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Everyone Understands the Power of Suffering. Not Everyone Will Survive It

Fear Porn = The Love of Suffering

Yes.. you understand suffering, because you are attracted to it.. but will you survive your own suffering, your own self induced suffering.

Everyone understands the power of suffering.. Not everyone will respond to suffering to benefit them..

To my trolls stalking me via email: you know who you are... lol.... there are 2 of you.. the fbi knows who you both are..

by the way, my dog sugar is dead.. so... stop using her as an excuse to contact me... i am married.. not interested in you.. I am also not a lesbian.. so please stop using my dog as an excuse to get close to me..

If you are so disgusted with my videos ahahah, why tune in.. ohhh misery loves to suffer ...

ok, then.. i suppose it keeps my name out there.. And if you like to suffer then why you don't think everything else out there should suffer if you love to suffer.. If you're against suffering then you would be ending your own suffering to day...

But no, you like to suffer.. See I told you suffering is innovative it is attractive it is almost addictive..

There is so much power in suffering that's why you keep suffering... So if I make you suffer it means you're getting so much benefit from it and it's keeping you alive..

But I won't date you.

Your suffering is going to benefit me... Because it sure as h*** ain't benefiting you.. You're still justifying why people should die someday.. But if you're suffering from me is benefitting you, I am guessing I am your last life line.. I'm the one that's keeping your a** alive keeping you going..

I guess it's a cross I must bear.. With great suffering comes much responsibility

again, I am not a lesbian, I am married and my dog sugar is passed away.. so she is not an excuse to use as a way to flirt with me like kids in kindergarten pulling on someone's pony tails.. ahahah

but I am grateful for the marketing.. I just must be clear..

i am married, nor am I interested in a romantic dysfunctional relationship with people on therapies thanks. My hubby is the only one I will be in a relationship and stay in it for however long.. even if he must be on therapy..

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