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Evo-lution or Evil-ution

Evo-lution or Evil-ution

The choice is yours .. How you characterize evolution will determine longevity..

Fertility worshippers are in both the evolutionists and creationists..

listen to understand why.

I essentially "died" in July 2022 and became physiologically "reborn" in July 2023 with all the milk, cream, ice cream, etc.. every night.. I ate all MEAT MILK CHEESE EGGS FRUITS VEGGIES/CABBAGE, SALT GLUTEN SUGAR..

When "authority" says time to "evacuate", you evacuate. When your body is in pain trying to evacuate, don't resist the authority of your immune system, evacuate and eat to repair the loss..

Electricity/Energy/Frequency will either energize YOU and make you smarter and change/ surviving the changes or the energies will be energizing the opposing forces YOU hold inside because of your practices in the demonization of all food, your remedies and surgeries and that opposing force destroys you..

indicators: cancer, aging, disease, chronic illness, and fear of people who think different..

when you are in politics, religion, and science dogmas, you are fostering and holding aggressive opposing forces inside your immune system, coloring you perception of the world causing you to give credit/demonize a person, place or thing dead or alive, past or present..

One must go back to the "beginning", and that is all relative, to understand the "ending", which is right now.. because every minute into the future is a "new beginning"..

The Rosicrucians took everything from the beginning of the written word as far back as they could take it applying the alchemy to develop the chemistry/magic resulting in what we see today. The Rosicrucians run your society for better or worse.

While they run your overall society dictating what each person could fulfill as far as their potential, you also have a duty to go as far back to the beginning, as possible and remember everything you can, if you have the capacity to.

Why would you and the Rosicrucians want to go back to the beginning of "time" relative to where one came from?

The answer; so you can direct and redirect where you "think" you are going.

If you do not like the accelerated outcome of where you or any human is going, then maybe intend to understand where the Rosicrucians are going, understand ALL the stories of where humans have been, and take the reigns and find a way to control the machine (your body) and survive the intentions.

What intentions? Where did your grandma, great grandma and ancestors go? They died.

That was an intended byproduct of the evolution of your society when society decided to innovate, evolve and move forward.

How does one move forward?

They examine where they came from, if they even care to.

And they could be examining many storylines as they can comprehend to develop a bigger picture than their own compartmentalized world.

That is intention to survive evolution..

Life and Death

is + and -

People have said as soon as you are born, you are dying...

Ok.. let us pick that apart. Life is all about fertility at the micro-level and macro-level and in order to survive, a certain amount of fertility is expected to keep the organism going as well as the species.

However, fertility means something must be sacrificed, called DEATH.

Now take a look at families and families of cancer and disease and look how fertility can be used against the main organism when the offspring still feed off the parents in body, mind, and spirit. That is the ouroboros or the SNAKE EATING ITS TAIL. You can also characterize the offspring as cancer disease and chronic illness .. And children.

If one is SO adamant in producing SO much "unsupported" life, then aggressive death is imminent.

That is called overpopulation or Universe 25 and the rat colony. You saw what happened to those rats when they were allowed to procreate with absolutely nothing stopping them. All out extinction. Or the last surviving few were so psychologically destroyed..

That whole colony was done..

The key thing is to support ONLY the life you are willing to feed all food and can afford to feed using ALL FOOD without going bankrupt financially, in body, mind and spirit.

How many people are on FOOD MITIGATION diets because they can't afford to eat all the food.. Financially they can't afford it and biophysically they have lack of tolerance..

All sickness is life growing on one end, while death is imminent on the other end. Who's going tp live? You or the opposing force is in your body??

And if you starve yourself you'll die anyways..

People do all the time die from starvation. Even in the first world , surrounded by so much money and food.

Be the one to survive while you sacrifice the excessive life you hold within by releasing it, not curing it or freezing it or shocking it or attacking it. Release it strategically.

