

And the children do..

Note. Remember I told you you're not special and neither am I. My journey is not unique.. But I will survive releasing that demon within me..

The question is.. If you choose to survive this great reset.. Will you survive releasing that deadly demon of fertility within.. And do you want to.?

Enlil: or Lillith

one of the gods in the Sumerian pantheon..

she cursed humans into nation building/human farming and all the past great resets was cleaning up all the demons from rampant fertility..and you are a slave until you set yourself free from the lilliths within your body, mind spirit and also negotiate with the lilliths in your world to calm down their hunger.. the lilliths in your world will EAT YOU ALIVE, if you let them..

which is why i will not recommend my husband remedies, surgeries or crazy amounts of sex or diets.. or even want to have children.. I want him to stay alive and I want to stay alive and I respect my husband..

here is one version of where lillith came from..

you are lillith..

how will you curb the lillith within you.. or do you even want to..

if not, thank you for cleaning up this earth...and thank you for sacrificing yourself for me.. Thank you for saving humanity by sacrificing yourself.

Because that's what you're doing.. Especially when you want to invoke lilith in your world.. Now you can't blame anyone by yourself because you are the destroyer of our society until you take yourself out..

You are omnipotent.. You just don't know your own power..

You are the one.. The one god the abrahamic religions refer to

And you were taught by a pantheon of gods in Sumer.. Their information was passed down from generation to generation and it evolved.

And with all the competition for information evolution.. One religion seems to figure out how to survive and evolve.. And they are giving you that chance.. But people tend to destroy evolution..

I can speak from experience.. They couldn't destroy me.. My information is out there.

You can save yourself. But only yourself.. That was what the pantheon of god's taught all religions..

You had the power within you.. The rosicrucians had to balance it out.. Israel knows people have the power within them.. If they choose to use it..

The west knows how powerful people can be with their intention.. Your intention to live better outweigh someone's intention to die. Or they will take you down with them


Power is in numbers.. Without the number you don't have power..

I have sixty nine trillion powerful microbial numbers in my body.. And I can figure out how to cultivate unlimited power if I want to.. So as long as i'm not destroying other people.. The longer you live the more powerful you become.. Without destruction.. Without exploiting somebody else..

cancers are entities competing for resources inside of their host/parent

it is poor medical/holistic life management when cancer develops

that is why humans need to transition from a closed immune system to an open immune system..

you can eat ANIMAL cancer cells in your food and it would nourish you.. but taking abx/remedies developing competition in your body and also starving from diets develops conditions for cancer like situations or aggressive diseases/AND OR DEATH


MEN WHO HAVE HOT SKINNY WIVES, who are also mothers.. you helped destroy her when she dies from malnutrition due to your traditions..

cut her some slack if she gains weight to save her own ass.. I am A HUMANIST

I am neither a feminist or a misogynist

What is the meaning of being humanistic? a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity. a person devoted to or versed in the humanities.

men and women are NOT the enemy.. it is their lack of evolution will be their own downfall regardless of who they blame their life or death on.. people choose NOT to evolve..

and if YOU cannot evolve as a human, race or religion or political thought process.. you will be annihilated because you were too weak to fight for your own freedom and dignity..

if are destroyed by those stronger than you and you ignored the warnings to get out of harm's way.. who's fault is that???

wake up humans.. we are not in KANSAS ANYMORE..

FIGHT FOR YOU LIFE or lay down your life for everyone to walk all over..

i am speaking to the west.. YOU HAVE A CHOICES.. even third world countries have choices, but their own governments shielded them from info.. if you are in hospice found dead with pineapple juice in your hand.. hmmm. Abraham is recorded in the Torah as the ancestor of the Israelites through his son Isaac, born to Sarah through a promise made in Genesis. Christians affirm the ancestral origin of the Jews in Abraham. Christianity also claims that Jesus was descended from Abraham.

The Abrahamic religions are a group of religions, most notably Judaism, Christianity and Islam, centered around the worship of the God of Abraham. Abraham, a Hebrew patriarch, is extensively mentioned in the religious scriptures of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, and the Quran.[irrelevant citation][1]

There is always a balance of life and death And good and evil..

Life can be evil and death can be good.. And death can be evil and life can be good..

We're in the war of what kind of life are we developing and is a good or is it evil.

We're in a war of what kind of life are we advocating to sustain.. Is the life good or is the life evil..

At the end of the day.. It is a war between divine guidance or self governance..

If you cannot govern yourselves.. Somebody will invoke divine annihilation...

Because you allowed it.

And when you always have to refer to authority on everything that you do.. Even what to do with your child and yourself.. And then your children have to refer to authority and even be controlled by authority. You have a problem with self governance..

When you have to be very well protected and i'm not talking about being protected from your government.. Because if you govt wanted you dead you wouldn't be here. Remember the government is the ultimate spin doctor storyteller.. And it wouldn't matter anyways because you wouldn't be here If the government wanted you dead, because you would be dead.. If you have to be very well protected from your peers.. Maybe you're the one that's developing the demons in our society that society must protect itself from

Maybe you're the lillith..

