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Everything is in the Math

If you really can't evolve you'll fight for a culture that is disappearing and resistance will destroy you. It's in the numbers it's in thermodynamics it's in physics biology and chemistry and math

Women will make or break society and I hope you're the woman that makes yourself if not you'll break yourself and everyone around you.

The Times They are changing

In my opinion you get your body figured out and balanced then the brain can work amazing and you can do whatever you literally set your mind to without wondering one day when the ax is going to fall in your immune system.

The system made it the other way around so that way they can utilize you for at least your first 50 years and then you start declining before that but they'll get the best out of you when you're young and then justify when you pass away later.

Which is why they say the future is the children but what kind of future are you looking at, which is relative to the kind of children you're raising and what their focusing on and what issues they hold within.

The real future are the adults who can get their body right so they can work their mind correctly and logically relative to their intention.

The adults have already suffered and they survived their childhood and they have the life experience that no child will ever have because the children have to earn life experience assuming they survive it.

Many adults have the capacity to suffer to live but what will they eventually turn into and will they be able to withstand and handle the transition based upon Mother Nature. And people who have been encultured in a very rigid belief will have an issue with biologically changing based upon Mother Nature.

She was always a woman

Women lose her intellectual capacity when they start having many children. And I don't care if there are women who have a billion kids and they were great thinkers. I don't remember any one of the past especially in the Middle Ages who were great thinkers with a slew of children.

I see women adopt children and they are great thinkers but when you actually bear children you lose intellectual capacity

Josephine Baker wasn't a great thinker but she was the first one who was able to really use her body as a platform for money and then she adopted a bunch of children. But women using her body to get ahead why are we using women as prostitution and baby makers.

And so yes we needed women to have the men to be great thinkers and now it's time for the women to become great thinkers but not be compromised so early on or even later on.

And why must she become a nun in order to be influential. Why must women be slaves to a system. Why don't we give her the freedom to think without being saddled with taking care of everybody.

But at this point we have a lot of girls who don't have enough body to them to support the potential for their brain because they've been sexualized so much and her mother has been sexualized so much that they lose intellectual capacity. And so some cultures have women who will surpass other cultures of women because they have enough body early on to support them but will they survive climate change and will the body hold up to the astronomical taxing of the brain and the system using that person until they are done

The universal positive is all the food

The universal negative is climate change and particle acceleration

People's Lifestyles belief systems and deficiencies are the variables and the factors people don't take into account

Now look at what your issues are and what your deficiencies are and you will see some people will not make it and neither will their children

We have people who can't handle food and they don't understand how aggressive the environment is.

And every single time a woman has a child she diminishes her own immune system exponentially

Which is why men have it so good if they are built like a brick s*** house because they have longevity sometimes and they even have intellectual capacity if they're trained in the right direction

and women must compete harder because they're told to have children and they're starving themselves out of existence so they can fit in sexually to the population

and they're always taking care of animals and children and everyone else competing for her attention and so she dies as a human sacrifice.

And women are not told to think they're told to have sex, have a bunch of kids and be the all loving gaia mother who screws everything around her and she even screws herself because she doesn't know any better..

and everyone applauds her for screwing herself in the world. They love a human sacrifice and she's it and she Embraces that role.

Everyone hates a thinking woman and thinking women get denigrated by their own Society.

But everyone loves a sexual mother out there who will screw everything taking care of children and animals and anything that's indefensible..

Everyone loves a m i l f

American Pie told you that and how many people love that movie series American Pie

And if she stops having sex or kids

then she's giving everyone drugs to have sex and have kids.

How many "elderly women" are herbal salesman

So what is a role for women who doesn't have sex or kids and it's not giving anyone drugs and alcohol.

Oh my gosh maybe she uses her brain.

But God forbid because men have such issues with competition and her peers hate anyone who thinks differently and so her peers string her up and Destroy her from the inside out if she lets them.

So girls are then relegated to just screwing themselves and the world because they have no other choice

people around them are vipers

Woman could be the Antichrist especially when she doesn't realize what she has been forced into

Exponents are how many people are in a family and how much that's going to dilute the potential longevity and resources to close the gap

3 ^ 3=27

This is how fast things multiply in families and in immune systems. Particle acceleration does that

Every equation is a factor of what makes up specific biological entities and taking into account all the internal and external environments.