In July 2022 I basically "died" for all intents and purposes. I could barely move, eat, drink or eliminate and my whole body was in pain. That opposing life in my body and my immune system was at war, which meant I was straddling both the dead and alive world and I could barely function. My dog kept me moving as I had to take care of her during that time..

If it wasn't for her I might have just died in the bed ..

It was when I threw myself in the shower AND removed the opposing forces in my body, the way I have in my book without using Jilly Juice or any medicines, or remedies, was how I saved myself.

REASON WHY I did not use any remedies or even contraptions on my body, because I know all types of remedies make the situation much worse, and that was how I saved my own life


How did I theoretically survive that situation when other life forces of death were working against me?

I had enough life in my body to think clear enough to strategize my way of survival by removing those excessive growths and feed my body to build my strength, or rebuild my internal infrastructure.

I might have been 50% dead, but the other 50% found a way for me to survive and build back better.

You don't want to allow opposing forces in your body to eat you alive before you have time to turn everything around.

You do not want to allow all the negative in your body eat up the positives because once that TRAIN leaves the station, it will be questionable if you survive that energy conversion.

THE AGING process is when all the opposing forces in your body eat you alive breaking down your vital organs and infrastructure..

The operations and surgeries in the medical system attempt to carve out all of the opposing forces, leaving the person with less functionality.

The herbalists and home remedy/supplements people attack the opposing forces making the opposing forces stronger and formidable which is why many gurus in the health and wellness field are aging women and men or hot young men and women.. selling "death" via wisdom and youth on each end..


It is very difficult to resist an older lady or man who seems like they have covetable wisdom. They wear the "right clothes" and speak the "right speech". And now you are enamored.. You are hypnotized.

It's also very hard to resist hot young men and women selling you remedies promising you the world .. Hormones hypnotizes people . Pheromones hypnotize people..

The system deceived people with how they characterized certain archetypes in books bible and allegory

People are under the spell of sexuality or dying for wisdom.

That's how they deceived you..

And so now you are fighting a demon within that you might acknowledge exists..

And you can also deny it is even possible that you HOST opposing forces working against you inside your body.

That's the beauty of belief..

You can look to another story and everything is great.

I'll tell you ignorance is bliss..

My advice to you when reading this, attempt to avoid "defending" yourself if you find similarities of my viewpoints in your own background.

Observations need no defense, as they are observations one can take them or leave them.

Nothing stays the same..

It is ok to consider another perspective and intend to understand it.

This is no different than the medical and holistic system playing with both sides of your immune system.. Sometimes even developing the masters within and cultivating those monsters to destroy you later.

The hybridized takedown of America will be by the Left Wing Teamsters and the Right Wing American Truckers avenging Trump's court cases..

you cannot make this shizz up.. it read like a Greek tragedy..


Once you see it you cannot unsee it..

Please do not direct your hate towards me because I didn't do it.. I just saw things for what they were.. I was not going to agree with you on what your perception was knowing what I know .

8 year old article

Difficulty wakes up the genius.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger

I mentioned this before that electricity is what caused all the time different cancers..

When you confront the actual situation holding people accountable for what they say.. When they actually think it through.. Leveraging your own countrymen is not the way to gain their support..

If you think the system is starving you out or perceive they will starve you , don't preempt it and starve out your own fellow man..

There's no way to make people like change.. I don't even know how to fix the situation that's going on..

Just make the best choices for you.. And family..

Everything is a possibility

It may not be that bad but one may never know..

Just find a way to survive whatever happens.. Be like a cockroach.. Survive all conditions.

Do you think we'll go into a type of mutually assured destruction of nuclear war in the future?

That is a very difficult and complex question to answer. There are many factors that could influence the likelihood of a nuclear war, such as the political relations between nuclear-armed states, the development of new technologies and weapons, the presence of international treaties and organizations, and the public opinion and awareness of the risks and consequences of nuclear war.

Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy which posits that a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by an attacker on a nuclear-armed defender with second-strike capabilities would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender1. This doctrine is based on the assumption that both sides have enough nuclear weapons to inflict unacceptable damage on each other, and that neither side can prevent the other from launching a retaliatory strike, either by destroying all of its nuclear forces or by intercepting all of its incoming missiles2.

MAD is often considered a deterrent to nuclear war, as it creates a situation where neither side has an incentive to initiate a nuclear attack, knowing that it would result in its own destruction. However, MAD also has some limitations and challenges, such as the possibility of accidental or unauthorized launches, the emergence of new actors or technologies that could disrupt the balance of power, the difficulty of verifying the compliance and capabilities of other states, and the ethical and moral implications of threatening or using nuclear weapons213.

Some experts and scholars have argued that MAD is no longer a viable or relevant doctrine in the 21st century, as the number and diversity of nuclear-armed states have increased, the geopolitical landscape has changed, and the risks of nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and cyberattacks have grown3. Others have maintained that MAD is still a valid and effective way of preventing a nuclear war, as it provides a rational and stable framework for managing nuclear relations, and that the alternative scenarios of nuclear disarmament or superiority are unrealistic or undesirable1.

Ultimately, the future of nuclear war and MAD depends on the choices and actions of the leaders and citizens of the world, who have the responsibility and the power to shape the course of history. I hope that they will choose wisely and peacefully, and that they will work together to reduce the nuclear threat and promote global security and cooperation.

There you go.. Travel at Your own risk..

Planes falling apart.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger I said before that. Electricity is what causes cancer and disease , but how much is too much.. Where are you responsible.. Are you willing to understand what fertility is..?

I was in china in the early 2k when they were up and coming..


And yes the chinese students I was going to school with in san francisco were so excited for the future.. The students in china I met were excited to be part of the west and the machine of wealth and affluence..

Just like us they didn't realize they were being set up.. Because the system knew it was not going to last for more than twenty something years..

So this video is very spot on.. The outcome was always the intention.. And what did people know and when do they know it and plausible deniability go hand in hand..

Statistically.. Even the dumbest leaders don't make that many mistakes.. So the only conclusion this guy could come up with as well as myself, is the outcome was always the intention..

Nothing is coincidental or organic..

Survive it.



From republic back to the empire.. No clear figure head.. Just the rule of law..

The Hidden Hand: A Brief History of the CIA

November 11, 2014

Richard Immerman

Edward J. Buthusiem Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Temple University

Director, Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy, Temple University

The rule of law is a principle that states that everyone is accountable to laws that are:

Publicly promulgated

Equally enforced

Independently adjudicated

Consistent with international human rights norms and standards

The rule of law also means that no one, including the government, is above the law. Laws protect fundamental rights, and justice is accessible to all.

The rule of law is the foundation for healthy communities of justice, opportunity, and peace.

Some examples of the rule of law include:

Judges must explain their decisions in public written opinions

Judges' decisions can be appealed to a higher court for review

The Constitution is the highest law of the land

The government may not do anything that violates the Constitution

The ideas about the rule of law have been central to political and legal thought since at least the 4th century BCE.

If you can't prove it in a court of law you have no case.. If it cannot prove intent.. You have no case..

That's also how the system got you through the rule of law..

And you must provide evidence for any claims as well as accusations.. People speculate all the time..

But if you can't prove it.. Why spin your wheels..

If you can't prove very specific claims.. What's the point..

You can develop theories with specific scientific evidence in other contexts.. But again you can't predict or know the future..

But again you can provide another characterization of the same thing with evidence to support the argument.. But you can't force people to believe another argument if they choose to believe the other one..

That's why you represent.. Not force convert people..

I want to be so smart, smarter than everybody else.. And then I want you to prove that you're smarter than me..

So I can prove that I am smarter than you..

Sword sharpens sword.

Challenge everything, even your own beliefs.

In my opinion.

We all should be smarter theorizing everything , so we don't have to experience it and suffer from it.