So I will say right now everyone who believes they should die someday.. now tomorrow or even twenty years..

Has invoked lilith into their world.. remedies develop microbial demons.. And those demons do torture people until they rest in peace.. Or die suddenly..

And demons right now are part of the balance but you have a choice..

But yes, all the abrahamic religions have invoked the demons into our society because of lack of self governance..

Now you have a chance to redirect..

You don't have to be a lilith in our society.. But you're going to have to look at your practices around life..

Lillith represented the balancing force of eve.. For every good man who is born.. There must be the opposite who also must be regulated.. Or else all out of extinction..

And your government is the balancing force.. If your government wanted you to die.. You wouldn't be here.. If we have to protect ourselves from you.. Somebody must regulate.. That's why you want to live in a civilized society.. Because once people violate law and order..

Chaos.. And it is pure darwinism..

Some people's lack of civility caused them to be annihilated by a stronger nation..

LET the governments take care of what they need to.. You take care of your family.. You come to terms with what kind of offspring you're developing in our society.. You govern yourself..

If you can't.. The government will govern your life and your children's lives.. And at some point annihilation.. Because you allowed it..

No one in the west is forced to die unless they choose to.. Remember you signed on the dotted line.. You chose to buy those prescription drugs over the counter drugs and surgeries.. You chose to take those herbal remedies.

Now you have to deal with those demons.. As well as society.. Some people's demons are destructive..

That's why the georgia guidestones is trying to guide reproduction carefully. People develope demons without even thinking about it.. Humans are sixty nine trillion hydra microbes of programmed good and evil..

You are the gods.. And somebody programmed your sixty nine trillion micros to be a certain way.. Who you are today..

Every single mythological creature in all the religions are a compilation of the type of programming that must be represented in an organized society..

Hollywood is a clue on the type of compilation of programming that rises to a certain level and then falls from grace..

Hollywood humans are just vessels to carry out a programming that the lay population identifies with..

And the schoolyard is the training grounds..

Now.. You will see your peers act out the programming based upon the compilation of deities in hollywood, people identify with.. And they will either embrace aspects of hollywood and politics and religion.. Or reject them.

And some might even develop another storyline..

But you would have to recognize that you are programmed.. And you dont have to be stuck with that programming.. Unless your body is that far gone..

But it's painful to release the destructive programming in your body.. And not only keep the gifts that were given to you but also acquire new gifts.. And counter the curses and the spells cast upon you by your peers..

The most difficult thing in the world is to counter the spells your peers cast upon you.. But you can be rid of generational curses.. Counter the spells. And acquire so many gifts.

But you have to make room.. Right now people are overloaded with so many spells and curses.. And they have a few gifts..

I'll tell you it was painful for me yesterday.. Going from hot to cold yesterday on such a level.. Was like entering again into another world. A new world..

Evolving is brutal.. But it's necessary..

If you can't handle evolution you'll die in the new world with the old body..

But life will go on..

If you can handle the pain of evolution.. And it's brutal I can tell you it is brutal.. You will recognize evolution is the gift that keeps on giving..

That's immortality in the j world..

Immortality is not given.. Immortality is earned.. And there is much work to be done..

Evolution is just the pathway.. Lillith: destroyer of children and seducer of men/destroyer of men/hunting men

men hunt her/try to "seduce" her

mutually assured destruction: they destroy each other..

it is when men/women/non binaries STOP HUNTING CHILDREN AND EACH OTHER, will then determine the future of a peaceful world.. remedies/oncology surgery are lillith's inventions..

Lillith is well represented in the health and wellness religious Hebrew world and of course, Christianity and paganism/energy healing world..

women are Lillith right now, until they realize they can redirect the spells their own mothers and society cast upon her.. and men need to stop being so weak from sexually reacting to their environment and learn how to walk away from the pleasure wars.. That's what makes men weak..

And a nefarious woman knows how to control her man through sex.. And i'm not talking about withholding it.. I'm talking about destroying him through so much sexual activity..

That's why less is more.. And even more satisfying.

Women cheapen themselves by not understanding their own worth.. When extremism nets an exponential loss.. That extremism must be eradicated..

(extremism netting exponential loss of life= too much life/not enough life)

That's why we are in a great reset.. Some of you are extremist and you will net a huge loss of human life in our society..

If you do not regulate yourself.. Somebody else like the govt will regulate you.. Peers do not regulate each other.. They develop their own thought process and give people options.. The justice system regulates extremists..

If you get regulated by your government.. Or by nature.

It was by your choice. Halloween is about acknowledging the demons that run humanity in our current society.. The cute children.. all children.. Which is why it's mostly a child holiday..

It's a universal holiday, and it is a holiday to even the ones who reject it..