That's why integers are so important so you understand positive and negative and you can theoretically use the allegory of what is positive negative and people make up their own ideas thinking that one thing is negative one thing is positive but you have to understand at the micro level not at the allegorical level.

We have women who think love love is so positive which yeah I guess but it also can become very negative and toxic no different than killing all the life in your body using oncology and whatever else. Negative is good on some level but people abuse negativity and they destroy themselves

The equal sign and the approximation sign tells you whether or not how close two objects are equal to each other based upon the factors in play. Sometimes you have to solve for x sometimes you have to see how close you are to equality.

And every number is a representation of something that holds a type of value and even the symbols represent how fast or how slow that value is added or subtracted to that specific entity

While these numbers do not have any kind of representation that would make sense as far as correlation equals causation you could see what the system is trying to do solving problems that they have to look for The Missing Link the variable.

If you wanted to put something concrete down you can use sex hormones as a representation but then what do other numbers mean when they factor in how those hormones get processed and what other factors are in play. Nothing is easy as I'm making it out to be but that's what math is and algebra is and all the different formulas are. They make up the universe and they make up the human body and they make up your environment and these formulas can change but the laws do not change.

You add a little spice here and a little salt here a little sugar here you get something completely different.

You add a little hormones here you add a little bit of environmental increase here you add a little heat increase here you add a little bit of particle acceleration here so many things can happen and the system still has to maintain some level of stability through evolution.

And when you have the population ply each other with plant-based supplements and food mitigation diets then you see a pretty predictable outcome called starvation and aggressive entropy.

Now you have to understand the bigger picture and you need food and you have to feel the Pain and suffering of evolution or you will delete yourself out of existence through starvation because the environment is deleting people And people are starving And are working their kids and their families to death

The main reproductive hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are instrumental in sexuality and fertility. They are responsible for pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, menopause, sex drive, sperm production and more. These hormones are produced in the ovaries (in females) and testes (in males).

And when women and men are so fertile they are deleting themselves out of existence so there's a lot of negativity going on a lot more negative than positive but too much positive becomes a negative and people don't understand balance. They bought into the story lines into the Bible into everything that they were told by their pastors ministers and even by their teachers and their parents. And they wonder why immortality has never been presented to them not when you're so highly sexualized f****** everything and having a billion children.

And then they're taking things that cause negative integers in their body such as supplements and pills and powders and speed em up drugs and even take away food from themselves like meat milk cheese eggs fruits and vegetables and they think everything is poison and you wonder why people are suffering and dying and dying suddenly because the parents also work their kids to death on the field in the school room and they don't have what it takes to support a very complex World they live in because Mommy and Daddy need that f****** social capital

And when Mommy and Daddy politicize everything and love everything to death yeah everything will end up in death and when they resist the environment and their economy and even their Community they destroy themselves and their children. Resisting and politicizing everything to death and of course in Starvation.

In this environment these kids a lot of these kids do not have the substance and enough positive negative in their body to handle climate change and also live up to your expectations parents. And then when you're marrying your girls off to get screwed by who knows what and then have a billion kids and have to keep up with the Joneses next door you are diminishing her potential capacity and that's the parent's fault

And so they system is turning the INSIPID Disney Princesses into something more Equitable that has both positive and negative balance called a good balance of testosterone and estrogen and progesterone that doesn't cause the girl to be highly sexualized or a dude to be highly sexualized. The system wants balance people who aren't predatory and on the hunt and also deficient.

If I was a betting woman I would invest more into the adults than the children nowadays because the children are going to be used and thrown away because they don't have what it takes to deal with climate change a lot of these kids don't

Let me be more clear. The actual problem is are these two numbers on each side of the equal sign equal to each other?

I just developed numbers and it would only be through happenstance that they could be equal. But they're not they are approximations. Sorry for the lack of clarity I was just doing math stuff

This is Magic because I just made up this equation and worked it out and it still is APPROX equal to each other that's freaking insane

The square root of 33 is about 5.7 or 5.8 or approximately

The square root of 2 has the approximate value 1.41421356 ... It was the first number shown to be what is now known as an irrational number (a number that can't be written in the form a/b, where both a and b are integers.)