You don't need to prove to the world that you would die and break your legs by jumping off a ten story building.. You don't need to theorize what would happen.. You would die jumping off a ten story building.. And best case scenario you break both your legs..

I don't have to cut off my arm to understand what is like to cut off my arm.

I should be smarter than to wonder what would happen if I cut off my arm.. I should be able to theorize what the pain would be like to be in that situation.. I should be able to theorize that I would bleed to death if I cut off my own arms.

Is it even a theory.. Why would you want proof that you would bleed to death or break your legs..

I don't have to have children to understand what it is like deal with other people's children much less my own.. If I chose to have them..

Watching people with their own children is like my own birth control.. That's the privilege of observing the world.. You learn from other people.

You don't have to stand in another person's shoes to understand what they're going through..

You can have some empathy and imagine what it would be like to stand in another person's shoes..

But I would not call myself an empath and be so in tune and suffer for other people.. I can appreciate their suffering and vow I will never be in those shoes.. And if it ever happens to me.. At least I have the experience so I can deal with that situation..

But all of us need to be smarter and not put ourselves in situations that we can theorize the deadliness or the suffering of that situation..

That's the gift to humans.. Empathy.. But not abusing empathy and calling ourselves empathics, needsless suffering at the expense of somebody else.

Empaths love to suffer for no reason.. No sorry.. I will not suffer for you..

If it's upsetting to you that someone observes your situation and has an observation about it that you feel sensitive about.. Maybe deep down inside you need to re examine your situation..

And own up to what it is that you are sensitive about your own situation, that somebody else has an observation about..

Since i'm on my facebook and I do what I do

I speak freely..

Every single one of us thinks we are smarter than others..

And if you think you are.. Feel free to prove it on your facebook..

I want to hear how smart you think you are..

Because I wanna be smarter..

And I want you to be smarter than me..

Then I want to be smarter than you..

And that is how the human race became smarter..

they kept challenging each other intellectually..

They stopped playing gladiator.. They stopped using their body to get ahead.. And they trained their brain to become smart and to also keep the body living, if not, then indefinitely..

People die from lack of intellectual and biochemical cohesion and evolution.

They let their brain go to shit and then their body goes to shit. Or they let their body go to shit and then the brain is not too far behind.

How do we keep our brain sharpened..

Because we choose to one up each other.. Until we both can agree to disagree or agree..

That's how people become smart..

They keep challenging themselves AND the world without confronting people to their face.. Give them the option to modify their own thought process on their own page.. Without forcing your way on to them.

How do people become smarter..

They keep questioning very old archaic futsy systems..

They keep people thinking.. Without using violence or insults

We can honor the boomers and then evolve from their ways of doing things.


How do you become smarter than everybody else.. You're able to argue a persuasive argument that is completely opposite of your belief system and lifestyle.. Even your religion and politics. And science dogmas..

That's how you become a genius. You intend to understand all the arguments around that subject matter.

What most people do not have.. Is the gift to understand what it is like to be in somebody else's shoes..

You can understand what somebody else is going through without actually standing in their shoes..

That's the gift of genius..

And when you understand what people go through without standing in their shoes you begin understand why people have observations.. Why they have judgments.. Why they have an opinion about everything..

And then you don't have to hate anyone.. You can just keep observing the world the way it stands.. And you have the right to report on it..

I have the right to report on every observation I see out there. And someone will report on my observation with their own response..

And we give people the opportunity to change if they want to based upon observations they may have missed in their own world..

Even my trolls gave me insight on things that I have missed.. I hated their delivery system but it was necessary.

Now I don't have a need for trolls to understand the opposite point of view..

I'll troll myself. And I will read all the diversity on my facebook..

Writing and communication takes practice ..

I have improved everything about myself because I did explain everything that I was doing.

I love explaining everything.. I do like to learn how to communicate in a better way.

Sometimes you might find yourself apologizing for things, because it was appropriate during your explanation process.

