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Everything Has Flipped

So they knew that when covid nineteen was going to happen the spell was going to be broken... Everything will be as it was before all those spells and curses and gifts were cast upon you.. The j juice broke the spell before it happened.. The j world literally woke the f****** world up.. That's why I got such backlash.. The system was not prepared for people waking up I even became different after doing a bunch of the j j..

My husband could barely recognize what he married because I wasn't the same person.. Oh yes I was jillian.. But I was not the stepford wife.. I became a lot more and was able to give him a lot more.. No wonder this system didn't divulge you the secrets of the salt and the water.. Some people knew but they ended up becoming the crypt keeper because they did too much of it.. They became salt pillars.. In this environment you cannot afford to be on diets or be political about food because you will need. Mcdonald's you will need the ice cream you will need the meat.. You will need so much food to absorb the frequencies.. Or your body will cannabalize itself During Storms and Weather Changes

So the sober people who finally released the demons are going to be happy.. Giggly.. Feeling amazing and hungry and enjoying the food supply.. Those who need to be under the influence will need to do a lot more to get to the point where they used to be in a slower environment.. And how can you explain this to people who think for you to be giggly and happy and feeling under the influence you're not on drugs.. You are literally high on f****** life and the frequencies.. Yeah you can't at all convince anyone.. Nor should you.. Enjoy it.. Those who cannot be sober.. And have to be under the influence.. Won't understand.. They will think you're doing the same thing that they are.. F****** brilliant I told my husband if I were to drink alcohol right now. It would just take one sip and I would be totally over the edge.. All the drugs and the alcohol in a slower frequency made your insides stormy and also trigger the predominant hormones at the surface.. Which is why you get mean drunks sexual drunks and or giggly drunks.. Now when you're sober and you are feeling the frequencies going up and down and some more aggressive than others.. You will feel like you are speeding up.. And yeah you feel giggly.. and need to eat a lot.. Which is no different when someone has the munchies because they just used up so many hormones.. Now I understand the munches.. When you're taking drugs your body is going through an energy conversion and you need to feed that energy.. I don't have to take drugs in this environment because my environment is the f****** drug..🌹🥰🌹🥰 Holy s***‼️ People who have predisposed issues who are not on drugs.. They're gonna feel the pain.. And you're gonna have to pay the piper.. I paid my dues... I felt the pain during the frequency shifts the last 3 years.. Now I get to enjoy my environment.. Yes sometimes the frequencies are so much more than others.. But I will enjoy getting high on life.. Called the storms..⚡️⚡️⚡️ You saw how the storms affected my behaviour.. I was really happy and energetic.. When someone is unhappy and depressed the storms and the frequencies will also influence and make them more depressed and unhappy and also in pain.. And they will be angry You see.. The system knew how to create storms IN people with the drugs AND the alcohol before this huge frequency shift.. Which is why some alcohols are so much more aggressive than others.. Because it brings out the evil demons IN some people..

The Cannabis is trying to soften the blow.. And bring out more of a love hormone versus the destructive violent hormone.. not all the time.. lotta cannabis users still have anger issues.. excessive love and hate is still destructive They knew how to replicate the frequencies and the algorithms in drugs and alcohol and put that out there in the environment.. Which is why you hear hums and different things now more than ever.. Which is why some days are more painful than others.. Which is why some of you are a more emotional other days.. Harp cern and wifi.. They know the biochemical algorithms.. Hold on b****** this is going to be a f****** awesome Ride And could I convince someone who is under the influence this is what's going on without them accusing me of being on drugs or alcohol or under the influence.. Abso f****** lutely not..🤣🤣🤣 But you can't make this up i'm not that f****** creative believe me i'm not Besides what would I have to gain.. This is an insight only a person who's in my position will experience.. And even if you start the j juice world now you would have years and months to go through h*** to get where i'm at.. People in the j world who are in pain and sober understand but they have to pay their dues.. But they will understand where i'm coming from in the future if they stick with it.. Your vital organs will be tested

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