When you're working with whole numbers plus or minus what's the margin of error are we looking at. We can see how far off the mark we are

A strong foundation in algebra is generally required for basic statistics. Some recommend having a strong background in algebra before taking AP Statistics, and most statistics courses require college algebra as a prerequisite. College algebra covers topics such as: Probabilities, Working with sets of numbers, and Predicting the next number in a series.

everything is in the numbers

men/women and families divide themselves OUT OF EXISTENCE

Math doesn't lie.

People will tell you their truths

But math is very concrete.

If you can't apply math to what is going on biologically then you will divide yourself out of existence and blame somebody else.

And people are by their own hand through their dogmatic principles..

And at this point I could care less because no matter how much evidence you provide people that will find a way to cancel your information out based upon the allegory they have bought into a long time ago

When you feel you have to save the world and you're "saving" everything under the Sun like animals women and babies and children. Not only are you a physical and a biological and immunological hoarder but you will be cannibalized by everything you're trying to save

You're done

Just look at people who hoard animals in their house. The animals are suffering they are suffering and so is their community

Then the law has to step in and regulate that population. So those of you who are in love with saving everything under the sun bye see you later

there's no way you can pay attention to yourself to become whole again because you have politicized even your own existence to the point where you can't get ahead


3D Printing of the future

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is a neuroendocrine system that connects stress to physiological reactions. It's made up of the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary gland, and adrenal gland, which work together to regulate physiological processes like metabolism and the immune system in response to stressors.

The hypothalamus is an endocrine organ in the brain's diencephalon that receives input from the body and other parts of the brain. It then secretes hormones that control the anterior pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain and connected to the hypothalamus by the pituitary stalk. When the body experiences stress, the hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland to release hormones that trigger the adrenal glands to release cortisol. Cortisol prepares the body for a "fight or flight" response by increasing blood pressure and cardiac output, and raising blood glucose levels. High cortisol levels signal the hypothalamus to stop stimulating the pituitary gland.

However, prolonged stress can lead to chronically high cortisol levels, which may suppress the immune system and increase the risk of other conditions. Hyperactivity of the HPA axis, along with high inflammation, has also been linked to the development of various disorders.

In geometry, a Cartesian coordinate system (UK: /kɑːrˈtiːzjən/, US: /kɑːrˈtiːʒən/) in a plane is a coordinate system that specifies each point uniquely by a pair of real numbers called coordinates, which are the signed distances to the point from two fixed perpendicular oriented lines, called coordinate lines, coordinate axes or just axes (plural of axis) of the system. The point where they meet is called the origin and has (0, 0) as coordinates.

The Z coordinate is the third dimensional axis of a 3D grid system, and it measures height or elevation. In a 3D grid system, the Z coordinate is up and down, while the X coordinate is right and left, and the Y coordinate is front and back.



I don't really care what gender you claim to be or whatever. I don't care what sexuality you claim to be. People Are People and the x's and y's determine biologically what a person is and sometimes people are in the middle of conversion not because they're getting operations because Mother Nature determined that.

Some people's Y are actually actively in transition to be an X which is why you have these specific conditions that has both male and female parts.

Sometimes people's X chromosomes transition to be a Y because of antibody distribution. That's where you get the women turning into men. Or taking on male characteristics

Whenever you use the word ex-wife ex-husband ex-spouse ex military. That means that was something prior and that you changed into something else. Or you changed out one thing for another.

Ex/Xwas the original position before it changed

As far as sexual social constructs it's none of my business what you do behind closed door so as long as it's legal and everyone is consensual. It's none of my business what you do.

And it's not my job to destroy anyone's Identity or belief system. And I feel sorry for the kids out there because they have no choices. And it is what it is but I hope some of these kids can survive Society and their own genetics.

Some kids might get the choice in their family but Society will beat them down and that's why you have to be very careful introducing anything different to society.

Society is f****** brutal believe me I know just Google me on the internet and you'll see how brutal Society is to their children and to each other



SADMEP is an acronym for Subtraction, Addition, Division, Multiplication, Exponents, and Parentheses. It's a method for solving equations by working backwards through the order of operations, which is PEMDAS.