Sometimes, the need for apologies are discovered under all of that defense.

The party stopped for me a long time ago.

Seven years ago the party ended for me

Many people want to keep the party going.. They do not realize the party ended a long time ago

People are finding out the party must end at some point..

When that party ends do you think you can go home and sleep it off, or will you end up sleeping in a field.. Waking up at who knows where..

The good times only last so long before the system must take a turn..

I wish I knew what the system had planned for us as far as the west.. I see all different possibilities. I see they can lure people into clumps.. And then oncology.

Which is why it's better to stay home.. If possible.. Because the safest place is home. It doesn't mean that you will escape whatever's coming your way. But it's better than gathering into clumps of factions trying to fight something you cant see.. Or be one of those caught in a situation you can't get out of..

What happens when electricity fails because of cyber attacks.. And you are caught travelling or whatever.. Can you imagine when planes lose communication, or... But airports do have back up generators..

I would be more concerned with traveling in cars and trains.. Electrical trains..

Diesel and gas powered mass transit are optimal during this economic downturn..

But it doesn't matter if you're stuck at a light because of traffic jams in a gas powerered car..

Be prepared for everything..

But don't go crazy.. Don't prep so hard that you can lose everything because of a flood or a tornado..

In my honest opinion.. Some places will be more crazy than others.. The system won't allow complete societal decay because natural disasters will take away a lot of misery..

But we shall see.. Just listen to your local sheriff..

I am just glad my husband is relatively self sufficient.. And yeah.. With him as a truck driver travelling everywhere.. I'm always concerned.. But I know he can take care of himself..

Just remember wherever you are wherever you go. Have some kind of food and water on hand..

Have a survival kit everywhere you go.. Just have what if sessions in your brain.. And think of every possible scenario you can think of.. What would be your strategy to survive that situation for at least a week..

People are afraid to shit and so they get cancer.

People try to force their bodies to shit and they cause breakage and cancer..

People cure shit in their body and they get obesity or they aging process..

Maybe should pull your shit out.. Cough sneeze and blow your nose.. And deal with the symptoms organically eating food and resting.. Without turning to remedies compounding the problem..

You might stand a chance..

drugs alcohol, sex, and cures take away people's fear and also their ability to logically process what they should be fearful of and so they walk into death traps via friends and family while blaming a person 6k miles away of destroying them or blaming their govt for coming in their house and forcing them to use a therapy, which you know does NOT happen..

recommendations are not mandatory and suggestions are not coercions..

so, those under the influence of politics, religion and science work from irrational fears of accusations until they demolish themselves

my world, if you can handle it, might shed some light on irrational fears and finally put things in a logical, rational, organized perspective.

and it is painful to face your own irrational fears of a person, place, or thing or idea..

when humans are so adverse to their own self induced pain and suffering, they are highly sexual, in the politics, religions and all sciences field hunting for the latest cure or drug to make everyone feel GREATTTTTTT

Body IS RELEASING!! YUP..painful..

Lymph nodes are on back of legs, etc..

I have rashes under my arm pits. But they only become inflamed when the body must release

I do not use anything to stop the body from releasing.. If I did I would have some kind of breast cancer or cervical cancer or lymphoma. Even colon cancer

You never know what the body is storing until you feel the release. Or you get a diagnosible condition.

This is why one cannot assume the good times will last forever. Keep reinventing oneself..

The one thing I know and can depend upon is that shit changes all the time. And you must be adaptable to those changes.. One must be amenable to extreme change.. Which is why you don't want to be under influence of anything that is super addicting because it will weaken your ability to change. Of course everything is relative..

Which is also advisable to find ways to release demons of the past, whatever they are.

And when i have seen the world change in twenty years and witnessed it.. I've watched the good times develop in the early 2ks, and then watched the economy tank every decade.. Economic upturns and down turns.. I rode the waves.. And struggled when there was nothing..

I know the next twenty years will be extremely different..

Be adaptable to change.

Because it's already here..

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