It's in all the religions.. Because all religions entertain demons..offspring large or small HAPPY HALLOWEEN You can quell the demons temporarily with salt or even try to use fda approved drugs to subdue the demons but then you run the risk go developing more demons.. They may not be as aggressive as the prior one but the devil does take his due.. Especially when you messed with his kingdom..

That's why you have to release the demons.. And you cannot compromise your immune system in the process.. Because if you do.. The demons do take over..

That's why salting your food is so important.. You activate the food to be nutritionally beneficial, and you must feed the parent to release those offspring demons..

You never attack demons in your body mind or spirit or in your house.. Or in your community unless you are heavily armed.. And the government okays it.

Never ever ever ever take the law in your own hands..

Yes, salt and water and food can activate your immune system to fight the demons. But you better have what it takes. Salt can also put a temporary boundary spell around them.. But it's only temporary..

That's why you have to release the demons.. Not cure them..

That's why my information of an open system is so extraordinarily important.. That's why I discouraged my husband to take over the counter drugs.. It will compound his issues and make the next evolution worse and more aggressive..

That's why I feed my husband when he's sick.. I don't ply him with any type of drugs.. That's also why I encourage him to blow his nose and cough and sneeze.. And of course he poops..

I will not be a lillith to my husband or any other person.. Don't be the reason why the person chooses to pass away..

Don't let the spells of your society destroy your family..

And this is also why I stay away from the natural holistic world.. Because they're just as bad if not worse.. Because people think herbal remedies and supplements are safer..

No they're worse because people take more of it because they think it's safer.. That's the deception of the alchemist out there.. You are dealing with so many liliths out there, who are out to destroy society because that's what they were trained to do. And some of them are fucking gorgeous and you are hypnotized by their gorgeous appearance..

And some might even seduce you into destroying yourself..

Incubus and succubus

That's why it's very hard to see the enemy.. Because you could be sleeping with the enemy..

Which means you better redefine LOVE and respect for your husband or wife very quickly.

If not.. Then you are encouraging society to destroy their own family.. And you are also teaching your children to destroy society as well..

And if that is your choice.. You have no grounds to blame anyone for the death of you or your family..

You made that choice.. You made a conscious choice.. Especially if you are provided with another argument to consider..

And so when you are presented with this type of choice.. And you still stay in your activist groups making money off of blaming somebody..

Your intention is transparent.. You're in it for the religion.. and you are in it for the money..

Because life is priceless.. You cannot put a price on life.. Unless you know subconsciously you don't deserve to live and neither do your children.. So you will subconsciously sacrifice them to the system of holistic allopathic remedies.

But the activists make money off of death.. And they have something to sell you..

It is often said that human life is priceless. No amount of money or other goods equals the value of a human life. The only justification for not preventing the loss of a human life when one can do so is that it would result in the loss of even more lives. In short, only human lives can be balanced against human lives.

In other words if one human life equals an excess of loss of other human life.. That's the only justification why that life needs to end..

Now you understand the war in the middle east..

When the frequencies change and I have to convert energy to evolve to the new environment.. Yes the body goes through a metamorphosis.. I might look bloated. I probably felt bloated..

But I dealt with the evolution and then I revert back to what i was before assimilating to the new environment.

If there is another heat wave again.. I will have to deal with another metamorphosis.. Then when it gets colder then another metamorphosis..

That's the torture of climate change.. !!

You have to be able to condition yourself for the ever changing environment.. And it's more aggressive than it was prior to twenty nineteen..

As you're seeing people are not surviving climate change.. And they are so young.. But people will blame their death on drugs alcohol or other things.. Everything is a factor.. But in a different environment they could have lived longer, even with their addictions..

That's why it pays to lessen your addictions.. Buy yourself more time..

And you have to feed the energy when you go through these types of changes.. Whenever you feel in pain you have to feed the pain.. Guess you have to make up for the energy lost during that pain sequence..

Right now, people's lives are being sucked out of their body because of all the addictions. Those offspring are aging people exponentially..

My hair color might change but as long as I have access to food I will survive climate change and I want age from it.. Because I will never treat disease ever again..

Never ever.. The pain the last seven years was reminder. Never ever turn to the medical or holistic system ever again.. Or I would have to revisit the pain again.. It's okay to be a clone in the beginning, the first fifty years of your life..

The rest of eternity it's time to develop yourself.. When they were given permission by the Catholic Church to do the exorcism. Most likely it's because the kid was of bigger proportion. Because people could die from an exorcism.. Could they handle the energy conversion..

No different than the j world.. It's like a microbial exorcism.. If you don't have the substance to you people die from releasing demons.. You have to eat food when you're in the J world.. Which means all food..

Eventually eliminating the remedies.. Those remedies develop more demons..

That's why the catholic church has to ok actual exorcisms..

If youre christian against halloween.. I bet you do remedies. And surgeries.

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