However, when you first begin to solve equations with variables, or unknown factors, you need to solve this backwards, using SADMEP (the opposite of PEMDAS). This allows you to backtrack to isolate the variable. Here's an example problem when using SADMEP is appropriate: 2x + 6 = 16 (solving for x)Oct 11, 2019







What you do to one side of the equal sign you do to the other and then you have to isolate X and you can't have a negative X as an answer but you can have a negative integer



Ultraviolet ultraviolent

Another man to know of the past who was a brilliant thinker and paved the way for the hybridization of philosophy math and science and biology and advancing humans and understanding the plight of women

And people thought of him as a hero and a villain probably because he challenged the current thought process of the day

Seventeenth-century feminists, such as Poulain, used Descartes' philosophy of mind “to assert their intellectual equality with men; for if, as Descartes argued, mind has no extension [in the body], then it also has no gender” (Gallagher, qtd.Mar 4, 2022

René Descartes (1596-1650) is considered a villain by some scholars for separating the mind and mental issues from the body and its diseases in modern medicine. This led to the 17th century church taking control of the mind and its mental disorders. However, Descartes is also considered a hero by some for revolutionizing medicine and science with his unique way of thinking.

Remember the Bible is a story that we can't take completely literally but used as a framework to develop and evolve and add to or take away based upon the needs the day and the advancement of humans

Regardless of gender and culture.

if meth/uselah was a man, what allowed him to live 969 years old?

Maybe he wasn't the Marlboro Man who was such an extreme archetype turning into a Hitler of sorts

food rest and repair. the culture might have been different then.. it is hard to say .. food will always be the path to longevity.. all food. maybe he did not spill his seeds so much or take care of endless children/families, etc.

But he did have children they did say but everything is relative especially when you're dealing with hundreds and hundreds of years.

And so how many kids did he have it's hard to say but then the environment was probably different then

Maybe he didn't do drugs and alcohol and have constant sex with so many women.

Maybe he kept to himself and didn't get caught up in the politics of the day

Maybe he didn't have a woman who destroyed him.. maybe he didn't have the Antichrist in his bed..

Maybe the climate didn't change so aggressively. But since we can't control people's situations the system has to control the environment.

So women of the future will be the most peaceful things on this Earth. And we won't have to rely on antibodies to be Predators or protectors anymore. It will be in her immune system and it won't destroy us and if it does if people will die on their own. No more cancer. People will die before they have to treat cancer for long periods of time

And maybe the men of the future will be less manly and more peaceful. And not so antibiotic like some men out there are

Solving for x. How do you get to the original. What was the original before it changed. Generation X. Generation women.

What were the variables

You can evolve the intellect and then go back to the original body and still be a strong Society

Alge/bra.. algae with a bra

noun. al·​ga ˈal-gə plural algae ˈal-jē : any plant or plantlike organism that includes forms mostly growing in water, lacking a system of vessels for carrying fluids, and often having chlorophyll masked by brown or red coloring matter.



SADMEP is an acronym for Subtraction, Addition, Division, Multiplication, Exponents, and Parentheses. It's a method for solving equations by working backwards through the order of operations, which is PEMDAS.

However, when you first begin to solve equations with variables, or unknown factors, you need to solve this backwards, using SADMEP (the opposite of PEMDAS). This allows you to backtrack to isolate the variable. Here's an example problem when using SADMEP is appropriate: 2x + 6 = 16 (solving for x)Oct 11, 2019







What you do to one side of the equal sign you do to the other and then you have to isolate X and you can't have a negative X as an answer but you can have a negative integer


Time for me to do some algae with a bra

Yes this is some easy stuff but it's been awhile since I've worked my brain through aggressive number logic

a picture of an X converting into a y converting into an X

The green is the mutation

Yes what if men were the mutation the protector and the predator and now the system wants the mutations to be reversed so we don't have so much war and destruction. Give men the chance to convert themselves if they have the capacity to.

Don't Force men into very tight boxes because you will destroy your man the people you claim to love and respect

Don't force your sons to be destruction to themselves and everyone else because you are so narrow-minded, mothers.

If your son's want to wear dresses because biologically they see what you don't see. Don't f****** hurt them and skewer them

Maybe the Y is slowly converting to the X and it starts off socially and then who knows maybe biologically. But again it's too soon to see that happen because people are f****** deadly out and narrow-minded..

And it starts off with the mother and the woman who destroy her own f****** family

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